I got some anodized titanium scales, and I made them into bracelets! I went for a mixed assortment of colors, so I could see which ones I liked enough to stock. And I in the meantime, I rather like this randomized aesthetic. It reminds me of over-saturated art of the aurora borealis or of galaxies.

I already decided to stock the green, which I posted previously. I’m thinking of also getting the rose/magenta one and the bright teal/purple one. I like the bright, inconsistent colors. The yellow is also pretty nice, but I think I have enough options for yellow as it is.

Anyway, as you could guess, these are up on my Etsy page!


Aurora Feb 17 2017 by Kevin Hiraoka
Via Flickr:
Forecast looked alright, so I headed up PTH 59 to see what would happen. First stop was Birds Hill Provincial Park. Taken overlooking the Equestrian Course.


Inspired by the Women’s March and my firm belief that these Princesses would be out there. Dream Big, Princess!



Lenticular Cloud and Aurora all at once


The whole sky is glowing

The Signs as Disney Princesses
  • Capricorn - Tiana: Ambitious, Determined, Focused, and Sincere.
  • Aquarius - Belle: Knowledgeable, Inquisitive, Imaginative, and Broad-minded.
  • Pisces - Aurora: Compassionate, Tolerant, Gentle, and Artistic.
  • Aries - Jasmine: Fiery, Sassy, Confident, and Independent.
  • Taurus - Elsa: Responsible, Dependable, Practical, and Overprotective.
  • Gemini - Rapunzel: Childish, Curious, Feisty, and Expressive.
  • Cancer - Mulan: Tenacious, Persuasive, Sympathetic and Strong.
  • Leo - Ariel: Straightforward, Headstrong, Stubborn, and Optimistic.
  • Virgo - Cinderella: Hardworking, Down to Earth, Reliable, and Patient.
  • Libra - Snow White: Gracious, Fair, Non-confrontational, and Social.
  • Scorpio - Pocahontas: Resourceful, Passion Driven, Leader, and Honest.
  • Sagittarius - Anna: Wanderlust, Idealistic, Humorous, and Impatient.