Goldgramander Law Enforcement/Vet AU

Rule 12: Never Date A Coworker.

Everyone on the investigation team at NYCPD knows about this unwritten, unspoken rule. It’s why partners Percival Graves and Tina Goldstein have practically been dancing around each other on emotional eggshells for years now. Not to mention both mutually pining over the K9 units “official unofficial” veterinarian Newt Scamander who technically isn’t a coworker but might as well be because the K9 team consider him one of their own. 

However, with the entirety of New York under threat of an attack from notorious terrorist Gellert Grindelwald, the investigation and K9 units are thrown together in an attempt to stop his followers from doing anything. Which, naturally, means Newt is around even more often than before (which was quite a bit, considering all the canine officers adored him).

Seraphina Picquery, head of the entire police department, meanwhile, is seriously considering revoking Rule 12 because things are tense enough without those three adding to it.

Lily of the Valley Fair- Legolas

Originally posted by just-lotr

Based off the imagine: Imagine Legolas saying you are as lovely as the fairest flower growing in Mirkwood from @ladyoflaketownimagines and a request from Eira_Oropherion on Wattpad

Abbreviations: L/N: Last Name, E/C: Eye color, H/C: Hair color

Translations: guren vell: my sweet heart, melethron nin:my beloved, nin bestathog: will you marry me, meleth e-guilen, love of my life

Warnings: None

Words: ~1600

The austere gales that had once plagued the winter months had finally come to pass, giving way to the warmth and softness of the springtide breezes, upon which were carried the scents of the newly flourishing buds and the aroma of the verdant vitality that had returned to each blade and petiole under the sun’s golden rays, a light that presently shone through the thickening canopy of leaves above the heads of my lover, Legolas, and I.

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man i was going through trope bingo cards for inspiration and i realized

i’ve done so many tropes

so here’s a list, just in case anyone else likes looking at lists of fic tropes and aus :’D

  • forced/arranged marriage au
  • accidental pregnancy
  • bets and dares
  • neighbors au
  • roommates au
  • secret relationship
  • time travel
  • masquerade/ball au
  • role reversal au
  • enemies to lovers
  • enemy lovers
  • sparring fic
  • hogwarts au
  • tabletop gaming au
  • fake relationship
  • bed sharing
  • confessions
  • wet dreams
  • lap pillows
  • mistaken for dead au
  • space au
  • rule 63/genderbend au
  • alpha/beta/omega au
  • mute au
  • blind au
  • fusion
  • modeling au
  • soulmate au
  • virtual reality video game au
  • operation: jealousy
  • supernatural au
  • teachers au
  • royalty au
  • mistaken identity
  • fairy tale au
  • childhood friends au
  • college/university au
  • high school au
  • thieves au

and those i haven’t done, but would like to do in the future

  • age difference au
  • wrong number au
  • band au
  • time loop au
  • reincarnation au
  • guardian angel au
  • single parent au
  • marvel/dc heroes au
  • more to be added
02. Aurulent

Shiny new sneakers. A temporary blindness. Surprisingly sturdy clouds. Jeon Jungkook.

| Word Count: 2774 |


Practice starts in three minutes. You run through a mental checklist, anticipating the blow of your coach’s whistle.

Shoes tied.

Hair up.

Ankles taped.

Something is missing. You know exactly what it is, eyes instinctively scanning the countless runners stretching and chatting on the track to try to spot the lithe body of your one and only—


“Looking for me?”

Jeon Jungkook.

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anonymous asked:

do u read fanfic?do u have any favorite yoonjin fanfic?

of course! i love yoonjin fanfics because there’s so many dedicated author i almost recognized all of their name like @resonae​, the queen of yoonjin shippers tbh, i fell in love with yoonjin thanks to her. and then there’s also @keemcandy@spookichan​ (old: kwondori) @yuanoe @sugavirus@iamnotaprodigy​ that are some yoonjin authors i know and i love their works.

here are my favs of all:

Unrequited by resonae (3,294 words) - oneshot, angst

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured without side effects only when the feelings are returned.

Seokjin starts coughing up crimson-red rose petals.

I can say this is the first yoonjin  I’ve ever read. this is so painfully beautiful.

Impromptu Fantasie by resonae (12,775 words) - chaptered, fluff

Seokjin is an incredibly decorated classical pianist and Yoongi’s a hitmaker specializing in hiphop.

