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Where Do Babies come from? Part II

The day started out like any other. For once the weather was in their favor, staying calm and clear, allowing the large boat to gently rock on the waves without much trouble.

The siblings had woken to the wonderful smells of bacon breakfast, the nurses had started nagging Pops for his drinking habits and Marco was peacefully watching from above enjoying the sounds of his family go about their lives.

His eyes gently roomed the top deck, smirking at the group of men who were sweet talking the nurses into a dance- the idiots always looking for a reason to party. 

“Peaceful isn’t it” Strong arms warped around him, causing the blond’s smirk to melt into a gentle smile. Ace’s naturally warm body heat was one of his favorite things in this world. 

He’s glad that’s it’s his privilege to enjoy it whenever he likes.

“Yes yoi.”  He leans back just to allow Ace to rest against his side. The raven hair man fits perfectly under his chin, due to his shorter hight- something he would never admit out loud to Ace. Marco liked being alive- and it’s so great to just exist with the other like this.

Watch duty during the day wasn’t as eventful as the night one since no one dared to attack the strongest man in the world and so they could enjoy hours of just them in the crow nest overlooking the family. At the same time, the horizon from where they stand looks like the sea is opening her arms to them, inviting them for an adventure and freedom.

It’s like a separate world, a little part to call their own.

With the man, he loves in his arms.

The thought makes Marco want to kiss Ace, but he knows his boyfriend is mesmerized by the view which means he wouldn’t be up to making up right now. Instead, he presses a kiss to Ace’s temple, earning him an honest to Sea Maiden giggle.

Marco stores that away in a part of his mind labeled “Adorable and cute”. He isn’t surprised that most of it is build around Ace.

“Thatch said there was going to be a party with guests soon? Some kind of tradition, apparently. Mind telling me about that?.” Ace whispers half hiding his warm cheeks and shy little smile into Marco’s chest. It’s a poor attempt to distract the older man from his ahem manly chuckle, but the older man is willing to play along.

“Yes. It’s something Pops started when one of his sons had a child. We basically pick an island and everyone allied with Pops meets there to celebrate being a family. Crewmember’s spouses and children show up too. ” Marco smiles softly thinking of the thousands and thousands of nieces and nephews eagerly waiting on the shore side.  “It’s actually really cute yoi.”

“Wow.” Ace breathes in a voice Marco hates. It the voice he uses when hears of basic interactions of a family that love each other. It’s almost as worse as the one he uses when Marco tells him I love you “That sounds amazing, to think-”

“Hi, misters! Where’s my daddy?.” 

Both males jump at the toddler that was suddenly standing right in front of them. A little blond boy whose bangs were pinned back with two bunny hairpins, wearing blue goggles over his eyes and smiling with a thousand watts up at them.

His bunny hairpins matched the one on his white t-shirt, though it looked odd under the black child tailcoat. His shorts were a nice light shade of blue. 

He was clutching the straps of his black bag while rocking on his heels, the railing groaning under the movement and that was dangerously close to the edge of a twenty-five-foot drop!

“Holy shit, get down from-” Ace started a big brother knee reflex to worry. He was already moving to grab onto the baby when the kid perked up at his words.

If possible the child’s smile got wider, cutting him off the frantic man with a cheerful “Holy shit!” 

He tilted backward when he spread his arms out with his shout. Marco saw his life flash before his eyes as he started to fall-

Moving so fast he may have shifted, the fireman snatched the baby out of the air, spinning around to carry the giggling child into his arms and away from certain death.

“Holy shit!” The strange little one says, kicking his feet “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!”

“No.” Marco groans, shakingly falling onto his ass- he just lost ten years of his life-, watching as horror blossoms on Ace’s face. If there is one thing his boyfriend hates doing, it’s cussing in front of children. “No, don’t say that. That’s not what good little boys say”

The blond head tilts to the side, lips forming a pout. Its the only warning he gets before the kid bursts into tears. He starts screaming at the top of his lungs, reaching a pitch that a tiny body like his should not be able to reach- it makes both men ears ring “Wahhhh! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

The Whitebeard commanders are not in their element. 

“Do something!” Ace screams over the toddler. He tries rocking the kid like a baby but it only works in making the little one more upset.He kicked his feet more franticly while waving his arms around, struggling in Ace’s hold. Tears and snot were rolling down his chubby face now, and it was turning an alarming shade of red. 

“What can I do yoi!?” 

“I don’t know! Just- make him stop!”




The explosion shook the whole ship. The kid jerks to a stop, obviously scared and the two men are relieved to hear the silence before he picks up right where he started. This time sounded louder.

Marco jumps to his feet looking as another explosion rocks the ship, his family screaming. He jumps off the crew nest shifting into his Phoneix form just as the wind carries up the words they are shouting.

“There’s an intruder!”

“Someone stop him!” 

“Get a commander-watch out!” 


“Tiger! Where are you!?” On the deck, a man Marco has never seen before screams, jumping over a sword, dodging a bullet and punching Ichigo in the face all the while desperately looking around.  “Tiger!”

Marco seeing everything he needs to see, he takes a dive rapidly approaching the blond with one of his talons. Just as he about to make contact the blond man spins around, parrying his strick with a Haki induced pipe.  

Livid blue eyes meet his own as the man sneers “Where the hell is Tiger!? What did you do to him!?”

The first commander’s response is to twist his waist and aim a kick to his unguarded side. He nails the intruder on the side of the head lunching the younger man into the main mass.

