In the Auror training gym

Harry: *puts a giant load of plates onto the bar*

Ron: ‘’Mate wtf. You tryna kill yourself? You know you’ll never be the strongest here. Sorry mate, but even I’m way stronger than you.’’

Harry: *struggling under the bar* ‘’It’s not you I gotta beat Ron. It’s Malfoy.’’

Draco: *from the other side of the room* ‘’YOU’RE NEVER GONNA BEAT MY BENCH NUMBERS YOU WEAK ASS.’’


Draco: *under his breath* ‘’Damn. Agreed.’’

Ron’s decade with the new Ministry of Magic’s Auror program is characterized by protecting Harry, whining about the leadership, and revolutionizing the strategy department. 

At first, he doesn’t realize quite what he’s doing when he directs a team into a situation, ordering his team with confident ease, sending people in different directions according to their positions and expertise. 

When Hermione points out that he’s using his friends and coworkers as wizard chess pieces - and winning nearly every time - he takes the opportunity to sit down with Dedalus Diggle, the current head of Operations and Tactics within the department. Together, they develop a new program to train Aurors, young and old, to see situations like a chessboard, and think three steps ahead like Ron is used to. 

Their capture rates  skyrocket, the death rate for the next class of Aurors drops enough to attract a wider variety of prospective Dark Wizard Catchers, and Ron becomes something of a strategy legend. 

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Hello! I love your blog so much. Could you rec some Romiones with Auror!Ron? Complete ones would be great but I don't mind WIPs as long as they are not abandoned. Thank you!

I haven’t read a ton of auror Ron… there was a brilliant one by CheekyB but after 80 chapters she abandoned it and I may have sobbed… 

One Punch: A History by @holly1492
Thayer’s words — “Came running to you, did she?” — struck a nerve because, well, she actually hadn’t, but Ron wished like hell she had. And they revealed that Thayer knew what probably everybody knew. Ron was at Hermione’s command. Even now, despite trying to forget, this amazing firework of a girl still ruled his heart.

The Other Side of Life by kjc1123
Hermione Granger grew up in the Muggle World hiding her magical ability from those around her. That all changes when Ron Weasley, Auror, makes an interesting discovery while on a case. AU but keeping with the books.

The Second Prophesy by Zalini 
New Graduate Auror Ronald Wesley is sent on an impossible mission into the muggle world. To find and protect a witch who could be the key to saving the magical world from a new and dangerous threat. He’s not entirely sure if she really is the one and to make his mission even harder is the fact that …well she doesn’t exactly know she is a witch. An AU HP story (This is a WIP that I haven’t read but comes highly recommended by @azaleablueme)

Coming to Term by KarriAnn1222
Ron Weasley knew when he decided to become an Auror that it was a dangerous career choice, but he never imagined that his job would propel a serial killer to target his pregnant wife. Meanwhile, Hermione comes into contact and forms an unlikely friendship with a man widely believed to have died in the war. (I haven’t read this one either but @idearlylovealaugh and @jenn582 both spoke highly of it ~ and I’ve totally put it on my reading list now because I love KarriAnn’s work.)

The Ron Weasley Chronicle(s) by @diva-gonzo
Auror Ron Weasley wakes up in St. Mungo’s with a terrible headache. Hermione wasn’t the one who put him there either. While on desk duty he offered an opportunity: teaching at the Auror Academy. He gets way more than he expected from teaching. Rated T for language, flashbacks, violence, innuendo in later chapters and cracked emotional cup. (Another I haven’t read yet but recommend if you’re a fan of ‘Bad Ass Ron’)

Riches by @trademarkblue
Ron has taken a position with a top secret team of Aurors, traveling abroad. Hermione plots ways to see him, while he’s not allowed to reveal his location, meeting at inns around the world to spend the night together.

It’s Not Easy Being Green by @mugglemama
Ron struggles to maintain respect of his fellow Aurors, Hermione doesn’t make it easy for him.

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Working as aurors
  • Ron: I really wish they'd show up I need to pee real bad
  • Harry: That's like the third time you've had to pee, what's going on with you?
  • Ron: Hermione freaked out when I told her I never drink any water, so she's making me drink eight glasses a day. It's like there's water in pop, there's water in coffee, there's pools of water on pizza
  • Harry: that's grease Ron
  • Ron: well it's wet isn't it?

