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Hi everyone… This is weird for me to talk about because I mainly talk about Taylor, however I felt like you all should know this about me and how Taylor has helped me through it SO much…
So whenever I was 7 years old I heard this song on in the car and asked my dad to turn it up, the song was ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’ and I immediately fell in love. My dad went and bought me my first CD which was Taylor’s first album (the version where she says gay in Picture To Burn and where says damn funny in Teardrops On My Guitar) Flash forward to May 2007 we were driving to the hospital to see my doctor and I was jamming to Taylor and being my happy little 7 year old self. When we say my doctor my world changed.. He said lots of big scary words.. He diagnosed me with Autoimmune Hepatitis with Overlapping Syndrome Schlerosing Cholangitis.. So basically my immune system was slowly killing my liver and turning it into a useless rock. I had to travel from Tennessee to Ohio every month to see my doctor from that point on and guess who I made my mom and dad listen the ENTIRE four hour trip? Yep it was Taylor every single time. Her music made me so happy, it’s hard to explain its just the way she can capture her emotion so perfectly in lyrics always got to me even at such a young age. Anyways flash forward December 2012 my doctor said it was time for me to go onto the liver transplant list. I was so shocked by this, I had no idea my diseases were that serious, I was just a clueless 13 year old. So I was put on the list on January 7th, 2013. A few months later and Taylor was coming into town for the Red Tour and my parents gave me the surprise of my life and handed me tickets to see Taylor. On May 21, 2013 I finally got to see Taylor live for the first time (and probably the last unfortunately) and it was magical. That still is and forever will be one of the best days of my life. However.. after the concert my health started rapidly declining, I hadn’t gotten a transplant yet because I was still pretty low on the list, but something happened in September of 2013 that was the worse thing I have ever experienced. I didn’t feel good so I took a nap after I got home from school, it was 6:30 so my mom woke me up to eat and I didn’t really want to but I walked downstairs. I felt like I was going to puke so I went to the bathroom and started vomiting bright red blood. My mom decided since the nearest hospital was only 7 minutes away it would be quicker to drive me so she and my dad drove me to the hospital ER. And that hospital did nothing because they were scared they would mess things up because I was on the transplant list. So they put me in a helicopter and flew me to the Children’s Hospital where my doctors were. They figured out that my liver had turned into so much of a useless rock that the blood couldn’t flow through. So my body grew new blood vessels and those had started oozing. (If they had burst I wouldn’t be here today) This ordeal had me in the ICU for a week and I kept asking if they would play Taylor music but they wouldn’t let me.. Since this happened I was bumped up to the top of the transplant list and got my liver on November 26th, 2013. Again I asked for them to play Taylor music in the ICU but they refused again. :( My surgery went great besides the fact that they accidentally collapsed my right lung and I had to have a chest tube in to drain the fluid build up. I recovered amazingly and was out of the hospital after one week of having my transplant. (Which is probably some kind of record or something) I was doing pretty good until May 2014 when I was put in the hospital for rejection and was in the hospital for 2 months. But here it is July 2015 and I’m happy and mostly healthy.. But my point is after this long and rambling story is Taylor has always been there for me through thick and thin she has been a constant in my life. A lot has happened to that little dancing seven year old, now she is a fifteen year old with a new liver and a love for Taylor Swift that will never end. Thank you Taylor for everything you have done for me.