auror ron

Because wizards don’t have cell phones and can’t drunk text I like to think that Order members would send drunk patronuses. Harry and Ron getting drunk after a particularly good day in the Auror office and Harry sending Ginny a patronus while she’s at Hogwarts.  “Gin, listen *Ron in the background singing* Oi Ron shut it I’m trying to tell your sister I love her.  So Gin, look here, I think you’re pretty cool." 

Rewatching Reflekta

I feel like this part of the opening is relevant this episode. I can’t believe Juleka is actually Mike Wazowski

K let’s see who we’ve got in Mendeleiev’s class… I recognize not-crying-enough-girl, Justin Extra, the heartless kid from Darkblade, that cool girl, Jean Duparc, girl who looks like Asami, Mireille Caquet, Ron Weasley, Aurore Beauréal, and some other kids who I don’t have nicknames for yet


Kim is listening to Max talking about something

My sunshine children Adrien and Nino are chatting

Juleka and Rose are having a moment

Marinette’s spying on Adrien and Alya’s 30000% too entertained by this

Nathanaël’s doing something on his phone and Mylène and Ivan are watching him

Chloé and Sabrina are taking selfies or smth

The teachers are chatting (I love how Mr Damocles isn’t in the other class’s photo, they’re clearly not cool enough)

And Alix hasn’t even bothered to turn up yet (unless she’s too short and standing behind someone)

Seriously, what is my precious tomato son doing? He’s just scrolling? Maybe he’s showing Mylène and Ivan his artwork on like tumblr or something


This is glorious. Ron Weasley, Asami and not-crying-enough-girl were in their class. Chloé and Juleka haven’t changed. Sabrina is wearing green. Nath is wearing indigo. Kim is wearing yellow. Rose has long hair. Max has an afro. Marinette has her hair in a bun


Rose NOTICED POOR JULEKA AND SHE LOOKS SAD AAAAAAAA (also see Kim doing bunny ears to Marinette)

Look at this. Look at my cute smiling goth daughter. If you haven’t yet adopted her idk what you’re waiting for


One of the rare times we get to see both her eyes. This is an important moment.

Okay poor Ivan but I just can’t stop laughing… look at Max’s face. And you can barely even see Alix omg why did the photographer even considering putting the class giant on the front row

Marinette that’s a cute pose you’re doing there

Juleka’s death glare is my favourite thing

Chloé what the heck


Look at this family portrait of my 14 adopted children and my two adoptive parents

Why do they all look so unimpressed. Sabrina literally only asked to go to the toilet, it’s not like these guys knew she was up to mischief. Well okay Mylène just looks surprised and tbh “unimpressed” is Alix’s default facial expression anyway but like. Max and Marinette. Why are you unimpressed.

It seems this water cooler only has one cup. Where are all the other cups? How is more than one student supposed to drink out of this thing?

Why is there randomly a chair in the toilets

Why do these toilet doors have handles

Max just looks so done. Same, my child, same


Everyone in Mendeleiev’s class has so much attitude

I love how while everyone else is like “Oh yeah where’s Juleka???” Alix is just like “idc I’m outta here” and walks off

Marinette’s impression of Juleka is spot on tbh


When you realize the Reflekta Julerose scene is basically just the Horrificator Ivan/Mylène scene but gayer


This looks kinda uncomfortable

I’m worried about Juleka. She’s clearly very unhappy and has very, very low self esteem, even to the point of truly believing Rose would be better off without her. I know some people are like “why did she get akumatized over something as trivial as a class photo?” but I think it’s actually something far deeper than that, and not so easily fixed.




