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Nat’s Daycare ~ A Date?

Word Count: 1967 (go me)

Summary: AU where Baz owns/works in a daycare and Simon has a cute daughter. This has probably been done before, but I like it a lot. :)

Part 6 of ?? (The First Time |Every Other Time |A Late Time| Even Later |Morning Time |this is part 6 |Dinner Time |Dining & Bedtime| Boyfriend?| The Morning After |Confusion and Love)


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By the end of the day, my nerves were frayed. Not that it was an extremely stressful day or anything, but the idea of one-on-one time with Simon was playing on my thoughts and making it hard to focus.

“Fee?” I called.

“Yeah, Baz?” She was digging in the closet for god knows what.

“I’ll close up if you want. You can head on home.”

“There are still kids here.”

“I meant once the kids are gone. But Agatha wants to stick around until Simon comes, so you could head off now.”

“What kind of owner would I be if I left before the end of the day?”

“Partner.” I corrected.

Fiona rolled her eyes. “Partner, sorry.”

“Go on home, Fee.”

“Oh, I get it.” Fiona poked my side. “You don’t want me here for when Prince Charming shows up.”

I flushed, but didn’t show that she’d gotten to me. “Prince Charming? That’s a new one. No, put that down, Billy.” I sped-walked over to Billy Jr. to remove a glue stick from his hand and open mouth. “We don’t eat glue.” Billy’s jaw started wobbling and his eyes watering. “Here, love, play with this instead.” I handed him an action figure and he brightened. Parents were trailing in, collecting their kids, and saying thank yous and goodbyes. I didn’t know when Simon was going to arrive, even though he was pretty regular. I was stressing out.

“Fiona, why don’t you head out?” Agatha suggested. “We can hold down the fort.”

Fiona sighed. “Fine. Have fun on your date, Baz.”

“Baz is going on a date?” Trixie scooped little Darcy up, raising an eyebrow at me. Fiona laughed as she slipped out the back.

“I-I…” I swallowed hard. “I’m not, really. Fiona’s just making fun of me.”

“So what are you doing?” Trixie and Keris were one of the centers’ only gay couples. Either she thought I was gay, or was just curious about what I was doing. I worried the former was true.

“I’m having dinner with a friend.” Agatha poked me in the back in passing.

“Well, for your sake and ours, I hope you have a date, and soon.” Keris leaned in conspiratorially, adding in a whisper, “I’d snatch up Simon Salisbury if I were you.” I started, face paling. “Knew it!”

I take a deep breath. “You knew what?”

“You’re gay, right?”

My face burned. “I…yeah.”

“Go for him. Believe me, it’s worth it. Trixie is.” Keris grinned. I smiled back nervously.

“Thanks…I think. Bye bye Darcy.”

“Bye Bazzy.” Under the guidance of Lucy, the rest of the kids had begun calling me Bazzy.

Keris blew a raspberry on Darcy’s cheek and the girl giggled. “Good luck, Baz.” Keris winked at me on her way out.

“Have a nice weekend.”

Agatha came up to me and pinched my side. “What’d she say to make your face go white?”

“Stop pinching my side, Ag.”

“What’d she say?”

“You’re as bad as the kids.”

“Stop changing the subject!”

“Fine. Keris told me to go for Simon. She knows I’m gay. She told me it’s worth it, and good luck.” I said this all in one breath, then moved to clean up after some of the kids. It didn’t spare me from Agatha’s excited squeal. All I saw was white-blonde hair everywhere when she jumped on me for a hug.

“Even the parents want it to happen!” She held me tight for a few seconds.

“Shush, Aggie.” I detached myself from her, brushing stray hairs out of my face.

“Fine, fine. I’m just excited. But…here.” She moved behind me, tugging the elastic out of my hair. She fluffed it out with her hands, combing her fingers through the strands. “Better.”

“Agatha, this is pointless. He’s not gay.”

“Would you shut up? God, Baz, if parents are telling you to go for it, outside of me and Fee, you should go for it. They see it, too. Stop doubting yourself, and him.” Agatha leaned up on her toes to kiss my cheek, something she never did. It was unlike her to be so affectionate.


Anxiety made my hands shake while I drove. My feet wouldn’t lay still, my thumbs tapped on the steering wheel. If Lucy wasn’t still at the center, I would’ve turned around and gone home. Images of Baz flicked through my mind like a slideshow. His smile, his laugh, him kissing the top of Lucy’s head, kneeling next to a crying kid, holding three kids at once and talking to me, still holding those kids and biting absentmindedly on the back of a pen. His cheeks flushing, which happened a lot.

