auric fields

Venus aspects
  • Venus-Sun: Sonar love radiates through every auric field
  • Venus-Moon: Seeks motherly love in lovers
  • Venus-Mercury: Tantalised by the mind
  • Venus-Mars: Sensual and physical in displays of affection
  • Venus-Jupiter: Big heart, loves everybody
  • Venus-Saturn: Seeks father figures in lovers
  • Venus-Uranus: Enjoys long distance or frequent isolations
  • Venus-Neptune: Lovers are saviours or destroyers
  • Venus-Pluto: Mirrors the demons of lovers, can be on the receiving side of projective aggression
Lesson 8: Auras - What They Are & The Seven Bodies

The human body, and everything in existence, is energy. While we all have the same energy fields geometrically, we are on different frequencies as humans and this causes differences the way we come off.

Your aura is the electromagnetic field of energy surrounding you that is specific to what you’re feeling, thinking, doing, or what chakras you are over- or under-using. The aura stretches through and beyond the seven-chakra system, meaning that it extends above the head and below the feet into the ground in the shape of an egg. (This auric field is not to be confused with the star tetrahedron field that surrounds us, the mer-ka-ba)

Auras come in several different colors, but the main system of colors are red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, and purple, since these are the colors of the seven-chakra system. There are also other colors, including black, green, and several variations of the main seven.

The aura contains seven bodies:

1. Etheric Body

Closest energy body to the physical body. It is usually seen as bluish-gray; this white-blue light is the prana or the life-force energy of your body. This is the body that is seen through Kirlian photography (we’ll come back to this later). The etheric body extends one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body (from the skin) and pulsates at about 15-20 cycles per minute. It can be seen around the entire body but is mostly seen around your hands, feet, your head, and a little on your shoulders. When seen around the hands, it is 3-4 inches away.

2. Emotional Body

While the etheric body duplicates the physical body, the emotional body is more fluid. This is expected, since fluidity is the nature of our emotions. Your emotions put out electromagnetic fields. This body is associated with our feelings and changes as your feelings do (you can practice seeing these changes yourself, but we’ll talk about that later.) This body is about one to three inches from the physical body and is far more colorful than the etheric body.

3. Mental Body

The mental body is associated with our thoughts and mental expressions. Just like emotions, your thoughts emit electromagnetic fields from your brain. It extends three to eight inches from the body, and generally has a yellow light, which radiates around the head and shoulders, and extends to the body below. The mental body is similar to the emotional body in colors sometimes, because if there is an emotion associated with your thought, certain colors of the emotional body will show. Otherwise, the yellow deepens/intensifies if you are deep in thought.

4. Astral Body (astral plane - bridge)

This is called the bridge to the astral plane, because this body is associated with energies that are not of the third-dimensional frequency. It extends six inches or one foot from the body. It has the colors of the rainbow like the emotional body, along with a pink/rose hue that is mostly seen if the personal is emotional + loving. The astral plane is also sometimes called the emotional plane, which is why when we are in the astral, our emotions are greatly enhanced either way.

5. Etheric Template Body (physical aspect)

The name of this body suggests that it is the template for the etheric body, which is the first body we mentioned. This means that the etheric template body is the body formed before the etheric body. It exists in a higher dimension but also extends one and one half to two feet from the body. It has a dark blue hue, and is usually only seen by advanced healers or people with lots of practice in healing/clairvoyance.

6. Celestial Body (emotional aspect)

When we feel pure love, and when we feel true interconnectedness, we are tapping into the frequencies of the celestial body. This celestial body is the spiritual-emotional plane, which is kind of like the emotional body, but different in that the emotions felt here are more related to euphoria, bliss, love, and ecstasy. The colors of this body are usually pastel and have a soft glow.

7. Ketheric/Casual Body (mental aspect)

As the celestial body was the emotional aspect of the spiritual plane, the ketheric body is the mental aspect of the physical plane. It contains all six other bodies within it and extends up to three and a half feet from the body. It vibrates at a very high speed and is made of a gold grid type structure, which is very durable. Once you raise your consciousness to the level of this body, you are aware of your oneness with Being or Source. This body also contains the main Kundalini force that runs up and down the body (which we will talk about later).

Now, even if you don’t “believe” in the bodies I listed above, I can tell you how to actually see your etheric body. 

