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Safe and Sound

So I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while but decided to do it after reading that people think Harry and Ginny aren’t soulmates because their Patronuses don’t match. This is my contribution.

“The only way to repel a dementor or a lethifold is the use of the Patronus Charm. A successfully cast charm will produce a corporeal Patronus. This is a kind of spirit guardian, and is a projection of all of your most positive emotions. An insufficient charm will produce only a thin layer of mist, which will not repel the dark creature, and will most likely not give you enough time to escape,” Auror Proudfoot strolled up and down the row of students as he spoke, his voice loud and echoing in the otherwise silent chamber.

Harry Potter was paying attention, but only just, as the Patronus Charm was nothing new to him. In all actuality, most of the lessons at Auror Academy were nothing new, but Harry supposed his life of fighting the dark arts might have prepared him more for this than some of the other recruits.

Harry turned his head slightly and looked at Ron Weasley, who was standing next to him, staring blankly out the magical window that showed beautiful sunlight. Harry nudged Ron and rolled his eyes in the direction of Proudfoot, and Ron grinned. When Proudfoot turned his back to them, Ron whispered, “You could probably teach him.”

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okay but harry getting halfway through auror training only to wake up one day and realize how unhappy he is so he skips the day and just goes to hogwarts meaning to talk to mcgonagall but instead he runs into neville who is apprenticing as herbology professor and he ends up shadowing him all day and that afternoon halfway through his cup of tea and biscuit he just blurts out ‘i want to be a professor’ and mcgonagall just smiles like she already knew (spoiler: she did) and with absolutely no hesitation she adds him to the staff roster and gets him training with the current DADA professor and then two years later when he steps into the classroom the first time as a professor he puts up three framed pictures; the first, his Undesirable Number 1 poster goes on the wall, a picture of the second order (at bill and fleurs wedding) and a picture of the marauders on his desk, and for the first time in forever he feels happy and safe and at peace.

Harry Potter Characters by Occupation

Professor:  Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Pomona Sprout, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Rubeus Hagrid, Neville Longbottom

Auror:  Tina Goldstein, Percival Graves, Mad-Eye Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Tonks, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley

Civil Servant: Newt Scamander, Abernathy, Queenie Goldstein, Tina Goldstein, Arthur Weasley, Percy Weasley, Hermione Granger

Magical Head of State:  Seraphina Piquery, Cornelius Fudge, Rufus Scrimgeour, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Hermione Granger

Magizoologist/Dragon Wrangler/Magical Creature Breeder:  Newt Scamander, Arabella Figg, Charlie Weasley, Rolf Scamander, Luna Lovegood

Cursebreaker:  Bill Weasley

Wandmaker:  Garrick Ollivander

Small Business Owner:  Aberforth Dumbledore, Jacob Kowalski, Garrick Ollivander, Florian Fortescue, Xenophilius Lovegood, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Ron Weasley

Independently Wealthy:  James Potter, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange

Journalist:  Rita Skeeter, Lee Jordan, Ginny Potter

Quidditch Player:  Viktor Krum, Ginny Potter

Hogwarts Maintenance:  Rubeus Hagrid, Argus Filch, Dobby, Winky

Household servant:  Kreacher, Dobby, Winky

Homemaker:  Molly Weasley

Banker/Bank Teller:  Griphook, Fleur Delacour, Bill Weasley

Part 1: Discorporate

Prompt: OOTP Where Voldemort possesses Harry except he is unable to leave Harry’s body. 

For @bigjellymonster . Part 1 of 2. Will probably also post on FF, depending on just how this ends up… haha! Apologies if there are typos. It’s late and I’m a Grinch. 

Harry’s mind was on fire.

He wanted to die, he wanted his life to end and the suffering with it. His back arched on the floor, nails dragging across the slick marble but finding no purchase. His heart swelled with the emotion when he thought that, should he die, he would see his Godfather again…

He would be with Sirius…

There was screaming that was his, and screaming that wasn’t.

Release me!

Voldemort’s demand was a cruel hiss echoing in his head. The burning agony soared, and if the way the serpent which was so intertwined with his own mind was any indication, Voldemort could feel it, too.

Release me at once!

Harry howled in pain, horrified and confused. He wasn’t holding him, he wasn’t doing anything other than thrashing in pain on the Ministry floor…

There was shouting and the shuffling of feet. Harry opened his watery eyes to see people pouring into the foyer, he could hear them shrieking—

“Dumbledore! And—good God—”

“It’s him!”

“Seize him, seize them both!”

Harry saw what they had all pointed their wands towards. There, on the far side of hall, was…


He was on the ground, and Bellatrix Lestrange was kneeling at his side, draped over his body protectively… But it looked like Voldemort was unconscious, or—


“You will never take us!”

