Crystal Healing ~ Celestite 

  • angelic stone
  • used to connect to angelic wisdom
  • improves intuition  
  • great for dream recalling and lucid dreaming
  • great tool for meditation
  • purifies the aura
  • balances and energizes all the chakras
  • brings balance to thought processes and communication
  • reduces worry, fear and anxiety and brings hope
  • excellent tool for emotional protection
  • associated with the crown and throat chakras

/Draws the cluster as a beautiful opalescent Cerberus 50-billion-strong lesbian like the Steven Universe garbage that I am

And succulents because why not succulents


After a quick chat with @lace-girl and talking about Angel Aura Quartz, we realised we hadn’t done a single post on how angel and rainbow aura quartz is made.

The process known as ‘Vapour Deposition’ is when clear quartz crystal that’s been super-heated and bonded with various metals to get the variety of gorgeous and stunning iridescent colours we see. 

Quartz is heated to almost 900 °C (1600 °F) in a vacuum chamber and then the metal vapour is added.

The metal atoms fuse molecularly to the crystal’s surface (so, no, its longer silica), which gives the crystal an iridescent metallic luster.

This high energy process molecularly bonds the gold to the crystal’s atoms. That’s a permanent bond between the crystal lattice and the metal molecules and changes the crystal on a molecular level.  

Ace Attorney anime

So I was watching this new series, and things got heated up in the court room.

At first I thought there was sudden wind blowing from behind Edgy’s hair right?

But that’s impossible because the court is an enclosed room. Behind him is just a bunch of audience, unless one of them had a powerful fart.

Then Phoenix came up with a contradiction..

That’s when I realized these attorneys are releasing their aura/chakra/qi whatever you call it. It was so powerful that it could affect the person across the room.

It doesn’t stop there… it was so great that it affected the whole courtroom

Even the Judge shielded his vision from such powerful outburst.

The witness holding on for dear life.

Super Saiyan attorneys, don’t fuckign mess with them.