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Crystals for the signs💎✨

Aries: Green Obsidian - attracts prosperity, increases compassion, diffuses anger.
Taurus: Black Onyx - brings emotional and physical strength, encourages good fortune and happiness, helps with self-dicipline.
Gemini: Blue Apatite - helps maintain focus, enhances communication and self expression.
Cancer: Selenite - increases intuition, cleanses auric field, brings mental clarity.
Leo: Pyrite - stimulates flow of ideas, increases vitality, brings confidence, protects and grounds.
Scorpio: Amethyst - inner peace, encourages inner strength, helps develop intuition and psychic abilities.
Virgo: Rose Quartz - increases self love and inner healing, helps to see beauty in the world, eases stress and anxiety.
Libra: Blue Aventurine - brings out leadership traits, dispels worries, brings luck and opportunity.
Sagittarius: Moldavite - connects one with the universe, increases sensitivity to guidance and intuition.
Capricorn: Blue Goldstone - symbolic for the light to be found in darkness, used to make wishes, brings career advancement.
Aquarius: Moonstone - opens heart to love, promotes sensitivity and inspiration, enhances intuition.
Pisces: Black Tourmaline - dispels negative energies and other destructive forces, purifies negative thoughts into positive ones.

If you’re feeling ungrounded at any time, singing and dancing are ways to bring you back to the present moment while also restoring balancing energy to your Root and Sacral energy centers.

If you’re feeling as if you’re harboring bad energy during your day, showering cleanses and refreshes your body’s auric field. Showering before going to work or out anywhere else can at least assist in releasing some bad energy you were holding onto all day.

When you feel lost, confused, or lonely, open a window near you. Sit under the sun and let the answers pour into you. Escape your mind and allow your senses to take over for a bit. Eat fruit, pay attention to flavors, taste and touch.

Moon-Jupiter contacts 

Moon conjunct Jupiter, Moon trine Jupiter, Moon sextile Jupiter, Moon square Jupiter, Moon opposite Jupiter 

A watery world collides with a spiritual wonderland when Moon and Jupiter make contact in the birth chart. Jupiter is like a magnifying glass, and upon the silver moon the glass is shined, bringing emotion, empathy, and the inner child’s fantasy land into vivid light. Emotions are animated, exaggerated, and generous, like eating a giant marshmallow birthday cake for breakfast, because the responsibilities of adulthood are rarely integrated. The individual is charitable at heart, and the conditioned needs of the inner child remain ultra demanding. It’s almost like the individual is a charity of their own, offering the benefic ministerial guidance of Jupiter with the tender touch of lunar love. The imagination is rich with Moon-Jupiter contacts. The spiritual reverie is rich with emotional nurturing and guidance. The Mother Goddess offers her solace to the inner child in an overt way, so the psychic nature of the individual may be quite outstanding. Liquid intuition infuses with prophecy, so the individual’s emotions act as a tremendous psychic compass. It can be difficult for the individual to switch feelings off, they tend to be over generous and dramatic. It can generate a tremendous creative artistry in the individual, like they can turn emotion and sympathy into imagery, poetry, service, and spiritual pillows. The moon is hidden by nature, but she finds it next to impossible to hide under the guise of Jupiter. The individual can wear their heart on their sleeve and convey their rich emotional life through their immediate expression. This tends to be warm, and because Jupiter’s auric field enlivens anything it touches, their warmth can be striking, like a mother of gentle wisdom. The individual can be quite demanding in relationships, demanding constant attention and validation. The inner child’s fears are overt, so the abandonment fear can be largely exaggerated. It may be difficult for the individual to escape the conditioning of childhood, so therefore fears and experiences can remain active until adulthood. 

  • Emotionally reactive
  • Pot of emotional joy
  • Golden heart 
  • Natural jubilance 
  • Overt emotional responsiveness 
  • Over sensitivity 
  • Hyper vigilance 
  • Childishness
  • Instinctual 
  • Spiritually hungry
  • Emotionally challenging


The physical world is the most visible extension of your Auric field. In other words, what you see as matter, is the result of quanta collapsed into one possibility via the range and extension of your conscious awareness. Thus the entire physical manifestation of reality before you resides within an energetic aura of your own creation.
—  Anonymous

anonymous asked:

hello. i don't know if this is the right place to ask but i'm desperate. someone who's not important anymore broke up with me months ago and i still miss the affection of that relationship. i know i'm not quite ready for another relationship but his breaking up method was horribly cruel and i'm damaged. can you recommend me any kind of spells? anything that could help me to let go? and maybe some spells to attract a new romantic relationship? thank you a lot. love your blog. xx

Self-love/attraction spells:

You could also try my banishing cream recipe to get rid of the negativity you may have imprinted in you from your previous relationship. 