Bellatrix brandished her wand, emitting fierce and deadly spells like wildfire towards Albus Dumbledore, the aurors, and the Ministry officials. The Minister backed away and bellowed a command.

There were brilliant flashes in a cacophony of different colors. Harry screamed with a blood-curdling terror that was not his own.

And then, nothing.

Harry awoke nearly twelve hours later in St. Mungo’s.

Bellatrix Lestrange was dead. Nine aurors were dead. Cornelius Fudge and even Albus Dumbledore himself—dead. The Dark Lord’s lieutenant had taken them all out in an inferno of Fiendfyre that would have destroyed the entire Ministry, had the Order members not surfaced from the Department of Mysteries in time to put it out.

The Death Eaters who survived were all in Azkaban, awaiting trials.

Lord Voldemort was dead, too, but the speculation was that he had died before the cursed fire ravaged the Ministry. For what other reason would the mad witch kill them all, including herself, if not for the fact that her master was already gone?

They had all been consumed in Bellatrix’s pyre of suicidal flames.

How Harry had survived, no one was quite sure. Remus Lupin had found him bruised and battered, but otherwise unharmed, passed out beneath the pile of rubble which had once been a glorious fountain.

The Healer on duty checked his vitals. Harry sat in his hospital gown, feeling altogether too numb. He was still in a deep state of shock.

“Open your eyes for me, dear,” she requested gently. “Look into the light, and then at me.”

She held an illuminated wand in front of him. Harry stared at it before glancing into her dark eyes, which were full of scrutiny as they bored into his.

There was a pregnant pause. Her brows hitched together concernedly. Harry’s stomach churned.

But then her expression cleared, and Harry exhaled. “I’m pleased to say that you appear to be in perfect health, Mr. Potter,” she said cheerfully. “You can leave later today. Now, if you’re agreeable to it, I’m going to let a few guests in who have been waiting to see you. I believe a Molly Weasley might hex me into next week if I don’t allow her to come in and fawn over you at once.”

Harry let out a breathy laugh and nodded.

Three weeks later, and Harry was living at the Burrow.

No one could come up with any reason for him not to stay there. Legally, The Dursley’s were still technically his guardians, but he only stopped by to pack his things and tell them he would never be back.

Petunia had fought him, until Harry said that Dumbledore was dead and would never bother her again.

She let him go, after that.

With the exception of the painstaking grief that was the loss of his Godfather and former Headmaster, life was almost pleasant.

A man named Rufus Scrimgeour was made Minister of Magic. Minerva McGonagall was made Headmistress, and a new man whom Harry had never heard of was being hired on to teach Transfiguration in her place. 

Hermione came and stayed at the Burrow with them few weeks into the summer holiday. Harry flew on his Firebolt and played Quidditch in the yard with her, Ron, and Ginny.

It felt like having a family.

The wizarding world was stuck in a state of both shock and celebration, what with the simultaneous discovery and death of Lord Voldemort. Harry, who had been painted as such an unstable, horrible person before, was suddenly more of a celebrity than ever. Owls came delivering fan mail all summer long. He was asked dozens of times to be interviewed for the Prophet, but Harry politely declined.

There was peace. Harry was, for the most part, happy.

His scar didn’t hurt once.

It wasn’t until term began that Harry realized something was amiss.

He was sitting in the common room, trying and failing to write an essay for Potions class. Hermione, who had completed her own homework long ago, had already gone to bed. But some things never change, and even with the threat of death and war no longer looming over them, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley would never not wait until the very last moment to complete an assignment for Snape.

(An already hostile student-teacher relationship which had only been made worse when any of the brave students who had fought at the Ministry were irrevocably expected to be allowed to take whatever courses they desired, so long as they had at least an ‘E’. Harry and Ron had decided to carry on and deal with Snape for another two years in pursuit of their dreams of being aurors. Neville had decided that no, Potions was still not for him, thank you very much).

It was late, and Harry and Ron were the last ones in the Gryffindor common room. Harry frowned over his parchment, trying to come up with the name of a creature that he knew existed but which was currently escaping him. He looked up to Ron, about to ask, only to find that Ron had succumbed to exhaustion and had fallen asleep.

Harry almost laughed at the sight of him. Sitting up straight, quill in hand, text book open…eyes closed and drool gathering at the corner of his mouth. Harry wondered if he’d finished his essay. Probably not. Either way, he didn’t have the heart to wake him.

Still grinning, Harry returned to his own paper. Right, that snake, what was the name of that magical snake? The one that laid eggs which were used for love potions, and as the antidote for ague… Because they were studying antidotes, impossible, bloody antidotes, and this was supposedly important…


Harry jumped at the soft, high whisper, dropping his quill and looking up.