A/N: @read-a-hinny-fic pointed out that the hinny fandom is lacking bed share fics so I wrote one hehe.  I hope it satisfies.  It’s an AU where Harry and Ginny didn’t get together in HBP but everything else is the same…

Please let me know what you think!

Also available on FF and Ao3!

Also I think these people were all interested? @dameesmeralda; @diva-gonzo; @thetruthisinthetooth

It’s raining the day Harry realizes his life has been devoured by work.  Not that rain in London is particularly novel, but it still feels more dramatic when milestones in self-understanding occur with thunder in the background.  And the real development is less about the concept of being overworked – because Hermione’s been badgering him about the very same for the last eight months – and more about the fact that he realizes why he’s been obsessively working.


Which doesn’t mean it’s her fault, just that she was the catalyst that made an already work obsessed Harry ratchet up to such a degree that Hermione Jean Granger said he was working too hard.  The Ginny Prompt is really because he runs out of excuses for not asking her out – i.e. Voldemort, mourning, Ginny’s return to Hogwarts for her Seventh Year – so he apparently subconsciously created one.

The rainy day is a Saturday, and Ginny has a game – the second of her rookie season with the Harpies – and Harry’s not there because he’s a self-sabotaging git. At least that’s what Ron grumbles at him when he gets dragged into Harry’s voluntary overtime shifts.  And on this rainy Saturday, Harry decides he’s going to stop floundering and just ask Ginny out.  His heart thuds at the thought, and now he has to spend the next three hours of his shift mentally calculating the many ways this plan could go sideways.  Which involves a lot of scenarios with angry, violent Ginny and a permanent end of the Potter line.

So it’s a miracle that he’s still on board with the plan when he clocks out for the evening, which was largely boring aside from the two-hour call in Sheffield where they apprehended a small band of smugglers bringing illegal potions into the country.  By the time he finishes his paperwork he’s stayed a half hour late, but he’s so revved up to see Ginny at this point that his brain doesn’t even register the time until he’s mid knock on the door to her flat in Holyhead. 

He’s too committed now, to bag out, so Harry spends the ensuing wait for an answer concocting various ends for this scene, which largely entail muscular, faceless men answering the door in their pants.  So when the door cracks open just enough to reveal one of Ginny’s squinting chocolate brown eyes and her sleep mussed hair, Harry lets out his breath in a gush and blurts, “WillyougooutwithmeGinny?”

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Stay With Me

drarry ficlet:

After Draco is informed of Harry being injured on an Auror Mission, he drops everything he’s doing and rushes to St. Mungo’s to await Harry’s fate.

Draco pushed through St. Mungo’s doors and went straight to the main desk.

“Where is he?” Draco asked fiercely.

“I’m sorry Mr. Malfoy, he’s still-” The Assistant started to say.

“Tell me where he is!” Draco exclaimed.

Draco couldn’t take not knowing. Not knowing where Harry was, if he was alright. He couldn’t stand the thought of not being with him.

“Please tell me. I have to know.” Draco pleaded as he began to cry.

Draco was informed of Harry’s deathly injuries from Hermione’s patronus. He was in the middle of teaching Potions at Hogwarts when the patronus appeared. Draco didn’t waste one second and immediately left Hogwarts to apparate to St. Mungo’s.

“Draco.” A familiar voice startled him.

“Hermione, where is he? I need to be with him. Is he okay?” Draco asked hysterically.

“They are currently working on him. From what I was told, his injuries were extremely severe. It didn’t sound good and that’s when I immediately sent you the message.” Hermione sniffled. “I tried to see him as well, but they won’t let anyone through.”

Draco felt his heart break. He wouldn’t know how to move on if Harry was gone. He clenched his heart and started to uncontrollably sob. He fell to the floor and Hermione went down with him to hold him. She did the best she could to show some composure.

“Mione. Draco. Is Harry-” Ron stopped as he stared at Hermione holding a very bawling Malfoy. “No. He can’t be. Mione, please tell me Harry isn’t-”

Ron couldn’t even finish saying the word. He didn’t want to believe that his best friend could not be alive anymore.

“We don’t know anything yet. They won’t let us through.” Hermione tearfully whispered.

Hermione got up from the floor and headed towards Ron. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and squeezed her tightly.

“No matter what happens, we’ll be alright. Everything will be alright.” Ron repeated those words quietly into Hermione’s ear.

A few moments later, someone came up to them and informed them of Harry’s progress.

