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Imperial problem child verse: With Luke in and out of the Executor periodically, does Ahsoka ever cross paths with her old teacher in their mutual attempts to protect the Skybabies? How do those meetings go?

The first meeting probably went really really badly. He had thought (hoped) she was dead, so he wouldn’t have to go after her again, she’s got a million and one Rebel secrets to keep and doesn’t need even the slightest risk of someone gaining access to that information in her brain, and both of them have some scores left unsettled.

Vader goes back to his ship with one working arm and his cape is on fire. Ahsoka goes back to her ship with serious burns and a broken foot. Neither will admit that they’re secretly glad the other escaped.

The second time they meet, they’re literally both in the middle of trying to find Luke and a small ground assault team in the middle of a firefight (think the Jedha city ambush in Rogue One)
“I have no time for you, Tano,” Vader snaps, “I have come for my son.”
“Join the club!” Ahsoka retorts, “If you can find him! He’s your recklessness and his mom’s escape-artist tendencies in one terrible package!”

They tend to just sort of acknowledge each other’s presence and leave in subsequent encounters, unless they’ve both showed up to help Luke.

Except for once. One time they both turned up in a Zygerrian slaver fortress in the dead of night and wreaked such devastation that there was hardly anything left by dawn. Ahsoka had her lightsabers, and Vader muted his breathing and borrowed Obi-wan’s old saber, and both kept to the shadows. They left two survivors to spread a tale of “The Jedi’s Revenge”.
Nobody told Luke or the Alliance.

Before you talk shit about another person, ask yourself these three things:

1) Is it true?
2) Is it positive?
3) Is it in anyway useful to the other person?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then shut the fuck up.

—  Girls, lets have each others backs.

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Foe imperial problem child, what if someone found "Anakin skywalkers" comm from clone wars and accidentally play it in front of rebels and empire... Recordings to Anakin Skywalker when he was too busy. "Please never improvise again" from zillo beast along with other things like from padme, obi wan and the council... Silly and serious things. Ahsoka and 501st prank calling him but end up with voice mail. Or drunk calling him.

Well it does bring up the question of whether he would’ve kept the old comm line (my suspicion is that he’d probably have destroyed it in his “that man is deeeeaaaadd*” phase of Darth Vaderness)
(*Which is actually the title of a track from one of the Count of Monte Cristo musicals and I find that amusingly appropriate)

But if he were to dig out the old communicator frequencies (nobody’s monitored these things in twenty years, why should they bring up any suspicion now?), that’d be a pretty good way for him to stay in contact with Luke and the other members of the conspiracy without alerting either Rebel or Imperial forces to their alliance. Actually, I like that. I like the idea that the members of this rebellion-in-a-rebellion are using “outdated” Clone Wars era tech and communication lines to send secret messages. Like that scene in Independence Day when they’re all using Morse Code so the aliens won’t know what they’re up to.

Of course, Luke would have his personal frequency and only Luke. But Luke, sweet kid that he is, went to show Ahsoka so he could gush about how cool Clone Wars tech was and man you guys made do with some improvised tech out on the fields and not much has changed has it? And what are these things made of? They’re like indestructible?!
And Ahsoka is just enjoying this babbling spiel, letting Luke be Luke, when she suddenly notices the frequency he’s tuning to is a very familiar one.
Wait a minute.
Did he seriously-? Oh yes, yes he did.

And now that Ahsoka knows Vader has dusted off his old comm frequency, she’s going to use this to her advantage.
Hope you like random update calls in the middle of your flight, Vader. You’re just lucky the old comm frequencies don’t support holo files or you’d be getting selfies too.

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I head canon that Aphra and Ahsoka get on surprisingly well.

They probably do! I mean, once they get past the “I helped Vader do some pretty shady things” part.
Ahsoka might look at her, snark, pirate buddies and all, and think “Oh no, it’s me ten years ago.”

Aphra might look at Ahsoka, snark, command and all and think “I bet that’s gonna be me someday….I hope I’m never that responsible.”

I Don't Know You

I just got the phone handed to me by my father. I don’t know this woman, he didn’t even give me a name. It’s your auntie he said. WHICH AUNTY YOU KNOW I HAVE 1809284982398 OF THEM! Then the conversation goes just like this. Every. Time. Plus the connection is bad so half the time she can’t even hear what I’m saying. 

Auntie: How are you?

Me: Good how are you?

Auntie: That’s good.

Me: *laughs awkwardly*

Auntie: *chuckles*

Me: *breathes because I know if I hang up or give the phone back my dad will be pissed*

Auntie: So do you remember me?

Me: (because I’m feeling like a bad ass) Not really sorry Auntie

Auntie: Heh! You don’t remember me! I changed your diapers when you were not even 1 years old how do you not remember me! 

Me: *praises God internally that she can’t see me because I’m rolling my eyes so hard* Sorry Auntie. I guess it just slipped my mind. 

Auntie: That’s good.

Auntie: So when are you coming to visit me?

Me: (I don’t know where this woman lives) Man, I don’t know ask my dad. Haha haha.

Auntie: That’s good.

Auntie: How’s school?

Me: Good

Auntie: You betta study hard and get A’s so you can be doctor. Hehn Hehn

Me: yeah

Me: awkward silence

Auntie: awkward silence 

Me: So do you want to talk to my brother?

Auntie: That’s good.