Mr Damocles and the Italian camera dude are totes besties

AND YOU KNOW WHO ELSE ARE TOTES BESTIES? Look at this. I’ve been keeping an eye on Nathanaël okay, and he never hangs out with anyone one-on-one, ever. The closest thing is when the whole class is there. But look. He’s talking to Alix Kubdel. One-on-one. You know, the other classmate who doesn’t have a best friend. So like I’m not saying these two are actually secretly best friends but OH WAIT THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M SAYING

Btw Marinette’s lucky Chloé chose to record from this exact angle, otherwise Tikki would have been caught on camera and that would be the end of that

I love smug Tikki

Rose probably told Mylène and Jean Duparc what happened to poor Juleka. I bet they’re all predicting she’s gonna get akumatized

OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT they’re still talking to each other. Yeah yeah this is a background moment I shouldn’t read so much into it… but it’s not like they both got akumatized on their birthdays or anything… or that they’re near each other in the theme song, like all the other best friends… or that Horrificator kidnapped them in the same round, JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER BEST FRIENDSOR THAT THEY’RE THE ONLY TWO CLASSMATES WHO DON’T HAVE A CONFIRMED BEST FRIEND/COMPANION AND I’VE LITERALLY NEVER SEEN NATH HANGING OUT WITH ANYONE ELSE EVER (THIS IS NOW MY FAV BROTP FIGHT ME)

That djwifi tho

It’s really creepy that she attacked Rose so callously. But then again, Reflekta is unique in that she has the exact opposite personality to Juleka, so while Juleka clearly cares about Rose a lot, Reflekta doesn’t care at all.

Also Juleka is noodle-armed whereas Reflekta has an eight pack, Reflekta is shredded

Okay I’m going out on a limb here based on who I just saw get transformed… that crying one on the floor is probably Rose being terrified for herself and Juleka, and the one on the left is probably Alix going “I’m tall now???” (The ones in the background are prob Mr Damocles and Italian camera dude, tho I saw Kim, Ivan, Alya, Nath and a bunch of background characters get transformed too)

How did she get out of this tho

Her evil laugh is creepy whether you watch it in French or English

Not sure what to say about this

She’s sliding down the railing, why do we not talk about this more

This is so cool tho. She blocks every single one of Ladybug’s attacks while strutting along as if she’s on the catwalk. Reflekta is fab and she knows it

Um… I’m pretty sure French dub Reflekta just implied she’s planning on keeping LB’s earrings… uh do you seriously think Hawk Moth’s gonna let you do that

I bet this one’s Alix, she looks like she’s gonna punch someone

I still can’t believe Reflekta just frickin stepped on all of them and ran away


Darn tourists

Out of context this looks like Ladybug and Reflekta are a couple now

They see me rollin, they hatin

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she’s the only one to be de-akumatized while still standing up

Oh, so they did take one with Mr Damocles (also I’m loving how angry that dude on the front row is looking). But where are Aurore and Mireille?

Kim you better not be bullying Ivan again

Tfw when you’re not sure whether this counts as a Kimax moment or a heartrate moment so Both. Both is Good.




This has been said before but I’ll say it again - Juleka’s Angels needs to be a spinoff


Safe and Sound

So I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while but decided to do it after reading that people think Harry and Ginny aren’t soulmates because their Patronuses don’t match. This is my contribution.

“The only way to repel a dementor or a lethifold is the use of the Patronus Charm. A successfully cast charm will produce a corporeal Patronus. This is a kind of spirit guardian, and is a projection of all of your most positive emotions. An insufficient charm will produce only a thin layer of mist, which will not repel the dark creature, and will most likely not give you enough time to escape,” Auror Proudfoot strolled up and down the row of students as he spoke, his voice loud and echoing in the otherwise silent chamber.

Harry Potter was paying attention, but only just, as the Patronus Charm was nothing new to him. In all actuality, most of the lessons at Auror Academy were nothing new, but Harry supposed his life of fighting the dark arts might have prepared him more for this than some of the other recruits.

Harry turned his head slightly and looked at Ron Weasley, who was standing next to him, staring blankly out the magical window that showed beautiful sunlight. Harry nudged Ron and rolled his eyes in the direction of Proudfoot, and Ron grinned. When Proudfoot turned his back to them, Ron whispered, “You could probably teach him.”

