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Got a list of Spideypool fics where Wade and Aunt May bond? I love them being BFFs, it's so precious. If you know of any where May and Ellie bond as well, that'd also be great. :D

Till You’re Seventy by saruma_aki

Meeting May by ClockworkNight  

Symbolon  by tearsandfears  

Birthday  by  impalaloompa

You Give Love A Bad Name by WalesAPH

Well  by  Lafaiette  

Love in Red  by   Slackersunite

Flawed  by DarkSecrets3

Sunday Dinner at May’s by beetle

And with Ellie : 

Family bonding by TheBlazeCal    

Aunt May to the Rescue by  AnimeLoveLover123  

How Wonderful Life Is (Now You’re In The World)  by  marvelousshipper  

Spider-dad and Dadpool by Spideypoolhell               

Wedding Day by  Grinedel  


You guys…I’m 99% sure that’s the same ring as well. And I’m having lots of feelings.

Even though Aunt Ellie may have broken her promise, I like to think that Pamela didn’t stay mad at her forever. She didn’t forgive her completely, of course…But I’m sure they had a special bond.

I think she’s the one who made her the woman she is today, for the biggest part. She was the perfect rolemodel of the strong woman her mother never was.

Nelsan Ellis’ Family Shares Circumstances of ‘True Blood’ Actor’s Death
Actor Nelsan Ellis left behind a rich legacy and saddened family. (Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images)

Nelsan Ellis, the actor who starred on HBO’s True Blood as the fan-favorite Lafayette Reynolds, struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years. That battle ultimately cost the 39-year-old his life.

Now, days after his death, Ellis’ family agreed to release to The Hollywood Reporter, through his manager Emily Gerson Saines, the exact circumstances around the beloved actor’s passing. Ellis died Saturday of heart failure. His death was met with a massive outpouring from friends and fans around the world, who were shocked and heartbroken over the news.

In an effort to help others who may be struggling with the same addictions that afflicted Ellis, his family released the following via Saines to THR:

Nelsan’s father has bravely agreed for me to share the circumstances of Nelsan’s heart failure. Nelsan has suffered with drug and alcohol abuse for years. After many stints in rehab, Nelsan attempted to withdraw from alcohol on his own. According to his father, during his withdrawal from alcohol he had a blood infection, his kidneys shut down, his liver was swollen, his blood pressure plummeted, and his dear sweet heart raced out of control.

On the morning of Saturday July 8th, after four days in Woodhull Hospital, Nelsan was pronounced dead. Nelsan was a gentle, generous and kind soul. He was a father, a son, a grandson, a brother, a nephew, and a great friend to those that were lucky enough to know him. Nelsan was ashamed of his addiction and thus was reluctant to talk about it during his life. His family, however, believes that in death he would want his life to serve as a cautionary tale in an attempt to help others.

Ellis was born in Harvey, Illinois. He attended Thorn Ridge High School in Dolton, and later attended Oxford University and Columbia College in Chicago before graduating from the famed Juilliard School.

Ellis appeared in numerous film and TV shows, including The Soloist, The Butler, Get on Up and Elementary.

The character Lafayette was killed off fairly early on in the books, The Southern Vampire Mysteries. But True Blood fans loved Ellis’ portrayal so much, the character survived and was a regular on the series.

“We were extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Nelsan Ellis,” HBO said in a statement on Saturday. “Nelsan was a longtime member of the HBO family whose groundbreaking portrayal of Lafayette will be remembered fondly within the overall legacy of True Blood. Nelsan will be dearly missed by his fans and all of us at HBO.”

Said True Blood creator Alan Ball: “Nelsan was a singular talent whose creativity never ceased to amaze me. Working with him was a privilege.”

Ellis is survived by his grandmother, Alex Brown; his father, Tommie Lee Thompson; and his son, Breon Ellis. He is also survived by his siblings Lakeeia Thomson, Tommie Lee Thompson, Babon Ellis, Maurice Turne, Tianna Thompson, Shaentika Beard and Yvonne Ellis and aunt Tartheaia Thompson.

@poeedamerons asked for “ Since I am here do you guys know any Jurassic Park or Jurassic World sterek au?”