A simple spell for romantic rebirth/letting go:


  • Envelope
  • Paper or parchment.
  • Pen.
  • Heartsease.
  • Rosemary.
  • Sage.
  • Peppermint.
  • Rose petals.
  • Waning Gibbous moon. 
  • Fire.

Perform this at night where you can see the moon

On the piece of paper, write down all your feelings and emotional problems you want to be “cast away” so that they can be purified, and to haunt you no longer. Once you are done, fold the paper and place it in the envelope along with the herbs. Seal the envelope shut. Present the envelope to the moon and then burn the envelope in the fire completely (although safely). After it has burned, scatter the ashes outside. 

To attract a lover aura spray recipe:


  • Empty spray bottle.
  • ½ cup distilled water.
  • ½ cup witch hazel.
  • 10 drops rose essential oil.
  • 5 drops orange essential oil.
  • 5 drops patchouli essential oil. 
  • 5 drops catnip essential oil.
  • 5 drops cinnamon essential oil.
  • Dash of vanilla.
  • Rose Quartz (small).
  • Smokey Quartz (small).
  • 8oz measuring cup. 

Pour the distilled water into the measuring cup, and then fill it the rest of the way with the witch hazel. Mix in the essential oils and vanilla drops. Pour into the spray bottle, and then add the crystals inside (make sure they are cleansed). Close the bottle and give it a shake, then it’s ready to use. Spray around your auric field (do not spray directly onto skin).

Smoky Quartz is known to be a very protective crystal and is perfect for keeping us within our own auric field. This allows us to remain grounded, even in the most stressful situations. Smoky Quartz can protect the user from negativity, while transmuting this energy by grounding it and sending it into the earth.

Many of those that are just learning about energy, chakras, healing, psychic abilities and protecting themselves would do well to use this crystal. It is incredibly easy to become ungrounded during this time and this beautiful crystal helps to keep us from “floating” away!

 An excellent choice for those who astral travel/astral project as it protects from negative entities attaching.

This is the perfect crystal to keep in your pocket throughout the day or use in a crystal grid. This is a hard working stone, so be sure to cleanse it often!


Moon-Jupiter contacts

Moon conjunct Jupiter, Moon trine Jupiter, Moon sextile Jupiter, Moon square Jupiter, Moon opposite Jupiter

Moon liquid flows like a waterfall with Moon-Jupiter aspects. Jupiter is a magnifying glass, and upon the silver moon the glass is shined, bringing emotion, empathy, and the inner child’s fantasy land into vivid light. Emotions are animated, exaggerated, and generous, like eating a giant marshmallow birthday cake for breakfast, because the responsibilities of adulthood are rarely integrated. The individual is charitable at heart, and the conditioned needs of the inner child remain ultra demanding. It’s almost like the individual is a charity of their own, offering the benefic ministerial guidance of Jupiter with the tender touch of lunar love. The imagination is rich with Moon-Jupiter contacts. The spiritual reverie is rich with emotional nurturing and guidance. The Mother Goddess offers her solace to the inner child in an overt way, so the psychic nature of the individual may be quite outstanding. Liquid intuition infuses with prophecy, so the individual’s emotions act as a tremendous psychic compass. It can be difficult for the individual to switch feelings off, they tend to be over generous and dramatic. It can generate a tremendous creative artistry in the individual, like they can turn emotion and sympathy into imagery, poetry, service, and spiritual pillows. The moon is hidden by nature, but she finds it next to impossible to hide under the guise of Jupiter. The individual can wear their heart on their sleeve and convey their rich emotional life through their immediate expression. This tends to be warm, and because Jupiter’s auric field enlivens anything it touches, their warmth can be striking, like a mother of gentle wisdom. The individual can be quite demanding in relationships, demanding constant attention and validation. The inner child’s fears are overt, so the abandonment fear can be largely exaggerated. It may be difficult for the individual to escape the conditioning of childhood, so therefore fears and experiences can remain active until adulthood.

  • Emotionally reactive
  • Pot of emotional joy
  • Golden heart
  • Natural jubilance
  • Overt emotional responsiveness
  • Over sensitivity
  • Hyper vigilance
  • Childishness
  • Instinctual
  • Spiritually hungry
  • Emotionally challenging


The Fearless Glamoury

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Glamoury is the art of mystical illusion; not stage illusion like pulling rabbits out of hats, but auric illusion that shifts the energy in and around your body. This shift creates a specific atmosphere designed according to your need.