“Miss Granger, Mister Weasley, and Mister Malfoy, I regret to inform you that Harry is not at all doing well. We mended his broken bones apart from his ribs. He lost so much blood and even with blood replenishing potion, the damage is too severe to cure him. It is with my upmost sorrow to inform you that we did everything we could, but Harry Potter will not make it through the day.” The Head Healer informed them.

Hermione let out a loud sob, but it was overshadowed by Draco’s scream.

“NO! YOU’RE WRONG! KEEP FIXING HIM! YOU CAN’T LEAVE HIM TO DIE!” Draco grabbed onto the Healer’s robes. “Save him. Please.”

“I’m sorry Mister Malfoy. We truly have done everything we could. If you would like, you are free to go see him. But be warned, he looks very pale and fragile.” The Healer explained.

With that, the Healer walked away. Draco turned to Ron and Hermione and noticed them both with tears running down their face.

“Draco, I’m-” Hermione started.

“Go to him Malfoy. It’s okay.” Ron started to choke up.

With one last look at Ron and Hermione, Draco took off and headed towards Harry’s room.

Draco stood by the door of Harry’s room. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Harry looked like a ghost. He looked more paler than Draco has ever been. Cautiously, Draco walked towards the side of the bed.

Draco took a deep breath.

“Ha-” Draco bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from crying. “Harry. Love. Please don’t leave me. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Please, love. I can’t lose you.” Draco sobbed.

There was a slow movement occuring on Harry’s bed.

Harry had the slightest strength to move his hand to grab Draco’s.

“I love you so much Draco.” Harry painfully struggled to say. “Tell them all that I love them. I love you.”

Draco held on to Harry’s hand.

“I love you too Harry…Stay with me.” Draco pleaded.

“Until the very end.” Harry said as he released his last breath of air.

Draco broke down and sobbed for so long. Ron and Hermione later came in and tried to take Draco away from the room. He thrashed and yelled until he became numb. They got Draco out of there and took him to their home where they all mourned Harry’s death.

As the Wizarding World became informed of the devastating news, everyone started to raise their wand for the fallen wizard.

I rewrote this so many times, I’m happy it finally worked. I’m sorry if this made anyone tear up, I almost did writing it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy !

Punched in the face

“You’re home early.” Ron commented surprised when Hermione entered the small flat above the jokes shop. Fred and George had moved out of there about a year ago when their first kids had been born, because really the place was barely big enough to fit two, left alone two couples with babies.

“I am.” Hermione sighed as she hung her coat over a nearby chair. Ron gasped when she turned around, revealing a shallow but bright red cut over her cheek.

“What did you-”

“I got suspended.” Ron’s eyes grew so wide they nearly fell out of his head. His Hermione? Suspended? Sure, back in their Hogwarts days it might have been plausible, but with Harry buried in auror duties and Ron working at WWW she had no one left to drag her into trouble. Not that she was a goodie two shoes, far from it even, but without him and Harry there to ruin her plans no one would ever discover her schemes. They were much too clever for that.

“How did that happen?”

“Cormac McLaggen.” Hermione answered, suddenly grinning so wide that the cut on her cheek started bleeding again. “Let’s just say we had a little fun.”

Ron’s stomach made a backflip and then dropped through the floor. McLaggen had a wide network in the ministry, and Hermione had been trying to befriend him for ages now because of it. She always complained about how awful he was.

First that had reassured him, but now that Harry was shagging Malfoy, who had been fighting and complaining about each other since forever, Ron suddenly wasn’t so sure about the nature of this friendship anymore.

“Fun you say?” He asked, trying to hide his sudden change in mood by turning around and focussing on the pots and pans on the stove again. He wasn’t even making her favorite meal, but one of his own creations because he thought he’d earned that much after an exhausting day in the store. That had probably been a mistake.

Maybe he should order takeaway while he still could. Fuck, why was he so terrible at this dating stuff? Why could he, after five years of being together, still not figure out how to act in situations like these?

Maybe Hermione was too much of a woman for him. Merlin knew people told him that often enough, and he honestly couldn’t convince himself anymore that it wasn’t true. She was too complex for him, a man who hadn’t even been able to stay in the auror program for more than a year.

“Yes, most fun I’ve had in ages.” Hermione chuckled. See, Ron thought bitterly, I can’t even let her have some fun, and I work in a bloody joke shop.

