Alpine Gold Hulsea algida
DESCRIPTION: One and one half to two inches wide, numerous yellow rays emanating from the flower, looks like the sun in her hair. Smells like fresh laundry. Blooms with the arrival of butterflies in the stomach. Has an even number of petals, will always end on “she loves me not.”
DISTRIBUTION: Grows in the warmest part of my rib cage, or wherever first loves are kept.

Red Columbine Aqilegia formosa var. truncata
[formosa- beautiful] [truncata- ends abruptly]
DESCRIPTION: Blooms one week in May, when the air is sticky. Petals are a deep red, a blush on freckled cheeks. Refuses to bloom in the same room as me, refuses to grow in my palms.
DISTRIBUTION: Grows along streams and briefly my lips, grows anywhere she has touched me.

Death Camas Zigadenus venenosus
[venenosus- very poisonous]
DESCRIPTION: Flowers are whitish, quarter inch in width, and cold to touch. Leaves are rough, like fingernails digging into skin. Named for the fatal results of eating the bulb, named after her poison.
DISTRIBUTION: Grows between my teeth, burning my throat, grows along the soft spot in my heel.

Harlequin Lupine Lupinus stiversii
[Lupinus- wolf]
DESCRIPTION: Purple and yellow blossoms, leaves are vaguely reminiscent of teeth. Seeds are poisonous if eaten. Flowers look as if they are wearing a mask. Death but with a more beautiful name.
DISTRIBUTION: Grows in the soft parts of my flesh, my open wounds.

Bleeding Hearts Dicentra formosa
[formosa- see above]
DESCRIPTION: Flowers are rose-purple to whitish, or the color of a fresh bruise. If observed long enough, flowers will actually bleed.
DISTRIBUTION: Grows between the fifth and sixth ribs.

Spreading Phlox Phlox diffusa
[Phlox- flame] [diffusa- spreading]
DESCRIPTION: Flowers are one half inch wide, pink or lilac or the color of an inferno. Sharply pointed leaves. When touched, feels like love, has been know to burn down cities. Feels a little like her name in my mouth.
DISTRIBUTION: Starts in the fingertips, spreads rapidly. Leaves the body in ashes, leaves the body aching for more.

Funerals are just Sad Parties

It has come to my attention
that funerals
are just sad parties

i’ve never touched a dead person before
but i have held enough icicles to know
that just because something is cold
doesn’t mean it isn’t full of love

I have written enough romances
courting the snow
to know
that love is a blizzard

and I have written enough poems
dedicated to a girl with glaciers in her eyes
to know
hypothermia is a beautiful way to die


Drew and I have just launched an online vintage store called Auraria, a sort of collaborative shop between the two of us. He picks out art objects and books, and I pick out clothing and accessories.

It’s a small store with a different focus for me. More simple and more grownup. Lots of silk pieces and interesting prints, dolman sleeves and midi skirts. Even a ’90s art teacher necklace or two.