Be CLEAR on what you want in life.


Figure out what your soul wants to feel!

Knowing how you want to FEEL is the STRONGEST asset you can have when it comes to CLARITY.

Your CREATIVITY comes from the POWER you generate from those feelings.

REMEMBER YOUR TRUE SELF and the rest will fall into place. Xo

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VANS vans?

Ilang araw na ring bumabagabag sa isip ko kung anong kulay ba ng vans mas okay.

Eto bang Towny port red?

or etong Navy?

First love ko kasi yung towny port red, kaso sabi ng tropa ko sa manila medyo mahirap hirap hanapin. Dalawang vans shop na pinuntahan niya puro out of stock na daw e. ahay! Tsk. 

Uy? Sa tingin mo ano mas okay? Towny port red or Navy? SALAMAT!

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It has recently been revealed to my conscious mind that I have a tendency to retreat to inauthenticity as a method of self-protection.

This is incredibly common among people, because most of us wear masks and expect other folks to do the same. To maintain other’s expectations of us as well as those of our own mind, is to completely deny one’s natural intentions. Being compassionate does not mean to deny one’s own emotions for the sake of someone else. To ignore your own feelings is to disallow yourself self-compassion. You cannot take care of other people before you take care of yourself.

Furthermore, it is all too easy to use compassion as a scapegoat to obey your inner fears. Fear of: rejection, reaction, judgement. Fear of facing others in order to be true to one’s self can easily be disguised as “being compassionate” or “letting it go”. Both of which are ultimately good intentions but not at such a high cost.

Heaven forbid this mask you wear becomes metaphorically fused onto your face, all the while your true thoughts and feelings shrivel and die inside your shell. Shells of people are not pleasant to be around. The feeling of bad vibes coming from behind a fake smile is incredibly unnerving.

In the end you will gain more respect from more people by respecting your own feelings, than you will enemies you gain from speaking your true thoughts. Be authentic.