I figured out how to make Bayformer Drift look awesome… don’t make him a Bayformer

Yeah random wip. As much as I think Drift’s design for the movie is stupid and horribly creepy with that face, I was thinking, “there’s a really cool design somewhere in that though”. And hot damn does he look amazing in the Prime continuity.

Finally got the inspiration to make something. I was talking to Liger and I was saying how my style is next to impossible to pull off without the proper inspiration. So much of it relies on feeling and being in that groove to be able to pick out the right textures and such more than just technical painting skills. I’ll be making a wallpaper pack of this to download as well, so if you want it, keep an eye out ;3 

Inspired by David Smesh - Rising (Bone N Skin Remix) & a Glitch Hop Mix

Download the wallpaper pack

Doing a day by day progress log for this one. It feels nice to do a full blown TF pic again in my usual crazy style.This is also my favorite color scheme for everything for Knock Out. I just love the dark cool vibe. Oh and this is all done with a single brush. No textures, no overlays.