auntie's curse

between-charmed-and-cursed  asked:

If you met your baby bat past self right now, what would you say to her?

  1. Do your damn math homework in 6th grade. Not doing it all year = bad plan.
  2. The various boys  you will date in your early 20s do not treat you as well as you deserve. Also, don’t listen to them when they say “you’d be so hot if you lost 20lbs”
  3. Just believe in yourself, kiddo. 

Now is come the hour of the sunset rest, for man and beast, and now the Devil and all things evil gives double power to blast and ban!

My curse descend on the arm that cast the stone. Before three moons have come and gone thy arm from finger tips to shoulder blade, shalt wither and waste to skin and bone!

—  A curse of Auntie Maggie to a local, whom had thrown a stone at her window: West Country Witches by Michael Howard