Witches use glamoury like spiritual armor. When various situations arise in which the individual feels unsuited to the task or circumstance at hand, he or she dons a glamoury filled with confidence, bravery, attractiveness, strength or whatever other energies suit the moment. This way even when the inner ell is lacking, the auric field around the witch expresses the right vibrations to handle things competently. How do you do this, specifically to keep gossipers, hecklers and other unpleasant people from getting in your face? The best way is through visualization. You know the old saying “seeing is believing?” Well, that’s what a visualization does for you. It builds belief, which in turn provides the power to make the glamoury work.

To start, try to visualize yourself as you are at this moment in detail, Now think of a color or blend of colors that to you represents a fearless but somewhat reserved attitude. Remember that you don’t want to keep everyone away just those whose presence disrupts your inner harmony.

Many people find a combination of red (power) and white (protection) suits this visualization. Once you choose your colors, envision them pouring down from above and wrapping your body in sparkling radiance. The swirls clockwise around you, creating a shimmering shell above, below left and right (think of a soap bubble made from lines of pure magical force and you’ll get the idea).

Keep the purpose of this energy strongly in mind all the while you’re creating the imagery

You might also feel a bit different.

I hope you enjoyed this spell

Made with love


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gorgeous flashy labradorite palm stone ✨the energy of labradorite is so easily accessible and wonderful to work with.

visual meditational tools are so important to help pull us away from situational drama we are caught up with and refocuses us on our greater path. labradorite is a very protective stone as well, shielding and cleansing our auric fields.

dm to adopt this wonder ✨

Types of shifts

These are the general types of shifts that have been recorded in the therian and otherkin communities. Some of these reqcuire a belief in astral projection and auras. It is important to consider other explanations before resorting to the fantastical.

Astral shift/As-shift: When your astral body changes into your kintype, usually during sleep when one enters the astral plane. Not everyone believes that this is possible.

Aura shift/A-shift: When your auric field or energy field takes, on ther shape of your kintype. Not everyone believes that this is possible.

Berserker shift/B-shift: When you enter a berserker-like state of mind, such as an extreme M-shift or a regular shift combined with mental illness. B-shifts are highly discouraged, and there exist multiple methods to keep these shifts from happening.

Bi-location shift/Bi-shift: When your kintype ‘leaves’ the human body behind, such as with astral projection or astral travel. This is very similar to an out-of-body experience, with the exception the the non-coporeal body takes on the shape of your kintype rather than your physical body. Not everyone believes that this is possible.

Dream shift/D-shift: When you dream that you have the body of your kintype. Some otherkin have these shifts every night while others have to resort to lucid dreaming techniques to experience them.

Mental shift/M-shift: When you take on part of the mentality, instincts, and/or impulses of your kintype.

Phantom shift/Ph-shift: When you get supernumerary phantom limbs that resemble your kintype’s or when your own limbs feel like those of your kintype.

Sensory shift/S-shift: When you perceive some senses stronger than usually or are more focused on some senses that you wouldn’t normally focus on. Note that this is a change in perception, not in your physical capabilities.

Shadow shift/Sh-shift: When other people perceive your shadow to look like your kintype, usually explained by the aura or astral body. Not everyone believes that this is possible.

There’s also physical shifting/P-shifting, which is a literal change in the physical body. This is impossible as it breaks all known laws of physics and biology, which you can read more about here and here.

For the sake of this list, I left out catalysators (emotional shifts) and categories (cameo, voluntary, and involuntary shifts).

100 Random Things About Magick, And The Occult

Since I just got a hundred followers, here is a list of 100 random things about magick, and the occult. I started this originally thinking this would be easy, but making this was actually one of the hardest things I’ve ever done here. Thank you for following my blog my friends.