You had a two part ask, so I will have to do the other later. But here’s part one! - Anastasia

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Quiet by wheresmywatson

(1/1 I 1,852 I Explicit)

During the epic show-down between Indominus and T-Rex, Derek and Stiles are separated from Laura and Scott. Derek does his best to get them back together as quickly as possible while protecting Stiles, but Stiles finds himself a little too excited from being shoved against a wall by the self-proclaimed ‘Alpha’.

Alternatively I could just tell you that Derek gives Stiles a handjob and Stiles loves it.

Chaos Theory Has Nothing On You by tricksune

(2/? I 3,396 I Mature)

A year after the death of his sister in a freak accident during the construction of a top secret theme park, Paleontologist Derek Hale decides to visit the establishment along with work friend and Paleobotanist Scott McCall in order to understand what it was that she was so passionate about completing. Upon arrival he meets Stiles Stilinski, a chaotician whose charming persona and seemingly tame mission masks what may be a deeper set of ulterior motives towards the overall success of the park.

As they spend more time among the extinct, secrets are revealed that threaten the lives of everyone on the island. When tensions finally crack and the fences shut off, who will make it out of Jurassic Park alive?

Jurassic Park: The Untold Tales by JamesAlexander

(5/10 I 10,799 I Explicit)

Dr. Stiles Stilinski is a successful Paleontologist that had been tutored by the best - Alan Grant himself. When his beloved colleague and partner in crime, Paleoecologist Dr. Lydia Martin, returns from a trip to states, visiting her Aunt, Ellie Sattler, Stiles can barely believe what she has to tell him. After all, how could a secret like an island full of dinosaurs have been kept for twenty years? Armed only with the information of where the islands are, and which dangers it contains, they assemble a team to research the animals: Allison Argent, Lydia’s best friend an a famous wild-life photographer; Jackson Whittemore, rich entrepeneur and Lydia’s boyfriend; and mercenary Derek Hale and his team, composed of the twins and also Stiles’s step-siblings Erica and Isaac, Stiles’s best friend - Scott -, and Erica’s boyfriend, Boyd. On their first day in the island, the helicopter pilot Jeremy Wes joins them in their adventures. What secrets has Isla Nublar? And which will it reveal to his visitors?

The Theory of No Control by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

(5/5 I 27,989 I Mature)

“–kick your scrawny butt all over the Muertes Archipelago, Bilinski! Get out of there or I will feed you to a Stegosaurus!”

“First of all, having me come out from here and then tossing me to the dinos kinda defeats the purpose of it all, since I already am in a dinosaur cage. Second, Stegosauruses are herbivores, which means they will definitely pass on biting my rear end. And third, my butt is not scrawny, though I didn’t know you were even looking, Coach. I’m flattered.”


Derek groaned. “Oh no.”

“Oh, yes.” Scott grinned. He ran off, no doubt excited to watch his reckless best friend and cheer him on. He was such a damn enabler.


@sakuraaeris1497 requested:  #97 with a chubby! insecure! female reader x Newt please. Thanks. 😉😊🙂😘😍

@fangirlwithasweettooth requested:  Hi! Could I request a Newt x reader w/ prompt 97? Maybe reader’s very insecure about the way she looks? You totally don’t have to do this. Thank you! I love your blog!! <3

@bananakid42 requested:  Hello! i really like your writing and i was wondering if you could write an angst/fluff fix w/ newt. because you know he’s adorable and i can’t get enough of him…

Thank you for all the positive feedback and all the requests! I think I currently have 13 that need to be written. Also thank you for bearing with me as I am positively drowning in schoolwork and my stress levels are not healthy. This story hits a little close to home but I tried to write it the best I could. Pretty easy to relate to. That might be why it is so long. If anyone out there is going through something similar to this, it will be okay. You will get through it. I believe in you and I know you are capable. 

Warnings: eating disorder, starving (intentional), self deprication

Growing up in England, Newt had never experienced Thanksgiving before. You were astounded at this realization and immediately decided that he would go with you to spend Thanksgiving with your family. He’d tried to change your mind at first, saying he wasn’t part of your family and didn’t want to be an intrusion. You had shrugged his excuses off, even calling your mother in front of him to ask so you could prove that they wouldn’t mind.

