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The adults of Unfortunate Events are NOT stupid.

I’ve seen several people complain that the adults of A Series of Unfortunate Events are “too stupid” and that it damages the story. Please allow me to clarify something:

No adults in ASOUE is stupid. 100% of them are willfully ignorant, and it’s an important distinction.

  • Justice Strauss is too timid and needy to critically think about the red flags around her.
  • Mr. Poe cares more about his job than the people it affects.
  • Uncle Monty is so self-involved that he assumes that Stephano is after him.
  • Aunt Josephine is simply too afraid to consider the idea that terrible things may be nearby.

This is not a story of “Adults are dumb”. It is a story about how people can contribute to evil and cruelty simply by being passive or refusing to confront it.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

That is what the series is about. It’s an important distinction. The Baudelaires do not suffer from random fools that happen to be near them. The Baudelaire Orphans are receiving the sum total of the failings of society crashing upon them.


I’ve always wanted to develop an illustration project based on “A Series of Unfortunate Events, because these books mean the world to me! They took a piece of my heart when I was a child, and that’s my way to honor Daniel Handler and his incredible work. 

These are some preparatory studies from the first four books. 

the wide window but every time aunt Josephine is afraid of something Olaf performs “it’s the count” but every time he says “count” Daniel handler says “fish heads, roly poly fish heads” but every time he says “fish” Klaus gets slapped

ASOUE in Hogwarts
  • The sorting hat wasn’t sure if it should put Violet on Gryffindor or on Ravenclaw so it whispered in her ear; ‘’which one’’ and she said ‘’i can handle anything.’’ She seemed brave to the hat because of those words so it decided that she belongs to Gryffindor. It decided almost immediately that Klaus belongs to Ravenclaw and Sunny to Hufflepuff. The Quagmires wen  to Ravenclaw too. 
  • Quiditch players asked Klaus to join the team, he actually didn’t want to, he prefered to be all day in the library but he said yes because he didnt want the boys of the team to judge him. He told Isadora what happened and she went to the Quiditch team and volunteered to play in Klaus’ place, but they told her no because ‘’she is a girl, and she could ruin the whole game’’ so Isadora just said; ‘’girls can’t only handle a lipstick- we also can handle a broomstick’’ so she grabbed one broomstick and flied to the sky really quickly doing acrobatics in the air.  The team was actually amazed, and let her join them. Isadora became a keeper and Klaus was absolutely grateful. 
  • Quigley joined Quiditch team as a Chaser but (damn!) his crush from Gryffindor, Violet Baudelaire became a Chaser too. Violet was pretty good, for sure better than Quigley who just admired her from his broomstick, and because of him they lost the first game of the year because Quigley is such a dork and let her win to only see her smile. 
  • Duncan insisted for a Weekly Hogwarts Newspaper, and he visit Dumbledoore daily to convice him to let him do a Newspaper. So after visit number 48, Dumbledoore gave his approval and Duncan made a Hogwarts Newspaper called; Weekly Wizardly.
  • But what about Sunny? Sunny was actually the best student in the class of potions. Maybe because of her talent in cooking, her grades in this class were the best in the whole school. 
  • The Baudelaires are very curious about that stranger proffesor Lemony Snicket from Ravenclaw, who teaches Theory of Magic and seems to know them. 
  • Baudelaires’ and Quagmires’ favorite proffesor is Mrs. Kit Snicket from Gryffindor. She teaches the spells and she is always funny and kind with her students. 
  • Isadora and Violet, Quigley and Klaus are on the same rooms, which means sleepovers, talking until the dawn and reading all night.
  • ‘‘N-no Klaus! You can’t like a g-girl from… Slytherin!’‘ Duncan and Quigley told him when he conffesed that he likes Fiona from Slytherin. 
  • Quigley asked Violet to go to the Yule Ball with him, and Violet said something ‘’Yes of course! I would really like to go with you!’’ but Quigley was so nervous about it so he got ill so Isadora went to the Yule Ball with Violet because they are Gryffinclaw besties and don’t give a f about what people think
  • Sunny is actually really good friend with all of the ghosts and stays awake until the morning to talk with them.
  • Count Olaf is one powerful wizard, with dark powers, commited to the black magic. None wizard had heard anything for him, for years  but everyone knows that he’s still alive somewhere, making a new plan to get into the Hogwarts..
  • Esme Squalor was a Slytherin Proffesor, one of Death Eaters (supporters of Olaf? Probably?) before she got in Azkaban, she was teaching spells and she was always a bit rude with the students… ‘’Oh gosh, i swear this wand is SO out, that i could throw it out of the window. Kiddo where did you get this broomstick from? Trash? Your cloak is a fashion scandal...’’ She escaped from Azkaban…
  • Carmelita Spats is in Slytherin too, and is actually the bully of Hogwarts. She usually bullies Klaus for his ‘’STUPID CAKESNIFFING GLASSES!!’’ but always her best friend Fiona stops her and she smiles apologetic to Klaus while Carmelita shouts ‘’I SWEAR WHY OTHER STUDENTS ARE BREATHING IN THE SAME ROOM WITH ME FIONA? I SHOULD BE ALONE IN THIS HELL HOLE! IM THE ONLY ONE WHO DESERVES TO BE A WIZARD HERE… NOT IM NOT YELLING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CORRIDOR YOU STUPID CAKESNIFFER’’
  • Violet becames a really popular girl, fixing something when it’s broken with spells she invited herself. Also making useful magic devices.
  • Klaus becames teachers’ favorite student, not teacher’s pet, but he always knows the answers and is the smart guy from Ravenclaw so all of the teachers like him.
  • Sunny likes to help the elves making the dinner, and they always teaching her new and interesting cooking recipes.
  • Violet, Duncan and Klaus have an owl, Isadora has a cat (she is a cat lady yup) and Sunny has a toad. 
  • And they are all really happy actually because they deserve to be happy in Hogwarts, thank you very much. 

