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Soro possessed neither Leo’s righteousness, not Ilsa’s whimsy, nor, as far as August could tell, his own complicated desire to feel human. What they did possess was an unshakeable resolve, a belief that the Sunai existed solely to destroy monsters and eliminate the sinners responsible for them.

Pride–perhaps that was the right word.

ok no I’m going to my counselor (and giving her fudge) this week and get on my homework and revision to sort this out I am not going to just let it get worse I refuse to let depression and mental illness fuck this up for me

I am okay. I am okay.

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Jensen hates you. Stop insulting him with bisexual Dean and detestiel. He hates them.

I thought we had something special, Jensen

Despite the fact that we’ve never met

Have you indeed forgotten

The likes, the reblogs, the odd photoset

But now I am told, that you hate me

And the source, of course, is well respected

It says anonymous, but I’m sure she

Knows you better than anyone suspected

Is it true, my darling Jensen?

Is it because you hate Destiel with a passion?

In that case, I’m sorry to incense

You further, but I afraid we’re done

I am sure you are heartbroken

That I have stabbed you in the heart with a fork

Our love was so deep and unspoken

But my ship comes first, you dork  

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Hey so in your cockles proof post you didn't show the gif right afterwards where Jensen literally walks in front of Jared and heads straight to Misha Collins (ignoring Jared) and it looks like he asked Misha what was so funny (the joke he shared with Jared earlier) and then we see Jensen laugh hysterically. I think this might be interesting to add. Just trying to help 😉.

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How do I not know about this?

Please anon, for the love of god- don’t leave me hanging! Send me a link to the gif please? I’m desperate!!!

@aurrie have seminar and a meeting then I need to sleep (bc I fell asleep at six pm yesterday and woke up at 10pm and have been up since but once I rest I’m drawing Pharah

Okay, anon I’ve solved the mystery! I did watch the video as you suggested and it was at the beginning (around the 50 second mark) that this happened. So while it’s not after the Jared/Misha joking incident, it’s still a pretty cute Cockles moment that I missed, so thank you! ^_^

(I’m sorry for my crappy gifs)

Look at Jensen laugh like a dork! 

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Do you know any good destiel/cockles blogs?

Oooh, I’m so happy you asked! 

*whips out list*

So, in no particular order..

My favorite Cockles blogs that I follow are (they blog about Destiel too btw)












My favorite Destiel blogs that I follow are (some of them have Cockles too)





























I have more, but my kid’s throwing a tantrum, so I’ll get back to this. I’m sure I’ve missed out more fabulous blogs.

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I'm a huge fan of anything AU... especially Teacher!Dean and Teacher!Cas (not so much with the teacher/student situation)... or if you think that one is overdone, what about Cas works in a coffee shop and Dean is a regular... and eventually they go out, after Dean being a semi-dick for a while, never intentionally, just the way coffee shop patrons can be sometimes... and I'm not sure what else... Thanks! :)

Ah, sorry for the delay, but this took me some time! Tried to adapt it as best as I could. The shop is based on my friendly neighborhood cafe, but obviously there will be cultural differences as I’ve never lived in America.


“Hello sir, what would you like to have?” Cas pastes on a wide smile for the customer in front of him, a reedy looking guy dressed impeccably in a crisp blue shirt, fitted blazer and navy slacks. His feet are shod in leather and his hands are small and delicate-looking.

“Oh?” the man twists his wrist lazily, his gold watch gleaming. He looks up at the menu with some distaste. “Yes a soy caramel macchiato. Decaf. Venti.”

“Of course sir.” Cas says, still smiling. His head is beginning to throb painfully. “Would you like to order something else as well? We just made a batch of double-chocolate muffins, they’re still warm.”

“No.” he says, his voice all clipped and short.

“All right sir, that’ll be $6.27.”

“What? Why is it that expensive?” the man demands, glaring at Cas.

“I’m sorry sir, that is the price of the drink so—”  

“Whatever.” he cuts Cas off and practically flings the money on the counter. “I just spent two years on the continent so just disappoint me with your sad excuse of a drink.”

