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What about todomomo deciding to have kids?

       Note: Omg I had so much fun writing this. Izuocha is mentioned. My headcanon that Todoroki totally thinks Yaoyo is more intimidating in combat than him and Midoriya’s daughter totally admires todo when she was young.Also made reference to akeemi-life’s todomomo twins. Enjoy! 

In which Todoroki confronts an enemy alone and Yaoyo faces her dilemma

               Todoroki touched his left side gingerly and winced at the excruciating pain. Without looking, he already knew that the enemy had dislocated his shoulder; his right leg was stabbed twice also, rendering him completely vulnerable at the very moment. His chest heaved and he leaned against what was left of a fallen pole, preparing to avoid any more combat. The police had detained the fighting around the corner of 2nd street and despite the usual protocols, Todoroki knew he had to step over bounds a little to capture the man. His head flicked to the left, a malodorous scent penetrating his domain, and he gritted his teeth.

               “Where are you, you bastard?!” A low voice growled somewhere behind him and Todoroki’s nose scrunched in agitation.

               Todoroki could feel his leg shaking from the loss of blood. Any time now, back up should be coming. He just needed to hold out a few minutes more. A static noise came out of the communication device on his uniform and he quickly gave the contraption a click.

               “Hello? Shouto?” A familiar voice came out unclearly but Todoroki sighed in relief at her composed attitude.

               “Momo, I’m behind a bunch of rubble around…” He looked up to find the nearest indication and continued in a whisper, “Around Tanpopo’s Floristry and 2nd street post office. I can’t hold out for more than 2 minutes, come quick with someone. I repeat, do not come alone. Do not engage alone.”

               “I got it,” she answered, and he knew she was worried about him by the sound of her voice, “ETA 45 seconds. When you hear my—“

               The radio became muffled as a sudden explosion erupted underneath his position. Todoroki dodged by the skin of his teeth and quickly shifted his weight to his left leg and sent a burst of fire towards his opponent. Despite having such a dull quirk, the man standing opposite of him had the melee prowess of a tiger and leapt to avoid the flames with ease.

               “You can’t dodge forever,” the man hissed, “my ‘crater’ quirk will shake earth to its very core and swallow you with it!”

               Somewhere behind Todoroki, he could hear footsteps and a distinct snap and he smirked knowingly.

               “Even if you aren’t scared of me,” the fire and ice hero stated as he made the man defer to his intense glare.

               “You should at least be scared of my wife.”

               An unannounced thunderous boom along with a cannon ball propelled itself over Todoroki’s head and he watched as his stunned opponent took it straight to his torso, sending him flailing through to the other side of the street. Tatters of footsteps followed and his wife’s shadow appeared itself.

               “Shouto!” She yelled in concern and Ojiro followed close behind. From afar, Dark Shadow and Tokoyami were holding the demonic villain down but were clearly experiencing difficulties avoiding the collapsing ground under their feet caused by the villain’s quirk.

               “Ojiro, bring Shouto out of here, I got this with Tokoyami, hurry,” her voice came out an octave lower than before, “this man wouldn’t know what hit him, literally…doing this to my husband is unforgivable.” It was no time to be laughing, but Todoroki couldn’t help but find his wife’s killer intent adorable.


               “I still can’t believe you went to confront that guy on your own, Shouto,” Momo was rolling the remaining unused portions of the gauze back into his original state, “If you do that again, I swear…”

               “Sorry for worrying you,” He skimmed his finger over his wife’s excellent handiwork and turned his wrapped arm to inspect the other side, “how’d you and Tokoyami get him within a minute?”

               A hint of red appeared on Yaoyorozu’s cheeks, “I perhaps went a little too crazy, I mean he was already weakened by you, and I was thinking rationally of course, just you know, broke four of his ribs, his pelvic bone, his hip bone and –“

               Todoroki cocked an eyebrow, “How?”

               “Oh, well the first canon broke most of his bones but afterwards Dark Shadow trapped him and I forged a machine gun to scare the man a little,” she paused sheepishly, “he didn’t surrender so I shot him with three tranquilizers, immobilizing him immediately.”

She sounded a little too proud and huffed, “I was quite happy that I’ve finally perfected my snipers, machine guns, and bazooka creations though, and who told him to leave you in this state, you gave me a near heart attack when I got Midoriya’s call!”

Todoroki was about to apologize for the twentieth time that day but was saved by a click of the doorknob.

Entered Midoriya, waving his hands, and two little girls.

“Say hi to Uncle and Auntie,” Midoriya tipped forward to speak to his daughters, “ask Uncle if he’s okay too, he would like that.” Yaoyorozu smiled at their guests and quickly picked up the youngest one, making sure the teddy bear in her hand didn’t plummet down painfully to the floor.