  1. Chicory root is known to magically unlock all boxes, and doors.
  2. You can evil eye yourself by staring in a mirror.
  3. Your spirit guides can actually leave you, if you are mistreating them.
  4. Jediism is an actual religion in which, a good amount of its members choose to practice psychokinesis, and telekinesis.
  5. Sweeping with a broom to the east is a banishing ritual against evil spirits, and negative energies.
  6. There is a technique called Spirit burrowing which is the more positive version of spiritual  possession.
  7. Crystals, gemstones, or even sigils can replace candles in mostly every type of ritual, and spell.
  8. Some people are naturally immune to cursing.
  9. The most spirit guides I have ever experienced one person having at one time is 18, even though most people usually have about 5-10 spirit guides.
  10. In Roman culture penises with wings were worm around the neck to protect you against evil spirits, and the evil eye.
  11. You need no tools to do magick, all you need is energy, and intent.
  12. Religious people praying for you to stop your magickal practice can hinder your magickal practice, because they’re sending out their intent to stop you.
  13. Archangel Michael is known to be the angel of death.
  14. The Armanen Runes are the runes that appear in nazi ideology, and germanic mysticism.
  15. Astral temples are primarily used by practitioners who are unable to practice magick in the physical world, because of persecution.
  16. Most harmful entities feed on fear energy, and if they don’t think they can get your fear energy, they will leave you alone.
  17. Selenite is a high energy crystal that never needs to be charged, and can be used to charge sigils, and other magickal items.
  18. Looking through a hag stone is said to allow you to see into the world of the fae, and other spiritual realms.
  19. Burning a magickal item will purify it, but at the same time will release all its energy all at once.
  20. The difference between the pentagram, and a pentacle is the circle.
  21. Rubbing a quartz crystal against your head will relieve headaches
  22. Putting lapis lazuli under your pillow will induce dreaming, and allow all your dreams to be more vivid.
  23. The base energy of a person corresponds to there zodiac sun signs element. The base energy amount in corresponding elements in order from greatest to least is fire, air, water, earth.
  24. Through a technique called the chi ghost one can better themselves in different areas through a full body energy clone.
  25. Putting sigils on your router will permeate your Wi-Fi zone with that energy, and that intent.
  26. Magick is deeply connected to your emotions, and your mental state
  27. Writing magickal glyphs next to each other will combine, and mix their energies.
  28. There may be seven main chakras, but there are several lesser chakras that are almost as important as those. These chakras are your palm chakras, your feet chakras, your soul star chakra, and your earth star chakra.
  29. In energy manipulation putting energy into a physical representation of a line, or trail, will guide that energy to the end of the line.
  30. Christians actually have their own forms of mysticism that uses the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Abrahamic God. Those they won’t be likely to admit this as mysticism.
  31. Swear words are actually the lowest form of magickal cursing.
  32. Wearing opal if it’s not your birthstone is considered bad luck.
  33. If your indoor plant dies unexpectedly that may be the first sign of a spiritual attack.
  34. Rumpology is a form of divination surrounded completely around the butt.
  35. Most of the energy in the human body is stored in your solar plexus.
  36. Meditation is one of the most important skills to learn when practicing magick.
  37. Using magick too much in a consistent amount of time, while not being properly grounded can give you a spiritual burnout, or a magickal hangover.
  38. Servitors can be used, and stolen by other magickal practitioners.
  39. You can transfer servitors between two different servitor houses by simply commanding your servitor to take up residence in the new servitor house.
  40. It takes very little blood to charge things with blood.
  41. Holy water is usually just made of prayed over salt water.
  42. Every culture has some sort of understanding of chi energy.
  43. Flipping any sigil, or symbol upside down will also reverse its meanings, and energies. Unless the symbol is the same inverted.
  44. In meditation the back should be straight to allow cosmic energy to flow down your spine, and flow to the rest your body.
  45. The black aura is usually seen as negative, and represents death, abuse, and depression in the auric field, but in some occasions it can represent, and be used as more of a Shield for the person, or thing.