It’s only a few seconds later that he remembers Ace and the toddler are still up there. A loud wet shout of “DADDY!” echoes from above.

The blond man is on his feet in seconds, stands ready for battle but he looks pale and he keeps glancing up. Marco looks at him really looks at him taking in his blond hair, his black trench coat and oh. Okay, he sees what’s happening here now.

“Ace!” Marco calls weary eyes on the blond man.  “Come down- bring the kid”

The blond’s whole poster stiffens before he launches forward, swinging his pipe in a blind rage with a war cry “Give me back my son!”

Marco matches him blow for blow, he’s very impressed with the attacker. It’s no wondering the family was having a hard time with him. He’s on par with a commander easy and certainly doesn’t lack combat experience. 

If he was up against Ace, they would evenly match but the Phoniex is his opponent, and Marco had been a pirate for a good twenty years now. He is no wet behind the ears rookie commander like his boyfriend.  

No he’s the one that created the commander role.

A few attacks, a few close calls, and a few bruises later he has the other pin. He managed to slam his feet into the stranger’s knees, and had both arms in a tight grip behind his back, stopping all of his movement just as Ace landed.

 The toddler hiccuping loudly in his arms. “D-hic-addy!”

Tiger!”  The man under Marco’s foot shouts. “ Don’t hurt him! He’s just a baby! Please!”

“We aren’t going to hurt him yoi” The blond commander says indifferently as more crewmembers start to gather around. They had cleared an area for the blonds earlier watching from the sidelines in case Marco needed saving. “Just calm down and stand down.”

Blue eyes flickered to him with a rebellious glare, causing him to wonder if the attacker would try to break out of his hold again. The toddler, which he thinks is named Tiger sobbed “Daddy! Sc-scare! Daddy!” causing the man to stiffen before slumping down in place admitting defeat.

Nobody moved for a moment before Marco nodded his head at Ace. The raven hair man gently puts the kid down, and the little one imminently rushed forwards. His chubby arms stretched out and he was gasping for air- poor kid must have been crying the whole time.

The blond lets the man go just as the little one gets close, picking up the pipe so the intruder doesn’t have a weapon anymore. The other doesn’t seem to care beacuse he scrambles to desperately hug the toddler to his chest, whispering reassurance to the distressed child.

Thier father walks over, as both blonds- one old and one- start crying into each other holds. The baby hiding his head in the older man’s shoulder.

“Well, when Dragon said you were a hand full I didn’t think he meant this,” Pops says smiling in satisfaction when the stranger jerks his son to the side, shielding him from the emperor.  “Now Sabo is it? I gave you permission to come aboard my ship as a favor to an old friend. I would hate to have to take back the invitation due to you attacking my children.”

“Don’t touch my child and we’re good…sir” the blond says slowly adding the sir as if though it pained him to do so.

Oh Marco likes this one. Fiesty. Kinda of like Ace when he first arrived, not to mention knows how to through a punch.

Pops grin “We understand each other then. Now, you asked to come here seeking one of my children but refused to explain any further. What could the Revolutionary Army’s Cheif of Staff Sabo-”

Next to Marco Ace made a strange choking sound

“-possibly want from my son?”

By now the sobbing of the little one had reduced to sniffs, his head tilted in a way that would indicate he was staring up at Whitebeard. The man hesitates to answer, glancing around the many curious eyes.  “Can we discuss this somewhere more priv-”

“Whatever you have to say you can say it in front of my children,” Pops says evenly causing the blond man’s lips to purse. The kid goes back to hiding his face.

Ace takes a shaky step towards the pair catching Marco’s attention. He looks away from his father and the stranger, to gently rest a hand on one tan shoulder. It shakes under his hold. “Ace, are you okay yoi?”

The other man doesn’t respond, wide eyes locked on the blond. 

Sabo looks like he’s counting to ten before he coos at the toddler until Tiger raises his head, then gently removes his goggles. They reveal a pair of silver eyes Marco has seen only one other person, though they are a little red and puffy it’s no denying the cany likeness. 

Since the goggles were so big on the child, they covered most of his cheeks but now the freckles he bore were standing out against his milk coffee toned skin a bright beacon grabbing attention.

Marco thinks back to when they first meet Tiger, and the large smile he sported. Now that he really stops to exam it, that smile holds a very family cure of the lips and a fine sense of mischevious glee he is very familiar with edged into the corners.

It’s almost like…

Holy shit.

“Okay fine..this may sound weird but…I need DNA from Portgas D Ace so our lab grown son can stay alive and I would really appreciate it if he like gave me some of his blood or something ” Sabo blurts out holding the little one to his chest. “Also this is Tiger…your grandson?” 

The deck is stone cold silent.


That’s why when Ace fainted, the sound of his body hitting the wood echoes across the waves. 

“I Can’t Lose Her” - Kian Lawley Imagine

Request:  Your imagines are my favorite btw! Can you do an imagine where some of our friends are at the house watching a movie and even though you and kian aren’t together you start ‘teasing eachother’ under the blanket and Jc gets suspicious THANK YOU

‘Everyone, be quiet now!’ Sam said when the movie that we were about to watch started playing. 

