aunt hilda

How Riverdale Can Not Screw Up Sabrina and the Spellmans
originally on my twitter 
  • do not make them creepy and dark!!!
  • Let Sabrina be soft and caring 
  • Make the Aunts married, they have never been specified as sister. LET THEM BE LESBIANS
  • Let the aunts show affection and  be the healthiest marriage on the show
  • Let them be open about their “magic”. Let them be physics and do card and palm readings
  • Let the magic be vague and based on emotion and sage and shit like that
  • Let Sabrina carry a tarot deck in her backpack and understand how someone is feeling just by touch
  • Sabrina Spellman should be obsessed with the stars and know every story and go star gazing all the time and she should doodle the constellations all up her arms and on her hands 
  • Let Sabrina open up to Salem even though he can’t talk back 
  • Let them have a reading room and all the characters get a tarot card reading 
  • and most importantly GIVE MY GIRL HER HEADBAND

Hmm : ) decided to do some quick chibis of just a few of my favorite Shane Dawson characters : ) (from left: Ned, Shanaynay, Aunt Hilda, Switch, Paris, and S Deezy). (btw, the weird line above Aunt Hilda’s head isn’t supposed to be there, this was on a bigger doodle page and I think that’s part of Markiplier’s neck? I decay…) but I kinda want to do more, for me, these guys work really well as chibis!