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Working as aurors
  • Ron: I really wish they'd show up I need to pee real bad
  • Harry: That's like the third time you've had to pee, what's going on with you?
  • Ron: Hermione freaked out when I told her I never drink any water, so she's making me drink eight glasses a day. It's like there's water in pop, there's water in coffee, there's pools of water on pizza
  • Harry: that's grease Ron
  • Ron: well it's wet isn't it?
My ultimate drarry headcannons

- Draco is elegant and refined from being raised as a pure-blood, he plays piano and violin and speaks French and can ballroom dance with his eyes closed, he drinks champagne and dresses in designer robes

- Draco is always clean and groomed, his clothes are always perfect and his smile is always charming, he knows just what to say when and to who to gain favours and worm his way into anyone’s good graces, his good looks don’t hurt things either

- Draco is quiet and studious, he’s resourceful and a deep thinker, he’s a light sleeper and likes things just so, his routine is his way of life and his public image is everything. Then we add Harry to that mix

- With Harry Draco is open and free, his smile is wide and dorky and shows all his teeth, he snorts when he laughs and blows bubbles into his milkshake through his straw because he’s a total dork and he’s allowed to be with Harry

- Harry brings out his wild side, they go exploring in the woods together and Draco is always the first to climb up a tree or dive into a river because it’s fun and life is fun and he wants to experience it with Harry, he’s constantly swinging upside from tree branches while Harry’s trying to read and always falling asleep in his lap in the sun

- When he’s home alone with Harry he wears knitted sweaters and jeans and always steals Harry’s winter jackets to curl up in, and once he starts getting his honorary Weasley jumpers at Christmas he wears it to bed every night until the next year because he loves to feel loved

- At home Harry cooks but Draco loves to create a mess in the kitchen and is constantly trying to cook the Muggle way and he’s actually pretty good at baking cakes and he makes one for Harry each year for his birthday, and Draco is the one who loves to go grocery shopping with Harry because there’s just something so domestic about it that reminds him he has a family now and he loves it

- Harry’s there when he needs to cry about his parents when he returns from their lunchtime meetings and they’ve argued again, Harry lets him rant about his coworkers in the Magical Law Enforcement Department and their pure-blood values, and Draco’s always there when Harry needs to talk about whatever horror he witness on his latest Auror mission with Ron, and he’s inches away from hexing someone when Harry comes home from work and is upset by someone’s comment about his sexuality or choice in partners

- Draco loves nothing more than dragging Harry to pure-blood dinner parties, half to watch him flounder like a guppie out of water and half because Harry looks real good in designer robes and it’s so cute when Harry tries his best to fit into Draco’s world

- Draco loves to see Harry socializing with his parents at these parties, and talking with his friends, and he especially loves the jealous look in his eyes when he dances with Pansy a bit too long or leans too close to Blaise when reaching for his next drink

- But as much as Draco loves to see Harry at his socialite parties, Harry loves to see Draco at HIS parties even more. He loves watching Draco sitting in his rumpled robes downing as many Firewhiskey’s as he can, drinking competitions with Ron or George, playing stupid Muggle games with Hermione and always gloating when he wins. Harry loves when Ginny bring in karaoke and Draco is the CHAMPION of karaoke and this is his jam don’t mess with this song! 

- What Harry loves the most though, is after the parties when Draco is tired beyond belief but he’s happy and smiling and just glowing and Harry has his breath taken away as he watches him undress and slide into bed with him, cuddling up next to him because Draco is the biggest teddy bear on the planet and he loves to cuddle

- Draco’s always up long before Harry, but he rarely gets up until Harry’s awake unless he has work, and when Harry does wake up he always kisses him senseless and that usually leads to morning sex. Harry will always make Draco his favourite tea in the morning and in the winter times he’ll clutch the hot cup in his cold hands and kiss the tip of Harry’s frozen nose over the steam of the tea and sit at the kitchen counter watching him cook breakfast making sexual comments about Harry’s fine arse whenever he turns around

- What Harry loves most about Draco is that Draco never asks, he never talks about anything personal if he has the impression Harry isn’t comfortable telling him. Draco will never ask about the horrors of the war or the pressure of being the Chosen One, and when Harry just needs quiet and peace Draco will be there to let him curl up in his lap and stroke his hair while he reads the paper and asks no questions. 