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Apostasia by LucreziaJames - M, WIP - Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy had soared through the ranks of the Auror Division to take over as lead investigators. When the Ministry receive intelligence suggesting that one of the highest ranked Death Eaters is not dead but living in France, Head Auror, Harry Potter puts his best agents on the case. But what happens when Draco and Hermione start to realise their might be more to their close relationship than just a working partnership?   

863. After the war Ron enters into the auror office and loves it. But then Rose is born, and he loves her more than anything in the world, and going to work is so hard all of a sudden, but Ron manages. Then Hugo is born a few years later, and Ron just can't leave them any longer. He becomes a stay at home dad, taking his kids to play Quidditch and to play dates with the Potters and to shopping trips in Diagon Alley. He loves every second he has with his little girl and best buddy.

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A Little Too Soon-   (Romione drabble)

My Valentine’s Day Romione Drabble is a little late and I am sorry for that. This is my V-Day gift for all my awesome followers. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

Hermione stared at the partly open bathroom door through which the soothing sound of the shower drifted towards her. However, the morning was anything but soothing and way too early for her liking. She stifled a yawn and moved over to the chair over which Ron’s Auror robes lay, exactly the same way it had been discarded the night before; barely a handful hours ago. She pulled out a fresh set of trousers and dress shirt along with other necessary items and placed them next to his robes. Finally, she moved her wand in a practised motion over the robes. The mud and grime disappeared but some old and darker stains remained. She tried not to think how he had got those while also keeping the familiar jitters away; the same ones that were her constant companion when he was on one of his more dangerous missions.

Her thoughts were thankfully interrupted by the appearance of the man of her thoughts himself. Clad only in a white towel (that she recognised was her) and running his fingers through his wet hair, he looked remarkably like the twenty-year-old she had married.

Hermione was in his embrace even before she realised she had moved at all. His arms wrapped around her waist lifting her off the ground and she felt more than heard the soft sigh as he pressed his lips at her nape. Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck she breathed in deeply, snuggling as close as possible to his slightly damp torso. He smelled like toothpaste, fresh shower and something intrinsically Ron. She closed her eyes, soaking in the bliss of the moment that had become unbearably rare of late.

“I’ll be back sooner this time,” he said, his lips curled slightly in an attempt at a smile, and Hermione chuckled sadly, ignoring the tear that was threatening to spill out.

‘And stay longer?’ she wanted to plead but refrained. He needed her to be strong. Didn’t she know how much he craved to be with his family too?

She let go first because she knew she was only making it harder for him, and he pressed his lips to her forehead before lowering her to the ground gently. As he proceeded to get dressed, Hermione perched herself at the edge of the bed and watched. He had returned late the previous night after a mission that had kept him away from home for more than two weeks. The children had been ecstatic and she didn’t have the heart to separate them from their father. So she had watched instead as Ron helped Rosie with her batch of soft toys sorting them into houses, while at the same time, teaching Hugo how to train his toy dragon. He had pulled her into a hug which had soon become a tumble of sorts when the kids joined them. By the time she had tucked the two in their beds and returned Ron was lying partly on her pillow, snoring softly. She knew he was exhausted. So instead of waking him up she had snuggled in his arms and slept; the first peaceful night in many days.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she was pulled off the bed, her hands clasped firmly in his. Her arms wrapped around his neck urgently as she stood on her toes. Ron hunched a little before their lips melted together. There wasn’t enough time to say all that had to be said, but the kiss spoke a hundred silent words. It spoke of their longing and love. His lips promised her better times, and hers told him that she understood and was proud of him.

He kissed her on the cheek, unwilling to let go, holding on for just a little longer. Finally, she released him but Ron held on allowing his towering height and weight to rest on her for a second. Hermione stumbled backwards and they both chuckled at the familiarity of the action.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mione. The next year will be better,” he promised. “And I’ll be back before you know.”

And for once, he was right on both counts.

