auntie jilli visits the uk

Things I have learned on my UK holiday:

By Jillian, age 44

- The David Bowie exhibit at the V&A is ABSOLUTELY worth getting up early and spending an hour in line to get tickets. It was a near-religious experience for me; I was close to tears looking at the handwritten lyric sheet for “Rock ‘n Roll Suicide”.

- Apparently it is my destiny to be recognized at alt/punk fashion exhibits! Two lovely young ladies came and said hi at the punk exhibit at the Met in NYC, and a very sweet girl did the same at the club fashion exhibit at the V&A.

- If I have a needle, black or white thread, and a small straight razor, I can do just about every clothing alteration I need.

- I am almost willing to start hexing people if I meant I would have readily available iced Americanos (LOTS OF ICE) and free wifi. Yes, there’s Starbucks, but I am a true Seattle native, and am … not a fan of Starbucks’ roast.

All in all, I am having a wonderful time! Even if it is too beastly hot.