aurora borealis watercolor

This is a design for an expansion of my shaman logo tattoo on my right arm :)

since i love nordic countries, forests and Korpiklaani. and to see northern lights is my childhood dream

Watercolors and white ink on A4 paper

Edit: i changed the raw version too as i have mixed feelings towards the framing


Look a new video!! I never painted the northern lights before, so I did’t really know what I was doing… but I guess it turned out ok..

i drove out into the country last night wanting to stargaze becuase i’d heard the meteor shower had started, and ending up catching a glimsp of the aurora borealis. It wasn’t incredibly vivid but it the way danced through the sky was awe inspiring, so this is a test painting and i’ll be working on others soon

thought I would upload a different picture of my aurora borealis painting, the other one I posted didn’t capture the colours properly, for this image I tweaked the colours digitally to more accurately match the original. I think it’s much more faithful to the hard copy.