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“Ron! Fred! George ! What are you all doing here?” - Harry
“Rescuing you of course.” - Ron

“Professor Moody! What are you doing here?” - Harry
“Rescuing you, of course.” - Mad-Eye Moody

Top 10 Harry Potter Stories I Want to See

10. Moody (the career of legendary Auror Alastor Moody, including how he lost his leg, his eye, all the scars, as well as some of his anti-Voldemort endeavors)

9. James, Rose, and Albus (the children of Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, and various other getting in trouble, doing ventures and things and all sorts of ridiculous things)

8. Charlie Weasley (the adventures of Charlie Weasley during his time as a dragon expert in Romania)

7. R.A.B. (the story of Regulus Black as a Death Eater who eventually switches sides, his hunt for the Horcruxes and his ultimate death at the hands of his enemy)

6. The Rise of Lord Voldemort (the transformation of Tom Riddle into Lord Voldemort, his slow but deliberate descent into darkness, his campaign for the Horcruxes, the creation of the Death Eaters, and the mastery of magics)

5. The Founding of Hogwarts (the Founding Four, how they met, their creation of the school, and the eventual departure of Slytherin, the illness and death of Ravenclaw, and the creation of the Chamber of Secrets)

4. Harry Potter: The Auror (a continuation of Harry Potter in his new role as an Auror, with his family and various other classmates making appearances)

3. Dumbledore & Grindelwald (the history of Albus Dumbledore, his relationship with Gellert Grindelwald, the rise of Grindelwald as a villain, the rise of Dumbledore as a hero, and the subsequent clash between the two)

2. The Marauders (the adventures of James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius during their time at Hogwarts, with Snape, Lily, Frank, Alice, and various other guest characters)

1. The Order of the Phoenix (the tale of the original Order of the Phoenix, and the first war against Voldemort, including the deaths of James and Lily, the strength of the Longbottoms, the death of Molly’s brothers, and various other unknown tragedies)

  • Ernie Macmillan: Right away Mrs.Granger!
  • Ron: He's got no sense of discretion that guy, typical squint.
  • Hermione: I don't know what that means.
  • Ron: Well when the aurors get stuck we bring in people like you. You know, squints, you know to squint at things.
  • Hermione: Oh you mean people with very high IQs and basic reasoning skills.
  • Ron: Yeah....
Dear Hermione

So as I rambled in my Reunited update. I have to write these letters from Ron to kind of get a feel for what happens each month in that story. My brain does not work in scattered isolated fragments and drabbles. It’s just not who I really am as a writer. I am a planner through and through and - call me crazy - I wrote all these really just for planning purposes. Never really intended to share them, but got convinced otherwise. So here is the next bunch (on and ao3) of my attempts to fill in the blanks between the events in “Reunited” to help make the story feel more coherent to me. They work pretty well if you read them together. Here is an excerpt.

24 October 98

Dear Hermione,
Well, I’m an official employee of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Ron Weasley, Auror. Pretty scary, isn’t it? Harry and I start Monday. It’s going to be so strange to Floo to the Ministry with dad in the morning. Sometimes this all doesn’t feel real. Sorry I didn’t write more this week. There was a lot of paperwork and so much classroom time to go over all the regulations and rules and administrative stuff. It was definitely the most boring week of training. Mum made all of our favourites for supper our first night back. It was delicious, but it was probably the most uncomfortable meal of my whole life (and that includes drinking infusion of Gurdyroots with Xenophilius Lovegood). Everything was fine until my arse of a brother asked how you were. Mum and dad didn’t mention Skeeter’s article, but they might as well have. Mum asked how you were, but couldn’t even look at me.I ’ve never wanted to Disapparate from somewhere so badly. I’m glad I didn’t though. Dad said something to me about using better judgment next time, but then said I’m grown and can make my own decisions. I think Harry and George were disappointed they didn’t come down on me harder because it sounds like they’re okay with me shagging you senseless as long as the Daily Prophet doesn’t run an article on it next time. I still think Skeeter is back to being a bug and you should write to Kingsley and tell him. There’s no other way anybody could have known. Unless maybe the cadre tipped her off. They all knew I was going to see you because it’s all I talked about the week before I left. Anyway, I know you told me Ginny gave you hell for the article so I thought I’d let you know mum and dad’s reaction. Love and miss you. See you soon!