“They’re more than just a gang to me. They’re my family.

All my fandoms in one picture yiz


Yiiiiz I m finally freeeee cuz first sem is OVER!! Wooh! Thank you guys for keeping the asks going despite me being gone for a while! All the penniro asks, futuristic four asks, Uncle! Hiro and Dashi Hamada asks, appreciation asks and BH6 AU ideas! I really loved them all! Honestly didn’t expect to received A LOT from you guys! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR WONDERFUL HEADCANNONS AND IDEAS! IT S TRULY AN HONOR! BLESS YOU PRECIOUS CREATURES!  I really luv em all! Expect them answered today’s holidays!!!

I loved this chapter of ROE! I had a couple of minor issues with it–why do I have to wear a veil, and why was dressing up costly in so many parts? But other than that, it was great.

Violet’s arc has been extremely interesting. Of all the characters, I’m coming to appreciate her the most, and she’s kind of the only one of interest to me now in this last book (or hopefully last book).

And just when I thought Aunt Mallory couldn’t be any more despicable, she just assumes her daughter will be giving away her child! I find that so disgusting, especially because I’m adamantly pro-choice. I chose for Violet to tell her mother to never talk to her again, and I think it’s justified from everything we’ve seen (she needed to take a hard stance, even if she doesn’t mean *never*).

Making her a bridesmaid was a no-brainer. The history they all have together is beautiful and tragic. Ever since the beginning of this series, being nice to Violet has led to a banner on the screen reading “You were nice to your cousin”. I’m really wondering how they’re tracking this and what outcome it’s going to have. I really hope it has a meaningful impact.

The end of the chapter confused me a bit. Let me just say this: I come from a divorced family, and I haven’t had the best examples of functioning relationships in my life. So, if I’d heard that my parents (including step-parents) had separated for a year during their relationship, it would be surprising but not catastrophic. I wouldn’t be devastated at all, because they got back together and made it work. At the end cliffhanger, the game asked if my MC would still be able to go through with the wedding, as if learning about her parents might be a game-changer. This made no sense to me…but we’ll see how it turns out. Any thoughts on this chapter?

No Kissing

(I took a brief intermission from working on my main fic to do a one-shot; I’ve seen a few people lately craving Bechloe married domestic fluff, and I’ve been feeling the same way, so I couldn’t resist the urge!)

Locking up her studio for the night, Beca pockets the key and heads across the back yard to the house.  She comes in through the kitchen, finding it empty and silent this late in the evening.  Checking the clock, she feels a slight twinge of guilt when she sees it’s past eight.  Usually, despite the temptation of her equipment just a few steps away on the same property, she doesn’t allow herself to go back to work after dinner.  (Or rather, Chloe doesn’t allow her to go back to work after dinner.)  But with so many deadlines looming this week she’s had to make some exceptions.

She crosses the back hallway and peeks into the family room.  Chloe is nowhere in evidence, but their daughter, Violet, is sitting on the plush area rug in the middle of the room, clutching her favorite blanket, staring at the TV and absorbed in what looks like a car insurance commercial featuring a talking monkey.  

Beca steps quietly through the doorway and sneaks up closer, then crouches down a few feet behind her, still unnoticed.  “Boo,” she says, but in a soft voice so as not to actually scare her.

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