Their story is cliche and the stuff of cheap romance novels, and Yoongi doesn’t even care.

just like what she said in the description, this ff is cliche but it’s a good read! and there’s jungkook with his cute brother complex personality hahha

Roo by kangaroo (4,025 words) - two shots, fluff, m-preg

Some little bundle of joys take time to get used to.

thanks to this fic I almost planned to name my future daughter with Roo. this fic is so cute but if you’re not into m-preg, just leave it. but i must tell you that there’s only some early stages of pregnancy so there’s nothing too worry about tho.

runnin through the class with my woes by jonghyun - oneshot, fluff, hs teacher au

Four times Yoongi is the worst co-worker to have, and one time Seokjin repays the favor.

as usual, yoonjin being in denial and still cute!

infinity plus one by vppa - oneshot, angst

One’s a romantic and the other’s a skeptic and together they shouldn’t work, but –

“You’re in love with the idea of love, Yoongi.”

A Week with Kim Taehyung by iamnotaprodigy (wip) - chaptered, fluff, kid!taehyung

Namjoon is out of town for a business trip, and he leaves his son to his brother. Taehyung loves his Uncle Jin a lot, and he doesn’t like that weird man who is his “boyfriend.” Yoongi is 100% sure that Taehyung is a goblin changeling instead of Namjoon’s actual child. Seokjin thinks it’s really cute that Yoongi and Taehyung are alike. He’s also really oblivious. It’s a week with Kim Taehyung, and it’s going to be crazy.

there’s nothing better than yoonjin being domestic and evilturnsangel tae!

Unplanned by sugavirus (wip) - chaptered, fluff

Min Yoongi had everything planned out. His music was being recognized by the biggest names in the industry, his life was finally coming together…but of course the universe couldn’t let him off that easily. When he finds a baby by the name of Park Jimin stranded on his doorstep with nothing but a note pinned to him, Yoongi’s life takes a rather unexpected turn. It takes one giggly baby with a smile full of sunshine, and one fatally attractive Kim Seokjin with a baby of his own to make Yoongi realize that maybe…unplanned things are life’s sweetest surprises.

this is still wip tho and I’m here patiently waiting for another update. it’s just so cute, yoonjin with their own sons getting to an unplanned feelings towards each other. ah I think I’m going to re-read this later :”>

To Kiss A Sleeping Stranger by sugavirus (21,999 words) - oneshot, fluff and angst, sleeping beauty au

In the story of Sleeping Beauty it all ends with the kiss. There’s fireworks and an implied happy ending, but nobody tells you what happens after the kiss…Kim Seokjin comes to find out it’s far more complicated than ‘Happily Ever After’ when one kisses a sleeping stranger. 

aaaaah this fic i love!!! i love the twist, the slow build of jin’s character, i love the way the author portray their relationship like it’s not really bold but still gives you a tingling feeling inside, and there’s also some special guests from vixx featured in the story!

Colors by kwondori (2,433 words) - oneshot, ANGST

It was just one mistake. But it was already too much. Now everything Yoongi’s left with is despair.


Fireflies by keemcandy - oneshot, (ANOTHER) ANGST

“I’m sorry, because for the umpteenth time, I manage to prove that beautiful things don’t last — I want to prove it otherwise, but I couldn’t because I won’t be around for too long. Or maybe, I just don’t have enough time with me.”


The Bulletproof Family by yuanoe (1,677 words) - one shot, ot7, angst

Seokjin kept a scrapbook to remember the happy memories.

if you’re not tearing up after reading this, then something’s wrong with your heart :”>

He Loves Me Not by keemcandy (6,080 words) - one shot, mental illness

Seokjin thinks that his patients aren’t ill, only a little broken. But maybe he has been so naive about it.

a twist in the end you will be surprised. I’m shivering just thinking of it now. I remember making up my own ending version together with @sugaberrie after reading this and gaby said my guess is true! hahaha

Veneralia by keemcandy - chaptered, adventures, god & goddesses au

The God of War was known to be bloody, merciless, fearful, and to possess no moral attributes. Min Yoongi doesn’t know fear, until the most precious thing is taken away from him.