Kian and the rest of the guys asked me if I wanted to come over and watch a movie with them. Since I had nothing in planI accepted their invitation.
I love spending time with all of them at the same time, but that doesn’t happen very often since everyone has a busy schedule. The guys travel a lot and I’m still in college so it’s hard to find time to hang out with all of them even though I spend the most time with Kian. All of the guys are my best friends, but with Kian I have some kind of really special relationship. I’m definitely the closest with him and it’s really hard to explain our relationship. A lot of people sometimes think that we’re together, but we just love each other maybe a little bit more than other best friends do. 

‘Shhh, it’s starting.’ Jc said who was sitting on the floor with his back leaned on the couch. Sam and Trevor were also sitting on the floor like Jc, Ricky and Connor on the one side of the couch and Kian and I were laying under a blanket on the other side of the couch. My back was pressed against his body and he had his arm around my waist and chin on my shoulder. 

‘You good?’ He asked quietly. 

‘Mhm’ I murmured.

An hour later…

‘Oh my God, this is so cute.’ I said at the scene where Jason was comforting his girlfriend Lilly with whom he ran away. Her parents didn’t let her be with him because they hated his parents. Lilly’s parents even threatened her if she keeps seeing him that they’ll send her to her aunt in London (btw Lilly lived in New York). Basically, they said they’ll do anything just to break them apart so they had no choice but to run away together. Currently, they were staying at Jason’s friend’s apartment in Philadelphia. Lilly was concerned about the whole situation that they were in so he was comforting her. 

‘Tipical love story.’ Kian said. 

‘I want someone to love me like this.’ I said quietly. 

‘Well, I love you.’ He said making me blush a little. 

‘I know, but that’s not the same.’ 

‘Yeah, it is. I love you even more than he loves her.’ Kian said making me chuckle quietly a little. 


‘What?’ He laughed in my neck. ‘Would you run away with me?’ He asked quietly just for me to hear it. 

‘What?’ I asked surprised. 

‘Would you run away with me if I asked you to?’ 

‘I don’t know. Why would you want to run away with me? We don’t have a reason to run away, they do.’ I said.

‘We don’t need one. We could just do it.’ 

‘You’re crazy.’ I said. 

‘So you wouldn’t?’ He asked. ‘Alright.’ He said unwrapping his arms from around me. 

‘Kiaan’ I whined pulling his arms back and putting them to the place they were before. ‘Stop. You know I would.’ I whispered. 

‘You would?’ He asked and I nodded. He smiled and kissed my cheek bringing me even closer to his body if that was even possible. 

An hour later…

I guess I fell asleep during the film because I was woken up by quiet talk between Kian and Jc.

‘You still haven’t answered my question.’ Jc said quietly probably so that he doesn’t wake me up. I was curious what they were talking about so I just kept pretending that I was asleep.

‘What?’ Kian said nervously.

‘What’s that between you and y/n?’

‘What are you talking about?’ Kian asked.

‘Dude, c’mon, don’t play stupid. Like I didn’t see all that cuddling and hear your small talk and all that cute shit that COUPLES do.’ Jc said.

‘Jc, we’re just…very very close best friends.’ He said slowly caressing my arm under the blanket.

‘Yeah, sure. You love her, don’t you?’

‘I do, a lot.’ He said and my heart started beating faster.

‘Do you have, you know like, feelings for her?’ Jc asked again.

‘I-I don’t know..I think I do, but you know..’

‘Why don’t you tell her? I’m like 95% sure that she has feelings for you too.’ Truth.

‘I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I don’t want anything to change. I can’t lose her, Jc.’ Kian said playing with my hair.

Oh, God, he has feelings for me?

‘You two are made for each other, trust me.’ Jc said making Kian smile.

‘I wish she thinks the same.’

If you only knew.

‘Man, I’m tired. I’m gonna go to bed.’ Jc said getting up. ‘Goodnight’

‘Night, man.’ Kian said as Jc left.

I turned on the other side to face Kian. I wraped my arms around him and said quietly ‘You won’t ruin anything and nothing will change. You’ll never lose me, no matter what.’ I looked up at him smiling and his mouth fell open.

‘I-I..’ He sighed and then closed his eyes and smiled. ‘I love you, y/n.’

‘I love you too.’ I said and lifted myself up a little and kissed him.

With You

“I can’t do this without you”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: you and bucky have been friends with benefits for close to a year. An unexpected surprise causes problems.

Word count: 3.2k

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

Everything had been going fine.

Sure things were getting more complicated as feelings developed but that was always going to happen at some point. Friends with benefits was never simple and ended in heartbreak the majority of the time.

The two of you were still good friends. When you were with everyone else nothing seemed different. It was when he creeped into your room at two o’clock in the morning kissing your neck that things became unconventional.

Bucky still wasn’t ready for any kind of relationship whether it was with you or any other woman. He felt damaged and unstable but was able to find an escape with you.

He would come to you if he was upset, angry or feeling lonely. It was probably unhealthy, using each other for sex as a form of escapism. Late at night or midday you were there for him, and him there for you although most of the time it was Bucky who was vulnerable and in need of release.

It had started as a joke. You had both been stood in the kitchen whilst everyone else slept. Neither of you had been able to sleep, Buck commenting that he needed to blow off some steam to tire himself out. You teased that only sex would do the job, an hour later you had decided it wasn’t a half bad idea and you were pinned against the countertop desperately tugging on Bucky’s hoodie.

You ended up coming up with different excuses to get into Bucky’s bed until the agreement was made.

Just sex. Always consensual. To be kept a secret, no exceptions. The friendship would remain.