“They’ve been hoping I’d bring home a man for years,” you laughed after the phone call with your mother ended in her cheering and telling you how proud she was. Newt blushed at this comment and you suddenly realized what you had implied. “Not that you’re a ‘man’. I mean, you are a man but not… not like that,” you finished off lamely.

“Of course,” he agreed. “But if you really want me to go, I will.”

“Seriously?” you looked up in excitement. “You weren’t going to visit your family or anything, were you?”

“No occasion to,” he shrugged. “We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, remember?”

“I know, but you’d have free time if you wanted to see them.”

“I thought you wanted me to go to Thanksgiving with you?” He raised an eyebrow. “Now you’re trying to send me away?”

“No!” You grabbed his arm. “I want you to go!”

“Okay,” he laughed, shaking his head. “If you promise I won’t be in the way.”

“You won’t,” you clapped excitedly. “You won’t be in the way at all.

Thanksgiving approached quickly and before the two of you knew it, it was the day before Thanksgiving. You had warned Newt that your family were muggles and only your parents and brother knew of your magic. The rest of your family thought you had some important top-secret job in the US government. Your grandmother lived in Connecticut which was only a short two hour drive from New York City and you had volunteered to drive you and Newt there.

“It’ll be too suspicious if we apparate and have no explanation for how we got there,” you explained when he asked why you had to drive.

Your luggage was loaded in the car the morning before Thanksgiving and the two of you began your trip. You had no regrets inviting Newt to go with you. The drive was hilarious. You showed him some of the popular muggle songs on the radio and laughed at the faces he pulled at the lyrics. You explained to him about all of the delicious food that would be there and helped him compile a list of your favorite family recipes he had to try.

Newt grinned as he heard you rave on about your aunt’s mashed potatoes. You looked adorable in your baggy sweater as your eyes sparkled. When you caught him staring and asked what was wrong, he quickly looked away, blushing and murmured, “nothing”

The two of you pulled up in front of the house at 11:30 and you heard yells inside as your family members spotted your car. The door was flung open and people came pouring out of the house and swarmed you both.

Two young children, one boy and one girl, ran up to you and clung to your legs. You smiled down at them, ruffling the girl’s hair. “Newt, meet Ellie and Archie.” You introduced the two little ones and they looked up at Newt with wide eyes.

“Simon!” your mother called into the house as they enfolded you in a hug. A boy a few years younger than you appeared in the doorway with a grin on his face. “Can you get their luggage?”

“Sure ma,” he strode down the drive and reached into the back to pull out the cases. “Hey sis.”

“Hello Simon,” you smiled back at your brother. “Been a while.”

“I’ll get that,” Newt jumped in, taking the case with his creatures from your brother.

“This is Newt,” you explained. “He’s going to spend Thanksgiving with us.” Simon shot you a cheeky wink and you rolled your eyes at him.

“Come in! Come in!” You and Newt were ushered into the house by the horde of people and sat on the couches in the living room.

“How’s your job going?” your aunt asked, picking Ellie up and putting her in her lap.

“Things are going really well,” you smiled sincerely. “I might be getting a promotion soon.”

“And, I’m guessing you can’t tell us much about that role either?”

“Unfortunately not,” you pretended. “This is basically all I can say about it.” There was a moment of silence as this news was taken in, and then:

“How long have you two been dating?” This question came from another aunt. She eyed the two of you suspiciously.

“Oh no-”

“We aren’t-”

You and Newt both scrambled to set things straight. Your face was red and you refused to turn your gaze to him.

“We aren’t a couple,” you got out finally. “We’re just friends.” There was an almost undetectable sigh in the room at this piece of information.

“Well, I don’t blame him,” your grandmother piped up and the rest of your family turned to look at her in shock. “I wouldn’t want to be dating you either. Have you thought of losing weight?”

“Mother, what a horrible thing to say!” your mother scolded, eyes flashing. You wilted back in your chair slightly. It was true that you weren’t exactly thin. It was something that bothered you frequently but you had managed to hide it from Newt for months and you didn’t want your family to bring all the attention to your weight. Newt shifted closer to you ever so slightly and his hand found yours, squeezing reassuringly.

“I didn’t realize you two weren’t together so I had you sharing a room…” your mother looked questioningly at both of you, trying to change the subject.