Cas grits his teeth and nods at the asshole as he ambles away to wait for his coffee.

He’s been working part-time for The Everbean for almost a year now and he loves his job. Ellen, the owner, had offered him the job after Cas started spending most of his free time between classes at the cafe, typing furiously at his ancient laptop. Despite his natural reserve, he generally enjoys chatting with the customers, when they’re not being obnoxious. Plus, he loves coffee.

“I’d spit in his drink if I were you.” Anna says, her red hair tied up in a bun. She’s making one of their specialty teas. Cas shrugs and smiles at her, rubbing his forehead. He can feel the beginnings of a migraine coming. And there’s a paper due on Tuesday.

Cas sighs again as the bell over the door tinkles. It’s only three p.m. and it’s already shaping up to be a bad day— he’s already had three obnoxious customers not counting Mr.I-lived-in-on-the-continent-for-two-years and one woman who had ordered fifteen lattes and then proceeded to complain about how slow the service was. She didn’t even leave a tip. He looks up to see two extremely good-looking guys dressed in a what appeared to be a lot of plaid enter, one of them so tall he nearly hits his head twice on the low beams.

Cas finishes making the macchiato and serves it to the grumpy dude, his eyes on the new arrivals. The taller one seems boyishly excited by the menu, talking and gesticulating, his long hair gleaming in the afternoon light.

“Hello, I’m Cas.” Cas says, stepping behind the counter. “What can I get you both?”

“Hi there Cas, I’m Sam.” the giant says, his eyes warm and friendly. “This is my brother Dean.”

“Hello Dean.” Cas smiles at the other man, but he doesn’t smile back. Up close, Cas can see just how beautiful he is, with freckles dusted over his high cheekbones, long eyelashes and clear green eyes flecked with gold. His lips are pink and perfectly pouted as he grunts in response to Cas’s greeting.

“So Cas.” Sam draws his attention. “What would you recommend? The almond milk Latte or the Green tea one?”

“It depends.” Cas says, getting into the spirit of things. He loves talking about coffee to his customers. “Do you like the flavor of Matcha?”

“I do. It’s a little bitter, but I do enjoy the flavor very much. And I’ve always wondered how green tea and coffee go together. It sounds like such a strange combination.”

“We use a light roast Java gunung owa which blends really well with Matcha. If bitterness was the only issue you had I think you’ll like ours. I always add just a touch of blueberry syrup to take care of that and it’s really popular among our regulars.”

“I’d like to give it a try then.”

“You won’t regret it, I promise. And what about you, Dean?”

“Just a regular coffee. Black.”

“Of course Dean. Would that be 8 or 12 ounces?”

“I don’t know man. A regular large.”

“Would you prefer a medium roast Sumatra or the dark roast Nicaragua? We also have this lovely medium roast Gachami Peaberry that I’d recommend because—”

“Look man. I just want a regular coffee okay?” Dean’s voice is harsh and forbidding and Cas recoils. Oh god, not one of those reverse-snobs. “Just a cup of hot black stuff. I don’t want this bunch of frou-frou Italian bullshit all right?”

Apparently one of those reverse-snobs.

“Dean!” Sam hisses at him. The other man just huffs and crosses his arms.

“What Sammy? I told you we should’ve just picked up something at a drive-through but nooo… you had to be all fancy and be this giant girl and—”

“If gritty instant coffee heated up in a microwave that tastes like boiled cat piss is your thing Dean,” Cas snarls. “I’d be happy to point out the exit to you.”

There’s a sharp intake of breath behind him and a small clink as Anna drops the mug she is washing into the sink. Cas can feel his heartbeat roaring in his ears, and all he wants now is to take off his apron and run back to his room. Dean just gapes at him, his green eyes wide with surprise. There’s a small flicker of hurt in them and Cas is just about to apologize when Dean steps back, his face closed off.

“Fine then.” he says and stomps off, the door slamming behind him.

Every person in the shop is looking at him and Cas wants to sink to the floor in shame. Sure Dean had behaved like a dick, but sniping back at customers was a strict no-no and he had never lost control like that before and he’s served a lot of bigger dicks before. Ellen would fire him in a heartbeat once she found out.