You had never been best friends. Bucky was still as reserved as ever but after a few months at the compound he became more open with you. He could crack jokes and spend hours talking with you, telling you about his childhood whilst you filled him in on the latest celebrity gossip and recent football scores.

All of that was still the same despite a year of fucking, still unknown to the others.

The attraction had been there from the start.

You remembered the first time you saw him, Natasha joking for you to close your mouth and stop staring. He was mesmerising. Bucky was indiscrete with the way he checked you out as well, Steve smirking at the obvious sexual tension between his two closest friends.

Bucky had made it clear that he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He believed he was damaged goods to which you always reminded him of his worth and importance. One day he’d be ready but Bucky was still fragile and you had to respect that.

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Dudley’s Little Girl

Daisy Dursley at in the back of the family car, her hands wrapped tightly around the piece of paper that told her she had been chosen to attend Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. Her mind was racing with the words Professor McGongall had said to her.

   “Your a witch, just like you Aunt Lilly. You will be attending the finest school of witch craft their is.” Those words, the look on her father’s face, how her grandparents had reacted, it was enough to scare the young girl to the point she wanted nothing more than to pretend it had all been nothing more than a bad dream. Yet here she was, heading to meet an cousin she never knew existed to talk about how she would get the things she needed for her magical study.

  “Dad who is this Harry person and why are you talking me to him.” She asked, her voice breaking the heavy silence that had fallen around the small family. From the drivers seat, her father sent her a reassuring smile from the review mirror.

  “He’s my cousin, he use to live with me and your grandparents. He got accepted to Hogwarts when he was your age too. He will know what you need and how to get it. I heard his kids are going to Hogwarts too, maybe you can make friends with your cousins, while I talk to their father.”

 “Grandpa said..”

   “Don’t listen to your grandfather, he is very set in his ways and not open to anything he can’t understand. The way he, we all, treated Harry is something that haunts me to his day. I feel awful about how I treated him and how I let my parents. I feel awful about it all.”

  “Is that why he said I was a freak when you and mummy went to get the car?” She asked, frowning when her father cursed, muttering curses under his breath.

   “That would be why and you are not a freak. You are a wonderful girl, with amazing potential.” Dudley answered, reaching behind him to pat her knee. “I think it might be best if we don’t speak to them for a while, at least until they realize that they will not treat you the way they did Harry. I won’t stand for it.” Daisy smiled, leaning back against the seat and allowing her head to rest against the window. Dudley looked at her from the review mirror again, smiling as his daughter placed her headphones in, listening to whatever music she listened. Though he tried hard, real hard, he couldn’t grasp the type of music she was listening to, or the band for that matter. 5 Seconds of All Time Low or something like that. Whenever he brings it up, she just giggles and corrects him.

  He smiled once again at his daughter before returning his eyes to the road, his panic setting in once again. The last time he saw Harry he was being risked away because Voldemort, he made himself learn the name, and things were tense. They were all sure they would never see each again and that the past would be left in the past. Now he was on his way to see Harry, after begging the lady that came to talk to them about Daisy for his address, he was finally going to face his cousin again. He was going to see Harry and talk about what use to be a taboo topic.


      As Dudley pulled up to Harry’s home, he suddenly felt sick from nerves. Behind him Daisy was squealing with delight about the cat running around outside. She was still giggling happily as he put the car in park and threw the door open, stepping out of the car and slamming it behind him.

  “Are you ready Daisy?” He asked, looking over his shoulder to find his daughter smoothing the front of her baby blue dress, she had insisted on wearing it, claimed it would be good luck. He smiled at her, moving in front of the car and reaching out for her hand. She giggled and placed her hand in his, holding her letter tight to her chest.

  “Will they like me daddy?” Dudley chuckled and smiled down at the eleven year old that held his heart, and reached over with his free hand and brushed her hair out of her face.

  “They’ll love you, it’s me who needs to worry.”

  “They’ll love you too, don’t worry.” Daisy said firmly, staring at him as if she had no doubt in her mind that the Potter family would love him. It was the confident look in her eyes, eyes so much like his own, made him certain that she was right.

  “It’s time to find out.” He breathed out, smiling at her before reaching up to knock on the large oak door. He only had enough time to glance down at his daughter before the door swung open, revealing a little girl with bright red hair.

  “Daddy someone is here!” She sang out before running off, two boys a few years older, running after her. They both spared Dudley and his daughter a glance before running up a staircase. From the next room, Dudley could hear Harry chuckle fondly, muttering something to someone before walking into the foyer, his eyes growing wide at the sight of Dudley.

   “I know I should have called, but Daisy, she got her letter to Hogwarts and well, I don’t know anything about her world, your world. I need your help.” Dudley said at once, watching as the shock on Harry’s face turn to understanding.

   “It can be scary, there is a lot to learn. Come in, we can talk and Daisy can meet her cousins.” As if on cue, the little red headed girl came running back in, her eyes growing wide as she took in Daisy.

   “Would you like to play with me? I have an extra toy broomstick you can ride. It’s fine if you chase the cat with it, though mummy says I shouldn’t.” The girl said all at once, so fast that Dudley could barley understand what she was saying. Daisy and Harry however seemed to have no problem as his daughter shot towards her, squealing happily the whole time. Harry chuckled, yelling at her to slow down for once, but shaking his head when both girls failed to listen.