“I don’t mind sharing,” Newt gave in. “But I can get a hotel if that would be more comfortable for everyone.”

“No!” your aunt insisted. “You will stay here with us and we will give you a proper first Thanksgiving experience.”

“Sharing is fine,” you agreed. “Let Newt and me just bring our stuff upstairs. Then we can come down and figure out what to do next.”

You led Newt up the stairs, cases in hand, to the bedroom you two would be sharing. There was a queen bed one side of the room and a small adjoining bathroom for just the two of you to share. You dropped your bags on the floor by the door and moved to sit on the bed. Newt put his things down too-albeit a little more carefully- and took his seat next to you.

“I’m sorry about my family,” you whispered. “They are a lot to handle sometimes.”

“Try a magical one!” Newt chuckled trying to ease the tension in the air. You tried to laugh but the sound got stuck in your throat. All you could think about was what your grandmother had said. She was right. You were overweight. You sucked your gut in, hoping Newt wouldn’t notice from where he sat next to you. “About what your grandmother said-” Newt started but you cut him off.

“We’d better head back downstairs, shouldn’t we? They’ll be waiting for us!” You jumped off the bed, seizing your opportunity to get out of the discussion. You heard Newt sigh from behind you but he followed you back downstairs.

Your weight wasn’t mentioned for the rest of the day but it was always on your mind. You skipped out on lunch, telling everyone you were still full from breakfast and that you wanted to save your appetite for Thanksgiving the next day. Your family accepted this but you saw Newt glance at you when you said this.

You pretended to fall asleep right away that night to avoid Newt and, by the time he had come back in from brushing his teeth, you were “asleep”. He stayed awake for longer than you did, thinking about your behavior. He didn’t understand how someone could find anything wrong with you. You were perfect and if they couldn’t see it, they were stupid. He decided not to share that comment with you thought. Finally, he fell asleep to the sound of your breathing and the rustling of the leaves outside the window.

You got up early on Thanksgiving to help prepare the food. Your stomach rumbled as you saw all the food for you had merely picked at your food the day before. You set to work making the sweet potato casserole as other family members took on other dishes.

Newt stumbled into the room at 10:00, hair sticking up and rubbing his eyes. Your relatives laughed good naturedly, welcoming the arrival of their guest. He offered to help cook but all his requests were shot down and he was made a cup of coffee and took a spot on the couch with your grandmother and great aunt.

The meal was ready a little past midday and a few more relatives arrived during that time. Hugs and introductions were exchanged as they met Newt. When everyone had arrived, you all sat down for the feast. The long dining room table was laden with dishes and you were all crammed around it. You and Newt sat next to each other at one end of the table.

“So, which dishes did you say I should try?” Newt prompted, looking around at all the options.

“All of them!” you laughed. “They’re all amazing! But potatoes, turkey and parsnips are always a good idea.” You winked at him and he grinned, loading up his plate. “What about you? Aren’t you getting anything?”

“Oh… yeah,” you quickly covered up, reaching to take a small serving of carrots and green beans.

“That’s it?” Newt looked unamused as he saw the bareness of your plate.

“I’m not really hungry,” you defended.

“Can I talk to you in private for a minute?” he asked sharply and you knew he wouldn’t be taking no for an answer. “We’ll be right back,” he explained apologetically and practically dragged you out into the hallway.

“What’s wrong?” you asked as if you didn’t know where this conversation was going.

“Why are you doing this, Y/N?” he shook his head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you replied innocently.

“You’re not going to starve yourself on Thanksgiving,” he said bluntly.

“I’m not-”

“Stop Y/N. Just stop.” He sighed, running his hands through his hair.

“It has nothing to do with you!” You tried to be mad at him. It was really much easier to be mad at him for interfering than it was to feel the way you did.

“I just…” Newt struggled to find the words. “I can’t stand to see you doing that to yourself. You’re already perfect.” You gulped at his words, turning away with a blush.


“Yes, perfect,” he confirmed. “You don’t need to change at all and anyone that thinks so is daft.”

“Did you just call my grandmother ‘daft’?” You looked up at him.

“Sorry about that,” he winced. “But I still think you’re perfect.”

“Thank you,” you whispered, wrapping your arms around him in a hug. He held you tightly and you felt tears sliding down your cheeks. “Thank you so much.”