“Aww, I haven’t seen little Ayako and Sumire for so long!” Yaoyorozu’s eyes lit up without skipping a heartbeat and hugged onto the girl in her arms tightly, “look how much you’ve grown!”

“Sumire drew this for you,” Midoriya gentily placed a picture of what resembled a cat-dog-rabbit creature holding a lollipop onto Todoroki’s lap and the man smiled at the green-haired girl whom shyly hid behind her dad. When Sumire was young, everyone remembered, she always said that she wanted Uncle Todoroki to be her husband when she grew up, not understanding its implications, but now that she’s older, she would always hide in embarrassment whenever the latter was around.

“Who did your pig-tails for you?” Yaoyorozu put Ayako down onto the seat beside her and Todoroki watched as she gave a radiant grin towards the older one and the little girl shifted a little, looking up at her dad whom urged her softly to answer back.

“Mama,” Sumire replied and Midoriya placed a hand onto the end table to lean against it.

“Ochako’s not off yet, and the kids wanted to follow me to see their Auntie Momo so I hope they’re not too much of a nuisance,” the man spoke and crossed him arms, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t come to back you up, I was too far off 15th.”

Todoroki nodded and noticed Ayako and Yaoyorozu playing rock paper scissors in the corner of his vision, “don’t worry about it, I understand.”

Sumire pulled onto Midoriya’s plaid shirt and darted her gaze from Todoroki to her dad, “I want to go home Papa,” she paused, lines forming on her little forehead, “I’m tired and Mommy’s home.”

Midoriya gave Todoroki a crinkled smile and the said man slouched a little, “Sorry Todoroki, looks like I’ll have to visit another time, you know how kids are….” He tilted his body forward to coo Sumire and Ayako quickly jumped off her seat to where her sister was.

“Say byebye,” Midoriya told them. Who knew Midoriya could be so good with kids?

“Bye,” both of the little girls said at the same time and Ayako held her sister’s hand as both of them hopped out the door in their teeny brown loafers.

Yaoyorozu gave a loud exhale, “Did you hear that?” Delight was etched onto her face as she sat next to Todoroki, “The kids wanted to see their Auntie Momo!” She admired the picture on his lap for a bit before placing it down onto the end table with care.

The man turned his head over and without warning, he asked “why don’t we have kids?”

Yaoyorozu jolted a little from the sudden question and she felt a pang in her heart, “What?! I…I’ve never thought about being a mother…that’s just…”

“Ridiculous?” Todoroki finished her sentence for her and closed the distance between them, “Why would you think that?”

“Because I don’t know how to be a mother,” she added, eyes drifting off to obscurity. Todoroki awkwardly placed his two wrapped arms on her shoulder, forcing her to fix her eyes on him.

“You will learn how to,” he reassured. He watched as she lowered her gaze, “look at me, Momo. Trust me.”

“What if I …I get confused and lead them to the wrong path? Playing with kids and having one are totally different things. The responsibilities are endless! What if—“

“I’m here with you,” he intervened, “And I can’t imagine a more suitable woman to be a mother than you. Let alone the mother of my children. You’re patient and strong at the same time. I saw how you were with Midoriya’s kids. Every time you see Uraraka holding onto them, it makes me think.” He paused.

“I respect you so much, Momo, you know that.“

Yaoyorozu picked up her head and wrapped her arms around him. With a hushed voice, she said into his ear, “I don’t think I could get to where I am now without you.”

“And me too for you,” he pressed her closer and secured his right arm slightly around her shoulder, avoiding his sensitive wounds, “I bet you already have your top ten names in your head right now.”

Yaoyorozu thrusted her lower lip forward and rolled her eyes, “You know me too well, Shouto.”

He smirked, “but tell me when I’m discharged, visiting hours are over, so you’d better go before that nurse comes in to shoo you like last time.”

The woman stood up and straightened herself, examining the calm look on her husband’s face, “Fine, I might not be able to come tomorrow, so make sure you eat and get lots of rest.”

“Ah, sure,” Todoroki answered. He watched as his wife glanced over before she departed, casting him to sit in silence and in awe of the conversation they just had.

A thrilling rush overcame him and as he plopped his head down onto the comfy pillow, a train of daydreams fancied him. Lying on the bed in complete silence as he thought, a smile made way to his lips.

Hopefully we will have twins.

Heart-Pancakes for Emotional Healing and Protection

Today’s witchery was our dinner pancakes. I have these neat little heart-shaped things designed to cook pancakes or eggs into heart shapes right on the pan. So this was our dinner! 

You need pancake mix of your choice (store-bought is fine). I mix mine up using milk for extra happiness. Once mixed, add spices.
Cinnamon for emotional healing
Nutmeg for protection
Ginger to give the magic strength

Stir clockwise, saying whatever verbal component you prefer. Mine is usually just saying what aspect of the ingredients I wish to invoke and ending with something like “Let my will be done” while I infuse it with energy. 

