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24 Days of Christmas - the Shelby family

A reason to stay

The reader and Thomas Shelby were best friends growing up and started the race horse business but the reader left. The Shelby’s haven’t seen her a lot since then but everything seems to fall into place after some misfortunes.

A/N - This is probably one of the biggest imagines I have down!!!! I hope you enjoy it. Send requests in <3 <3

Word Count – 1439

Characters – Shelby brothers, Polly, Major Chester Campbell, Reader x Thomas

You were walking through the streets trying to get home when you heard a loud scream, one not of physical but mental pain. You rushed to the source of the sound to see a woman collapsed on the floor crying. You bent down and came face to face with Polly Shelby. You placed your hands delicately on her shoulders.
‘Polly are you okay?’ You asked her, you got no response.
‘Polly?’ you questioned again but were only meet with more sobs. You didn’t ask her again but stood up slowly and leaned her against you before, slowly making your way to the Garrison. You know Thomas would be close by, and if not Thomas, the Shelby brothers.
As you made it to the doors, you kicked them open as you had no hands available. Everyone turned and stared at you.
‘Where are the Shelby’s?’ You asked the large number of people. You saw Arthur and Michael stand up with a few unfamiliar faces.
‘Will you help her please?’ You said, nodding to Polly. When they saw who, it was they rushed her to the room next to the bar. You stayed by herself and placed her head on her lap.
‘What happened?’ You heard a voice say from the doorway, the brothers parted. Thomas Shelby, he’d changed since you last saw him.
‘I found her collapsed on the ground crying, no harm has been down.’ You said smiling slightly. Thomas quavered a bit when he saw you looking after Polly. It had been years since you worked in the business, but you were always special to him.
‘Where?’ He demanded, walking closer to make sure she was okay.
‘Two streets North.’ Once he had the directions he started heading out but you grabbed his hand.
‘Be careful, don’t you hurt yourself. She needs you, all off you.’ You told him and he nodded.

Thomas walked through small Heath, struggling to see through the fig that covered the street. He rounded a corner but was pounced by two men. He managed to get free them but more came from the fog, attacking him. Holding him down so the others could get kicks and punches in. They would have gotten more in if it wasn’t for the coppers that came blowing their whistles. Chester Campbell, came out of the fog with his cane.
‘We might as well see if he’s alive.’ He told his officers.
‘He’s got a pulse, sir.’ The officer said as he was lent over Thomas.
‘Good.’ He said before he continued walking away.

The remaining brother had managed Polly to her bed where you sat and kept watching her, when the boys went and looked for Tommy, he was taking too long. It had been half an hour and you heard noise coming from downstairs, you checked and made sure Polly was sleeping before heading down. You walked in to see Thomas spread across a table, struggling to see out his badly beaten eyes.
‘What in the hell happened?’ You questioned and the brothers looked on as you walked up and started cleaning and seeing to his wounds. When there was no response you asked again, but this time Thomas.
‘What happened, Thomas.’ You asked and you heard the men inhale sharply, knowing he didn’t like to be called that but they were even more surprised when he answered you.
‘I was attacked Y/N.’ He said stating the obvious. You sighed and placed the cloth onto the large cut on his forehead.
‘I can see that but by who?’ You questioned, placing the cloth back in the water as it turned bloody.
‘Londoner.’ He looked at you and you shook your head.
‘Your mixing with them now? Do you not learn?’ You said giving him into to trouble and looking at the brothers that just shrugged. They were still in shook that Tommy was telling you so much. They all remember you and tommy being in the business together, and best friends, you would distract the police if they came and ran the front of the business with Polly, but you had left the business after a while when stuff started getting bad.
you felt down his sides and came across his ribs which contained lumps that should not be there. You turned to the boys.
‘Your gonna have to sit him up and hold him still.’ You said directing them, they stayed still and didn’t move. Knowing they weren’t going to move you had to take matters into your own hand.
‘Do you know what, I thought you’d know better but, you clearly don’t. if we don’t do this he will become a cripple.’ You said but they still didn’t move.
‘Okay, fine.’ You said placing the cloth down and turned to walk but a rough hand around your wrist stopped you.
‘Boys, do what she says.’ Thomas spoke through gritted teeth. They managed to sit him up, so you could wrap the rags and bandages around his ribs to secure them. The brothers lay him back down and gave him alcohol to take the pain away.
‘He needs to be in bed rest for a couple of days. If he starts bleeding heavily again or starts a fever, please shout me down. I’m up with Polly.’ You told them as you moved Thomas’s hair from his face, and looked at how peaceful he slept.