   “Come in and meet my wife. Ginny, she’s amazing and will probably be more help than I ever could be.” Harry laughed, smiling at him as he lead him inside, waiting until the door was closed behind him. Dudley smiled, kicking off his shoes, though he was unsure that the act would much of a difference, you could tell the house was lived in, one full of fun and laughter. Once he joined Harry, the man lead him into the living room, where a red headed women sat on the couch, a cup of tea in hands. 

   “Harry who is this?” She asked, smiling as she stood up and moved towards him.

   “I’m Dudley, Harry’s cousin.” Dudley replied, reaching out to shake her hand. She paused before shaking his own, her eyes flickering towards Harry.

  “Daisy, his daughter, has been accepted into Hogwarts, he was hoping we could help answer a question or two.” Harry explained, chuckling when Dudley spoke up.

   “More like one or two thousand.” Dudley laughed, smiling at Harry and his wife as they laughed.

   “Well sit down, I will go make us all a cup of tea, let you and Harry catch up for a few minutes before we dive into the questions.” Ginny said warmly, patting Dudley on the shoulder before she left the room. Once she was gone, Harry motioned towards the couch, silently telling him to sit down. Dudley took a deep breath before sitting down, looking around him at all the pictures that were moving, all of them smiling happily.

  “Is it only Daisy?” Harry asked, sitting across from him with a smile.

  “No I have another daughter, a few years young named Amara, She’s a lot like her mother and sister. She shows signs of being a witch too. She can do things, things that I have never seen done before.”

   “Looks like you have some witches on your hands Dud. How did your parents take it?”

   “Mum fainted and dad threw a fit. Told me to take my mistakes and leave and that if my wife and I had any sense about us we would give the girls up.”

  “He sounds horrible, honestly, telling you to give your girls up.” Ginny huffed, shaking her head as she offered him a tray of tea.

  “They are, unlike myself they haven’t changed, they are just as awful as they always have been, more so. I mean before this my parents loved my girls, now they think they are freaks.”

  “Well they aren’t and you have family here. Now lets tackle those questions.” Ginny chuckled, smiling softly as she took a seat beside Harry, his hand instantly resting on her knee.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons for, like, if Gladion and s/o's kid turns into a rebellious angsty teenager?? The entire "No, dad, it's not a PHASE you just don't GET me" shebang, Hot Topic addiction included sort of teenager?

Did you mean Yuri Plisetsky?

Trololol. I’m kidding. I love Yuri with all my heart.


  • I say offspring…
  • Because I hc’d Gladion with a daughter once and lol if this child is a girl Gladion would probably just let her.
  • He would spoil his baby girl.
  • Probably would get her some kind of Hot Topic Membership card.
  • Buys her all the Evanescence/Paramore/Avril Lavigne things she wants.
  • That way he can’t be accused of not understanding. He’s the most supportive of his baby.
  • He’ll probably be caught singing What The Hell or Girlfriend every now and again.
  • You can’t proVE ANYTHING.
  • You have a recording on your phone. Hah, take that hubs.
  • But if offspring is a boy…
  • Hooooooo boy. Was he really this difficult?
  • Hate to break it to you love but you kind of still are, I’m so sorry.
  • They’ll be super hilarious like they’ll probably both mock each other for something the other does quite frequently.
  • “At least I don’t use up the hair gel in a week, if I touch your hair will my hand get stuck?”
  • “Sweetheart, don’t talk to your father like that-”
  • “Oh, and your eye liner is totally necessary. Did you steal it from your aunt Lillie or something?”
  • “Uhhh, honey-”
  • You’re honestly so done with them.
  • Again, he probably won’t be able to tell Gladion that he didn’t understand.
  • And Gladion can’t say he’s being ridiculous.
  • If they’re annoying you, you toss Hot Topic gift cards at them and tell them to knock themselves out. 
  • They settle things through rap battles sometimes and you have to judge.
  • Gladion lets his son win though.
  • Well, unless the kid is being particularly obnoxious.
  • Then he has to be put in his place.
  • The only time they get along is when they play Guitar Hero together.
  • Or sometimes, they’ll lie down on the floor together and bask in the angst.
  • Gladion is suddenly much more thankful to you for getting his head out of his ass all the time and making life much brighter for him. 
  • His son will feign sleep sometimes just so he can listen to Gladion talking to him at night telling him stories about how you changed his life.
  • He honestly wants something like that… someone who will give life meaning for him.
  • And Gladion wants that for him too.

I spent this morning reading tarot and making crystal grids in the sunshine for the full moon and have been spending so much time in the yard, on the porch or reading under the trees out back 😌🍃
Plus my aunt gave me tiger lillies for my little garden and my boss gave me an abalone necklace! I also saw my first falling star of the season and have been planning my birthday adventure with my sisters plus I’m going to that three story antique shop w my Opa 🙊🙊


This is based off of a prompt asking for what my ideal canon japril family would be like. I feel obligated to let you know three things, (a) This was written about a year ago. (b) The grammar is horrible! It’s not my best, it’s not even my somewhat okay, work. So, I am sorry if I let you down. © I like big families, I mean, BIG FAMILIES. Just so you’re ready :P 

Samuel Norbert Avery knew that growing up in a big family meant lots and lots of patience. It meant that although it had already been 30 minutes since he had gotten ready, he had to sit on top of his suitcase, flipping through his favourite Dr Suess book and wait for the rest of the family. 