Ron was still dead asleep.

No one else was there.

Heart racing, Harry forced himself to take several long, deep breaths. Just my imagination, he told himself firmly. Just…just hearing things. Because I’m tired.

Hands shaking ever so slightly, Harry grabbed his textbook and looked it up.

‘Ashwinder eggs are red and give off intense heat. If they can be frozen with a Freezing Charm, they can be used in a Love Potion or eaten whole as a cure for ague.’

He didn’t sleep all night.

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Harry, Ron, Neville, Seamus and Dean

Thank you!!! :)


Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual 
Gender Headcanon: Cis male 
A ship I have with said character: I ship Harry with so many people? Mostly Hinny though
A BROTP I have with said character: Harry, Ron and Hermione 100% but also Harry and Luna. 
A NOTP I have with said character: him and snape? him and tom riddle? why are these pairings so popular??? 
A random headcanon: I like the headcanon that he became a DADA professor maybe after he worked a few years as an auror like Neville did. 
General Opinion over said character:
 I love him, underrated even though he’s the main damn character, didn’t deserve all the shit he went through. 


Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual with a preference for girls
Gender Headcanon: Cisgender male or trans male
A ship I have with said character: Romione
A BROTP I have with said character: Harry and Ron 
A NOTP I have with said character: Ron and Pansy? That’s a big enough ship and I just never got it? 
A random headcanon: Ron checks up every second day with George even years after the war just to make sure he’s okay, he knows checking up every day would be overbearing so he floos or owls every second day and even though George knows what he’s doing, he really appreciates it. 
General Opinion over said character: he’s precious and good and kind and accurately flawed and the movies didn’t do him justice. 


Sexuality Headcanon: Demisexual pansexual 
Gender Headcanon: oh I can see a non-binary Neville? I really can? so yeah non-binary that’s a new hc for me. 
A ship I have with said character: Abbottom, I just really like him and Hannah, they suit each other well and have things in common. (Though I’ve seen some Neville/Blaise stuff and it’s nice)
A BROTP I have with said character: Neville and Seamus and Dean
A NOTP I have with said character: Nuna, I’m sorry I just never liked Neville and Luna, they’re such good friends and I don’t think a relationship would work out for them. 
A random headcanon: Neville always takes extra care of students who had a parent die in the war or battle of hogwarts and whenever his students were learning about the war in history of magic, he’d invite those students individually to his office for tea and tell them anything he knew about their relative and how brave they were. Neville is a sucker for muggle dates, he loves the cinema and he just loves muggle culture and muggle life because he was never around muggles at all until after he left school. 
General Opinion over said character: I love Neville? I mean he’s such a good character, he’s kind and brave throughout the series not just when he suddenly got  skinny and hot and brave in the last movie 


Sexuality Headcanon: G A Y 
Gender Headcanon: Transgender male 
A ship I have with said character: Deamus. 100% Deamus 
A BROTP I have with said character: Seamus and Neville. But also Shay and Lavender.
A NOTP I have with said character: Seamus and Lavender? 
A random headcanon: Honestly I can see him in two careers and that’s teaching primary school kids or owning a bar like I can see him honestly doing either. I like to think of him teaching in muggle AUs but in canon, it’s my headcanon that he works in local pubs while Dean’s at college to pay for their small little flat, Dean teaches kids art but it doesn’t pay that well because he doesn’t like to charge a lot and then Seamus goes on to run his own pub a good few years later maybe a year or two after they’re married and when that settles down a few years later they might adopt a daughter. 
General Opinion over said character: I love Seamus, I really do. When you think about it we barely know anything about him and I’d love to know more, though I’ve a whole version of him in my end I wouldn’t want jkr to taint even though I love her. But yeah he’s brave and courageous (harry didn’t recognise him his face was so badly beaten by the carrows). He owns up to his mistakes? Yeah he was a bit shitty to harry in ootp but he apologised and made up for it? That’s it’s own kind of maturity and yeah I just have a lot of feelings for Seamus. 


Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual
Gender Headcanon: Cisgender male 
A ship I have with said character: Deamus. 
A BROTP I have with said character: Dean and Parvati, Dean and Ginny, Dean and Luna! 
A NOTP I have with said character: Dean and Ginny 
A random headcanon: Dean goes to muggle art college after the battle of hogwarts, he can’t go back for his seventh year, not after all that he saw in that last battle. He drew portraits of Seamus and his family on the run to keep him grounded and remind him what he was running for, he cried every time he had to burn them. He’s very close with his family, oh and he definitely finds out the truth about his father because that has to happen. 
General Opinion over said character: Dean is amazing, who doesn’t love Dean? I like him, he’s kind and good and caring and he’s a great friend, he was always painting stuff for Harry and the gryffindor team when they won quidditch matches. Yeah I love him.  

send me a character!

