aurora soul

The Goddess is a woman who is a warrior. She is fierce and wild. She loves deeply and is compassionate towards all life. She is passionate and uncontrolled. She is untamed and she is free. Her thoughts are not in the past or in the future, -she is totally absorbed by the now and here.

A Goddess stands up for herself and knows that she is the creator of her reality. Responsible and courageous she paves her way through life gracefully and smiling.
While many men wish to find this Goddess, they often lack in understanding who a Goddess really is ~and that, so very often sets the stage for unfulfilling relation-ships, heart-breaks and other disasters.
Once awakened men find that woman who has activated her Goddess energy and power they must develop master skills to keep her. And that is exactly what she wants from him. She wants her man to evolve and embody the highest version of himself, his God Self.
A Goddess knows what she wants, what she doesn’t want and she will be clear about it.
A Goddess does not bend herself to make a man like her, want her or even love her. She loves herself unconditionally and she has no need for confirmation.
A Goddess does not comply with rules or society’s standards and she won’t care what others think of her. She honors her Goddess-Self, that is all that counts for her in her world.
A Goddess does not accept ‘no’ for an answer. She is a fighter and a victor. She knows how powerful she is and how to manifest her desires.
A Goddess is never dependent. She is the Mother, the sacred life giver and that makes her the strongest leader of all.
A Goddess will always and in all ways speak her truth, you can take it or leave it but you cannot twist it.

But an awakened man knows that a Goddess can show him the essence of life and the meaning of magic, if he is not afraid to handle her passion.
A Goddess will take her man to the depths of his own soul and make him face his demons, if he is not afraid to handle her fire.
A Goddess leads her man to another dimension. A world unkown to him until he met her but he can only reside there if he is as fearless as she is.
A Goddess pours out her love like a man may not have ever experienced before but only if he can stand up to the very truth of his Goddess.
A Goddess protects her beloveds fiercely as long as they look her in the eyes with loyalty.
A Goddess can change a man’s life forever, the direction it takes is entirely based on the choices he makes, between fear and love.

One cannot play games or hide truth from a Goddess. An awakened woman sees all.
She knows about intentions, she might even read minds and she will make absolutely sure a man eager for her heart is a God equal to her before she shares her inner Queendom and her deepest secrets with him.
A Goddess protects and hides her vulnerability from men; instead she shows her strength, until a man’s heart and love is pure enough to pierce through the shell and be allowed in.
It is neither through words that one can impress her, nor with money, possessions or titles but only through the power of an open heart and a calm mind that steps forward with absolute clarity and truth.

—  Aurora Ray

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(here’s the playlist i said i would post today it’s very angsty tbh)

tracklist: i. fear - sleeping at last, ii. wake - the antlers, iii. the departure - max richter, iv. animal soul - aurora, v. we move lightly - dustin o’halloran, vi. lung - vancouver sleep clinic, vii. gleypa okkur -  ólafur arnalds, viii. the winter - balmorhea, x. sorrow - sleeping at last

“‘Bane and O’Callahan, you roguish devils, you. Nervous-looking chap I’ve never seen before, how are you doing? Frightening, don’t get up, my ego couldn’t take it. And Aurora. My one true soul mate. My darling. Remind me, have you and I ever fallen in love?’
Aurora sighed. ‘No, Saracen, we haven’t.’
‘Do you want to change that?’
‘What, now?’
‘It’s a long plane ride.’
‘You don’t even know where we’re going.’
‘That’s a good point,’ said Saracen. ‘Dexter, where are we going? What’s the plan? Why am I here?’”

- Derek Landy, Skulduggery Pleasant: The Maleficent Seven

Just So Bloody Wrong

In one of the first missions in our D20 Modern/Pathfinder game, our party was sent to shadow this seemingly peaceful Drow cult that passed through town. Our party consisted of a human named Jacob who was one of the last Paladins, Saitama (named after the one and only) a human Aurora Soul, Ana a half-succubus Assassin and Fable a human Bloodrager (me).

After sneaking into the cultist’s cave we discovered that they worshiped some form of Drider goddess that was both divine and fiendish. We continued on saw a ritual going on.

GM: The Drow priestess begins pouring potions on to the male Drow on the table, causing him to writhe in pain.

Ana: This is a sacrifice.

Fable: It could be a rite of passage, ya nev-

GM: The priestess slits the male’s throat and begins wrapping him in spider silk.

Fable: Ok, nevah mind. I owe ya a beer when we get back.

After feeling a huge wave of negative energy and some Knowledge rolls. We figured out that this was very bad news. We then elected to book it (much to the chagrin of the Paladin) since we were outnumbered 20 to 1 and after we saw members of the cult (including the priestess) spontaneously become Driders.

GM: On the way back to the city you all look up and notice that there is a Blood Moon in the sky.

Fable: That is nevah a good sign, ya know how many people died under moons like this?

GM: You start to notice that it has started to rain (you guessed it) blood. Roll me some will saves.

Saitama: I hope Hepatitis isn’t involved.

Half of the party failed them, resulting in us getting cursed and our hair turning white.

GM: When you return to the city you see that your supervisor is waiting for you.

Jacob explained the situation to him.

Supervisor (GM): We have put up a force field around the city and have sent everyone indoors.

Fable: Well ain’t that just right as rain. Oh wait, THE RAIN AIN’T FUCKIN’ RIGHT TONIGHT!