 He heard someone walk towards the living room and looked up to see his mother carrying his younger sister, who was struggling in her arms. She put her down on the kitchen counter and started to brush her hair, while his sister kept yelling really loud. Samuel sighed, thinking about how he had never been a fan of how loud his sister could be when she had to do something she didn’t want to do. He recalled how his mother called her Princess Harriet when she acting this way. She had quite a reputation. His mom always said that she got it from their dad. Samuel laughed to himself, remembering how his dad would argue and say that he was pretty sure she got her lungs from mom and mom would slap his chest. 

 Regardless of whom she got it from, Samuel had always thought his sister, Harriet Celie Avery, who was 4 years old, one year younger than he was, was crazy sometimes. Gramma Catherine had always said that she’s got ‘quite a personality’. He wasn’t entirely sure what she means by that but he guessed it just meant that the way she behaved was really too much for everyone to handle. She drove mama crazy; if she didn’t like something, you knew it. She talked to strangers and always got into trouble at school for saying things you shouldn’t because she was “too smart for her own good” or atleast that’s what mama said. Samuel just didn’t understand her sometimes. 

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Heavy Sleeper [Gladion x Moon]

welp, this might be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written

oh well, its better than nothing

sorry for almost 3-weeks of no real content besides my rambles, I hope this makes up for it :)

also, Gladion still can’t cook

With a hand over her mouth, Moon had to suppress her giggle. The faint almost violet sky filtered through the open window illuminating the wooden floor and wrinkled sheets that held Gladion’s snoring figure. His features were calm, eyes peaceful and mouth parted slightly and his thin body raised up and down which each steady breath he exhaled.

It was no surprised that he was sound asleep. Gladion always said he would stay up and wait for her whenever she took the night shift at her job of being Alola’s Champion but he never could really follow through with his plan.

Moon leaned down to kiss his forehead softly to which he seemed to stir beneath her. Wordlessly, he drowsily patted at the empty spot beside him. She crawled in the blanket, head resting on Gladion’s chest.

“Did I wake you?” She mumbled with an apologetic glance.

“No.” He yawned, “I’ve been waiting for you. Arceus, what time is it?”

“Almost six.”

He stretched his back out slightly, covering another yawn, “was there anybody?”

Moon sighed rubbing her forehead, “more than you’d think. Half drunk Trainers, slurring out commands to their Pokémon in an attempts to win my title. Honestly, as amusing as the night shift is, it gets a bit old after a while. No one there really tries because they can barely throw their damn Poke Ball.”

“Or maybe they know they can’t beat you so they try making you laugh to throw you off your game?” Gladion chuckled twirling a strand of dark hair with his finger.

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Top 5 Harry Potter scenes from the books that didn’t make it into the films.

Number 4.

Harry’s Final Goodbye to the Dursley’s.

“You didn’t just lose a Mother that night in Godrics Hollow you know. I lost a Sister”

Yes I know it is a deleted scene but the fact still stands that it wasn’t actually on the film. The whole way through the series we’re given little snapshots that tell us Petunia Dursley may know more about the Wizarding world than she lets on. My personal favourite is when Uncle Vernon asks what Dementors are and Aunt Petunia tells him they guard the Wizard Prison. Of course Harry wants to know, how does his Muggle Aunt know about Dementors? And she tells him “I heard that wretched Boy telling her about them years ago”, Harry, naturally assumes the ‘wretched Boy’ to be his Father. It is however Snape she’s talking about and we find this out in his flashback at the end of the book. I love the fact that for all this time Petunia was just jealous of her Sister and she just so desperately wanted to be a Witch, she even wrote to Dumbledore begging him to let her attend Hogwarts. I think the producers were crazy to cut this scene because, in a way it gives the Dursleys a bit of redemption but i guess they just wanted people to believe they truly were heartless!

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Bit of a weird one... how would Gladion take to having a s/o with a kid from a previous relationship. '-'


