aurora veil

361-FROZBUN [Frozen-Bunny]
-The Cold pokemon
-Ability: Snow Cloak - Fur Coat(HA)
-Dex: “To protect themselves from the cold weather, their fur has grown extremely thick, making them round and fluffy. This pokemon will use its long ears to interact with others, often with hugs and nose-kisses.”
    -Powder Snow
    -Cotton Guard
    -Ice Ball

–>Evolves with max. friendship<–

362-ALASKALOPE [Alaska-Jackalope]
-The Invernal Pokemon
-Ability:  Snow Cloak - Fur Coat(HA)
-Dex: “To keep their body temperature stable, even during the coldest nights, this pokemon meditates completely still for hours . Sometimes many will gather in the same place and form a circle, often holding each other with their ears as they meditate together and share their warmth.”
    -Ice Beam

–>Evolves with an icestone<–

478-SPECTUNDRA [Spectre-Tundra]
-The Mystical Pokemon
-Ability: Slush Rush - Stormwalker*(HA)
-Dex: “This lonely pokemon, through intense meditation, has been able to reach a near-death state, making it able to endure even the most cruel blizzards. This pokemon ears are a symbol of its long-seeked wisdom, and they will continue to grow longer for as long as this pokemon lives.”
-Sig. Move: Bone-Chiller “A chilling wind is blown through the opponent, this may leave the foe frozen. If this move is used during a hailstorm, the chances of freezing the opponent rise from 30% to 50%”
   Type: Ice
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 85
   Accuracy: 90%
    -Ominous Wind
    -Aurora Veil

*This pokemon sp. attack receives a boost during a hailstorm.

Mega Alolan Ninetales

Its mask is there to prevent its powers from overwhelming its body. If it is damaged, an uncontrollable blizzard starts pouring out from the cracks.

This Pokemon is highly protective of its tails. Anyone who dares touch them meets the wrath of the frozen north.

Type: Ice/Fairy
Ability: Sprite (On switch-in, This Pokemon summons Aurora Veil)
HP 73
ATK 76 (+9)
DEF 95 (+20)
SPA 131 (+50)
SPD 100 (+0)
SPE 130 (+21)
BST 605


Alolan Ninetales (OU)

Ninetales-Alola @ Icy Rock  
Ability: Snow Warning  
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Timid Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Blizzard  
- Moonblast  
- Toxic  
- Aurora Veil

Moves: Blizzard is a powerful ice stab that has basically no drawback thanks to the increased accuracy under hail. Moonblast is Alolan Ninetales’ strongest fairy stab move and pairs up well with Blizzard, having decent neutral coverage. Toxic helps wear down the opponent’s bulk walls and basically any possible switch-in for Alolan Ninetales. Aurora Veil is a fantastic move that halves all damage done your team for five turns as long as hail is up. Encore can also be used to provide a means for your Pokemon to set up on the opponents, or at least get a free switch; however, I find Aurora Veil to just be better. 

Spread: Max speed with a Timid nature is used to increase Alolan Ninetales’ speed stat as much as possible without a choice item, and thus, allowing it to outspeed the crowded 95-105 speed tier. Max special attack is used to increase Alolan Ninetale’s offensive presence. Snow Warning is a fantastic ability because it will automatically summon hail whenever Alolan Ninetales switches in. Icy Rock then extends this hail from five turns to eight turns. 0 attack IVs reduces the power of Foul Play. 

Team Support/Usage: Alolan Ninetales is a solid weather setter with an above average support movepool and decent stab options. The big drawback is Steel-types completely wall out Alolan Ninetales by resisting both of its stabs, having a 4x super effective stab on Alolan Ninetales, and being immune to Toxic. This makes Dugtrio a fantastic partner for Alolan Ninetales as it can trap the steel types, which also supports Ninetales’ other potential teammates. Alolan Sandslash and Beartic make fantastic partners for Alolan Ninetales because they can take advantage of the hail that Alolan Ninetales sets up with their Slush Rush ability. Lastly, an electric type like Tapu Koko is recommended for taking out Celesteela as it can prove annoying to the rest of the recommended teammates and Alolan Ninetales. 

Thanks everyone for reading! If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or requests,  don’t hesitate to leave me an ask, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

Battle Ready Alolan Form Giveaway (9th Jan, 2017)

Ratman (Raticate) 

Male. Lv. 50, Jolly, Thick Fat, Holding a Toxic Orb

Move-set: U-Turn, Facade, Sucker Punch, Protect

RazzleDazzle (Raichu)

Female. Lv. 50, Timid, Surge Surfer, Holding a Life Orb

Move-set: Psycic, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power (ice), Nasty Plot

Khione (Sandslash)

Female. Lv. 50, Adamant, Slush Rush, Holding an Assault Vest

Move-Set: Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Leech Life, Icicle Spear 

Viktor (Ninetales)

Male. Lv. 50, Timid, Snow Warning, Holding a Light Clay

Move-set: Aurora veil, Freeze dry, Moonblast, Hidden power

Klavier (Dugtrio)

Male. Lv. 50, Jolly, Sand Force, Holding a Focus Sash

Move-set: Earthquake, Iron Head, Stone Edge, Toxic

Penny (Persian)

Female. Lv. 50, Timid, Technician, Holding a Life Orb

Move-set: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Hidden Power, Substitute

Smeagol (Golem)

Male. Lv. 50, Adament,  Galvanize, Holding an Assault Vest

Move-set: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Giga Impact, Explosion

Murky (Muk)

Male. Lv. 50, Careful, Power of Alchemy, Holding a Black Sludge

Move-set: Curse, Poison Jab, Rest, Sleep Talk

Eggscelent (Exeggutor)

Male. Lv. 50, Brave, Harvest, Holding a Sitrus Berry 

Move-set: Dragon Hammer, Trick Room, Seed Bomb, Flamethrower

Shego (Marowak)

Female. Lv. 50, Adamant, Rock Head, Holding a Focus Band

Move-set: Shadow Bone, Flareblitz, Iron Head, Earthquake


  • Deposit a MALE ROGGENROLA [Named TapuGA] into the GTS. We do NOT accept anything else, don’t ask.
  • You may only deposit for ONE of EACH pokemon. If we catch you double dipping we will ban you from future giveaways on here and our own giveaway blogs.
  • Level and Gender Lock to avoid sniping if possible. Wrong gender or level lock = NO TRADE. We do not call you out if you use the wrong locks.
  • Wrong nickname = NO TRADE
  • Do NOT pester us about how long you’ve been in the GTS, if you pester us you will be banned.
  • This part of the giveaway will last ~4 hours or until we run out of pokemon, whichever happens first. We will not clone more, we do not do holds. We will announce when the giveaway ends, please don’t ask.
  • Be patient. Do not tell us when you deposit, we don’t want to know.

Thanks for participating!

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Pokémon Sun and Moon: Special Pokémon Center Shops

As you may know, some Pokémon Centers in the game have two clerks instead of one, one of which sells special items that might only be found in that Pokémon Center.

There are a lot more of these guys than usual this time around, so I figured it would be lucrative to list the locations of all the extra clerks and what they sell.

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Auroras Colorful Veil Over Earth : NASA astronaut Scott Kelly shared this photograph on social media, taken from the International Space Station on August 15, 2015. Kelly wrote, #Aurora trailing a colorful veil over Earth this morning. Good morning from @space_station! #YearInSpace