HP next genThe dust has not yet settled (quite literally, as even the ghosts seemed to be covered in soot from head to toe), but Professor Mcgonagall was already preparing for the new challenges ahead. She knew well how fleeting these silent days in Hogwarts are. How, in a matter of days really, those empty hallways become filled with children, eager to accept the school as their home for years to come.

Yet it would’ve been foolish of her to expect for things to be as before, and Professor Mcgonagall was no fool. She knew many didn’t want to send their children to Hogwarts this upcoming year. Not all wanted to face the horrible reality of the past few years. Some blamed the school for not living up to its name (“the safest place”, that is, although it has never been its name, and they should’ve known that better than anyone). There were even those who wondered if they should let their little children share the school with students who stayed for the battle and have faced a war. Professor Mcgonagall didn’t know what she can do to change their mind, and therefore, did not bother with them. She was, however, bothered by something else.

Second Wizarding War has created a second generation of war orphans. Not many of them had any close family left. And things were getting heated. The journalists reminded daily about the poor orphan called Tom, and what has happened to him without “proper care”. Dreadful details of Harry Potter’s upbringing, cursed by Rita Skeeter out of at least three people, started a new wave of mistrust and anger towards Muggles. The young Ministry was not ready to face these challenges and was making mistake after mistake.

The latest scandal professor Mcgonagall had fortune witnessing with her own eyes: after several wizarding families in all their unity were sent to Azkaban, it turned out that the closest relatives their eight children had were Narcissa and Andromeda Black. Someone at the Ministry suggested assigning children to families as the Ministry sees fit. Andromeda Tonks, now, consequently, a mother of nine (Narcissa was marked as “unreliable”), loudly suggested for the Ministry to disband. 

Not waiting to hear the Ministry representatives’ surely well thought through speeches, Professor Mcgonagall stepped in. “As you all well know,” she said, “Hogwarts has always been a home for many children and adults. Hogwarts always is and will be ready to give help when needed and protection when required.” She straightened her hat, coughed two times, and continued, “yet, for so many years, the castle’s gates have been closed, and quite unfairly so, for children under eleven. Until now,” she added loudly. “From this day on, let all who need home find one at Hogwarts!” (“Oh, Albus was so much better at these things!” she mumbled to no one in particular, and fixed her hat again).

…And this is how the first pre-school in the history of Hogwarts was born. The kids, about twenty in number, three of them Muggleborn, have not been sorted into Houses just yet, of course. They were, however, introduced to those of the eldest students who wished to show them some “magic tricks”.

Their favorite turned out to be Neville, who came back to Hogwarts to get a grade on the Defense Against the Dark Arts, eager to become an Auror. Neville couldn’t do a lot of magic tricks, but he did keep stepping on his shoelaces quite artistically, which was very much appreciated by all five to ten year olds. He also taught them to make simplest remedies, and even found them a job to do - collecting “rare” (“and extremely dangerous!”) plants for Professor Sprout. “Oh, Neville. I wish you could stay as my assistant. I don’t think I can manage at all without you next year!” lied Professor Sprout for the first time in her life.

Neville, of course, knew that she was lying. “I will most definitely stay,” he replied.

Also can I point out that on the Harry Potter Wiki it says that Neville retired from being an Auror to teach Herbology. Neville was a badass that caught dark wizards and witches but then he was like….nah I’m just gonna teach Herbology.

Can you imagine it though?

Neville helping first years that are scared and nervous. Neville being really sweet and inviting students into his office for tea and a nice chat. Neville defending students because he knows what it’s like to be bullied. Neville being the cool professor that has all the awesome stories. Neville being the professor that everyone has a crush on and I mean everyone. Neville treating everyone fairly. Neville starting up the DA again as a club that meets once a week because that was what really helped him when he was a student. Neville being Head of Gryffindor House because let’s be honest there is no one better suited for it. Students trying to get out of trouble but Neville going Look son I dealt with Harry Potter and the Weasley Twins when I was here don’t even try it. But a lot of people would try to get in trouble with him because as I said everyone had a crush on himMcGonagall having to tell the students to stop purposely causing trouble to get detentions with Professor Longbottom and Neville laughing about it with Hagrid. Just Neville Bad-Ass Motherfucker Longbottom being the most amazing professor ever in the history of Hogwarts. And like I can see him as becoming the Headmaster when McGonagall retires. Neville dedicating his life to making sure that students never put up with AN ASSHOLE PROFESSOR THAT TREATED THEM LIKE SHIT FOR NO GODDAMN REASON. 

Neville would be the most amazing professor ever!