  • You’re worried af about Gladion knowing.
  • Like, your kid is great. You love your child more than words. You’d give the world to your kid. You freaking ADORE your child.
  • But God, you love Gladion too.
  • You’re ecstatic that you two are finally together.
  • After your previous relationship, you weren’t really sure you’d find love again like???
  • But GLADION!!!
  • He’s a real sweetheart.
  • And let’s be real you both have your hang-ups but you’re both good for each other.
  • You certainly don’t think your child is a hang-up!!!!
  • But, it might be a deal breaker????
  • And there’s a huge chance Gladion doesn’t?? Like kids??
  • While you’re worrying about all this, Lillie and Hau decide enough is enough.
  • You weren’t even this bad when you were just attracted to Gladion and couldn’t tell him you loved him or even admit that you did.
  • When it’s time for him to meet your kid you’re pacing in front of the door basically.
  • Your kid is sat there, maybe colouring something, wondering just wtf is up with you.
  • Your kid is totally ready to love Gladion tho. Uncle Hau has said lots of cool things about him.
  • And Aunt Lillie is the best so of course her brother should be The Bomb.
  • When he’s finally face to face with Gladion!!!!
  • And you’re… well, you’re SHOOK.
  • Because here’s Gladion sitting next to your child drawing things for them and playing play-doh with them and making castles with blocks with them???
  • Turns out Gladion loves kids, you should never have worried tbh.
  • “I did grow up with a little sister.”
  • Omg just imagine how spoiled Lillie was by that boy when they were kids.
  • Imagine the dolls.
  • Imagine the TEA PARTIES.
  • All in all Gladion really loves your child.
  • How can he not? It’s another you but tinier!
… Ted Evelyn Mosby.”
“Thank you for that”
“A man with more emotional endurance than anyone I know. It was a long and difficult road. Thanks god we finally got here.”
“We’re here…”
“Aunt Lilly was half right. It was a long road. You might even say it was really really really really long. But difficult? Nah. It was life. Stuff happens in life. Things fall apart, things get put back together. When I think how lucky I am to wake up next to your mom every morning, I can’t help but be amazed at how easy it all really was. All I had to do was to get out of the apartment for a couple of hours so uncle Marshall could propose to aunt Lilly. Go to the bar. Meet your aunt Robin. Convince your aunt Robin to fall in love with me. Break up with your aunt Robin. Go on a rebound. Go get a rebound tattoo. Go get the rebound tattoo removed. Meet Stella. Convince Stella to fall in love with me. Get engaged. Get left at the altar. Get fired. Get beat up by a goat. Get a job as a professor. Teach the wrong class. Date the wrong girl. Date the wrong girl again. Date the wrong girl a few times actually. Let uncle Barney fall in love with aunt Robin. Let aunt Robin fall in love with uncle Barney. Book the wedding band. Go to their wedding. Make sure the wedding actually happened. Leave a little early. Be in the right place in the right time. And somehow, summon the guts to do the stupidest, most impossible thing in the world. Walk up to that beautiful girl standing under the yellow umbrella and start talking.”
-…the best man, yeah, get in here, get in here.
-Oh thanks. Here let me.
-Great show tonight.
-Thank you.
-You’re Cindy’s ex-roommate, right?
-Yes. And you aree the professor. I took one of you classes.
-Really? Which one?
-Econ 305.
-Econ 305? I don’t teach…oh no.
-Oh yeaaah.
-Excuse me, I’m gonna jump under the tracks now.
-No no no, don’t! You were great. You were great.
-Wait a second. This is my umbrella, I left this umbrella at Cindy’s, you totally stole my umbrella.
-What?! No I didn’t. This is my umbrella, I bought this.
-Excuse me, it even has my initials on it, right here. T.M., Ted Mosby.
-Yeah. Look again, Ted Mosby. Those are my initials. T.M., Tracy McConnel.
-No, Tracy McConnel, this is TM, Totally My umbrella.
-You’re TM, Terribly Mistaken, because this umbrella has always belonged TM - To Me. Although I DID lose it for a few years there. So I went to this dance club…
-…on St. Patrick’s Day.
-On st. Patrick’s Day.
-And you left it there.
-And I left it there.
-And you’d never thought you’d see it again.
-And I’d never thought I’d see it again…. Funny how sometimes you just.. find things.
“See? Easy. And that, kids, is How I Met Your Mother
—  How I met your mother

Kids, have I ever told you the story of how I met your mother? It’s a great story…that involves 95% about how much I love your aunt robin and the 35 other chicks I banged along the way. Don’t worry though, I will eventually tell you at the very end of my robin love story that I did in fact meet your mother, we loved each other yadda yadda and now she’s dead, I mourned and now what I really want to do is go bang aunt robin

The End

YEYYYY EVERYBODY HAPPY! Except 95% of us!!!!

One big happy Family

The Au where Wolfstar adopts Tonks!(and jily doesn’t die)
• Andromeda and Ted had died on a mission with the order, when 2 year old Tonks was staying with her uncles
• Moody was the one who gave them the news
•it was bath time so little missy was only in Sirius’s jacket
• little Tonks didn’t understand why her uncle was crying
•the first thing Sirius did was make sure he was the legal guardian for her
•Remus was scared at first having to take care of a little girl
• James was the one who taught her how to ride a broom when she was 5
• when she was 6 The decided to tell her about her “True” parents
• she wanted to be kick butt like her mum so much
• on the anniversary of their death they would snuggle up and watch Disney movies and eat chocolate
•she was the first to know that Lilly was pregnant, even before Lilly did
•she told them with three mouth fulls of lucky charms spat at her when she said it
• she almost dropped Harry when she was seven
•Lilly was practically her mum
• Minnie delivered her letter personally cause she wanted to see if Sirius hadn’t lit her on fire yet
• She was a little mad when she didn’t get sorted into gryffindor like her aunt Lilly and uncles
•Sirius was very protective when it came to boys and girls
• like Molly both Sirius and Remus thought Charlie and her were dating

Feel free to add more to it

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you should write one where their daughter finds the pictures of Taylor from their vacation and gets all embarrassed by them

Okay….Here’s a little blurby thing. Enjoy!


“Yeah, just go on my computer and you can find all your baby photos and everything…. I think they should all be filed under the right dates and everything.” I told Ali as we drove home from school.

Ali had just started middle school and they had to do a ‘this is me’ project.

“Thanks mommy! I think we need one or two for every year of our life…. but with all the photos you and daddy took when we were little that might be a difficult task!” Ali said, laughing a little.

“I guess we might have gone overboard a little…. But we didn’t want to miss out on everything…. There are tons more photos of you than Danny too since you were the first.” I told her, smirking as I looked towards the back of the car where Danny had fallen asleep after his soccer practice.

“Well he doesn’t need to know that!” Ali said, smirking back at me.

As soon as we got home I unlocked my computer and set it in the breakfast nook so Ali could find photos but was still within my eye line, since she was on my computer after all and there were important things on there for work, as well as stuff that I really didn’t want her seeing. I was starting to cook dinner, since it was already almost 6 with Ali’s after school drama club and Danny’s soccer.

