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You had just arrived in London where you were staying with your auntie for the holidays. It was early morning and you had just arrived at the fairly large house that was owned by your auntie Sophia. “hi y/n, how are you? You’ve gotten so tall!” She exclaimed as you carried your suitcase through the door. “Auntie soph, I’m great! How about you?” You were really happy to see your auntie after she left for 4 months, she was a great laugh! She was only 28 and didn’t treat you like a child. She had long wavy blonde hair and hazelnut eyes, she was beautiful to say the least. She continued to fill you in on what had happen and then showed you to your room. After getting settled in aunt soph asked you to go to the shops. She even gave you directions on how to get there. You must have messed up somewhere cause you ended up outside some weird building with a lot of girls surrounding it, you wanted to avoid them so you went round the back. As you were walking round, a door opened and a boy came running out laughing… “Oh sh- please don’t scream…” You looked at him strangely, “why would I…?” You questioned, he looked you up and down. “Are you not a fan?” You started laughing “a fan!?!” He looked at you blankly, he was being serious. “No, I’m not a fan of…Whatever is going on here, now could you tell me where the shops are?” The boy laughed “sure my meet and greet doesn’t start for another 2 hours anyway.” You felt bad not knowing this boy “meet and greet? You must be pretty famous” he laughed “obviously not that famous,” he pointed out. You both laughed. He took you to the nearest shop and you got what you needed,. You decided you would stop and go into the big building with him to meet his friends. “Guys this is… Um, what’s your name?” He was blushing “y/n” you must have forgotten to tell him earlier, whoops “this is y/n” he introduced you. “Hey y/n, always nice to meet a supporter,” one of the boys said. You and the boy from before laughed at the same time. The guys were confused. “She isn’t a supporter, she doesn’t even know who we are…” They all blushed, “oh I’m sorry, habit I guess… I’m Harry, that’s Harrison , Jacob and of course you know Tom …” So that was his name, Tom ! “It’s nice to meet you all!” Jacob spoke up “I take it you don’t know why we’re famous…” You apologetically shook your head. Tom laughed “well I’m Actually the new Spider-Man, Jacob is my Co-star who plays Ned and Harry and Harrison are basically just family” Your eyes went wide, you felt quite foolish. “When you put like that, we sound unimportant ” Harry laughed “no, I see what he means, plus you guys are really cute, no wonder there are so many girls out there” you shot them a wink, they all blushed, some looked down at there feet… “I like her already!” Harrison laughed. You said bye to them all and started to walk home, Tom had caught up with you. “Y/n! Wait!” You stopped and turned around “yeah?!?” He walked up to you “here’s my number, I would like to hear more from you…” He smirked “ok mr.famous” you giggled. He gave you the number and you returned back to auntie soph’s “what took you so long…?” She questioned “sorry I got a little lost…” You sighed trying to contain your smile. You ran upstairs and texted tom immediately.

You: hey, you know if I didn’t get lost today, we wouldn’t have met…

Tom: maybe your were following your heart instead of your head ;)

You: calm down mr. Famous I think I might faint!

Tom: hey,  you may not be a fan of me but I’m definitely a fan of you…
Hello, I know that was pretty bad but I tried 😂 and also this is my first imagine so please try not to be harsh xox


I love blurb night! I didn’t participate last time, but holy hell is it cool.

“Claire-bear,” Louis lilted as he crept through the house looking for his little five year old. “Mumma…” he continued. “Where are my lovely ladies?” He asked.

Claire giggled as the two of you hid in the closet and you put your finger to her little lips and you smiled gently at her. “You have to be quiet or Dadda will hear us,” you told her. She smiled back and nodded.

“Oh no! They must have left me!” He said dramatically. He knew you were hiding in her closet. He started to pretend cry going on about how neither of his favorite girls loved him any longer. The Daddy’s girl that she is, Claire burst from behind the door to comfort Daddy.

“Daddy! I’m here!” She said knowingly so that he would stop crying. “We were just playing hide and seek remember Daddy? Mumma and I were hiding!” She reminded him with a tiny little giggle. You rolled your eyes at your dramatic husband making your daughter worry about him–and losing this round.

Louis smiled brightly at her and scooped her into his lap as he sat up on her bed and kissed her cheek. She laughed from the bottom of her tiny little belly and Louis was just so in love with the half angel (she got her angelicness from you) and half devil (from his mischievous side). He adored her. “You’ll never leave me right, baby girl?” He asked.

“No, Daddy,” she shook her head simply. How could she? He was her entire world. Everything Louis did made Claire fall more in love with him. He was her best friend and he did everything he possibly could to make her happy because he was just as in love with her.