- What Draco loves most about Harry is that he makes him smile, and Draco hasn’t smiled in a long long time, Harry’s smile is precious to him and it takes his breath way each time he sees it, and he’s always trying to see it again. Draco loves the way Harry smells when he buries his face into his shirt, he loves how warm the boy always is and he loves how Harry pretends he doesn’t notice Draco crying when Harry presses kisses to the Dark Mark during sex

- Harry loves when Draco presses his lips to his scar just before bed, murmuring that he loves him, no matter how moody he is or how angry at Harry he’ll always kiss that scar and tell him he loves him and if Draco ever stopped then Harry would know it was over, but he never stops

Safe and Sound

So I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while but decided to do it after reading that people think Harry and Ginny aren’t soulmates because their Patronuses don’t match. This is my contribution.

“The only way to repel a dementor or a lethifold is the use of the Patronus Charm. A successfully cast charm will produce a corporeal Patronus. This is a kind of spirit guardian, and is a projection of all of your most positive emotions. An insufficient charm will produce only a thin layer of mist, which will not repel the dark creature, and will most likely not give you enough time to escape,” Auror Proudfoot strolled up and down the row of students as he spoke, his voice loud and echoing in the otherwise silent chamber.

Harry Potter was paying attention, but only just, as the Patronus Charm was nothing new to him. In all actuality, most of the lessons at Auror Academy were nothing new, but Harry supposed his life of fighting the dark arts might have prepared him more for this than some of the other recruits.

Harry turned his head slightly and looked at Ron Weasley, who was standing next to him, staring blankly out the magical window that showed beautiful sunlight. Harry nudged Ron and rolled his eyes in the direction of Proudfoot, and Ron grinned. When Proudfoot turned his back to them, Ron whispered, “You could probably teach him.”

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Zephyr Chapter 5: This is why we can’t have anything nice

A/N: FINALLY finished exams and moving. Between the two and then sleeping them off I didn’t have much chance to work on this, but we should be back to weekly updates as of now. If you’re wondering, my guess is this will go 12-13 chapters total. More Aengus this chapter :)

As usual, just an excerpt on here and the full chapter available through the links below!

Available on FF and Ao3!

Harry skirts around crackling leaves and other detritus that litters the forest floor habitually, avoiding noise that would alert any unwanted parties to his presence.  Ginny however, has no such qualms, and instead seeks out the crunchiest twigs and leaves with a grin on her tired face.

The sun’s rays have just begun kicking up over the horizon as Ginny reaches to steady Harry when he stumbles over a camouflaged root that’s woven its way across the pseudo path.   They finally reach the clearing they’d spotted on one of the age-worn maps at Aengus’ the day before and Ron is already waiting with bleary blue eyes.  “Why do we have to meet so bloody early?”

“Stealth, Ronnikins,” Ginny snorts, tightening her ponytail absentmindedly.

Ron grunts, “Don’t be cheeky.”

“Fairly certain that’s impossible, mate,” Harry answers with mock sadness, shaking his head dejectedly, which earns him a shove from Ginny.

They spend the next half hour bringing Ron up to speed on their findings and hunches, bouncing ideas back and forth until the forest floor is bright under the morning sun that breaks through the reaching branches overhead.

With a short nod, Ron pushes away from the tree he’s been leaning against and tugs his wand from his pocket.  “I’ll pass things along to Kingsley, then.”

Harry offers a casual salute as the wind ruffles his hair and Ginny punches her brother’s arm, “Thanks mate.”

Ron’s about to twist away when he pauses mid step, chewing his cheek anxiously, “You really think – again?”

Grimacing, Harry nods, feeling Ginny’s fingers slip through his and squeeze.  After a moment he ruffles his hair.  “I think we could be getting there and we should cut things off before it goes too far – if it hasn’t already.”

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Because wizards don’t have cell phones and can’t drunk text I like to think that Order members would send drunk patronuses. Harry and Ron getting drunk after a particularly good day in the Auror office and Harry sending Ginny a patronus while she’s at Hogwarts.  “Gin, listen *Ron in the background singing* Oi Ron shut it I’m trying to tell your sister I love her.  So Gin, look here, I think you’re pretty cool." 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I forgot to save a fic and I don't remember the title. It's a marriage law fic where H & D both tried to overturn the law by gathering votes from members of the Wizengamot before the hearing date. They 'got together' so no one would be suspicious why they spend a lot of time together. D is training to be an auror and Ron is his partner. At one point, they both asked for cooking lessons from hermione because they were sent away overnight by moody and they went hungry.

I haven’t read it, but I think it’s this?

Law and Marriage by DragonGrin - former TeenTypist - T, 41 chapters -  It is hereby ordered that unmarried Pureblood witches and wizards aged 17-30 must marry a person of Halfblood or Muggle-born status. Thus, within a generation no families will remain Pureblooded. Marriage Law twist. Society expects couples to do silly things, like go out on dates, even if you’re not really dating, or meet your fiancé’s parents.


