Ok I have two options for Connie Springer…

I have two options for Historia. Holly is british. AnnaSophia is american.

Two options for Levi. Ezra is a little bit young.  

Two options for Petra. Karen Gillan is taller. 

Two options for Erwin. Chris will look great but Lee’s eyebrows

Directed by: Peter Jackson

Produced by: Guillermo Del Toro

It’s my dream cast. 

If you have more options, feel free to share them with me. 

I just rewatched the scene from Episode 21 where the Female Titan kills Levi’s Squad and

Aururo is last

Goddammit Aururo is last

They just lost Gunther and they’re retaliating with this beautiful coordinated attack that’s just fucking artwork and then it backfires

Erd gets bitten in half

And Petra is having a breakdown and Aururo is screaming at her to please, pull herself together and right as she starts thinking straight again she gets STEPPED ON and 

Aururo’s face when he sees the woman he loves crushed to death

and he reigns it in and sees an opening to avenge her

And immediately dies having failed to do even that.

Fuck my life