New commission piece of Aurinaka going on a reagent run in Thunder Bluff!  Her whiny Shadowfiend does not approve of the sunny, beautiful Thunder Bluff weather, however. 

We’re going to need a bigger sunhat.

Done by the wonderful Iggi over on FA!  Wonderful artist to work with, I’d highly recommend them.  I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out!

Received another finished commission today, this time from DA_POLAR_ICE over on FA!  I loved their style, and wanted to see how they’d do with Aurinaka, my Tauren Shadow Priest.  As a ‘wing-it’ style of commission, I was initially scared - but I absolutely love how it turned out, especially the clothing!  Not to mention that Shadowfiend.  Rawr.


Got some beautiful commission work done by the awesome and amazingly talented karniz of my Tauren Shadow Priest, Aurinaka, and her Shadowfiend!  These are the full versions of the pic; one with Shadowform and one without.

I couldn’t be happier with how this all came out.  If you ever see Karniz open for commissions, you should absolutely consider commissioning her!  Very professional and friendly every step of the way.  Highly, highly recommended!

Commission: Aurinaka by barn-swallow

jfkldafdsafafds so excited!  Just received the finished commission piece of Aurinaka, my Tauren Shadow Priest, from barn-swallow over on DA!

I’d wholeheartedly recommend commissioning them, they’re brilliant, willing to work with you, affordable, and an absolutely wonderful artist.  <3

More Aurinaka art, now with 10 times more swole Shadowfiend.  Swolefiend.  Either way.  I think this came out really nice, it’s always fun to get art of characters doing little every day things they enjoy - this time with Auri doing some cooking while her Shadowfiend helps, mostly.

Art is done by Iggi (NSFW stuff on their page).  They do lovely Tauren!

Woo, new commission!  This one’s by Dagos over on FA.  I’m a huge fan of XCOM, so I figured something like this had to happen sooner or later.

Psionically-gifted Heavy Auri is prepped to lead the Nerd Herd’s XCOM (XCOW?) project to victory (…Once I get around to making that Long War campaign again).

I’m really thrilled with how this came out!

The Things I do for Art

Just a heads up for anyone who cares.  In a not entirely unexpected bout of misfortune, my never-ending quest to fill up dashboards with video game art has caught up with my hilarious technological incompetence, culminating in my computer’s contraction of what appears to be a rather resilient Trojan.


Apparently DeviantArt doesn’t like me, as it’s not the first time something like this has happened.  At any rate, it has kept me busy since last night and, despite my best efforts, doesn’t quite seem to be improving.  Anyway, I just figured I’d throw this out there in case anyone was wondering why I haven’t been logging on or been terribly active in general.  Hopefully I eventually get everything under control soon!

PS: Kesi, your dogs are cute as fuck.


The Shadowcow