aunt polly

Peaky Blinders Gal

Requested by @thinemineours - May I ask for prompt #22 with Tommy Shelby? Thanks!
Prompts – 22 – ‘Oh god, he’s serious.’

Word Count – 556

Characters – Tommy x Reader

You were sitting in Polly’s house holding a cloth filled with eye to your right eye, since it was changing into a pale yellow colour. You had had an encounter with your ex and it hadn’t gone well.
‘I’ve phoned Tommy.’ Polly said as she came back into the room. You looked up and removed the ice.
‘Polly, there was no need.’ You said and she took your hand with the ice and raised it to your eye, pressing it firmly on, causing you to flinch.
‘Keep it on. Plus, Tommy will have my head if I didn’t tell him.’ She said as she lute a cigarette.
‘Polly thank you, but he’s going to cause some unneeded argument and fight.’ You sighed, she turned and looked at you causing you to shut up.

It had been a couple of hours and you were sitting on the couch as Polly sat across from you as you were talking about random stuff when the door was knocked and then swung open. You didn’t bother to look up knowing it was Thomas.
‘Thomas.’ Polly said. He didn’t respond just walked around to come and crouch in front of you. You smiled at him as he removed the ice from your eye. You flinch as the air hit it. It had now completely closed over and was probably purple and blue. Tommy reached up and touched it gently and you pulled bac hissing in pain. He stood up abruptly.
‘Tommy.’ You said as you stood and he turned and looked at you.
‘Don’t.’ You said and he knew what you were talking about.
‘He deserves to be punished. He hit you.’ Tommy said and you shook your head.
‘I know, it’s kinda hard to forget.’ You said sarcastically. He sighed. You knew he wanted what was best for you. You put the ice back on the eye.
‘Don’t do anything stupid or anything that will get any of you put in jail.’ You said to him and he looked up nodding.
‘It’s fine. I’m going to hide his body where no one can find it.’ He said as he walked out the door, closing it behind him.
‘Oh god, he’s serious.’ You said as you sat back down and Polly came back into the room with a cup of tea.
‘Don’t worry, sweetie.’ She said as she handed you the tea.

You had been waiting for Tommy to come back to see what he had down. You stood up and walked over to the mirror and examined your eye. As you were looking at you eye, the door opened and Tommy walked as you turned around you crossed your arms over your chest.
‘What did you do to him?’ You asked him. He looked up.
‘Nothing.’ He replied.
‘Don’t say nothing, cause you don’t ever do nothing.’ You said to him as you walked over.
‘Fine, I confronted him.’ Tommy said as sat on the couch.
‘How badly hurt is he?’ You asked as you placed a hand on his shoulder.
‘He knows not to mess with a Peaky Blinders gal.’ Tommy said. You stepped back.
‘Who said I was a Peaky Blinder’s gal?’ You asked him.
‘Me.’ He said not giving you a chance you say another word as he stood up and captured your lips, pulling you close.

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