“Cas I’m really, really sorry.” Sam says in a rush and Cas blinks up at him, surprised. “Dean acted liked a complete asshole back there and I know I shouldn’t make excuses but he was probably just really intimidated and I’m so sorry for how he behaved.”

“Its fine, Sam.” Cas says, his voice a little hoarse. “I behaved very rudely as well. Could you just give me five minutes?”

“Sure.” Sam says, backing away from the counter. “It’s probably a good idea for me to let Dean stew for a while anyway.”

Cas nods at him, feeling uncomfortable. He makes up the coffees, picking the medium-roast for Dean and trying to blend it as perfectly as possible. He hands them both to Sam and refuses to accept any money for them, making Sam start apologizing profusely all over again.

“I insist, Sam.” Cas says firmly. “It was unprofessional of me and I hope you’ll let me make it up to you. I hope— I hope Dean enjoys his coffee.”  

“I know he will, thank you Cas.” Sam splutters, his large hands closing over the cups. “I really am sorry.”

Cas tries to smile at him.

“See you around.”

Cas slumps over the counter as Sam leaves, his head in his hands.

He finds himself assaulted with images of the Dean for days afterwards. And sometimes in his more inappropriate dreams.


Ellen gives him a mild lecture when Cas informs her of the incident, but she lets him off easy. Sam comes back once a week, then twice, slowly becoming a regular visitor to the shop. He tries out all their coffees and teas, always willing to help test new recipes. He tells Cas he’s a Law student at the local University, the same one Cas attends for his Master’s in English for. Sam is so warm and intelligent and affable that Cas soon finds himself becoming close friends with him.

Both of them are careful not to mention Dean at first, but as months pass, Sam starts slipping up, talking of his brother fondly. Cas latches on to these details despite himself and files them away in a corner of his brain. He learns that the brothers were left motherless at an early age and left to fend for themselves by an alcoholic father. Sam talks about Dean scrimping and saving to put food in his mouth and clothes on his back, quitting school at sixteen to work two jobs. About Dean moving for him, finding a job at an auto shop downtown. About Dean cooking for him in their cramped apartment, driving him around and getting him a dog for Sam’s last birthday.  

“I owe everything to him.” he says misty-eyed one rainy evening, picking up a bag of light roast Sumatra.

Cas nods, his mind going automatically to his own upbringing, filled with money and gadgets but not one person who actually cared.

The dreams about Dean increase and Cas begins to fear he’s fallen in love with the man. Damn Sam and his stories.


It’s on a mild Autumn afternoon that Dean makes his appearance once again. Anna is manning the counter and helping Kevin, one of their newer part-timers make some of the simpler orders. There are a steady stream of customers, drawn in by the specials board announcing their fall themed drinks.

The shop is warm and fragrant smelling, filled with a low murmur of people chatting. Cas is busy making a complicated order for a group of music students when it all goes to pot.

“This tastes absolutely disgusting! Where’s the coconut flavor?” The man who’s shouting looks to be in his late fifties, sturdily built and dressed in a large grey coat. He’s waving one of their Pumpkin Spice Lattes belligerently.

“Sir I’m sorry but I did tell you we did not stock coconut milk. It’s still vegan.” Anna says, her hands held up and her voice steady.

“What’s wrong?” Cas rushes over, unwilling to let Anna face this man alone.    

“You.” The man switches his focus on to Cas. “This girl told me that she could make me a Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte—”

“It is Vegan. I used almond milk instead. I did check with you before I took your order if it was acceptable—” Anna interjects.

“Well it tastes nothing like the one I usually have! Fuck you little shits, you can’t even make coffee right and it is not that hard. What do you even do all day?” He’s apoplectic with rage, the spit flying as he yells right into Cas’s face. The shop is quiet and Cas can see a few customers look worriedly over, clearly debating if they should interfere.

“Sir I’m going to have to ask you to stop abusing my colleague and me and leave the premises.” Cas starts to say, but the man doesn’t stop.