  46. Energy does not flow well through iron, steel, salt, or the color black.
  47. Invisible spells do not turn you invisible, but much rather make it harder for people to notice you, or sense you.
  48. Baphomet has both male, and female traits.
  49. It is easier to scry, see spiritual energy, see auras, and see spirits in dim lights.
  50. Thor is also the god of oak trees, and acorns are said to protect you from lightning.
  51. Everything dynamically tries to remain in balance.
  52. A way to train psychic ability is a technique called cloud bursting. It’s a technique where you stare at a cloud, and make it dissipate.
  53. The United States government try to make psychic agents back in the Cold War in an operation known as project Stargate.
  54. If you exhaust a high number of your spiritual energy you can actually die.
  55. Every action uses spiritual energy regardless of it being magical, or mundane.
  56. At the point of sexual orgasm a very high amount of spiritual energy is released.
  57. When meditating, or dreaming you become tuned into the etheric plane.
  58. Energy is projected the easiest through your hands, feet, eyes, and mouth.
  59. The Violet Flame is a technique of self transformation, transmutation, energy healing, and purification. The Violet flame can be invoked through visualizing violet flames, and chanting “I am a being of violet fire, I am the Purity God desires.”
  60. The cthulhu mythos is used, and thrives in some occult practices.
  61. Cats protect against harmful spirits.
  62. It is said that everyone has a spirit guide, a power animal, a dragon guardian, and a guardian angel to help them along their path.
  63. Certain gemstones can be used to make gem elixirs.
  64. Dragon runes were envisioned by Isedon Goldwing in April of 2001, and used for rituals, draconic magick, divination, and runic magick.
  65. The Druatch Language is the language that is said to be spoken by dragons.
  66. When you breathe, spiritual energy is pulled in to you through your lungs.
  67. You can open up chakras by wearing certain colored clothing that have to do with that chakra.
  68. Most magick chants to not have to be said correctly word for word, because they are just a way to declare your intention.
  69. Ganzfeld Experiment can put people into a state in which they can experience higher extrasensory perception.
  70. Sigils can be turned into sounds, tones, music and words.
  71. You can assign entities names to gain power over them.
  72. You can build a telepathic link with someone just by looking into their eyes.
  73. Cartomancy is divination using playing cards.
  74. Clapping, and ringing bells can be used to cleanse areas of negative energy.
  75. Gently lift your head off of your neck, and supporting it with your hands will quickly put you in a trance state.
  76. Having any piece of a person, anything that may have come in contact with them, or anything they have put their energy into can be used as a target.
  77. Angels have a sophisticated hierarchy of 9 different choirs the Angels belong to.
  78. Most animal spirit guides, totems, and power animals are the wolf, followed by close second the big cat.
  79. Everyone can perform magick.
  80. Practitioners can accidentally create a poltergeist by feeling too many complicated emotions and thoughts.
  81. Spirits can only sign their own name.
  82. All energy is unique, but can be quite similar.
  83. Sigils can only be used to their full power by whoever created the sigil.
  84. Apples have natural pentagrams on the inside of them.
  85. Fluorite is a good stones for students, learning, and other mental endeavors.
  86. The Sign of the horns is a hand sign to ward the evil eye.
  87. Most things can be invoked by calling out to them.
  88. Everything is connected on a energetic level.
  89. No entity can see everything.
  90. Writing sigils on your body is a good way to keep the energy of that sigil with you.
  91. Drawing seal of mars below the name of a person, or below the picture of a person will curse them.
  92. Drawing an “X” on the bottom of a table will give you good luck in any card games, or board games you play on the table.
  93. Some people sign the pentagram like the Christians do the sign of the cross.
  94. Using magick squares, or the kamea can bring planetary energies into your sigils.
  95. You must go through reiki attunement in order to use reiki energy to its maximum potential.
  96. War water is make by putting iron nails in salt water, and letting the iron nails rust.
  97. Passing things through smoke will Infuse it with the energies of whatever is burning.
  98. Ouija boards are not inherently evil. They just don’t provide any shielding, and you don’t know who you’re talking to.
  99. You can trace symbols and sigils into the air, and then push through them in order to activate them.
  100. Most things have a magical property of protection.