“What about Mumma?” He asked as you crawled out of the closet. He looked at you like he did the first time he saw you. He was shy and innocent but he totally wanted to kiss you if it was the last thing he did. You sat beside him wrapping an arm around his waist. “Is Mumma gonna leave me?” He wondered and smirked at you.

“I’m a bit committed now, Louis, don’t you think?” you said and kissed his cheek and then rested your head on his shoulder as you held his bicep and snuggled against your cuddly husband. “Plus, you’re really cute.”

His cheeks let a light hue of pink paint his skin. “Mumma thinks I’m cute,” he whispered knowingly to Claire.

Claire nodded. “Mumma tells Auntie Sophia all the time how cute you are,” Claire said knowingly. You gaped. You couldn’t believe she was actually absorbing that information enough to repeat it.

“Does she!?” Louis smiled brightly at you as you blushed heavily. “What else does Mumma say when I’m not around?” He questioned.

“Claire–” You started to warn…

“She says you kiss good and smell like woods and make her feel all butterfly-ey,” Claire said. You continued to blush and Louis stared at you with a lopsided grin as Claire played with the bracelets on his wrists.

“Claire, did you know that Mumma is the most beautiful woman in the world and she makes me feel fluttery too?” He said quietly to her but stared straight into your eyes. You couldn’t look away. The blue was so magnetic and beautiful, he loved to look at you. You were the best thing that ever happened to him. Without you he wouldn’t have this family he adored so much. He wouldn’t have anything without you.

Claire looked at the two of you and she stuck her tongue out. “Ew! Are you guys gonna kiss?” She whined and then took off screaming for her room. Louis and you chuckled under your breath and then he tilted your chin up to look into your eyes some more.

Louis cupped either side of your face and planted his lips against yours. He smiled when he pulled away and then kissed you again a few more times. “I love you, sweetheart…thank you for her…and you and…” he shook his head with a smile. “God, I love you,” he whispered.

“Mumma! Daddy! Come play with me!” Claire yelled before you could answer Louis.

“I love you, more,” you whispered back. “And thank you for all you’ve done for me…and Claire…and all you will do,” you smiled at him then kissed him again and then tugged him to play with Claire.

Chop, Chop, Chip

I Have Loved You Since Series: Chop, Chop, Chip


“Why do we have to?” Harry pouted from the bed. His back was leaning against the headboard with Darcy sat on his stomach, still asleep. She had just turned five a few weeks ago and she was already running around, making you and Harry chase her everywhere. Just last night, she refused to stay in bed making you and Harry stay up past midnight. 

“Harry, she needs to,” you said firmly from where you stood in the bathroom. “Her hair is getting way too long.”

It was nearly ten in the morning and you had to get ready for the appointment at noon. You had made plans with Eleanor and Sophia for play dates with the babies afterwards. Darcy loved seeing them; she’d cry every time they left each other. 

“But it looks nice on her, her hair’s so pretty,” he continued as he stroked her soft, blonde, brown hair.

“It’s not healthy,” you added. You watched Darcy begin to squirm in Harry’s arms as she was waking from her slumber. 

“Good morning, little one,” Harry cooed as Darcy lifted her head from his chest. “Did you sleep well, my love?" 

Darcy nodded, bouncing herself up and down. She was at the age where she was hyper and everything around her was funny and sweet. He loved it, you loved it. You loved watching her laugh at every little thing; it was music to your ears. 

You came over to the side of the bed and watched as Darcy climbed off Harry’s belly and bounced her way over to you. “Good morning sunshine,” you cheered, reaching for her. She squealed and pushed her tiny hands against your stomach, lifting your shirt up to see your belly button. She poked her finger inside and concentrated on your navel, causing you to giggle.

"C’mon, my love, we have to get ready,” you picked her up in your arms and placed her on your hip, heading out of your bedroom. “Are you ready to get a haircut?” She beamed and pulled on her hair, as you set her down on her bed. “What color do you want to wear today, princess?” You pulled opened her closet and began rummaging through her clothes. 

“Pink Mumma,” she lisped and threw her hands above her head in excitement. “Pink!”

“Pink?” you giggled. “Well, pink it is then.” You took out a cream, pink dress and began tugging off Darcy’s onesie. You fixed her diaper before pulling on the dress. She wiggled and tried to rip the tab off her diaper, she didn’t like them and she was always whining to take them off. You and Harry always scolded her about it but you could never be too mean. She was so delicate and the two of you hated yelling at her. 

“Are we ready?” Harry appeared at the head of the door with wet hair and a button down in hand. 

“Darcy’s good,” you picked her up and handed her to Harry. “I just have to change and I’ll be down in a few. Can you give her some food before we leave?" 

Harry nodded and headed downstairs with the anxious baby.