“No wonder you’re never going to get anywhere other than working at a coffee shop, you’re too stupid to go to college and get a real job! I’m going to complain to your boss and—”

“I think you were told to leave.”

Cas gapes as Dean places a hand on the man’s shoulder and steers him away roughly. The man puts up a struggle against Dean’s firm grip and loses.

“Fine.” He snarls and stomps away, dumping his drink on the counter. It falls over and the coffee drips down to the floor, making Anna hiss under her breath. Kevin rushes up to help, asking Anna if she’s all right. The chatter in the shop slowly picks up again while the two of them clean up.

Cas is stunned, staring at Dean. The other man watches as the door slams shut and then turns back to look at Cas. Dean looks even more beautiful than ever, dressed in a black leather jacket and blue jeans, his hair a little longer than it was the last time Cas saw him. There’s a blush on his cheeks as he orders a Green tea Latte.

Cas obeys in a daze. He hands over the cup to Dean, who blushes even more fiercely as Cas’s fingers touch his.

“Sam’s sick today. Thought this might cheer him up.” Dean stammers out unprompted.

“He is?” Cas asks him, trying to act normal. “Here, let me pack up some ginger cookies, he loves them.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. I mean, thank you.”

Cas gives him the warm bag of cookies and smiles nervously at Dean. Dean fumbles as he accepts them, the very tips of his ears red.

“Can I also have one of those— I don’t know what you called it— but the last time—” Dean’s blush is almost painful to look at now.

“A regular coffee?” Cas asks him.

“Yeah. I— I uh— It was an amazing coffee. Can’t seem to stomach anything else now.”

“I’m glad you liked it.” Cas smiles.

He makes up the coffee with an almost giddy expression on his face, Anna snorting as she polishes the espresso machine.

“Cas.” Dean says, when Cas hands him his coffee. He’s placed the latte and cookies on the counter and looks nervous. “I’ve been too much of a coward to come here again, but— you’ve got to know I’m really sorry for how I—”

“It’s all right Dean.”

“Uh— Okay. Good. Great, I mean.”



“Would you like to go out for dinner sometime?”

“Oh. Yes I’d— Cas I’d love to—” Dean curses as he almost drops the cup. A tiny bit of it splashes on to his white T-shirt, staining it a rich brown. Cas laughs at the dismay and embarrassment on Dean’s face before tugging Dean forward and kissing him hard. Dean is breathing hard by the time Cas pulls away, his lips swollen and wet. Cas smirks at him.

“My shift ends at seven tonight.” Cas says.

“I’ll be there.” Dean stammers, still looking a little dazed. He gather up the coffees and cookies and stumbles out, giving Cas a shy smile as he leaves.

Cas smiles back.    

attempts to turn bmo into a viable beading pattern are…. slow.


really slow

i realised that THIS

is actually way too big for a pendant so

THIS is what happens instead :(

i’ve spent two hours plus on both of them altogether

also please please please send me asks for the suits drawing meme pls

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Dean and Cas are chained together. And this time, there's no hiding from each other.

Thanks for the prompt <3 Here you go! It came out a little long than I anticipated.

AO3 link

“And that is why it’s not a good idea to root around these boxes without proper precautions.” Sam lectures, his arms crossed and trying (but failing spectacularly) to look stern.

Beside him, Cas shifts uncomfortably, pulling at the handcuff attached a little too tightly to his wrist.

“Shut up and help us get these off.” Dean says, fidgeting with the other end. The cuff was cool against his skin.

“What happened exactly?” Sam asks, finally stopping with his little lecture and taking a better look at the box Dean and Cas had found the handcuffs in.

“Dean was complaining about how dusty and disorganized this room was, so I was helping him sort it out. The boxes were piled together in an unstable manner and this one fell down and broke open before we could stop it.” Cas says, examining the cuff carefully.

“And both of you… just decided to put this on and see?” Sam asks them, raising his eyebrows.

“Of course not! We reached for it at the same time and it just—clicked together.” Dean protests.

Sam looks unconvinced.

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