fommo  asked:

the it crowd for the show thingy!

Send me a show, and I’ll tell you:

  • my favoritie male character - MOSS I adore him omg. 
  • my favorite female character - Jen!!
  • my otp - Ooh buddy.  I ship the trio in like every combo. 
  • my notp - Douglas thought he could hit on Jen who exists on a higher plane than he does???
  • my other ships - Again.  All.  
  • my least favorite character - I know Peter File is only in one episode but he sort of irritates me.  Also I forget his name, the one who gets haunted.  He desvered it.
  • my favorite season/episode - I live for Work Outing and also Aunt Irma Visits because the ot3 goodness.  Then the one with Moss in jail… him and Roy are adorable fight me. 
  • who i would date off the show - MOSS.  Also Jen but I am not good enough for her.  RICHMOND!

Send a series?