SHOW 150: Your Fursona is Stupid

Have you ever noticed how much you can immediately deduce about a person from the animal monstrosity that they use to represent themselves on the Internet? Well, you can! In this episode, Agouti and Aurelina endulge in the worst furry racism as they drink from separate drinking fountains and send old ladies to the back of the bus. Is there a difference between people making fun of furries on the Internet and the combined atrocities of the Holocaust, the Trail of Tears, the Alabama church bombings, and that one genocide that people don’t care about (You know the one)? We posit that there is not. So join us as we mock people for baring their souls and choosing the spiritual totem that makes their dicks the hardest.

Today’s art is courtesy of Zoemoss!

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SHOW 156: It Came from FurCon 2015!

Tonight on SHOW we give a small run down of our time at FC, forgetting of course o mention any of our roommates wonderfulness. Feel free to take a look at our post-con journal entry for that information! Included is an explanation of what can be found on our SHOW DVD, and some hints about what might go into the next one. LISTEN TO IT HERE

Art by   fatfoxlower

Since Aurelina will be back from Japan next month, SHOW will be wising from its gwave to wescue your daughter! More relevant to this picture, we’re planning another panel for this coming Further Confusion, so stay tuned! The con’s theme is, apparently, gaslamp fantasy. Not to be confused with gaslighting.

SHOW 135: Fat Tropes Return

Fat Tropes, talkin’ about Fat Tropes, sexy legs and high IQs! Today Aurelina and Agouti-rex continue to talk about the stereotypes and archetypes and teletypes of fatty wank. After tonight’s episode, you’ll be well versed in all the cliches of the genre and you’ll be able to demand better. We’re like the Mr. Plinkett of niche Internet fetish pornography!

Today’s art is courtesy of Stitchedtogether!


Was this ever posted? I have no idea.

Art by Vorry

Squishy fluffy ears…

I hope no one is expecting my open-until-announced-otherwise asks to have anything attached to them, I’m somewhat new to tumblr but it looks like an ask page is mainly on which for artists to doodle answers. I won’t be doing any doodling, long story short!

SHOW 153: Amazon Basin

Today, Agouti and Aurelina conduct a hard-hitting investigation into Internet giant Amazon. Do we look into Amazon’s predatory business practices or shady employee treatment? No, we look at Kindle pornography! Join as we we look at the amazing world of cheapo fatty fetish, furry fuck, dinosaur diapers, werewolf romance and all the other insanitythat makes up the world of Kindle erotica. Prepare your dicks and vaginas to be stunned!

Today’s art is courtesy of Sharpt00th!

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