aunty problems

This totally happened, by the way. Not made up. At all.

But can you imagine a group of aunties at a get together

Like do they just pull out pics like deck of cards and its like

Hassan 5"11
Brown eyes
In Med school
22 years of age

Javed 5"8
Green eyes
Has a beautiful recitation voice .
Manager of his own restaurant .
Knows how to cook
25 years old

Ali 6"4
Brown eyes
Has nice teeth
Dental Hygienist
24 years of age

And some auntie comes along and goes

Put her cards on a table

Loves cats
Majored in Biology
Nice lips
hazel eyes
23 years old

And goes I’ll love to pair this up with Ali please think of the tall children they’ll make

And some other auntie comes in and say not so fast, I remember you told me fatimah had an attitude problem(cause aunties don’t be shutting up about anything for the most part) I have a Hiba who is better match

Has own clothing line
Nice eyebrows
24 years old … Like do they duel with each other like this 😂

Brown Problems
  • Some auntie on the phone with Mom: So how old is your daughter?
  • Mom: She'll be 22 soon.
  • Me: (oh no, here it comes)
  • Me: (hoe dont do it)
  • Lady: *says something about marriage*
  • Mom: Ah yes, please let me know if you can find a good boy.
  • Me:
  • Mom: Aw, my daughter is making a face. She hates the thought of marriage. How cute.
  • Lady: *wonders if I already have someone in mind*
  • Mom: Haha, do you like someone, sweetie?
  • Me:
  • Mom: She'll come around soon.