“What did you do?” He took some pride in the casual tone of his question, but that wasn’t nearly enough to improve his mood. Being a good liar wasn’t exactly a character trait people wanted to see in their partners.

“I punched him in the face when he tried to make advances on me.” Hermione hopped onto the kitchen counter next to the stove and kicked off her shoes. “He said you were a useless tool with no talent, and that I deserve better, which is bullshit because you’re amazing and things don’t get better than Ronald Weasley.”

Okay. That was definitely not something Hermione had ever told him before. It was also something that took him by surprise so much that he stopped stirring his pan in favour of staring blankly at the wall in front of him.

Hermione nudged him with her foot, and when that provoked nothing she hopped down and kissed his shoulder, the highest place she could reach since he was quite a bit taller than her.

“You think so?” He asked before he could stop himself. He cursed himself for letting his voice sounding so small. So much for being a convincing liar.

“Ronald Weasley,” Hermione said sternly. “Of course I don’t think so.” Ron’s stomach disappeared for the second time that late afternoon. “I bloody well know so.”

Ron, finally capable of tearing his eyes away from the wall, turned his head to look at her. Her brown eyes looked back at him with a fierceness that kind of scared him. But it was a good scared.

And maybe it wasn’t even her he was scared of, but the sheer amount of love he felt for her. Surely it shouldn’t be possible to care that much about one person. Especially not for someone with the emotional range of a teaspoon.

“I love you.” He grinned as he lifted her up and kissed her. It wasn’t a deep kiss, because he couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore which made kissing a bit of a challenge. Relief always made him incredibly giddy.

“What’s funny?” Hermione asked him suspiciously, but she said it with a smile on her face. After all how could she not smile when the man she loved looked so bloody cute while he laughed?

Emotional range of a teaspoon.” Ron replied. Hermione snorted and pressed her forehead against his chest before they both lost themselves in laughter and each other.

“I love you too, Ron.” Hermione said breathlessly, rubbing her stomach which was sore from laughing too much. “I changed my mind, this is the most fun I’ve had in ages.”

That put a smile brighter than any sun on Ron’s face. Others might think she’s too much of a woman for me. He thought with no trace of bitterness anywhere. But I’m starting to think I know a hell of a lot better than they do.

This is the first romione I ever wrote so I hope it’s not shite

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Chapter 1: Destiny Says So [ AO3 ] | [ ]

“So,” he said, clearing his throat. “There’s an underground fighting ring beneath this bar,” he suggested slyly. “Isn’t there?”

She took a sip, biding her time, and then turned, gesturing to a man who sat in the corner.

“That,” she said, jutting her chin towards him, “is a wanted fugitive from the Bulgarian Ministry. A purveyor of illegal herbs who owes some Welsh vampires a coin or two,” she added knowingly. “Isn’t he?”

Their eyes narrowed in unison, each silently gauging the other’s offering.

“I’ll say nothing if you will,” Draco determined eventually. “Deal?”

She smiled darkly.

“Deal,” she agreed, and they nodded, parting ways to opposite ends of the pub without another word.

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Harry/Ron brotp talk about Ginny using 30 & 39

30. “I’m fine.”

39. “You’re an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.”

A/N: I hope you like this, four million years later.  Just a cutie little friendship drabble with some Teddy and Hinny <3

Also available on FF and Ao3!


Harry wakes to chubby hands smacking his cheeks impatiently and Ron’s snickers.  Bringing his hands to span Teddy’s ribs, Harry opens his sleep-blurred eyes and tickles his godson’s belly.  “Thanks for the wake up call Ted.”

Teddy grins and tips forward, placing a soggy, would-be kiss on Harry’s jaw while Ron wanders over and slumps onto the foot of the bed.  “Lad was getting bored and hungry.”

“Lad meaning you, Ronald Billius?” Harry grumps, rubbing his eyes with one hand and feeling for his glasses with the other, hoping somehow Teddy avoided crunching them beneath his knees as he crawled across the bedspread.

Ron grabs Harry’s arm and slaps his spectacles into his palm in a rather cavalier manner.  “Don’t sass me, Potter.  I’m days away from becoming completely unhinged.”

Groaning – which earns a giggle from Teddy – Harry blinks slowly as his lips twist into a grimace.  “Must you remind me of that – “

“Young ears and a growing vocabulary, dear Harry,” Ron cuts in, patting Harry’s leg before loping toward the living area of Harry’s flat.

