Happy Valentines Day everyone! Like I did with Christmas, I made a Showdown Special to celebrate! I’m not good at battling at all, but at least you get to see some sweet Pokémon battle for the power of love c: enjoy! <3

Intentado hacer un peque*o cambio

No quiero llorar y recordar algo malo que me ha pasado

Quiero dejar de decir “Que hubiera pasado si…”

Necesito salir corriendo y solo sentir el aire en mi cara

Quiero vivir sin miedo a que pasará mañana

Me encantaría pensar que todo siempre estará bien

Se que no puedo volver al pasado, 

sé que no puedo cambiarlo

En el fondo no quiero hacerlo ni intentarlo

Solo quiero pasar el rato sin llanto.

Me pregunto ¿Que tiene de bueno el pasado que no me quiere dejar de lado?

Si se trata de mirar al futuro, no siento que sea lo correcto

Solo quiero vivir mi presente sin miedo

Estoy cansada de esperar un cambio 

Y no hacer nada para generarlo.

Hoy salgo a la calle por mi vida,

Esperando a que un día pueda vivir la sin medidas.

AuRose, 20.03.14

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I started a let’s play of the gorgeous looking fan-made game Pokémon Solar Light and Lunar Dark yesterday! I’ve been loving the game so far, enjoy! ^o^


I tried something new! A little tribute to dear Peridot <3 Enjoy!


Pokémon Solar Light and Lunar Dark part 3 is here! We take on the first gym, located in the beautiful city of Serpentine. I hope you enjoy ^o^


Made a little something of the episode Steven and Lion met! It’s such a magical moment ^o^


A new episode of Ethereal Gates is here! We finally take on the first gym and maaaybe find a new team member :3 I hope you enjoy!
Pokemon Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke: ep 06 'Saving papa!'
Welcome to my first let's play series, Pokémon Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke with Aurose! I'm very excited for this series, and I hope you are too! :3

Check out the newest episode of my Pokémon Platinum randomized nuzlocke! I finally have my new mic so the audio sounds way better :3 Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed and please help me out by sharing this post!


Episode 15 of my Platinum randomized nuzlocke is here! We finally take on another gym and it’s a pretty hectic battle ;-; enjoy!


Don’t know if anyone on here would be interested, but I made a little update video for my youtube channel! If you’d like, please take some time to check it out and maybe take a look at my channel c: thank you!

hi everyone c: yesterday I hit 4.5k followers on tumblr, thank you!! I’m also really close to 300 subs on my youtube channel, and I decided to do a q&a when I hit that number :3

I’m making an update video when I hit it and ask for questions, but before that I’d like to ask for some help to get my channel out there and hopefully gain some new subs! I upload twice a week, and I hope you’ll like my videos!
Pokemon Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke: ep 14 'Dem long routes'
Welcome to my first let's play series, Pokémon Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke with Aurose! I'm very excited for this series, and I hope you are too! :3

Hi everyone! The 14th episode of my Pokémon Randomized Nuzlocke went up a few days ago, go check it out! I hope you enjoy, and please leave a like or comment if you did :3


Here it is, just a quick thank you to everyone :D Also, make sure to leave me a question for the Q&A if you want, I hope I can make a really fun video out of it!

… Y me pregunto: ¿Cuánto durare?, ¿cuánto aguantaré?, ¿qué pasará si no logro ponerle orden a nada?, en que se basaran mis decisiones si mis pensamientos son un acumulo de palabras que van y vienen a placer, que se juntan y se separan, se unen y se destruyen.