Why hasn’t this been done yet?

There really needs to be a Harry Potter Auror Game out there.  I know most movie adaptation videogames (especially the HP franchise) turned out to be a bust.  Most are.  This would be different though.  It would be its own unique storyline and would follow a unique character in the Harry Potter world as an Auror seeking to capture all the remaining Death Eaters after the Battle of Hogwarts.  You know there are still many of them out there.  They didn’t all die.  There would also be Giants, Vampires, and other Dark creatures that would need to be reined in as well, like the Dementors.  You character would need to set about to making the world right again and may even need to go MIB style and set to helping Muggles forget some of the things they may have seen from the Wizarding World.

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Harry and Ron and the classic characters can be in it of course, but they would be sort of background characters that your own character could interact with here and there, and maybe go on a mission or two.  

I’ve always wanted to see this though.  The aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts.  Expand the world of Harry Potter.  Remember, J.K. made a point to mention in the books that while Voldemort was around, the entire world knew his terror.  A game could explore other parts of the wizarding world outside of England.  Surely, to spread his terror, Voldemort must have had other generals out there.  He was not omniscient, although he probably would have wanted it to feel that way.  Others had to have been exerting his influence.

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Romione Ministry AU

okay so i was thinking about this earlier and just imagine:

  • the trio never met at hogwarts because harry had a private tutor all the way through school, and hermione’s in the year above ron so they don’t really speak all that much
  • they all get careers in the ministry after hogwarts (hermione’s in care of magical creatures, harry’s high ranking in the auror department, and ron’s a quidditch analyst for the dept of magical sport) 
  • one day, ron’s running late so he bumps into hermione in the ministry atrium and they catch a lift together
  • after a while of awkward silence ron feels the need to say /something/
  • ‘er- sorry i bumped into you’ ‘it’s fine’ ‘no, really-’ ‘hey, don’t i know you from somewhere?’
  • from that day on, ron develops a crush on the cute ministry witch he met in the elevator, and he makes an effort to be late everyday from then on
  • they do meet again, at a ministry event (ron’s first) and hermione introduces him to the famous harry potter
  • ‘i’m.. er, i’m ron’ ‘harry potter, nice to meet you’ ‘nice to meet you to, mr. potte-’ ‘just harry’s fine’ ‘well alright then, ‘just harry’’ (harry laughs and they become best bros)
  • halfway through the evening hermione drags ron on to the dancefloor and they sway in time to the music (’hey you’re not too bad at this!’ ‘were you expecting me to be?’)
  • the night ends far too quickly for ron’s liking, but a few days later hermione’s mail accidentally ends up at his desk, giving him an excuse to go see her 
  • she blushes deep red when he asks her how on earth her mail got sent to his desk, and then it its him (’ohh’)
  • so ron gathers up all his gryffindor courage and asks if she wants to grab a coffee with him next saturday 
  • ‘or y’know, it doesn’t have to be coffee, we could go get icecream or something if you preferred, or not, i mean, we don’t have to- actually nevermind i think i have something plann-’ ‘i’d love to’
  • so they go for coffee on a saturday and it’s hands down the best first date ron’s ever been on
  • they arrange to meet again next saturday, and ron spends the days counting down the time until he can see her again
  • they talk about everything, from their time at hogwarts, to ron’s family, to hermione’s dreams for the future, but they also joke and laugh and have fun
  • slowly yet surely falling love with each other every passing day ^-^
Even More Fanfiction Recs (Dramione)

Look Behind You by cleotheo Mature, Complete, 28 Chapters- When Aurors Harry and Ron investigate the murder of a young woman, they discover a terrifying link to Hermione. Hermione soon finds herself the target of a killer and in need of protection, which brings Draco Malfoy into the picture. Will Hermione survive her ordeal, finding love in the process or will the killer reach their intended target?

