Finally designed Iso’s Cybertronian look and before any of you shout TRON, his bike alt mode is designed off of The Freaker from one of my favorite N64 games called Extreme-G 2. Iso’s one of my secondary characters, showing up every now and then, but I’ve always really liked his design.

I figured out how to make Bayformer Drift look awesome… don’t make him a Bayformer

Yeah random wip. As much as I think Drift’s design for the movie is stupid and horribly creepy with that face, I was thinking, “there’s a really cool design somewhere in that though”. And hot damn does he look amazing in the Prime continuity.

Nothing like freeing a Decepticon experiment and gaining a new pet dragon. This is Aeros and his pet dragon (who still needs to be named despite being conjured up in my head quite some time ago). Aeros is Jagd’s main rival in bounty hunting and excels in high speed combat, which normally gets him more into one on one fights with Auscura. The dragon is a result of mixing Predacon CNA with that of a zoid. More info on them later, cuz I’m lazy atm.