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Back cover to the June 1909 issue of The Philistine (see previous example here). This pocket-sized magazine was one of the publications of Elbert Hubbard, founder of Roycroft, a crafts community in East Aurora, NY (near Buffalo). Part of the Arts and Crafts movement, the influential art colony by 1910 had over five hundred printers, furniture makers, metalsmiths, leathersmiths, and bookbinders.

Sorry for not live blogging like I should be.

I was on the phone with the best who had a birthday today. She is the mother to my first “niece”. The little girl who, now in first grade, told me I could come spend “The Halloween” with them. And that she’s dressing up as Pikachu and I need to bring Aurora (my NY dog) who was Pikachu to their house so they can be “twin sisters”.

She does not understand I am states away now, and wanted to know if we could have our sleepover Saturday finally.

If you hear a funny noise, that’s just me trying to suck up all these tears.

Christmas just got a whole lot…weirder? xD  We normally play Cards Against Humanity…but joe found this in a toy store in East Aurora, NY and we HAD to get it.


East Aurora NY~ Palmer House in the Griggs Mansion Bed Breakfast ~ Historical by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo
Via Flickr:
THE HISTORIC GRIGGS MANSION Built circa 1892 by local businessman Abbott S. Griggs, the Queen-Anne Victorian Mansion remains mostly unchanged since that time. The Double Parlor showcases the original Roycroft printed wallpaper, original electric chandeliers and sconces, window shutters with a hide-away feature, and original Pocket Doors that have a story to tell. Palmer House in the Griggs Mansion Bed Breakfast