“OH MY GOODNESS! Mom!” Ali squealed and my heart jumped into my throat. What had she found on the computer?

“Umm… what’s up baby?” I asked her, acting as nonchalant as possible as I walked over and stood behind her looking at the screen.

On the screen I saw photos from a trip Adam and I had taken soon after our 1st anniversary. We had spent a blissful time swimming, boating, and lounging on the beach taking countless photos of each other, as well as getting some of the few people who were there as well to take photos of us. Some of the photos had made it onto our Instagram accounts, but many never did, remaining on my computer instead.

“When were these taken? Your bathing suit barely covers you! It looks like those underwear adverts that Aunt Lilly and Karlie used to do…. Dixie showed me those.” Ali said, wide eyed.

“Those are from when mommy and daddy went on holiday. It was a couple of years before you were born sweetie….. Um…” I tried to figure out what was going through her head as she clicked through the photos.

“Ewww!” She squealed again as she found the photos we had of us kissing.

I smiled at the memory of deciding to post one on Instagram and the meltdown it lead to.

“That’s gross mommy! Why would you have a photo of that?” She asked, making me laugh. Ali would always cover her eyes if Adam and I kissed, she was still in that weirded out phase, still our little girl.

“You’ll understand one day sweetie…. Now, how about we skip ahead to when you were born?” I asked her, not wanting to know what she might find in the time between those photos and her baby photos.

“Please!” She said, rolling her eyes and sighing dramatically, making me laugh.

I always found it funny when the kids would get embarrassed, and it wasn’t easy to do, but we found ways to embarrass them. Now I knew that old photos could do it for Ali, and I would use that to my advantage in the years to come!

When Adam got home, Ali looked at him really weirdly.

“What’s up with Alicat?” He asked me, leaning against the counter as I served up our meal.

“She found some old photos of us when she was doing her school project and got all embarrassed and weirded out.” I said, smirking and shrugging my shoulders.

“So she’s giving me the weird look because?” He asked me.

I actually had no clue…. I know that I rarely wore skimpy bikinis anymore since the kids were born, mainly because of the risk of them falling off and also because I became more self-conscious of my body. But Adam still wore swim trunks with no shirt around the house, especially in the summer, and his body was just as toned as it had been back when we were first dating.

“No clue…. although it might have something to do with the kissing photo…she shuddered when she saw that.” I rolled my eyes as Adam chuckled, leaning in obviously and giving me a kiss, leading to a gagging noise from Ali at the table.

“Hey Alicat! How was school today?” Adam asked her, sitting next to her.

She looked at him, quirked an eyebrow sceptically, then shrugged, starting to talk about school and her project, the photos basically forgotten for now.

Ned the Pie Maker 

Olive, I have a question. Can love make you do something absolutely crazy?

This. Mother. Fucking. Cutie Pie, right here. 

Let’s talk about Ned, and this particular quote. 

It’s not till the second to last episode of the second season of Pushing Daisies that Ned stops to ask Olive about love and how it effects people. 

But it’s this kind of thing that makes his character so damn endearing. Because without realizing he’s been doing crazy shit for love this entire time. 

For example: 

  • First episode, he hasn’t seen his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte “Chuck” Charles in about 10 solid years. Last time he saw her, they were stealin each others first kiss at the graveyard, and then it sayonara till who knows when. Next time he runs into her, he’s attending her funeral and bringing her back to life. 
  • Same episode, he keeps her alive for more than a minute. He knows the consequences of this, he knows something or someone would have to take her place. Yet he keeps her alive anyways. Why? Because he was, “incapacitated by not being able to think." He had one thought in his head, and it was of Chuck. This issue is addressed in a later episode which he states that even though he was a conscious participant in the,  ”inadvertent, accidental man-slaughter" of Lawrence Schatz, he would do it again if only for the chance to make sure that Chuck was alive. 
  • He sets some poor guys truck on fire to serve as a distraction so he could whisk Charlotte away from her casket. 
  • He continuously and consistently finds ways to bring Charlotte closer to her aunts even while knowing that if they saw her, that would be it for their relatively undisturbed lives together and it would cause some serious questions. 
  • He alive-agains Chucks dad, even though he was responsible for inadvertently, and accidentally killing him. 
  • Even though they cannot ever touch, he would rather she live and get her chance at life and happiness then fulfill any physical need (the traditional way) that he might have. 
  • In the first episode of the second season, he prunes someones pie, and manipulated the circumstances so that he could keep close to Chuck to make sure she was safe while she was “Undercover Kitty” at Betty’s Bees. 
  • And at the end of Bzzzz! He risks giving himself away to Aunt Lilly for the opportunity to get Chuck’s things back for her, and even though he isn’t happy about it, he fills Olive’s apartment with her things for her so that she could be comfortably surrounded by her belongings. 
  • Back to alive-again-ing Chucks dad, he does this knowing it could completely destroy everything he actively tries to protect. 
  • He re-establishes Aunts Lilly and Vivian’s career as the Darling Mermaid Darlings, going undercover and pretending to be their manager all because Charlotte wants to see them swimming again, then proceeds to bring her to their shows knowing the risks. 
  • And lastly, he brings Chuck back to her aunts. 

I mean seriously, this is probably not even a complete list of all the dangerous and reckless shit he’s pulled all for the sake of keeping one person happy, but he does it, and doesn’t even realize the full scope of his actions because it’s second nature for him to do these things. 

Man, this show was so underrated.