Aries: Clouded Red - passion, anger

Taurus: Dark Blue - stubborn, need for control

Gemini: Bright Yellow - playful, inspired

Cancer: Turquoise - healer, counselor

Leo: Bright Orange - vibrancy, optimism

Virgo: Yellow Orange - analytical, perfectionist

Libra: Pink - artistic, loving

Scorpio: Bright Red - sensual, competitive

Sagittarius: Silver - spiritual and divine wealth

Capricorn: Orange Red - power, confidence

Aquarius: Gold - guide, protected by divine entities

Pisces: Violet - visionary, daydreamer

A little exercise to aid in seeing auras

As with all things in life, learning to see auras takes time and practice. Lets devote a moment to that, shall we? To practice. 

Ensuring you’re standing about 1 to 1.5 metres from your computer screen, look at the picture that follows. Focus on the black dot and use your peripheral vision to observe the coloured circles either side of it. Remain focused on that spot.



Did you see it? The ‘aura’ of colour surrounding the circles? That happened because your eyes perceive colour differently in your peripheries than they do when you use your central vision - when you’re looking directly at an object. The longer you concentrate, the brighter the ‘aura’ around the circles becomes; the more sensitive you become to peripheral colours.

This same principal applies to seeing human auras.

If you have a willing participant handy, try focusing on them now. Have them stand in front of a white/neutral coloured surface and focus on one part of their body - their head, say, or a hand if accidental eye contact while you’re trying to concentrate would be horribly awkward. 

Do you see anything?

Whether you do or not, practice makes perfect. Keep at it, darlings. 

- thefriendlywitch

PS: Please take note that the above image is not magick, it is an explanation of what auras look like using a clever eye trick. It is explaining how you must focus in order to see auras.

The signs and the color of their aura

Aries: Burgundy

Taurus: Trout

Gemini: Lime green


Leo: Magenta

Virgo: The color of shit

Libra: Beige

Scorpio: Grey

Sagittarius: Orange

Aquarius: Aquamarine

Capricorn: Fuchsia

Pisces: Black

seeing auras

hey guys! so I know this isn’t astrology related, but recently I have been training myself to be able to see peoples colored auras! If you don’t know what auras are, here is a link to a site that tells you

the site i have been using to help me see auras is linked here. It has many pages and I have found it very helpful. This is also great for beginners. 

When you get to the section titled Our Eyes, you will see the below image.

The website explains that you have to place the picture about 1.5 m away from your face. Now stare at the black dot for 30-60 seconds, without looking anywhere else. You will notice, while still staring at the dot, you can see the circles giving off a glow. Red has a turquoise glow, and turquoise has a red glow. If this does not work at first, practice a few more times.

The next exercise, shown below, is a bit trickier.

The recommended distance from your face is 1.5 m, but expirement until you find a distance that works well for you. Start by stretching your hand out in front of you so that one of your fingers is in front of you. Change the focus of your eyes to the tip of your finger so that you are overlooking the circles. You should see 4 circles now. Aim to overlap them so that there is a white cross formed, so that it looks something like this:

If it doesn’t work first, practice. This took me a while to get. The best length of time to keep practicing this would be 2 minutes.

Now, you are ready to attempt to see an aura. 

Get a family member (if you are alone, do it in a mirror) to stand in front of a softly illuminated white background. Find a place on their head to look at, the best place being The Brow Chakra or The Third Eye. This is also known as the middle of the forehead or in between the eyes. Now stare at that place for 30-60 seconds. After 30 seconds at least, keep your eyes trained on the spot, but observe the surroundings with your peripheral vision. Resist the temptations to look anywhere else! You should start to see a colored glow form around the persons head. This is the aura! 

The color of your aura reflects something about yourself. 

Here is another link to the meaning of auric colors.

I hope this post/webite helps you guys as much as it helped me! If anyone was wondering, my aura is orange/pink. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me any time you like!