I parked and took a deep breath before forcing myself out of the car. It’s not a date. It’s not a date. It’s not a date. It’s not a date. I pushed the door of the daycare open, forcing a smile that froze on my face when I saw the situation. Baz was staring at Agatha, who leaned up an pressed a kiss on his…cheek? Mouth? I couldn’t tell. Either way, my stomach curdled.

“Daddy!” Lucy jumped up from colouring and ran to me. I lifted her into my arms.

“Hi, baby!” I kissed her cheek, ignoring the sour taste in my mouth. “How was your day?”

“I-it was good. Dawcy and me, we colouwed, and went on the playgwound, and Bazzy made me take a nap, but it’s okay because he’s coming ovew for dinnew, right?” She bounced in my arms. Agatha patted Baz’s arm and stepped away, scooping up the last two kids.

“That’s right, sugar.” I kissed Lucy’s nose, situating her against my hip.


The sight of Simon made my throat go dry. He looked so good. Maybe Agatha was right. Maybe he did like me.

“Hi, Simon.” I offered. My voice cracked. Shit.

He smiled, but it looked sad. “Hi, Baz.”

“Is something wrong?”

Simon’s brow furrowed. “No.”

“I can close up if you want to head out, Baz.” Agatha suggested, bouncing a toddler.

I glanced at Simon, but he was talking to Lucy, their foreheads pressed together. My heart lurched at the sight. Nothing like a cute daughter to tug on the heartstrings. “It’s fine. You go on home.”

Agatha rolled her eyes. “I’ll stay.” We would’ve continued arguing had it not been for two sets of parents arriving. Each gathered their child and said their goodbyes. “Okay, fine. I’ll go. Have a nice evening, Baz. You too, Simon.”

“Thanks, Ag.”

“Y-you too,”

And then there were three. Lucy was content, for once, in Simon’s arms and staring at me. “Ready to go?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. Don’t you need to lock up?”

“Yeah. I’ll set the alarm in here, close the blinds and check the doors, then lock the front. You can leave if you want.”

“I’ll help. Close the blinds?”

“Sure.” I swallowed hard, exiting to the playground. I locked the gates, cleaned up just a bit, and then went back inside to lock the door. I set the alarm, and we exited the front together. “So, um, how should we do this?”

“What do you mean?”

“I could just follow you in my car, I guess.”

“Oh, that. Yeah, that works for me. You lead the way.” My heart wouldn’t slow down. Simon’s hair was mussed, more so than usual, and it made me want to tug at it and push it back into place. “Where were you thinking for dinner?”

Simon cleared his throat uncomfortably. “I was just thinking we, uh, we go back to my place. You know, in case Lucy needs to go to bed early, or whatever.”

“Sounds great.” I smiled. “Lead the way.” Simon unlocked his minivan and threw open one of the doors. He situated Lucy in her carseat before turning back to me.

“I guess you can just, uh, wait for me to leave.”

“Sure thing.” I went and sat in the driver’s seat of my car, turning it on. It didn’t take long for Simon to start up and back out.


Lucy wouldn’t stop talking. Normally, I would just grin and bear it, sometimes laugh at the absurdities coming out of her mouth. But after watching Agatha kiss Baz, my mood had soured.

“Daddy! Daddy! A-awe you and Bazzy dating?” She bounced in her car seat.

“Baby, stop kicking the chair. And who gave you that idea?” I glanced in the rearview mirror to see that Baz was still behind me.

“Aunt Fiona kept saying it today. Aggie agweed.”

Aunt Fiona? Who calls her Aunt?”

“Bazzy does.”

“Well, sweetie, I think that’s because he’s actually her aunt. Does Fiona mind?”

“No, I asked hew.”

“Anyway, what was this about a date?”

Lucy began bouncing again, this time trying to avoid kicking the passenger’s seat. “Yeah yeah! Aunt Fiona kept saying that you and Bazzy were goin’ on a date, and and Bazzy kept turning red and Dawcy’s mummy Kewis said that he should snatch you up be-because it was wowth it and and…” she trailed off. “And then I got distwacted and I missed the west.”

I smiled. “That’s okay, lovebug.” If they were making fun of Baz, telling him that it was a date, did that mean that Baz liked me? “Anything else exciting happen?”

“I, well, I…” Lucy’s chatter filled the rest of the ride home. My mood had greatly improved since hearing about the teasing that went on.


As it turned out, Simon lived in a nice condo roughly fifteen minutes away from the center, and not far from my own flat. When he got out of the car, Simon grinned at me. As soon as Lucy was unbuckled, she darted out of the car.

“Lucy, wait for us.” Simon stood facing me for a moment. I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination or not, but I could’ve sworn he reached his hand towards me for a moment, then drew it back. “Well, welcome to our home.” Simon rested a hand on Lucy’s shoulder which propelled her forward. He unlocked the front door, letting Lucy bolt by.