The Queen’sKnight by cleotheo Mature, Complete, 29 Chapters- There’s a new craze in the wizarding world: Immersion Books. When Harry and Ron buy one for Hermione’s birthday she finds herself immersed in a medieval world where a certain blond Slytherin has been cast as her lover.

Fate Has It’s Ways by starkidsftw Complete, 41 Chapters- For that was the one mystery left after the war: what had happened to Hermione Granger. She had been there by Potter’s side all throughout the battle. Then after it was over she disappeared. No one could find her. No one knew where she was. Draco Malfoy hadn’t even thought about Hermione Granger in years, until he didn’t have any other choice.

A Friendly Wager by Twipotterfreak28 Mature, Complete, 23 Chapters- "If I win, you have to come clean my house without magic for the next 2 months.“ I smiled. He smirked. "Fine. But if I win, you have to sleep with me.” Both doctors, Draco and Hermione have a lot on their minds. They’ll do anything to win this bet- it’s time to play dirty. Stitches won’t fix this one. (Really just a story about jokes, unrealistic situations and misguided gambling)  

Captivated by Love by  elegantgoth89 Mature, Complete, 20 Chapters- Post HBP, not compatible with DH. Hermione is captured in the war and is entrusted to Draco Malfoy. Draco falls in love with her and tries to show it. Will she love him back or will all he’s done stand in the way? 

Diary of a Songbird and Dark Skies by idreamofdraco Mature, Complete, 28 Chapters- Hermione Granger has a secret and Draco Malfoy is curious. Why is she so dependent on her diary, and what happened to make her that way? Can Hermione trust herself with a person like Malfoy, or will he only make things worse? Compliant up to OotP. (Dark Skies is sequel)

Make Me Forget His Name by jmalfoy Mature, Complete, 23 Chapters- Tired of her husband being unfaithful, Hermione turns to the arms of the least likely person… her one time enemy and her husband’s best friend. Sometimes remembering the person who has loved you most is the hardest thing to do.

When You Lose Your Way by SevenGee Complete, 19 Chapters- “Granger, what’s wrong?” I asked in worry. “What’s in your hand?” And something struck me. “Have you been vomiting again?” She said nothing. She did nothing except hold up her shaking palm, her fingers wrapped tightly around a very blue pregnancy test.  

My Best Enemy’s Baby by Casey Stardust Mature, Incomplete, 22 Chapters- Hermione finds Ron in bed with Lavender Brown during their graduation party and takes her revenge by sleeping with the enemy. Unfortunately, in their drunken state neither Hermione nor Draco think to cast a contraception charm.

Tin Angel by AraLuna Mature, Incomplete, 10 Chapters- Post Hogwarts: A chance encounter with Hermione Granger in a Muggle café leaves Draco Malfoy aching for more.

Other masterposts

Introducing Wizards to Muggle things part 3
  • Ron: Of all the muggle things you've introduced me to... the Hearse seems to creep me out the most.
  • Hermione: Okay... color me interested... why are you creeped out by a Hearse?
  • Ron: Think about it!! Aurors are never going to stop them for having a dead body in their trunk! In fact it's pretty much the perfect way to transport a dead body! How does that not give you the willies!?
Rewatching Lady Wifi

Juleka’s like “Alya… what the heck are you doing”

Pffffff Chloé just gave her homework straight to Sabrina

I killed Mufasa”

Ayyyyyy it’s Aurore and Mireille (and… Ron Weasley???)

And don’t think I didn’t see you there, Jean Duparc, hanging out with some random peeps

Hey Justin Extra, who’s this bae of yours?