I think this is the only action yoonjin fic we have? but it’s so good. it contains action but there’s also yoonjin’s sweet moments and because yoongi as a god? why not!

meet me in the pale moonlight by seokgenie (6,164 words) - one shot, red riding hood au

Rule number one: Don’t leave the path.


We can be something good by eatjin - one shot, angst, asgafjkashfksdf

Seokjin is always the one who Yoongi goes back to.

angst, angst, angst, asshole yoongi, angst, aszadsakjakdjhasklfhsaf, just read :”>

One Day Soon by izzylawliet (wip) - chaptered, smut, angst, polyamory, namjoon (it’s a warning)

They moved to Los Angeles for the life that they couldn’t get in Seoul, but they just didn’t realize that it would be so hard to get it, regardless of where they moved.

this fic is really interesting. they’re married. jin wants to have a baby. and i’m getting anxious for what will comes next because.. namjoon…. /cries in the distance/

challenge the call by onyu (wip) - chaptered, fluff and angst, tennis au

yoongi didn’t miss the second serve; he made sure to aim it down the line. seokjin, that fucker, just got in the way.

goddamn this fic.. it’s not even finished yet but up to 2nd chapter it has already a 60k words like whAT DID I DO IN MY PREVIOUS LIFE TO DESERVE THIS??? anyway this fic is soooo perfect. i don’t understand shits about tennis whatsoever but the author is really detailed on her writing anything related to it so you will understand. i love the how the author brought us along the dynamic of yoonjin’s relationship. it’s so agonizingly slow but its’s uugghh idek anymore. it’s so subtle and makes you scroll back up and went wait what just happening there DID I MISS SOMETHING. i love this!!!

Just Once by Snailieshell - chaptered, smut

An AU Bangtan Boys fic. Seokjin’s first steps into the BDSM world with Dom Suga. Emphasis on the first steps.

hhhmmm yes smut. fluffy smut. vanilla smut. i love how yoongi is soooo gentle with jin here.

I think that’s all for now? umm also.. let me just shamelessly drop my own very first yoonjin fanfic I wrote long time ago :”>

Don’t Mind A Little Distraction (1,589 words) - oneshot, fluff

Yoongi has to get his work done as quick as possible. But what can he do if Seokjin came to his studio with a bundle of pink blanket on his hand?


List of official prompts for NaLi Fluff Fest (April 23rd-30th)

Day 1: Confessions

Day 2: Laughter

Day 3: Shared Warmth

Day 4: Embrace

Day 5; Reunite

Day 6: Tease

Day 7: Kiss

Day 8 (bonus day): Superhero AU


1) All forms of media are acceptable. You can make pictures, fanfics, songs, videos, edits, poems, photos, headcanons, etc. You don’t have to be limited to just one for the week. Do whatever feels most comfortable to you.

2) No reposting of other people’s work without permission/credits.

3) So I can see your post and reblog it make sure #NaLi and #NaLi Fluff Fest are within the first five tags of your post, no crosstagging.

4) Please dont post your work any earlier than the date specified for that prompt (ex. Don’t post up a Day6 photo on Day4). Late entries are welcome and you dont have to do all the days.

5) While making posts based on the prompts is recommended, it would be absolutely alright for you to self-prompt your own thing. The prompts are just suggestions for you. As long as there’s NaLi, it’s all good. Just make sure to tag it if you want me to reblog it for the blog.

That’s all, have fun and hopefully people participate!

- Mod Kayla

Lullaby [Damen/Laurent]

Ania’s Birthday Present: Part 2
Happy Birthday Hero ♥ @blackthorny 

Fandom: Captive Prince
Pairing: Damianos of Akielos/Laurent of Vere
Genre: Fluff/General (tiny little bit of angst)
Rating: G
Words: 1619
Tags: Established relationship, Post-Kings Rising, singing
A/N: Post-Kings Rising, so… spoilers for that. Spoilers for Prince’s Gambit too actually. Thank you @thelaurentofvere (@rryoutah) for beta-reading!

Read on AO3 or continue here!


Laurent stopped in front of the guards standing in front of Damen’s room. “He hasn’t tried to leave?” he asked in Akielon. They both shook their heads. For a moment, Laurent scrutinised them. It wasn’t that he believed Akielon guards were completely incompetent, but rather he knew how they would do anything for their king, even lie for him. Laurent lifted his chin slightly and the guards moved out of his way, allowing the King of Vere to enter the bedchamber.