“I love you.” Newt’s words were met with a pause and then:

“I love you too.”

For a long time, Steve and Nancy weigh the pros and cons of starting a family of their own. Steve has always longed to be a father, perhaps to right the mistakes his own father made, but he can’t shake the worry that maybe it was his arrival that deteriorated what little love his parents once had. Nancy worries about growing old and boring, but the thought of retiring from summers of monster hunting and instead spending them on family vacations, showing her child the wonders the world has to offer remains appealing.

They’re thirty when they decide to take the plunge; thirty-two when they realize it’s not working. Their sorrow and frustration builds to another summer spent on the road. And somehow, the stars align perfectly somewhere over Maine. By January, just after the new year, Cassandra enters their life; eight months old and the newest addition to their New York apartment.

Steve is a doting father, consistently bringing home candy bars for his daughter as she grows into a rambunctious toddler. She rides on his shoulders around the neighbourhood and practices her piano scales with him proudly watching. Steve is an eager participant in puppet shows, tea parties, tossing the ball around at the park, and building Lego castles.

Nancy has been able to function on four hours of sleep a night for years, but Steve still insists on splitting nighttime responsibilities. Lying in bed, Nancy listens to the sound of her husband cooing in the next room, remembering a myriad of moments from years ago. As Cassandra grows, Nancy takes her daughter swimming and sledding. She’s the one to clean and bandage wounds while Steve makes funny faces behind her, a distraction from thick tears. Nancy teaches her daughter how to tie her shoelaces and, later, how to drive.

When she’s seventeen, Cassandra discovers a box of postcards and photographs in the attic. At first glance, they seem like an archive of a normal road trip taken across the country. But when she looks closer she sees the spiked baseball bat in her father’s hand, the handle of a gun sticking out of her mother’s pocket, the mysterious mentions of someone called Eleven (she doesn’t make the connection to her Aunt Ellie right away). There’s a third boy in most of the photographs that Cassandra recognizes as a younger version of her quiet Uncle Jonathan.

That summer, Nancy and Steve relive their days on the road chasing danger from the safety of their living room sofa, coffee in hand and their daughter between them, her ears eager.

(For my love @mullingarssweetheart who requested the prompt “Babies” for Stancy)

New Romantics

Sorry that it took me so long to post this one! I finally got home so here it is. Enjoy!

Calvin reached for Taylor’s hand as the cameras around them flashed, brightly. Luckily, their little princess was already inside and didn’t have to see this. She’d arrived earlier with Taylor’s parents to avoid the annoying men with their cameras. Taylor’s fingers threaded together with her husband’s as he led her into their Los Angeles flat. Since starting a family, they decided that they needed to have a stable place for their children to grow up which meant that they only needed one permanent residence. They had apartments that they owned in various locations that they rented out until they needed them. This apartment, unfortunately, was one of their less protected residences. As soon as they were both safely inside, they both visibly relaxed.

“Mommy! You’re home!” their daughter, Autumn, cheered when they opened the door. She ran into Taylor’s arms and Taylor lifted her into her arms, carrying her back into the apartment.

“We’re home,” Taylor repeated with a sigh. Her mom, who had been babysitting, smiled sadly.

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Hey kelly :) I'm dying for another haker one-shot, I truly miss them...

It’s close to midnight when Hannah parks on the street outside Baker’s house. The air is crisp, clean, still, and it cools Hannah’s cheeks when she gets out of her car, flushed from the heat she had been blasting on the drive over.

Outside, she texts, tiptoeing around to the back of the house.

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Hey! I really love your writing and I don't know if you accept prompts at the moment but whenever you have time could please write one where Bellamy and Clarke's son/daughter get away with everything on the camp because they're Clarke and Bellamy's kid, like it can be with Wick, or Raven, or Sinclair or Kane but they love then too much to stay mad at them! (you decide if it's a boy or a girl) I'll love you forever if you write this <3 thanks in advance!

this took an obscene amount of time and I’m so sorry but I hope you like it!

“Shit, Ellie! Watch your hands!” 

Wick springs up from behind his workbench and grabs Aurelia’s hand before it can touch the hot metal rod cooling on the table. She looks up at him with her big blue eyes and bats her eyelashes, an adorable grin spreading across her chubby cheeks. 