Y’know Chloé, I just think it’s kinda funny how you always make fun of Rose for her perfume… considering you have the very same perfume in your locker :)))

I like that Mr Damocles knows he looks like an owl and hangs up owl portraits in his room, that’s pretty cool of him

Kim, my child, in about 4 episodes you are going to make a bad decision based off this moment, but I can assure you with 100% certainty, CHLOÉ DOES NOT LIKE YOU AND SHE NEVER WILL (like come on dude you can do better than that, you have so many people to pick from *cough cough* pick Max or Alix *cough cough*)

Dude seriously what did I just say, stop making ridiculous expressions now for goodness sake

Ivan’s totally listening in on their conversation

Max, when will your glasses return from war (also please keep your boyfriend Kim under control)

She didn’t pause him, she stopped him - is he dead???

Save Nino

Oh well now Max is wearing his glasses

So in Chloé’s room there’s this painting that looks kinda like that one painting of Adrien’s mother…

Hawk Moth your plan is ridiculous… You should have just told Lady Wifi to take off the earrings, wait for Chat Noir to freeze to death and then go and take his ring! I guess that’s not dramatic enough though

Nadja Chamack and her camera guy sidekick, secretly being nosy reporters

Yeah I’m just gonna assume Ladybug can magically summon her Lucky Charm items back to her because I’m pretty certain she did not take that box with her

Nine Hundred and Sixty-Two

This was an anon request for a jealous Hermione. You had asked for it to be about an Auror colleague of Ron’s and I tried but I couldn’t make it work. Sorry, anon, I hope you still like it and thanks for sending it in.

If Hermione was certain of anything in this life, it was that Ron Weasley loved her with all his heart.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t worry a little.

After the war, the trio had reached an odd, feverish level of celebrity in the wizarding world that brought with it a crush of attention and many ardent admirers. Harry was used to the scrutiny, Hermione brushed it off but Ron, Ron had been overlooked and underappreciated his whole life and some of those ardent admirers were busty and blonde…

“Ah, come on,” Ron said. “Why would I go for those stewed mushrooms when I already have a bacon sandwich?”

“How flattering,” Hermione sighed.

“Are you thinking about that girl from this afternoon?” he said. “She was getting a little touchy, yes, but I was just being polite. When dealing with difficult women, I have found it works best to be complimentary.” He paused. “Have I mentioned you look lovely tonight?”

She swatted at him half-heartedly.

“Hermione?” he said and there was no more joking in his voice. “Do you really not know?”

When she didn’t reply he took her face in his hands and gave her a firm kiss. And not just any kiss, but one of those ardent, slow, toe-curlingly wonderful kisses that he was so terribly good at.

“Nine hundred and sixty-two,” he said when he finally let her resurface.

“What?” she said dimly, still trying to regain her bearings.

“Nine hundred and sixty-two. I have kissed you nine hundred and sixty-two times.”

She laughed. “You’re counting?”

“Yes,” he said seriously. “I’ve been keeping track since the first one. Mouths only. No cheeks or, uh, other parts. It gets a little hard because they sometimes sort of run into each other but I think I’m pretty accurate. Plus or minus five, anyway.”

She looked at him, amused and flattered but also rationally skeptical. The number couldn’t possibly be that high. They hadn’t been together all that long, and she’d have to subtract all the time she spent with her parents and those first horrible days that had been filled with funerals and tears. But on the other hand, there had been some secret, wonderful days where it seemed like all they had done was kiss each other and if she averaged them all out…

“See?” Ron said smugly. “Coming up on a thousand. Cause for celebration, that, and I’ve planned accordingly. We might even get there tonight if you play your cards right.”

She stood up on her toes and kissed him. “I think we can do it.”

“And just wait until you see what I’ve got planned for ten thousand,” Ron said, pulling her closer. “And then one hundred thousand. I’ve already got them all sorted.” He gave a sad shake of his head. “You’re stuck with me, I’m afraid.”

But that was something that didn’t scare her at all.