"Oi, I can’t look,” Harry hid his head in your neck as the lady in the salon wrapped the cloth around Darcy’s neck. You rolled your eyes and laughed as you brought your hand behind Harry’s hair, giving him a small rub. 

“You’ll live, baby.” You watched as Darcy sat still while the lady slowly chopped off some hair at the bottom, making her way up. You held the phone in front of you and recorded her very first haircut while Harry focused strictly on the pair of scissors, making sure they didn’t get too close. 

Darcy began to get squirmy and didn’t want to sit still any longer. The barber was just about to get to her bangs as she started to tug on the cloth tied around her. “Mumma,” she whimpered. 

“It’s okay sweets,” you reassured her, walking over to hold her hand. “Just a little longer, I promise.” She began to cry even louder. The women around turned their heads and started to stare while the barber stepped back.

Harry came around on the other side and Darcy grabbed his hand. “It’s okay, little one,” he smiled. “Do you want to play on daddy’s phone while you sit?” Harry reached for his phone in his back pocket and handed it to her. She took it with both of her hands and her wailing slowed. “No more tears, okay?” Darcy nodded and picked a game while the barber finished her hair.

“Alright, we’re done darlings,” the barber untied the cloth and let Darcy slip off the chair. She dashed over towards the mirrored wall as she began to run her fingers through her new, shorter hair. 

“How do you like it baby,” you asked behind her. “You look so pretty!” You bent down to her height and rubbed her back. 

“I wuv it, Mumma,” she squealed, clapping her hands together. 

“I’m glad, sweets. Now are you ready to show your new do to everyone?” She nodded and reached up for you. You picked her up and gathered your things as Harry paid the lady and thanked her. 


“Look who’s here!” Louis exclaimed as he opened the door. “Why don’t you look beautiful, Darce!” He stuck out his hands and waited for Darcy to oblige into his arms; her short arms embraced her uncle as the two of you entered. 

Louis placed Darcy down and held her hand while he finished greeting the two of you. “Hey Louis,” you gave him a quick hug and Harry stepped inside, giving his best mate a hug as well. 

You spotted Eleanor coming down the stairs with Olivia on her hip and William following behind, “Hey babe!” You hugged her and offered to take Olivia into your arms while the two of you chatted. 

“Liam and Soph are already out back on the grill,” Louis pointed with his beer; Harry reckoned he was already a bit tipsy. You all followed behind and he slid open the door to the patio where Audrey and Adrianna were sat on the grass by Liam and Sophia.

“Ayye, look who’s here!” Liam cheered, raising his bottle. You all greeted one another and grabbed a plate. 

“Auntie Sophia,” Darcy tugged on Soph’s dress. “Have you seen my new hair?” Sophia bent down and smiled at the chripy baby. 

“Why, yes I have. Don’t you look stunning,” Soph commented. She reached for Darcy’s hand and twirled her in circles, “And that dress is beautiful as well.” Darcy giggled to the compliments showering over her. 

You were sat next to Harry by the grill and you watched as your daughter flaunted her new hairstyle, “Darcy, what are we supposed to say to Auntie Soph?” 

“Thank you, Auntie Soph,” Darcy placed a kiss on Soph’s cheek and strolled off to play with Will, Olivia, Audrey, and Adrianna. 


“Thanks mate!” Harry hugged Louis before heading over to Eleanor to say goodbye. “This was fun." 

"Yeah, yeah, we should do it again soon,” Louis patted Harry’s back before bending down to say goodbye to Audrey and Adrianna.

The twins were just beginning to learn how to walk, they crawled over to where Louis stood and attempted to stand to their feet to reach for their uncle. Sophia picked up Audrey as Liam continued to slip on Adrianna’s shoes. 

You picked up your purse from the table and grabbed Darcy’s sweater off the chair. “C’mon Darcy, say goodbye, we have to go.” 

Darcy came bouncing out from the family room, holding Olivia’s hand, “Mumma, can’t we stay?” She pouted. 

“I’m sorry sweets, we have to get home,” you bent down to kiss Olivia goodbye. “We can come back soon though, I promise.” You walked back over with Darcy and Olivia and Eleanor took her daughter back into her arms. 

“I’ll see you soon,” Louis waved along with Eleanor. Harry held Darcy’s hand as you gave one last kiss to William before leaving. 

“Bye guys!" 


Thank you to the anon who requested this. Darcy is so adorable and she’s not even real! Oh my. 

Here’s a little something extra for you guys before I head off the bed. In case you were wondering; Audrey and Adrianna are twin girls of Liam and Sophia and William and Olivia are the children of Louis and Eleanor. 

Let me know what you guys thought and continue to send in your requests! I love hearing your ideas, they make me want to write so much! 

Goodnight lovelies, love you! Nicole. Xoxo