Cook on a flat pan, set a little above medium heat (a good hot pan is best for pancakes) and sprayed or oiled with butter or a light vegetable oil. If you want the heart shape but can’t find the special shapers, which have a special little handle to lift them up, you can also use a metal cookie cutter and a pair of metal tongs. Just be sure to spray/oil the inside of the cutter thoroughly before each pancake, and place directly on the pan as flat as possible. Pour the batter into the mould, and make sure the batter gets to all corners of the shape. Don’t fill too full as pancakes usually rise a bit. Wait until batter has bubbled thoroughly and edges are beginning to congeal before using the tongs to gently lift the cookie cutter straight up, and flip pancake. Cook to desired browning and serve with preferred toppings. 

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!

That concludes todays magical cooking lesson! Thanks for reading!

//Auntie Zevmun’s handy tips for avoiding uncomfortable situations and having a good time on tumblr dot com


  • Protect yourself – Blacklist the tags of things that make you uncomfortable.
  • Turn off anon asks – If you are getting hate, then turning off anon is the most surefire way to make it stop.
  • Unfollow blogs that post things you don’t like – self-explanatory. You’re not obligated to follow anyone. If you don’t like their posts, goodbye!
  • Use good judgment – This person likes to reblog incest smut frequently and incest squicks me out. Should I follow them? Probably not.
  • Take breaks – If roleplay is stressing you out or making you unhappy, that’s a good sign that you need to take a step back. Getting too involved is understandable, and no one will blame you if you have to take a mental break to take care of number one.
  • RP with your friends – Communities are about friendship! And finding a group of people who share your ideas and write with you well is rare. Treasure your friends, and don’t be afraid to associate with them whenever possible!
  • Write what you want – We’re all here for a little catharsis, and some tastes are different than others. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, write your freaky heart out, my friend.
  • Tag common triggers – Tagging is common courtesy. What you consider to be “within reason” is up to you, but my general rule is to tag for anything that might make for an R-rated movie. 
  • Use universal trigger tags – Piggybacking on the last point, please remember to tag your aforementioned incest posts as “incest tw” or “incest cw” rather than “tw: incest”. The former will be picked up by most, if not all extensions. And please don’t use special characters in the tag, for this reason! 
  • Talk to someone if you have a problem with what they are doing – If you aren’t willing to ignore it or block it, then talk about it. Most people are reasonable creatures. If you approach them politely and explain to them what they’re doing that makes you uncomfortable or hurts your feelings, they’ll oblige. Or they won’t. In which case,
  • Cut people out of your life – This one is much easier said than done. (Trust me, I know by experience) But in this world wide web, there are inevitably going to be people you don’t get along with, or have irreconcilable differences with. If you and a person just aren’t ever going to be friends, don’t talk to them. If a person is an actively negative presence in your life, then stop talking to them. You’re not obligated to be friends with anyone in the world. 
  • Take responsibility for your own actions – I can’t stress this enough. You made an inflammatory post on a public forum? Then you better be prepared for people to disagree with you. You said a shitty thing? Then own up to it. You know you have certain triggers and you didn’t protect yourself? Sounds like you need to go back to bullet one, my friend. You made your bed, now lie in it. 


  • Send anon hate -- Doesn’t actually accomplish anything but tear other people down. On the internet, it’s easy to forget that other users are people too, and if receiving the same message would upset you, there’s a good chance you shouldn’t send it. Even if you’re right, I guarantee you 99% of the time you won’t be taken seriously anyways. 
  • Make call-out posts – Sadly we live in a time when internet witch hunts are the trendy way to deal with our problems, rather than referring to the Talking bullet point. Like the above, it accomplishes nothing but alienates, hurts, and makes the subject defensive, and call up your personal army (who probably don’t actually have a stake in this otherwise) to gang up on them. 
  • Pressure people to write what you want them to – It’s like, their blog man. Let them write what they want, and if you don’t like it, see bullet point 3. 
  • Blame other people for your issues – I’m probably not going to make any friends by saying this, and it’s not going to make you happy, but it’s the truth. You are not entitled to the world bending over backwards for you. As a more eloquent user said once “your mental issues are not someone else’s cage”. If, for example, you know that seeing someone get a compliment exacerbates your anxiety, the correct response is not to disparage that person for their compliment-getting. That is an issue with your own insecurities that you need to work out on your own time. While yes, you should absolutely take care of number one (see all the Dos above) you shouldn’t do it at the expense of someone else.
  • Be an asshole - That’s really what all of this boils down to, my friend. Do unto others, and all that. Don’t tear people down. Be good, like the kind of neighbor Mr. Rogers knew you could be.