coconutthegreater  asked:

Do your characters have scars that they're proud of? What does family mean to them? (For big buff dragon lady and 2 more of your choice <3)

 Andragosa isn’t “proud” of her scars as such, they’re just a part of her, the most obvious ones are across the eye (which she lost during the Well of Eternity against a demon commander) and her entire left arm which was heavily scared & discoloured during Deathwings attack using the Demon Soul (dragon soul… demon .. it changes so much). Also got plenty of other minor scars across her body

- family is a much broader, looser concept for Andras than most, seeing the blue dragonflight as a whole as her immediate family but she holds a similar feeling toward most, if not all people

 Kai has scars on her lip, cheek and legs, some from military acts, some from when she lost her arm in the landslide that took out her home as a kid

- family is one of the most important things to Kai, her definition has changed over the years from a standard family unit, to the people she lived on the streets with, to her new family & fiance. She would protect them above all others

 Aurellion is lightly scared in many places, some barely noticeable, some slightly more so but none of over significant in meaning or appearance. A lot of them were gained when he was a guard for his dads’ cartel but most of the more recent marks are from general clumsiness while gardening/making art etc

- family is a no go subject with Li, and don’t even think about asking him to meet your parents, he’d have a panic attack

tmirai  asked:

💎 18. & 🏆 19. !

💎 18. Is there anything you really wish you could do, character-design-wise, that you feel is outside your current skillset? A concept that you wish you could pull off but are uncertain about?

yes! Andragosa is one of my fave OC’s but is SUPER hard to rp with others, she’s a complete loner most of the time and very setting specific and I’ve been trying desperately to write a story for her but i just… cannot for the life of me write that well, I also wanna do a short comic for Aurellion to show his history but that is beyond me atm

🏆 19. What’s more important to you: visual design, unique personality, a trendy character aesthetic, etc? If you’re not sure, then what’s the first thing you usually nail down in a character?

my design process tends to go in the order of Cool personality idea > draw an initial design that’s a little plain and boring > find an image that inspires me (usually scenery. jewellery or an outfit) > redesign with this particular quirk as a focal point

as for which i find most important I’d probably say unique personality, something that really sets them apart from my other OC’s so I can rp them distinctly from one another

flynneware  asked:

Character Design Questions: #1, #8, & #9!

1. Who’s the oldest character of yours that you still use?

Marauchettes my elf who spans a few different universes (mostly just WoW & D&D now) I had a bunch of human characters in an original universe before I branched out into fantasy stuff and he was my first, eventually finding his way into WoW which is now his most developed form

8. Is there a character that embodies your good traits, or traits you wish you had?

Literally every one of my characters embody aspects of myself that I wanna explore in a safe, detached way.

Aurellion is reliance/addiction

Celrinar is who I want to be in the future

Zun’Alin is gender and social fears

Kai & Myren are opposing ways of dealing with self image

there’s a few others as well but those are the most poignant

9. Is there a character that embodies your bad traits? Several characters? Which ones and what traits?

Same as above but Aurellion & Myren tend to pick up most of the negative traits

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Have you got any tips for hopping job to job? I must admit I struggle to line up the next one when on a show as (as I'm sure you know) all waking hours are consumed by completing that one!

Sadly, this is the life. Get good and you work anywhere, and at all times. Get bad, and sometimes you work even more in higher positions.

This career is a rat race, an eternal merry go round of looking for the next job. Keep your ears out, talk with crew members to see whats coming up, and as always, leave your last job with a good impression of what you can do for them.