BookTube News: Auror’s Tale!!! [x]

Kickstarter (They’re now a little over $1k closer to their goal!)

Hello fans!

As usual, magical things are happening behind the scenes of Auror’s Tale. Our cast and crew are hard at work, and though amazing opportunities all over the country present challenges in coordinating filming dates, we could not be happier for them. We are continuing to redevelop the show and the material we have so far. Though progress is slow, we are thrilled with what we have so far.

Though we all experience magic in our daily lives, one of the best visual representations comes through special effects. It’s always fun to incorporate effects into the show, even ones as simple as this. Enjoy, and let us know in the comments how your summer is going to be magical!

PR Auror Rayne

P.S.: As you can tell from Lokai’s face, wearing black leather in an un-airconditioned car during summer in New York is a blast. Someone may be in need of a cooling charm…

Pretty cool fan flick set in the Potter-verse