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I am so in love with this movie it’s isn’t even funny. It has a lot of great messages in it, but one that I was SO happy to see was a genuine nice guy.


He literally does anything to help out Maleficent and Aurora and not once ever bitches about the “friend zone” or tries to impose himself on either of the ladies.

It’s a breath of fresh air amongst the garbage movies that shows “a nice guy” that makes the girl out to be a bitch because she isn’t romantically attracted to him.

I just really loved Diaval.

Not to mention, the fact Prince Phillip brings up how he doesn’t feel right kissing a “sleeping beauty”.

Disney hit the fucking nail on the head with this film.

cresselia3454-deactivated201506  asked:

Wait Ms. E-vay, if Zone Cope Amy is gone, what happened to Zone Cop Aurora? Did they never had her or is Zonic not only a widower but also a single zone cop parent? ;M;

I’d prefer it if they didn’t have Aurora yet. Like maybe they were just starting to talk about having a baby? It’s bad enough Zamy’s been taken away from him, I couldn’t deal with having to do that to him too…

(I did not want to do this to him, so you know! but now I’ve actually thought out a really REALLY moving, in-depth story but I just don’t have the time to write it DAMN IT!)

kit-kat-neko: Okay, first off im realllllly sorry! this was before i read your post about you not wanting aurora to exist in zone sonics world 
Second, I’m sorry aurora looks kinda small in the family portrait, i think i just drew her face too small in comparison to the others..butt 

I drew this after i saw your post of sonic with her wedding ring and then i saw zone spazz and nnnghh
i couldnt resist drawing a family portrait of before thatttt happened, butt i have to agree i wouldn’t want aurora to be born yet because as i was drawing this i started to think of background stories and stuff and i got so sad…especially when hearing simple plans song how could this happen to me..this us what happens when you get too interested in drawings and meanings..gahhhh
like i thought while sonic has a wedding ring to think about her
aurora and spazz will have her wrist rings they take out to look at whenever they are in deep thought or upset 

I also thought that zone sonic and spazz were zone cops but aurora wasn’t cause i dont see her as wanting to use any sort of gun or hurting anyone so she takes care of her father because since spazz is a bit more of an independent hedgie i dont see him as living with them; visits yes
so when sonic retires to his room aurora just goes into hers and takes out the ring she keeps in her drawer 
and i imagine her talking to Amy about what happened that day because aurora knows shes probably watching over them so she likes to tell her all
the exciting things and the bad about her day but how shes keeping strong and by the end of it when she says her goodnights, rubs the ring slightly against her cheek loving how cool it feels against her cheek but also imagining getting to hug Amy again

again sorry ʎɹɹoS ʎɹɹos’ɥO ¨●౹౽‥ㆀ

[Don’t apologize, everybody has been making up their own stories regardless of what I think anyway. What you wrote and drew is actually really sweet, and I could see it happening. I wish the ZonicxE-vay ship didn’t turn into something so awful and dark as it did, but it makes for good story and it’s been really interesting to see what everyone has come up with. You did a really beautiful job, and I absolutely agree with what you said. Thank you :) ]