aurora tree


Northern lights over a campground, Yellowknife Canada


Iceland is a country that even after visiting, I still have difficulty believing exists. Snow-capped volcanoes piercing the skies, centuries-old glaciers covering the landscape like a quilt, dark water the color of ash folding up onto a black sand beach, and don’t even get me started on the sunsets that last for hours.

While incredibly harsh, this land is also graceful, full of quiet moments where all you hear is the tiny whisper as snowflakes fall on your face and melt, all you feel is the gentle spring of the moss that covers everything beneath your feet, and all you see is the Aurora Borealis dancing overhead. These and hundreds of other experiences are what I attempted to capture in this film of one of my favorite countries on Earth.

“Pair of Planets”

I can’t say for sure, but I think the two brightest “stars” are the planets Venus and Uranus. The Brighter one is likely Venus.
They both look much bigger and brighter than usual because of moisture in the air creating a lensing effect.
I also did some light painting to show the steam coming off the lake.
I took this shot just before setting up the Northern Lights timelapse (see previous photos) you can see a little bit of the Aurora on the right near the horizon.