aurora pen

Inktober 5: Lyra and Iorek
Sumi and Walnut ink on BaronFig Confidant

This illustration is inspired by the scene in Phillip Pullman’s “The Northern Lights” when Lyra and Iorek are fencing right before they find the severed child



There’s BLOOD on your LIES, the sky’s open wide. There is nowhere for you to hide, the hunter’s moon is shining. A GIFT, a CURSE. They track hurt. Say can you dream in NIGHTMARE seems. A milion voices, silent dreams, where hope is left so incomplete. I’m running with the WOLVES tonight. (Running with the wolves Aurora. )

                                                   PENNED BY ARYA.

Malora Week - prompt student/teacher: part 2

By surprisingly popular demand, I give you a second part.  :)



If Maleficent was nervous, it didn’t show.

She ran a very professional and fairly energetic show.  She smiled and laughed and Aurora…

Fuck, Aurora was jealous!

Those smiles were for her summer.  That laughter was reserved for her worst jokes.  Aurora was meant to have them in memory and yet they existed right there.  In front of her.  In front of an entire class.

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