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Imagine single dad Tony AU in which his son/daughter got lost in a party or something and T'challa helps her find her dad by letting her sit on his shoulder for better vantage point. *_* It's just that he looks so dreamy in a suit when I watched CW I'm just

The only reason he heard the small sniffle was because of a sudden lull in the music and conversation around him. T’Challa glanced around, frowning slightly, and eventually spotted a flash of bright fabric disappearing under one of the banquet tables.

He made his way over, crouching down at the end and lifting the cloth to see under.

A little girl in a bright blue dress looked up from her knees, staring at him with large, wet eyes. She sniffled again, and hugged her knees tighter.

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Oops you are right, sorry about that. Well, thoughts on Baby Tony and Auntie Pepper maybe? I have always thought that Pepper would be the spoileriest aunt ever with a baby as cute as Tony 😁

She spoils his rotten. Whenever he goes to see her, She always has a new toy, and gives him kisses and snuggles, and Tony loves her. She’s the best.

The Name Game - A Future Fic in the Lone Bear & Cub 'Verse

Again, it must be stated, sadly, that this is all Tony’s fault.

Tony has a number of nicknames for Misha - Caplet, Stevelet, Steeblet, Cap Junior, Bitty Baby Cap, Bear Cub, Baby Bear - he’s rather proud of the fact that he’s got nearly as many nicknames for the little guy as he does for the little guy’s proud parents.

Misha, at nearly two years old, is already happily babbling in a mix of English, Russian, Romanian and to his honorary Filipino grandmother’s eternal amusement - Tagalog.  He’s already managing complete phrases in a loud, clear voice and it probably helps that every time he manages to say something new, he’s promptly nuzzled and kissed by one or both of his doting fathers.  He’s an affectionate, good-natured, cheerful baby and because of his Uncle Tony, his favorite game is the “Name Game” or as Uncle Sam put it, the “Who’s/What’s That” Game. 

Perhaps it’s because Misha’s growing up among a lot of talkers - who also speak different languages - but half the fun of the Name Game is figuring out what New Thing Misha has learned.  And usually, Uncle Tony is to blame for a lot of it.

“I’ll be the Bad Influence who’ll send the kid to MIT - the Tony Stark Scholarship Fund for Bitty Bear Caplets,” Tony boasts.  “Everyone else can be the boring uncles and aunties."  And then.  "Uh.  Maybe not Nat.  Definitely not Nat.”

Nat smiles angelically.

Steve, of course, is “Dada!” and “Dada” usually gets greeted by a happy crow and an insistence to be picked up.  Dada is usually happy to obey his tiny soldier’s orders, snuggling him close and asking him about his day, paying close attention to the cheerful baby babble. 

And then, one day, “Dada” becomes “Dada Dollface” which makes his poor Dada go very, very pink.

“Misha, where’d you hear that, baby?”

Misha, of course, points to his flabbergasted and amused other father.  “Poppa! Poppa’s Dada Dollface.”

Of course, Steve’s not letting this one go.  “Well, what about Poppa?  What’s Poppa’s name?”

Misha stuck a finger in his mouth and thought about it.  It didn’t take long.


Nat, of course, was “Tetya!"  "Pitty Tetya!” was another name, because apparently, Misha loved to pat at Nat’s hair.  But then one day, Misha was heard to say, “Pitty Tetya kicks ass!”

At which point, Steve and Bucky bellowed “CLINT!” because, of course, this was all Uncle Clint’s fault.

Uncle Sam became “Uncle Birdie” instead of “Cool Uncle Sam” because Misha loved his wings.  And in revenge for teaching Misha how to say “ass” Uncle Clint became “Uncle Birdbrain!” courtesy of Poppa.  

JARVIS was actually very touched to be called “Uncle Jarvis” to begin with and Tony pretended to be all resigned to find out that Misha was now JARVIS’ new favorite.  Tony also taught Misha, however, that the magic words were “Auntie Pepper is owwsum” which the baby dutifully repeated with a grin that was very much like his Dada Steve’s with a little extra twinkle in his eye that was all his Poppa Bucky’s. 

Bruce was “Uncle Doc” and his alter ego was “Uncle Hulk” and either way, when Misha demanded to be handed over to either of the two, he had to be obeyed or a tantrum would be in short order.  Uncle Hulk, for his part, would gently cradle the little one in big green hands, just like a kitten, and would happily watch the Muppets together, because they both loved Kermit. 

Occasionally, Misha would be babbling in his crib to what would be, at first glance, imaginary friends.  It’s not until Steve and Bucky ask more questions that Misha would tell them about “Uncle Monty,” “Uncle Jim,” “Uncle Dum Dum,” “Uncle Gabe” and “Aunt Peggy.”

There’s a lump in both their throats and maybe their eyes could be a tad suspiciously bright but they don’t doubt the presences of the loving Ghostly Peanut Gallery around their baby.

“Uncle Howard sad,” was a phrase they definitely didn’t expect to hear but it was pure luck that Misha had said it when Tony wasn’t around. 

Uncle Thor was good for tossing Misha high in the air and always catching him, much to loud squeals and giggling.  Uncle Thor and Aunt Jane would be getting a baby of their own very, very soon too and yes, Misha, that’s a baby in Aunt Jane’s tummy, not a ball. 

Uncle Nick had to learn to keep a lid on the swearing when he was around Misha although Misha did once tell Uncle Birdbrain to “go the fuck to sleep” when he was all “sick” and wouldn’t listen to “Pitty Tetya." 

Tony had wanted to teach Misha to call Director Coulson Uncle Agent but Aunt Darcy had gotten to the kid first.  Phil Coulson would forever be known as Uncle Squee or in Misha-speak "Uncle Swee.”

To this day, no one has yet to admit who taught the baby that Uncle Tony was a “Pain in the Ass." 

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Note:  I mention the Howling Commandos Ghostly Peanut Gallery in honor of determamfidd’s return to Tumblr and because apparently my Ghostly Peanut Gallery have been taking notes from Dets’ own Ghostly Peanut Gallery of Dwarves in Sansukh. ** gigglefits **