auntbabe said: Redbeard was a pirate in the 1400s. Based on Sherlock’s reaction I’m wondering if it maybe was the name of a pet he had as a child?

I say: Yeah, that my first initial kneejerk thought, too. 


I totally understand being dissatisfied with a story to inspire you to write! What are your fic pet-peeves? In other words, if you’re reading something what immediately turns you off of reading it?

Rubbish story concepts and bad characterisation. There are some story concepts where you literally cannot envision it happening in that way. The characters don’t react right and it’s all just…no. It’s kind of a gut feeling. Like when you just know the food you’re thinking about eating is off. Oh, and feminising a character who is canonically masculine just because they’re in a gay relationship (or masculinising a feminine one for the same reason). Basically, it’s characterisation mostly. It’s either right and it’s glorious or it’s wrong and it’s just… weird.

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Hi there, can I ask a favor? The epub version of PiaLR doesnt include the text of the coming out" letter thats talked about during the meeting of Team Awesome. Could you please add it in somehow? thanks and I cant wait for the sequel!!

I don’t think there’s anything I can do about that, unfortunately.  I don’t format the ebook versions, that’s automated by the site.  The press release is an image, and therefore doesn’t translate in some formats, although I’m pretty sure I can see it on my Kindle version.

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Baker Street Afternoon Blend @ Upton tea - my fav!…

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“You can make tea with our coffee maker” people should be strung up by their thumbs! Suggestion: try Upton Teas, their loose leaf Assams are quite lovely, and you can sort by new arrivals so you can buy teas practically right off the boat!

I have heard lots of good things about Upton Teas! I have a friend who swears by them, too!