Captain Janeway discovers her Aunt Martha out in the Delta Quadrant. No weird stuff - she’s just there. In the middle of space. In a cottage. She invites the entire crew inside for coffee and brunch, and everything is very very nice. She gives Neelix a recipe for her famous drunken marmalade, and they part ways with increasingly confused stares on the faces of the Voyager crew.


Aunt Martha - Bloodshot

i want to write for hamiltime but i’m also nervous/uncomfortable bc of the obvious reasons.  that being said, i spent a lot of time on wikipedia articles trying to be fairly historically accurate lmao.  this is a little au in terms of hamiltime timeline but i wanted to include the hamilsquad and i can’t do that in act ii time bc one is dead and the other two are awol.

title: down for the count
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 5643 (i am incapable of writing anything that isn’t slow burn wtf)

(requested by @notalwaysfair: the reader (female) could be friends with the Hamilsquad or/and Washingtons niece and Thomas have to prove the squad that he loves her?)

Thomas never backs down from a challenge.

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Aunt Martha - “Wherever You Wanna Go” (Live at BKBL)


We’re going to give you our top 15 picks for can’t miss shows at Bonnaroo (which is really hard with a lineup like that), in no particular order. And yeah, you should see Arcade Fire and Lil Wayne, but these are some others.

Aunt Martha/ Sunday, June 12th @ 12:30 Sonic Stage & Sunday, June 12th @ 2:40 On Tap Stage
Jessica Lea Mayfield/ Friday June 10th @ 12:15 This Tent

Some of you may call it cheating to cover two artists by posting a video of one of the artist covering the second artist. Well, some of you are assholes and a bit bossy. I prefer the people who will look at this at think, “my, that’s efficient,” because that’s what it is.
Aunt Martha and Jessica Lea Mayfield are similar in a lot of ways: two emerging artists with folksy sounds and an impeccable ability to story tell through their songs. I love this cover Aunt Martha did of Mayfield’s “Sometimes at Night,” so I thought I’d kill two birds with one post.
My brother encouraged me to listen to Jessica’s stuff about a year or so ago when he befriended her while living with her brother. I listened to one of her bigger singles, “For Today” and just didn’t buy it. For days after that, I found myself singing that song and finally listened to it again. I dove a little deeper into her stuff and I can’t tell you quite what made me fall in love with her, but something did, I encourage you to seek that “something” out as well.
Aunt Martha is a little more fresh to the scene than the well-seasoned (albeit only 22 years old) Mayfield, but they have a world and a half of potential. And I’m 94% positive my adoration of them has nothing (or very little) to do with one of their members wearing what looks to be a San Francisco Giants hat in their press photos.
It’s the type of music with lyrics such as, “I wanted to crash your party, but I couldn’t find your house,” but it’s easy to listen to in a really compelling way. I saw about 15 seconds of a video of them performing and knew they were a band to watch.

Enjoy this cover and check out both group’s original stuff before Bonnaroo to prepare for all the greatness.

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