Wick sighs and rubs a hand over his face. “Jesus, kid. Do you know what your mommy and daddy would do to me if you got hurt on my watch?”

“Would you watch your mouth?” Raven snaps from across the room. Then she looks to the five year old and she softens. “Come sit with Aunt Raven, okay, Ellie? Do you want to talk to the baby?” [AO3]

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Hello! I was wondering if you know of any Jurassic Park au fics? Thank you! <3

i know of

Jurassic Park: The Untold Tales by JamesAlexander (5/10 | 10,799 | NC17)

Dr. Stiles Stilinski is a successful Paleontologist that had been tutored by the best - Alan Grant himself. When his beloved colleague and partner in crime, Paleoecologist Dr. Lydia Martin, returns from a trip to states, visiting her Aunt, Ellie Sattler, Stiles can barely believe what she has to tell him. After all, how could a secret like an island full of dinosaurs have been kept for twenty years? Armed only with the information of where the islands are, and which dangers it contains, they assemble a team to research the animals: Allison Argent, Lydia’s best friend an a famous wild-life photographer; Jackson Whittemore, rich entrepeneur and Lydia’s boyfriend; and mercenary Derek Hale and his team, composed of the twins and also Stiles’s step-siblings Erica and Isaac, Stiles’s best friend - Scott -, and Erica’s boyfriend, Boyd. On their first day in the island, the helicopter pilot Jeremy Wes joins them in their adventures. What secrets has Isla Nublar? And which will it reveal to his visitors? 


There’s also this one (Thank you @authorkurikuri for pointing it out to us!)

With Good Seeds by stilesinwonderland (itsabravenewworld) (1/1 | 14,197 | PG13)

“So Hale,” Stiles says when he lets the raptors run free and bite at each other. He turns his wide brown eyes on Derek and grabs onto an overhead pole, leaning forward with a smirk. “It’s usually your sisters coming to yell at me. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Or the Jurassic World AU I promised!

Seven's the Charm

Jily AU Week Day 2- Survival AU/ Muggle AU

Thanks Tish for reminding  me of my awkward coffee shop and book store encounters so I could write this thing

When James agreed to help out at his aunt’s bookstore over the summer, he expected it to be dreadfully boring. It was only after the first few days there did he realise just how boring it actually could be. He only agreed because his ailing aunt had asked him to. Sure, he had Remus over to help out (the bloody sod practically knew the title of each book, its author and probably even its original published date) but this was something that Remus would actually enjoy, because he loved books.

James on the other hand, not so much.

He would prefer to be outside, getting burnt in the sun as he and Sirius invested themselves in some form of shenanigans or the other.

Unfortunately for him, today Remus had ditched him in favour of doing something of the sort with his mother (James couldn’t remember the specifics of the conversation they had in the phone last night other than the fact of Remus not being there with him.) and so far, it was shaping up to be a truly awful day.

First, when he went to get his usual morning coffee, he had a terrible mishap involving himself, a little redhead and hot tea down his front. The small shop was packed enough as it was, forcing James to squish himself into the queue waiting to collect their drinks. He was standing to close to the girl and when she turned, she bumped into him, the hot beverage inevitably sloshing over the brim.

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TItle: First Outside, Inside Last

This is the beginning to the “Application” Kurson fic. Set in AU S3.

Summary: It’s Carson’s first week at William McKinley High, and everyone is acting fucking weird.

Lima, Ohio.

A little benign cyst that popped up in the middle of the cows and called itself a town.

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Story Time

“Bedtime, kids!” Calvin called out, entering the playroom to find Scarlett sitting in the couch on her computer and Caleb playing on the floor.

Scarlett groaned looking up from the computer at her dad who rolled his eyes at her reaction. “I’m ten. You should let me go to bed later than Caleb.”

“Scarlett, we talked about this. You’re going to bed now. Turn off the computer.” Calvin said sternly and she sighed, shutting the computer and standing up. Caleb walked up to Calvin, grinning at his dad.

“Daddy, can you tell me the story of how you and mommy fell in love again tonight?” He looked up at his dad, his blue eyes, just like Taylor’s, looking into Calvin’s green ones. Calvin laughed and nodded his head.

