Student Council Prez [15]

Episode 14 - Episode 15 - Episode 16
Words: 4.9k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Productivity in the student council room had significantly decreased ever since Jungkook brought in a flat screen television and the latest console that wasn’t even opened to the public yet, given to him from a father’s friend to test out. But it’s not too much of a concern since productivity had never been high to begin with and it’s not like teachers or students ever knew; the council room was closed off to everyone who wasn’t a member - except for you.

‘Slaves need special rights too’, Yoongi had said before you stepped on his foot.

And now everyone was gathered around the screen, set on the table and hooked up by Namjoon (since Jungkook had no clue), watching as you and Taehyung were head to head in a match. Yoongi was nowhere to be found but he had no place in your mind when your character on screen was winning and Taehyung’s control clicking became more frantic.

“Can I ask you something?” Taehyung mumbles out, eyes still stuck to the monitor.

“Don’t distract me kid.” You spit shortly.

There’s a long pause, soaked up by the music playing from the stereos and the ‘ohh’s’ of the members when you use a special attack on Taehyung, making him lose over half of his health bar. “Are you really dating Yoongi?”

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