New York City at night.

Auphe gated into the alleyway beside the Ninth Circle. Something hot was bubbling up inside her chest. She crouched down, and pulled one arm inside her sweatshirt. She wasn’t injured, no blood. And the pain was deeper inside her chest.

She leaned against the wall as it bubbled up her throat, a sob escaped her mouth before she clamped her jaw shut.

Hunt, I need to hunt. She leaped across the alleyway, catching the edge of the fire escape.Faster.She pulled herself up as silent as she could. Her claws lightly ticked against the metal steps.  Flowing up and up the side of the building. She bunched her legs and launched herself off the top, landing, on all fours, in the middle of the roof.

There’s no demons in this city, and even if there were, you couldn’t eat your kill. Useless Aupheling. All of your kind is dead. You might as well die on a sheep’s sword. There’s nothing left.She recognized the quiet voice in the back of her mind. It used to be her own. It used to be strong, unwavering, before the demon bit her. Back when she could still see the world in black and red and white. Now there was nothing but grey.

She scrabbled against the rooftop, pushing herself faster. Her hood blew off of her head as she leaped off the edge of the building.

Cal keeps the Auphe memories of his other lives and this results in him actually knowing things about supernatural creatures. One day Niko and he are hired to hunt down something that’s causing problems and killing païens trying to get to Brooklyn. Niko was trying to figure out what it was without having to asking Robin. He’s talking more at Cal than really expecting him to answer and Cal says, “It sounds like a lamassu.” Niko just stared and they pretend it never happened.