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-A human? Within seconds his tail went up inside his jacket, his wings folded closed, and he adjusted his hat to make sure it distracted from the horns. The wings still slightly visible but it was the best he could do. He gave her a smile and a quick bow, his typical introduction for a human. Hopefully she was the nice kind.-

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Rapunzel had been walking down a path near the outskirts of Corona when she saw something very strange, a girl, around her age by the looks of it, had just walked through this, this… Rapunzel had no word for it. It was like a doorway, but it wasn’t connected to any building, or anything behind it. Rapunzel quickly hid behind a bush as the girl began to walk closer to her. Creeping forward to run away, a twig snapped underneath Rapunzel’s foot, scaring her half to death and scream in fear. “I’m sorry!” Rapunzel screamed with her eyes clamped shut, she didn’t want the girl to think she had been spying on her or anything.