863. After the war Ron enters into the auror office and loves it. But then Rose is born, and he loves her more than anything in the world, and going to work is so hard all of a sudden, but Ron manages. Then Hugo is born a few years later, and Ron just can't leave them any longer. He becomes a stay at home dad, taking his kids to play Quidditch and to play dates with the Potters and to shopping trips in Diagon Alley. He loves every second he has with his little girl and best buddy.

submitted by sophietemple21

ireneadlercatwoman  asked:

German Ron Fan here. I love your blog. Ron is my favourite character. I love Trio friend fics or Auror Ron and Auror Harry detective story/political dramas or a well written Ron/Hermione love story. I honestly don't see the problem with Ron and Hermione's Relationship. It is not abusive, they complement each other and when people say he was immature well ya so was Han at the beginning of A New Hope and Empire and both left and came back.

Hello! Thanks a lot! Our preferences for fanfics seem to be very much alike :).

I always feel that the ones who call Ron abusive have no clue what abuse, physical or emotional, actually is. Bickering is not abuse. Neither is fighting over silly things while growing up called ‘abusive behavior’. The only thing is that they have different views and that, as you rightly said, is a strength.

I actually find it hilarious that Ron is the one blamed for abuse when all he does is argue with Hermione, which she actively takes part in, if I may add! Additionally, another point that frequently comes up is that he made her cry. But we are talking about Hermione Granger- the one witch who punched her bully Draco when she was thirteen and locked an adult(pesky and extremely annoying) journalist in a jar and then even blackmailed her! Would Hermione ever cry over Ron if he was being abusive? The whole of HP series is a teenage drama, how can those readers forget that she was a young girl in love with a guy who took longer than her to figure out that he reciprocated her love? And no other person in the entire series makes her so weak only because she doesn’t allow them to. Ron is the only one who can make her cry because she loves him! How hard is that to understand, I don’t know. I literally feel like banging them(the morons who don’t realize) on their head with an Encyclopedia and yell -IT IS LOVE, YOU IDIOTS!!!

And if we are really talking about abusive, no matter how annoyed Ron is with her (about Scabbers or the firebolt or Krum or when in DH he feels she likes Harry, or any xyz issue), he never, NEVER, physically hurts her. Quite the contrary, he saves her at the risk of his own life.

It’s Hermione who is frequently mentioned as hitting him. She even sets the vicious birds on him that peck his skin leaving scars on it. He doesn’t ever retaliate- just tries to save himself without even touching her. Really? A how hard would it be for a guy over 6′ to hold back a girl who is definitely a head shorter than him if he tries to? 

Seriously people should start reading the original books before watching the movies or reading those Ron-bashing fanfics.

Thank you for being a Ron lover- really, THANK YOU!

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Hello! Could you suggest fics where Draco and Hermione are exes/former lovers but they have to work together and then eventually get back together? Something like The Ministry by damedscribblingwoman or Forgotten Things by Salome Weil. Thanks so much!

Hello! How about these?

In Seven Days by MiHnn- E, one shot

Co-workers Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger work well together as Partners of a firm. Can seven days change that? - “I’d rather not,” he said softly. Stepping back, he let the elevator door close, trying to block out that one moment of weakness he promised himself never to give in to.

Ways and Means by floorcoaster- T, 12 chapters, Complete

Sometimes the way into someone’s heart is the longest way. Written for the Hermione Big Bang in 2009.

Ghosts in a Wishing Well by namelessamelie- M, oneshot

He could never stay away for very long. / “Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.” – The Iliad / COMPLETE!

The Revenant by atalanta84- MA, 10 chapters, Complete

Sometimes fate brings us far from home, and sometimes it brings us back again. When a friend’s mysterious death causes Draco Malfoy to return to Britain, he is finally forced to face his past, and the love he left behind. A story about second chances.

- Wynken

Edit: Thank you for the suggestion!

noisyninjadinosaur said: My story (shananigans10) devious intentions is also about a past relationship and them getting back together because of close proximity. 

Devious Intentions by Shananigans10- M, 12 chapters, complete

There’s a killer on the loose and Hermione, who has been threatened directly, is sent to live at Malfoy manor by her friends and aurors, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Too bad they didn’t understand those actions would reopen old wounds and rekindle a lost romance. And who is the man with the devious intentions? Non-con mentioned throughout.