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Când eram copil, tatăl meu ne spunea deseori că japonezii stăpâneau trei lucruri pe lumea asta: „ştiau să mânuiască sabia, bijuteriile şi oglinzile.” Sabia simbolizează puterea armelor. America a cheltuit miliarde de dolari pe arme şi din această cauză s-a ajuns la supremaţia prezenţei ei militare în lume. Bijuteriile simbolizează puterea banilor. E un oarecare sâmbure de adevăr în ideea: „Nu uita regula de aur: cine are aurul stabileşte regulile jocului.” Oglinda simbolizează puterea cunoaşterii de sine. Cunoaşterea de sine, conform legendei japoneze, era cea mai de preţ dintre cele trei.
—  Tată bogat, tată sărac - Robert T. Kiyosaki


Baelish felt a perilous churning in his gut, as though he’d been caught doing something unforgivable: strangling one of her siblings, sabotaging a tribute, fucking another woman, as opposed to buying her a gift. That he had bought them for her was one thing – the intent to give them to her was quite another. It had been a handful of weeks since he’d purchased the earrings, another handful of days since relocating the small black box from a coat pocket to the side drawer of an end table. Petyr leaned forward, scooping the box up, running a thumb absently over the soft velvet fuzz before opening it with the opposite hand. Two sapphires glittered up at him, looking like tears, like drops of rain, like her eyes. He shut it almost at once.

“I forgot I even had them,” he lied, stretching back forward to toss the box back to the table, where it tumbled and rolled over itself before stopping precariously at the edge. “There’s no occasion.”

The room felt suddenly a touch too hot. Baelish rose to a stand, an arm curving to rub a hand along the back of his neck, then over his head, mussing through thick brown hair. Moving to the window, he fumbled with the latch before wheezing it open, a soft gust of wind blowing back the thin linen curtains. “You shouldn’t be rifling through my things.” He didn’t turn to face her, eyes focused on her home across the field of gravel. Petyr had never been especially private – with the exception of the one room he kept under lock and key – and certainly not when it came to matters of his bedroom. It was a mindless fool who had put the jewelry in his nightstand and then expected it not to be found. “It’s rude.” It didn’t mean he couldn’t project the fault, the blame, elsewhere, with pointed disappointment, and just atinge of irascibility.

     " — It was wrong of me to even assume…they could be for Tatty’s…birthday, or…or…“ Another woman. Who would undoubtedly be residing in the Capitol, where the earrings were undoubtedly purchased, making Sansa very doubtful indeed of motivation and purpose both. Looking at the twin sapphires remained impossible, yet the muted emerald of Baelish’s averted stare felt equally discomforting. The floor, covered with neither spiders nor checker pieces, became far more welcoming in its endless expanse of polished planking. Her thumbs circled one another, twiddling, overwhelmed with a sensation of guilt whilst simultaneously convinced she had done nothing wrong.

     Not even the dangerous end-over-end path of velveteen box diverted her attention: things between them always strove towards fairness. Sansa had stammered out her discovery, Petyr was entitled to his response. Already she risked appearing a snoop, on the attack, when truly it had only been shock which carried the girl back down carpeted stairs with the inscrutable package of gemstone adornments.

     Backing away from the sofa, fingers stilling to latch into a tight weave above her stomach, Sansa contemplated leaving altogether - until his path pointed towards a window, rather than retreat into some other room. Blue crept upwards, tentatively secure in his unawareness. She liked how he looked. Late afternoon sun no longer filtered by glass and cloth winked out around Petyr’s silhouette, an aurulent haze that flickered and shifted with passing dust motes. Hair a plain brown in low, fluorescent light became a chestnut threaded with rare, reddish strands lighter than her own. Sansa wanted to touch him, though now the prospect frightened her. What if he spurned her? "You’re right.” I wish you would have just given them to me. Or better yet, not bothered at all. “I’m sorry. Petyr.” The true problem lay not in gifts concealed or discovered: she was becoming too comfortable. Waltzing through unlocked doors, depositing condoms in his bedroom? This would never have happened, any of it, if they’d kept things confined to quick fucks on the first floor. Perhaps it really was her fault. “They’re in the top drawer,” she warned quietly of the rubber sheaths. “I’m sorry. I’ll just come another day.” When we can both pretend this never happened.