Meditate on the word Peace = Unification of Conscious Thought

Don’t put any other meaning behind it then it’s truest form. Unity. Meditate on the 9th March. Be part of the change. Celestial Kingdoms alignment. Take any part of that day to meditate on the word: Peace ✌️ 🌏 have faith in unity.

Spread the energy.

“I never meant for you to know me, I never meant to let you in. But then I should not have kissed you, not the first time - certainly not the second. But there is a light in you so bright, it makes me feel like the man i wish i was… And forget the thing i am. I am chained to certain hungers and have damned another to my fate. You have seen what we do: we hunt, we feed, we kill. But what i am i cannot answer, my family are the first, there is no name for it. But i also desire, deeply. And i can love, as i love you.