- Wynken


“Ron! Fred! George ! What are you all doing here?” - Harry
“Rescuing you of course.” - Ron

“Professor Moody! What are you doing here?” - Harry
“Rescuing you, of course.” - Mad-Eye Moody

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Do you think Harry would have been better as the DADA teacher instead of as an auror? 147

OH gosh YES absolutely @nerdytutor! Harry James Potter, born to two brilliant parents he never got to know, whose most important memories revolve around the teachers and mentors who changed his life, none more so than Professor Lupin, who once would have been his Uncle Remus. Harry wanted to become an auror because Book 4 he was taught by Mad Eye Moody (regardless of him being Barty Crouch Jr. he was still a huge impact on Harry), and felt underprepared to face Voldemort in the Graveyard. 

In Book 5 Harry tentatively sounds out Ron “It would be cool….to be an auror.” “Yeah, it would,” Ron agreed fervently. Why? Because that was what was needed at the time. Harry goes on to form Dumbledore’s Army, and he thinks that the reason he enjoys it is because of DADA and because they are being fighters, but fails to recognize he enjoys it for teaching.

After the War, Harry probably feels it’s his duty to clean up the rest of the Death Eaters. And that’s fine. But after a while…wouldn’t he be tired? Wouldn’t he be deep-in-his-soul tired of darkness and soul splitting and torturers? So he retires. Early. Before 30. He has the money to live on his own but he gets an owl a few years down the road from McGonagall. She offers him the post, and it would be the ultimate slap in the face to Voldemort. Harry lets James and Albus graduate, but Lily is ecstatic for her dad to be her teacher. All of the students are completely in awe, and although with a few rough starts, Harry settles into his tenure at Hogwarts as the permanent DADA professor for many, many years, refusing the headmastership for his true love: teaching. Headmaster Longbottom was always kind to him though, and the two men grew old and fond of each other, their friendship stretching long behind them, the winding road of what might have almost been. Harry attends Frank Longbottom’s funeral with Neville in his forties. A year later, they lay a bewildered Alice to rest. 

Hogwarts becomes famed for its two Wizarding War heroes, just as Cambridge and Oxford had their great leaders of the time. So yes, Harry James Potter, Professor Potter returns his Dumbledore’s Army to where it belongs: in the heart of the school.

I’ve always thought that Ron leaving the Aurors to work at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes because it was too stressful was bs. I mean, this guy spent 7 years with Harry Potter.

I think that he left, not because he couldn’t cope, but because his brother needed him. Because if there’s one thing we know about Ron Weasley, it’s that he’s the most loyal.

  • Ernie Macmillan: Right away Mrs.Granger!
  • Ron: He's got no sense of discretion that guy, typical squint.
  • Hermione: I don't know what that means.
  • Ron: Well when the aurors get stuck we bring in people like you. You know, squints, you know to squint at things.
  • Hermione: Oh you mean people with very high IQs and basic reasoning skills.
  • Ron: Yeah....
Top 10 Harry Potter Stories I Want to See

10. Moody (the career of legendary Auror Alastor Moody, including how he lost his leg, his eye, all the scars, as well as some of his anti-Voldemort endeavors)

9. James, Rose, and Albus (the children of Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, and various other getting in trouble, doing ventures and things and all sorts of ridiculous things)

8. Charlie Weasley (the adventures of Charlie Weasley during his time as a dragon expert in Romania)

7. R.A.B. (the story of Regulus Black as a Death Eater who eventually switches sides, his hunt for the Horcruxes and his ultimate death at the hands of his enemy)

6. The Rise of Lord Voldemort (the transformation of Tom Riddle into Lord Voldemort, his slow but deliberate descent into darkness, his campaign for the Horcruxes, the creation of the Death Eaters, and the mastery of magics)

5. The Founding of Hogwarts (the Founding Four, how they met, their creation of the school, and the eventual departure of Slytherin, the illness and death of Ravenclaw, and the creation of the Chamber of Secrets)

4. Harry Potter: The Auror (a continuation of Harry Potter in his new role as an Auror, with his family and various other classmates making appearances)

3. Dumbledore & Grindelwald (the history of Albus Dumbledore, his relationship with Gellert Grindelwald, the rise of Grindelwald as a villain, the rise of Dumbledore as a hero, and the subsequent clash between the two)

2. The Marauders (the adventures of James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius during their time at Hogwarts, with Snape, Lily, Frank, Alice, and various other guest characters)

1. The Order of the Phoenix (the tale of the original Order of the Phoenix, and the first war against Voldemort, including the deaths of James and Lily, the strength of the Longbottoms, the death of Molly’s brothers, and various other unknown tragedies)
Impeccable Bloody Timing (M)

“Blaise braced his hands on the sill of the window to haul himself back to his feet, and immediately froze at the scene playing out through the window. ‘Oh, for f*ck’s sake, Draco!’”

This fanfic is really funny, and I love how it follows Blaise’s pov.