“You’ve heard that story thousands of times.” Scarlett walked up to them, looking down at her little brother.

“I want to hear it again.” Caleb grabbed his dad’s hand and tried pulling him out of the room. “Can you stay and listen to it with me, Scar?”

“Sure. I’ll go get my pjs on.” Scarlett smiled softly and walked away to her room while Calvin got Caleb in his pjs in his room. Once Scarlett was ready she made her way to her brother’s room where Caleb was already in bed and Calvin was sitting on the edge of it, talking to his little five year old.

“Scar’s here daddy! Tell the story!” Caleb squealed when he noticed his big sister had entered the room. Scarlett went and laid on the bed next to Caleb as their dad smiled at them. “Go on!”

“Okay, okay.” Calvin laughed. “Once upon time…” He smiled when Scarlett giggled. “In February 2015, I met the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world. Your mum.” His mind travelled back thirteen years to the time Ellie first called him to her table where she sat with Taylor at the Brits. “She looked incredible that night. Like a princess, you know? I’m very lucky guy.” Caleb listened attentively as his dad spoke. “We were at an awards show in the UK and your aunt Ellie was with your mum and she told me to go over to their table because she thought your mum and I would get along if we met. So I went over there and I was completely breathless as aunt Ellie introduced me to your mum, my god I thought "I have to get to know her” she was so gorgeous and funny and amazing that everything she did made me wonder how she was real. We talked all night that night. At the party, I got to see how good of a person she was. Your mum is unarguably, the most incredible and fantastic person I’ve ever met.“

Scarlett had heard that story too many times to count ever since she was little. She loved hearing her dad talk about her mom, it reminded her of all those fairytales her mom had read her and those stories she heard about two people falling in love all the time.

"Then I asked for her number when she had to leave. I was sad that I couldn’t spend more time with her that night but we talked everyday although we were both really busy after that.” He remembered the early conversations between them, when they were just getting to know each other. “I was falling for her everyday that passed. Then we went on our very first date, here in LA. Your mum is funny, you guys know that right?”

“Yeah, daddy. Mommy makes me laugh all the time.” Caleb nodded his head, glancing at his sister who smiled.

“She makes me laugh all the time too. That was one of the things that made me fall in her love with her. I had never laughed harder in my life until we got together. Our date was magical and I liked your mum even more then. We had so many things in common, we talked for hours. Then she came to one of my shows in Las Vegas at Hakkasan.” He continued.

“Where we went to watch uncle Matt last year right?” Scarlett interrupted and her father nodded. “Can I guess what happened next, dad?” Scarlett grinned.

“Go ahead. You’ve heard this so many times, I think you know what happened.” Calvin smiled at his daughter.

“Then you flew to Nashville to see mom again and you surprised her. You went to a concert, I remember you telling me that.” Scarlett stated.

“And you met Mere and Dibbles for the first time.” Caleb added making Calvin laugh.

“Yes, the cats are very important. The night of the concert was when the world find out we were together. That whole tricky thing we explained that to you kids. But well, let’s flash forward to the first time I told your mum I loved her for the first time. I didn’t mean to say it that soon, you know? We had only been dating for almost three months when I told her. We were at her house and we were watching a movie and it slipped out. I was really nervous about it.” He breathed out, laughing lightly as he thought of the memory.

“Why were you nervous, daddy? It’s just saying I love you.” Caleb shrugged in all his innocence.

“Well, buddy, I had never told her before and your mum could have said she didn’t love me back, you know?”

“But she said she loved you too. And now it’s forever.” Scarlett spoke up, smiling.

“You could say that, yes.” Calvin nodded. “We started living together after one year of being together and then one year later after that something pretty cool happened.”

“Oh, oh! Daddy, I know what happened! You asked mommy to marry you!” Caleb perked up, smiling brightly at his dad. “Then mommy looked like a princess, she showed me the pictures on your wedding.”