Turning his attention back to his young charge, Harry prods Teddy’s belly and sighs, “Sometimes I entertain ideas of becoming a hermit.”

Teddy bounces and puts all his weight on Harry’s already bruised ribs.  “Ron said I’d get pizza if I woke ya.”

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Cursed Child rant

Alright, Witches, Wizards, Muggles, and magical creatures big and small, hold onto your broomsticks because I’m about to tell you why I do not like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child nor accept it as canon. 

Spoilers ahead. Obviously. but c’mon who hasn’t read it or been spoiled by now Also, it got super long. 

Let’s start off by saying: it’s been months since I read it. If I get some things off a little, go ahead and tell me; I’ll edit the rant and correct it. If you just don’t agree with me… that’s great for you. Okay? We good? That’s all the disclaimer you’re getting. Moving on! 

Where do I begin? Um… Let’s recap shall we? 

It starts with Albus Severus Potter (who’s name I still cannot get over) meeting and becoming friends with Scorpius Malfoy. 

Okay. Great. We’ve all wanted that for years. No problem. 

We’ve also played with the idea of Albus in Slytherin for years. I have no problem with that either. 

What I do have problems with is the way Albus is treated after he is put in Slytherin. He’s the outcast of his family. He’s the “disappointing son”. After Harry’s canon “the bravest man I knew was Slytherin” speech (don’t get me started on Snape), I expected a bit better treatment of Slytherins. But Albus is Slytherin and looked at sideways by the entire cast, except Scorpius. This could easily become a rant about Slytherin’s and stereotypes and treatment, but I give enough of those already. 

My issues are mostly with Albus’ personality. Now, I didn’t write the character. He’s not mine. I don’t have the authority to tell anyone how he should be. All I can do is have headcanons. But “canon” Albus doesn’t exactly display a lot of Slytherin traits. Sure he sneaks around, but so does Harry, Ron, and Hermione and they’re all Gryffindor. If my memory serves me correctly, Albus goes to Slytherin because he basically thinks, “Well, the Gryffindors I know suck, let’s try Slytherin.”it’s been a while since I read it okay  

Albus is jaded by the time the plot picks up. He doesn’t like flying, isn’t that good at it or Quidditch (which honestly feels like they’re just trying to make him as unlike Harry as possible which I could handle if it wasn’t so badly written), and is basically convinced his life is horrible. (I’ll get into why a little later.) This kid shows no Slytherin traits that I remember. He hardly shows any traits really. I think it was the play format, but Albus becomes a stereotypical teenager who has daddy issues and doesn’t like his life. 

Scorpius I don’t really have a big problem with, besides it going against my personal headcanons. He at least shows a bit more Slytherin traits than jaded Albus. I feel like they were trying to break Slytherin stereotypes with him- which is great and all, but it almost makes me feel like that’s all Scorpius’ personality was. As if he was made to simply disrupt our preconceived ideas of what Slytherin is. I don’t like it. Stereotypes are something I can’t stand, but come on, people, don’t strip my house of what we actually are. 

Okay, moving on from Slytherin. 

Let’s take a step back from the new characters and visit the one’s we already know, we already love. Oh wait, they’ve been ripped to shreds. 

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Safe and Sound

So I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while but decided to do it after reading that people think Harry and Ginny aren’t soulmates because their Patronuses don’t match. This is my contribution.

“The only way to repel a dementor or a lethifold is the use of the Patronus Charm. A successfully cast charm will produce a corporeal Patronus. This is a kind of spirit guardian, and is a projection of all of your most positive emotions. An insufficient charm will produce only a thin layer of mist, which will not repel the dark creature, and will most likely not give you enough time to escape,” Auror Proudfoot strolled up and down the row of students as he spoke, his voice loud and echoing in the otherwise silent chamber.

Harry Potter was paying attention, but only just, as the Patronus Charm was nothing new to him. In all actuality, most of the lessons at Auror Academy were nothing new, but Harry supposed his life of fighting the dark arts might have prepared him more for this than some of the other recruits.

Harry turned his head slightly and looked at Ron Weasley, who was standing next to him, staring blankly out the magical window that showed beautiful sunlight. Harry nudged Ron and rolled his eyes in the direction of Proudfoot, and Ron grinned. When Proudfoot turned his back to them, Ron whispered, “You could probably teach him.”

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