You entered the bedroom was Polly was in. she was awake but staring out the window, she turned to face you when you entered.
‘Y/N?’ She questioned and you nodded.
‘Hey aunt poll.’ You said with a small smile.
‘What are you doing here?’ She asked as she light a cigarette up.
‘I found you on the ground crying last night, so I brung you back to the pub and the brothers brung you here.’
‘Why are you still here though.’ She asked as she puffed his smoke out.
‘Tommy was badly beaten by the Londoners, so stayed longer to make sure he was cleaned properly.’ You told her and she put the cigarette out and stood, she steadied herself. You offered your arm, she gladly took the offer. You both slowly walked down the stairs. She gasped when she saw tommy.
‘What in the bloody hell did you do?’ She said loudly causing the boys to jump, they had been through war and they jump at their aunt’s voice.
‘What did you let him go himself?’ She asked taking the anger out on the boys.
‘Polly! Take it out on me not them. They didn’t do anything wrong.’
‘But neither have you.’ She told you.
‘Some would say the opposite.’ You told her and this allowed her to calm down. You heard groans and the heads of everyone turned around to see Thomas. Arthur helped him sit up and he focused on Polly.
‘Aunt Polly, you’re okay.’ He said checking Polly over from where he sat and she walked closer.
‘Yeah Tommy. I’m good.’ She replied and you slowly walked away knowing they were going to be fine.

Thomas was the first to notice you were gone, he stood, with pain going through his body. He walked, with many protests, to the front door where he saw your figure getting smaller.
‘Y/N.’ he shouted, you turned and stared at him.
‘Thomas Shelby, why are you out of your bed?’ You asked him and walked back towards him, so his walking time would be short.
‘Why are you leaving?’ He questioned.
‘I am not wanted here. It has been made clear as day, since I was a kid. I was doing the last dead before I left.’ You said nodded back to the house. The house that you always visited and were welcome in.
‘Where are you going?’ He asked.
‘I’m deciding between London and Ireland, more Ireland.’ You told him and looked into his intense blue eyes.
‘Don’t.’ He blurted out.
‘What?’ You questioned him.
‘Don’t go.’ He said this time, pain evident in his eyes. He couldn’t bear the thought of you leaving him. He wanted you, he had always wanted you but never admitted it.
‘Tommy I must.’ You told him as you started turning away, a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you into them. You felt warm chapped lips against yours and the faint taste of alcohol. His hand made their way to your hips and pulled you closer, and you groaned. He smiled and pulled away.
‘What was that for?’ You asked, breathlessly as you looked at him, taking in his swollen lips.
‘A reason to stay.’ He said and captured your lips once again.

Requested - John Shelby x Reader

Request: Anonymous -  Can you do a John shelby imagine plz where your married to each other,,he goes off to war them comes back when it over and there can be celebrates and then you both talk about the war , then maybe if you smut that at end love your writing

*As specified in my answer to this request, I don’t really want to write smut, so that’s alluded to, but not included in this imagine.*

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You look up at John as he pushes a flyaway strand of hair behind your ear. You are both stood on the front step of your house, a car waiting for him. You feel tears pooling in your eyes as he pulls you into a tight embrace.

“I’ll be right here when you get back.” You tell him, trying to hide your tears. He gives you a short laugh, brushing off a tear that has escaped down your face.

“I know.” He replies, tilting your face up to look at him again. “I love you, (Y/N).” He says, looking right into your eyes. It almost feels like a goodbye.

“I love you, John.” Your voice cracks as you say the words. You don’t know if he’ll come back from this war. You suppress the thought, not allowing it to ruin this moment.

John holds you as tightly as possible as he kisses you for what could possibly be the last time. You choke back a sob as he pulls away, making his way down the garden path to the car.


You finish your drink and glance up at the clock on the wall. You had been waiting all morning at the Garrison for the Shelby boys to return and now you were growing tired of waiting.

You shoot up out of your seat, making Ada jump in her place beside you. You begin pacing along the bar, growing more and more anxious by each passing second.

After about twenty minutes of pacing, the door swings open. You stop dead, your head snapping round at the sound. Aunt Pol strolls in, a great big grin on her face.

“Are they home?” You ask her with wide eyes. She smiles slyly at you.

“The cars have been seen.” She says. You sigh in relief.

After another five or ten minutes, the door bangs open and the boys all saunter in, greeting everyone they haven’t seen since before the war.

You run straight over to John, leaping into his arms before he’s even halfway through the door. He twirls you around, then places you gently back on the ground in front of him. You look up at him, tears in your eyes at the sight of your husband, alive and safe.

“Get the drinks in, Harry!” Tommy yells, “We’re celebrating.”

The Garrison is soon filled with merriment and cheer, as everyone celebrates the end of the war with a night of drinking, smoking and laughter.

Afterwards, you head back to your home with John. When you get there, you go straight to your bedroom to get ready for bed, the rum and whiskey taking its toll on you.

You change quickly, about to head to the bathroom to wash your face when John grabs your arm from where he is seated on the bed, pulling you to sit beside him.

“(Y/N).” He whispers, pulling you close to him in an embrace. You lay your head on his shoulder and wrap your arms around him, reveling in his touch after so long without it.

“John, I’ve missed you so much.” You admit, tilting your head up to look at him. He nods in agreement before laying down on the bed, pulling you along with him. You rest your head on his chest, lacing your fingers with his.

“What was it like over there?” You ask, peering at him through your eyelashes. He gives you a small chuckle, shaking his head.

“I’ll tell ya tomorrow.” He says, bringing your hand up to his face to place a kiss there. “For now though, get over here and show me what I’ve been missing.”