“Ah, yes she did, Caleb! She looked like an angel that day but to tell you this story right I need to tell you about the proposal. It was actually simple. Your mum loves simple things and I love your mum so I’d do anything to make her happy and to make her say yes. So we’re in our house, this house actually, right in the backyard on the chairs that were replaced by the swings and your mum was singing a song she wrote, showing it to me for the first time. The sun is setting and I swear to god the way the light made your mum look that day was the most breathtaking, unlike any beauty you could ever see in the world, I felt like the luckiest human because I had the honor of witnessing such beauty. Her voice when she was singing a song about what it was like to be in love made my knees weak and I reached inside my pocket and I got the ring I had bought a month earlier but I had been too nervous to ask her. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know why I was nervous, being with your mum is so easy and that day, when the sun was setting was the perfect time to ask her to marry me. So I did and she said yes.” He sighed happily, her smile as he asked her stuck in his mind.

“What was your wedding day like that?” Scarlett questioned. “I don’t think you told Caleb that and I don’t remember.”

“Well, it was an incredible day. I don’t know how to explain how much I love your mum. It’s just impossible to describe it to be honest. She’s so perfect and beautiful and wonderful and just so amazing. It’s a privilege to be loved by her and I am very very lucky to have found her. We got married in Rhode Island, in our beach house. The sun was shining and everyone was there. Grandma and grandpa were there, all your uncles and aunts too and I was standing at the alter and the music started playing and your mum appeared and I cried so hard honestly when I first saw her. She looked gorgeous.” Calvin told them as they listened to him carefully smiling.

“Momma is very pretty, daddy.” Caleb nodded his head. As they talked Taylor was just arriving home from the studio where she had spent her whole day. Ideas were just flowing easily and although she missed her family, she wanted to get every idea she had out.

“She is. And our wedding day was amazing and we promised each other we would stand by each other for the rest of our lives. And to this day, eleven years later, I love your mum more than anything.” Calvin smiled at them. “But there’s still this amazing part of our story. And that’s…” He was going to finish but he was cut off by Taylor’s voice behind him.

“You two.” Taylor smiled taking a step closer. “The most amazing part of our story is you two, kids.” Taylor pecked Calvin’s lips and went over to the kids to kiss both of their foreheads, before sitting down next to Calvin. “It’s a great story, isn’t?” She looked at her kids, the product of their love. They nodded their heads. “Isn’t it past your bedtime, kids?” Taylor smirked when Caleb looked at his hands sheepishly.

“I wanted to hear the story, mommy.” He looked at her. “And I wanted to see you before sleeping because I didn’t see you this morning.” He pouted his lips and Taylor smiled at him.

“And I wanted to hear it too.” Scarlett mentioned and Taylor raised an eyebrow at her.

“Yeah, yeah. You only wanted to stay up later than usual, smarty pants.” Taylor reached and tickled Scarlett a little and she squirmed under her hands. “But you should both go to sleep because you have school tomorrow, babies.” They both pouted at her and looked at their dad who shook his head.

“Your mum is right. Let’s get you two in bed.” He stood up.

“But we’re already in bed.” Scarlett said making her brother burst out laughing and her parents smiled at them.

“Let’s go to bed. Come on, baby.” Taylor motioned her to get up from Caleb’s bed. Taylor went up to Caleb and kissed him goodnight and Calvin dos the same. They walked out with Scarlett in front of them to her room, they followed her. Scarlett got in bed and they smiled.

“Mommy, can I have a cuddle before I go to sleep?” Scarlett smiled cutely and Taylor couldn’t resist. She laid in bed and Scarlett rested her head on her chest, snuggling close to her mom. “You too, daddy. You’re not going to just stand there.” Scarlett giggled and Calvin moved towards them, sitting down and wrapping his arm around them both.

“When you were a baby, you were so tiny and I could just pick you up anytime I wanted and you used to sleep right here on my chest. Now you’re all grown up.” Taylor kissed her daughter’s head, pulling her a little closer. They laid together in silence, for a few long minutes and it wasn’t long before Scarlett fell asleep on Taylor. “Oh no, I don’t want to wake her.” Taylor sighed. “She’ll be grumpy pants if I do.”

“You won’t, just be careful.” Calvin smiled softly and watched as Taylor set Scarlett down, kissing her forehead, successfully without waking her up. She smiled at Calvin, taking his extended hand. They ambled along the hall to their room, hand in hand.

“They’re growing up too fast.” Taylor sighed, when they settled in bed, wrapped up in his arms.

“I know.” He pressed his lips to her head. “But we’re making one hell of a story, huh?”