Drops of Jupiter ~ Cancer, Sagittarius, and Pisces

Jupiter has a large auric field and absolutely illuminates everything it touches. When Jupiter is emphasised, the individual’s spiritual pursuit is integrated into finding the meaning of life. The three signs touched by Jupiter - Sagittarius, Pisces, and Cancer, all roam with a temple inside. This contains the guru, spirit guides, and ultimate truth. Jupiter is traditional ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, and exalts in Cancer. Jupiter exaggerates to find meaning in everything. Rich symbolism from centuries and centuries is bought to life in a colourful display and synthesised through travel of the inner and outer worlds. The Jupiter signs have an interesting sense of cosmic timing. They spot opportunities for developing meaning, they have a kaleidoscope vision that infuses intuition, synchronicity, karmic events, unconscious projection of Scorpio’s findings, and prophecy. It is interesting that the ancients referred to Jupiter as the greater benefic, because astronomers later discovered that Jupiter’s gravitational pull safeguards comets from hitting earth.

Cancer is riding the magnificent dreamboat into an inner sanctuary of spiritual landmarks and self discovery. Cancer weaves and writes an itinerary through the inner experience, traveling through the internal palace where they spend much of their time. The Cancer’s experience can be so internalized because the scope of the inner world and the residence of spirit guides becomes magnified. Their inner world spans like geographic location, with the wideness of the horizon bridging their soul and body. Wanderlust for Cancer exists for ‘the space beneath us’. Sagittarius and Pisces have a more externalized experience of Jupiter. Sagittarius is searching for their own personal myth. There is an inherent harmony in the universe that Sagittarius is intimate with. This symbolises the search. Sagittarius, even without knowing it, is seeking to attain a higher state of spiritual awareness. When sagittarius realises the guru is him at the final house, the sacred map leads him within, to Pisces. The aim of this quest becomes ultimate in its service for pisces. The ultimate rapture of Pisces is not to envelope into the sacred space and dissociate from the earthly realm. it is to dwell in an inaccessible place, to swim in a secret sea and return with good faith, using this knowledge to serve, heal, teach, and cherish.

Pisces contains the whole ocean as a single drop. They express the guide that Sagittarius has found, the one that was resting in the home of Cancer.


Earth, Fire, Water

Aries, Leo

Base & Sacral Chakra

MoH: 6.5-7


Red Jasper is a microcrystalline quartz taking its tell-tale colour from inclusions of iron and sometimes hematite. Jaspers of different varieties are found in all corners of the world but despite the abundance of this mineral, it is invaluable to many spiritual practices.

A versatile elemental crystal, having been attributed to not one but at least three elements over the course of its ancient and colourful history. Most would put Jasper under the category of Fire, because of its ability to incite courage and instil passion, not to mention its rich red colouration. Known as both the Stone of Justice and the Stone of Warriors, it is a has a

potent and righteous energy able to protect against physical harm, threats and even robbery. Thus it is often recommended for people working in the justice and mental health systems, especially Police Officers. It’s vibrancy increases energy levels, boosts determination and provides additional physical strength. Red Jasper can also greatly influence communication with mentally fragile individuals and those suffering from psychosis. Simultaneously providing protection to the carrier while stabilising frequencies in difficult situations. On the other side of the coin, Red Jasper is a nurturer, capable of soothing nerves and restoring balance. It alleviates stress and is able to steadily calm emotions, allowing the body to relax into creating a stable flow to improve health and overcome illness.

These properties make Red Jasper a helpful aid to those who centre their lives around physical health and fitness. Providing endurance, strength, stamina and focus, helping to reach goals and providing the drive to continue on when the going gets tough and the body tires. This crystal allows the carrier to persevere in all aspects of their life and see things through to their natural conclusion. Work and artistic or creative endeavours are but two examples of this. Red Jasper is particularly good at manifesting ideas and so is also beneficial for artists and writers, promoting creativity and encouraging them to push their limits and break out of comfort zones.

The mineral is related to the Muladhara Chakra, located at the base of the spine and the Swadhisthana Chakra of the lower abdomen. The effects of using Red Jasper on the base chakra can stimulate the rise of Kundalini energy through the lower meridians and upward toward the crown.  It also has powerful grounding capabilities and is a renowned Earth attributed crystal to many traditions and practitioners, aiding in astral travel and shamanic journeying. It’s able to provide focus to meditation, prayer and contemplation and is also enormously good at helping to connect with Earth Spirits when working in the wilds. The gemstone can help in establishing spiritual disciplines and routines and makes it easier to maintain them. A popular choice in crystals when setting out to cleanse and empower the auric field and strengthen chi, life energy. Wear or carry multiple pieces for protect from psychic attacks and place beside the bed ready to aid dream recall.

Red Jasper’s ability to instil passion has already been mentioned, though that mention has barely scratched the surface. Whether you intend to fan the flames of an existing passion until it rises into an inferno of bliss, rekindle dwindling embers or even to create new sparks- this mineral will provide the energy to achieve that goal and it works just as well for situations involving career and personal projects as it does for romantic endeavours. Use to increase libido, calm aggressiveness towards a lover, soothe jealousy and induce tantric sex.

Other names for this form of Jasper include the Blood of Mother Earth and the Blood of Mother Isis. Using the stone as a representation of the blood from a female entity attributes it to the element of water and emphasises its properties of fertility and renewal. Some choose to simply use the stone as a fertility talisman or as a component in fertility rites, whereas it is also beneficial to ease pains of menstruation or even to stabilise infrequent cycles. Offerings of this stone may be given at planting or harvest of crops. Red Jasper is also effective in dowsing for water and the calling of rain, vital for the growing of crops and the maintenance of healthy land.

