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Crashing Part (1/?)

Title: Crashing Part (1/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes(mentioned), George Barnes(father,mentioned), Winifred Barnes(mother,mentioned), Rebecca Barnes(sister,mentioned), Natasha Romanoff(mentioned), Janice Barnes(Aunt,mentioned)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your boss and best friend. What happens when he needs you to pretend to be his fiance?

A/n: God I hope you guys love this, and please do let me know how it is.


Crashing Masterlist

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Flashback, 15th September 2016

“Doll, I need a favor” I sighed as Bucky’s voice echoed from my phone. My heels clicked as I walked down the street, the company I worked for just a dozen steps away. I glanced at the guard, flashed the young man a smile as he opened the door, the cold temperature of the air conditioning cooling me down almost instantly.

“Yes James, I’m on the way up with your black coffee” I said, my voice laced with sarcasm as I pressed the lift button, nearly cursing when the two lifts in operation was at the top floor. God who in the right mind goes to the roof at one in the afternoon.

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A Normal, Family Holiday

Rating: General
Word Count: 16,846
Co-written by: skimmingmilk and syl-writes-stuff
Summary: After dealing with Bill and his idea of fun, the Mystery Best Friends need a relaxing and fun holiday to spend being thankful and together.

Set between parts four and five of “Mystery Best Friends.”


“So as soon as the parade is over I want you in your room getting dressed, Gregory.” Amy addressed the group of three teens, one child, and one frog gathered in front of the television, though the focus of the conversation was more on the child in particular. “I already set your clothes on your bed for you.”

“Do they match Wirt’s?” Greg asked without tearing his gaze away from the TV.

“That depends on what Wirt decides to wear,” she replied, heading for the garage.

Wirt glanced at his younger brother, nudging him with his foot for his attention, then winked at him, much to Greg’s delight. “Just show me what Mom picked out for you and I’ll see what I’ve got.”

With that settled, Greg snuggled up to Mabel and resumed watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The four of them plus frog were sprawled on the floor, the couch having been moved the night before to accommodate the larger table that had taken over the dining room and encroached on the living room, too. They didn’t mind though. Mabel and Greg were both lying on their stomachs closest to the TV, with Wirt leaning against the armchair while Dipper laid his head in his lap, the former idly petting the latter’s hair with his good hand, the pine tree cap elsewhere for the time being. The calm and easy enjoyment of casual commentaries on floats and dance numbers - oftentimes getting shushed by Greg or Mabel or both - was a relief and more than appreciated by both boys.

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Shortcut Keys

I’m spending Memorial Weekend planning a memorial.

Aunt Janice’s.

Knew the project wouldn’t be a wheelbarrow of sunshine, but I didn’t expect to encounter Alberto at every turn:

As I arrange the reception music and discover that my rock-n-roller aunt loved Streisand and showtunes as dearly as Alberto did.

Or when I launch Adobe Illustrator—an application I’ve never used—to design the program, and my first thought is he should so be doing this for me.

Next thought?

Trade the whine in your head for wine in your hand and start googling advanced things like, um, how do you size a document in Illustrator? create a text box? a photo border?

I ain’t saying how long it took me, but I will say Alberto could do this blindfolded.

Using shortcut keys.

Channel him as I may through Liza, Babs and Adobe tutorials on YouTube, I am not Alberto.

And there are no shortcuts.


i know it’s not the 4th of july. i am aware.

Guest Books

A week in the ecosystem that is the Mojave Desert and its trafficky tributaries:

Nostalgic trips through family albums and last-minute arrangements for guest books or iPod docks.

The pilgrimage to Rose Hills, largest cemetery in America, to reunite with cousins and lay an aunt to rest.

Goodbyes rendered and stories shared over a slideshow spanning the nine lives—and hairstyles—of Aunt Janice.

This West Coast trip was all about endings.

The next one?

In late July?

Is the next chapter in beginnings.

I’ll be introducing my parents and grandparents to the reason for my perma-grin this past year: my biological daughter, Laurie.

And if their remarks—finally! a granddaughter! and full-grown!—are the barometer, July can’t come soon enough.

Who You’re Not

Supernatural One Shot

Dean X Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,432

A/N: Just a short little one shot that I put together. I don’t know.

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After disappearing from the face of the Earth in the eyes of your family, them not knowing of your whereabouts or even if you’re alive, one of your cousins recognize you and Dean out and public and when she tells you that your uncle had died, she wants you to come to the dinner that your family is having in mourning of your late uncle. And the only problem is, she believes that you and Dean are dating when in reality you aren’t.

In times of great turmoil, the only way to get over it is through family fights, right? Naturally. And when you great-uncle dies, leaving behind a fortune waiting to be distributed among the very greedy family, the meals became less about remembering the fallen and more about who deserves more money.

But what was a meal without all the family fights?

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