Captain Janeway discovers her Aunt Martha out in the Delta Quadrant. No weird stuff - she’s just there. In the middle of space. In a cottage. She invites the entire crew inside for coffee and brunch, and everything is very very nice. She gives Neelix a recipe for her famous drunken marmalade, and they part ways with increasingly confused stares on the faces of the Voyager crew.


RIP Bialy, Standard Poodle (13 y/o) • “I don’t know how to say it. He was too kind – a true mensch. He lived for his wife Rigby, a yellow Lab, and their nine puppies. He outlived his wife and was devoted to his younger girlfriend, Babka. He also loved his aunt Martha. He was a gentle soul and would become a love bug as soon as anyone pet him. His sweetness will be missed.” @dogsenjoylife

i want to write for hamiltime but i’m also nervous/uncomfortable bc of the obvious reasons.  that being said, i spent a lot of time on wikipedia articles trying to be fairly historically accurate lmao.  this is a little au in terms of hamiltime timeline but i wanted to include the hamilsquad and i can’t do that in act ii time bc one is dead and the other two are awol.

title: down for the count
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 5643 (i am incapable of writing anything that isn’t slow burn wtf)

(requested by @notalwaysfair: the reader (female) could be friends with the Hamilsquad or/and Washingtons niece and Thomas have to prove the squad that he loves her?)

Thomas never backs down from a challenge.

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Aunt Martha - Bloodshot

Everyone Loves a Wedding

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Trope-Tastic: Tadashi + 2. Fake dating/married turns into real dating. 

“We’re best friends, right?” Tadashi asked you, swiveling around in his desk chair to face you.

“Of course we are!” You said, looking up from one of his old comic books.

“So that means we do huge favors for one another if they need them, right?” He asked, giving you one of his sweetest smiles.

You put down the book and got off his bed. “What are you up to, Hamada?”

“Nothing bad!” He reassured.

“Uh huh, sure. Out with it, then. What’s going on?” You pressed, both curious and a little scared.

“Well…my second cousin Hana is getting married, and Cass, Hiro and I were invited.” Tadashi explained.

“Okay…?” You said, still unsure of what that had to do with you.

“I was, um, I was hoping you’d come with me as my plus one and…pretend to be my girlfriend.” He asked, sheepishly.

“What? Why?”

“Last year at the family reunion, Great Aunt Martha and Cousin Agatha were trying to set me up their friends’ and neighbors’ granddaughters and stuff. I want to avoid that as best I can. Plus, I want you to meet my family.” He explained with an apologetic smile.

“Isn’t this a little extreme? Can’t you just say you don’t want to be set up with anyone?” You asked.

“You haven’t met Great Aunt Martha. It’s impossible. It’ll be really fun, I promise. Food, dancing, a weekend away, you love all that. Please?” He pleaded, grabbing your hands and giving you his best puppy stare.

Keeping your best poker face, you considered the offer for a moment. He made a great point about you loving weddings, but…would you be able to stand it? Keeping your feelings for Tadashi hidden had become hard enough since the day you realized you loved him. You weren’t entirely confident you could make it the weekend without getting caught up in the whole thing and ending up hurt.

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Aunt Martha - “Wherever You Wanna Go” (Live at BKBL)