The stone may also be used as a representation of the Chinese element of metal, because of its iron inclusions, giving it the properties of steadfastness and amplifying its protective capabilities.

Partner with Prehnite and Clear Quartz if dealing with legal matters, to ensure decisions are made fairly.

Give to expecting mothers to help during childbirth.

Wear if feeling belittled and to help give strength and courage in difficult situations.

“The thoughts upon which your plane thrives are the limited, low frequency thoughts of social consciousness. Those thoughts are very restrictive, very judgmental, very harsh, because your lives are governed by attitudes related to survival and the fear of death- whether it is the death of the embodiment or the death of the ego. Thus, your consciousness is occupied with thoughts of food, shelter, labor, gold; with judgments of proper and improper, good and bad; with fashion, beauty, acceptance, comparison, age, disease, and death. These low frequency thoughts easily come through your auric field because they predominate in the thinking of those around you. So, you are continuously being fed by limited thoughts from a very restricted, stagnated consciousness. And as you allow these thoughts to feed you, you put the feeling of them back out to regenerate and perpetuate the limited thinking of man…
The higher frequency thoughts can be more easily experienced in the consciousness of the wilderness, away from the stagnated thinking of man; because there, life is simple, timeless, ongoing, and in complete harmony with itself. There, away from the judgment of man, you can hear the heartbeat of your own knowingness.”


Every single thought you emit effects, in one now or another, every other facet of consciousness in the All-That-Is. It is interwoven, it is embraced in the auric field of Mother Earth, it is called collective consciousness. The auric field of the Earth plane, that is collective consciousness, is indeed no more than her own soul memory. You are a microcosm of this. Your soul memory contributes to it. As you align your soul memory, she aligns… Understanding this inter-connectedness, you will understand the power behind every thought. Understanding the momentum behind every creation or vibration of thought energy that you place in the etheric body of this planet.
—  St. Germain - through Azena

Sun-Jupiter contacts

Sun conjunct Jupiter, Sun opposite Jupiter, Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun square Jupiter, Sun square Jupiter

Sun-Jupiter aspects in the birth chart can bring a lot of joy. But like the casinos and Poker Games that the luck of Jupiter rules, it can be a little double handed. While delight can be projected into luscious firelight, the melancholic self perception can also be exaggerated. Esoteric astrologers have likened Jupiter to a second sun - a sun of knowledge and wisdom. The individual’s soul expression is likely philosophical, exaggerated, and enthusiastic. The display of identity is grandiose, the individual tends to have pronounced likes and dislikes. Loss of control can be an issue here, the tempting pleasures of life can be too irresistible. The individual may struggle with weight concerns or even abuse of alcohol or substances, gambling, and self amusement. The individual can generate tremendous luck in life. There is a radiant infusion of hard work and fortune that make opportunities appear like suns in the horizon. When Jupiter is harshly aspected, such as through square or opposition, these strokes of luck can be deceiving, or the future promises more than it can achieve. The individual here can be activated and nourished through travel, international affairs, and education. Establishing institutional recognition for mental capacities such as through a degree brings paternal satisfaction or feeling of pride from higher sources. The Sun-Jupiter person is a free spirit with a cool, generous nomadic flair. They search far and wide for an identity as they integrate personal experience, learning, and a unique panoramic world view that generates a philosophy of its own to live by. Jupiter and the Sun have large auric fields, so the personality here can be vivid, colourful, and consuming. Natural confidence in their own abilities gives their natural gifts fluidity and bright exposure. But they can commonly expect too much out of themselves, or be taken advantage of for their charitable nature. The heart is expanded across the whole cosmos with Sun-Jupiter contacts. Love is the ancient philosophy.



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paramidiacode  asked:

Related to Pluto going direct. I had an accident where I almost died, suffocated in a room full of smoke, and got intoxicated. I broke up with my 3 years boyfriend because I felt I was being poisoned and was too deep into a toxic relationship. My body couldn't take his presence anymore, I wanted to puke everytime we talked and my body rejects him. Has this got to do with the etheric cords and Pluto? Are these changes for the best? Thank you in advance, your posts resonated with me.

Once you release those etheric cords to him you’ll feel much healthier. There are methods you can google to do so if you’d like. Using affirmations help a lot. You’re allowing someone else’s presence to affect your auric field which is unhealthy and draining, so you have to release those ties somehow. It does have to do with Pluto as well because we’re dealing with loss, grief, releasing, transformation and purging unhealthy attachments to others.