“Should I remove my shoes or anything?”

Simon shrugged. “If you want. Lucy, what do you feel like for dinner?” He turned to me. “I’ll make us something different. She’s a surprisingly picky eater.”

“Dino chicken nuggets!” Lucy called from somewhere in the house.

“If I make you those, you have to eat the veggies I put out. Okay?” Silence reigned for a few moments. “I’m taking that as a yes.” Simon rolled his eyes and headed into the condo. “Come on in. A word of advice: I know you spend all day with Lucy, but this is her domain. She’s likely to drag you into some game or scheme.”

Simon’s home was simultaneously exactly what I expected, and nothing like I thought it would be. Simple and modern, yet clearly a home. It was well lived-in, and obviously a child’s house. The first room was a den and kitchen, openly connected. To the left was a hallway, and from this angle I could see two doors, one closed, and an open bathroom door. Lucy was crouched in the den, between a two-person couch and a TV. An armchair was also facing the television. The kitchen looked fairly new, but also well-used.

“I didn’t know you cooked.”

Simon shrugged, closing and locking the door behind me. “WIth a little girl, you kind of have to. I want her to eat healthily.” Simon began pulling pots and pans out of various drawers, pulling ingredients off shelves and out of the fridge. “I was thinking something fairly easy. Some roasted vegetables, rice, a nice sauce. Any diet restrictions?”

“No. Need any help?”

He looked fairly surprised. “Sure. Um, I guess chop some vegetables.”

Summary: In 1701, several years after the Salem Witch trials, a young woman named April O’Neill lived in a small town called Northampton. One day she went into the forest where she claimed she was fetching firewood, but was witnessed consorting with demons by the towns priest Father Campbell. She was brought before the town and charged with heresy, witchcraft, and consorting with demons. The sentence for her crimes was to be burned at the stake but before her punishment could be completed she was spirited away by her demonic minions.

Rating: PG. 
Universe: TMNT 2012, 1980’s references, 1700s America.
Tags/Warnings: Slightly graphic references to burning someone alive; story takes place in America during the early 1700s.

Author: Starsia Sestra

Artist: jbadgr

Read the story below! 


“Papa, I’m going to collect some fire wood,” called April, as she fiddled with the buckles on her shoes.

They were being especially stubborn, as shoes had a habit of doing when one was in a hurry.

Trying desperately to get it closed while not ending up flat on her bottom, the young woman hopped madly back and forth, muttering darkly under her breath about the evils of foot wear.

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Nat’s Daycare ~ Dinner Time

Word Count: 1185 (oops)

Summary: AU where Baz owns/works in a daycare and Simon has a cute daughter. This has probably been done before, but I like it a lot. :)

Part 7 of ?? (The First Time |Every Other Time |A Late Time| Even Later |Morning Time |A Date?| this is part 7 |Dining & Bedtime| Boyfriend?| The Morning After |Confusion and Love)

they might start taking longer bc im back in school, but i hope you like this chapter :)))) no spoilers but get excited!!!!

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Making dinner with Baz was surprisingly domestic. He was quick with the knife, and we worked well together. It took every ounce of restraint to not kiss Baz’s cheek, or take his hand, or rest my head against his back. I hoped I wasn’t being too obvious.

Conversation came easily. Baz was even more interesting in a conversation that lasted more than five minutes. “What was wrong earlier?”


“When you came into Nat’s to pick up Lucy.”

“Oh, yeah.” How was I supposed to explain that I thought I saw Agatha kissing Baz so I got jealous? “It was nothing.”

“It was clearly important if it affected you like that.” Baz frowned.

“I just—”

Daddy! Me hung-ee!” Lucy called from her bedroom. Thank God for my baby girl.

“It’ll be done in just a minute, sweetie! Why don’t you come out and play with Bazzy?” I smiled hesitantly at him. “If you wouldn’t mind.”

He looked vaguely disappointed, but didn’t object. “Not at all. Where’s her room?”

“Down the hall, first door on the right.” I dusted some of the veggies with salt and pepper. Dinner was almost ready, surprisingly. Lucy’s chicken nuggets and baby carrots (which she’d pick at, but hardly eat) were already done, the nuggets were being kept warm in the oven until the rest of the meal was ready.


Lucy’s room was very blue, somewhat surprisingly. She was on the floor, trying to color a piece of paper on the carpet, unsuccessfully.

“Hey, Lucy.” I stood in the doorway, surveying her room. Four walls, each in a slightly different shade of blue, surrounded a bed with a Blue’s Clues comforter and white rails.

“Bazzy! Wait wait, stay out there. I’m almost done.” She scribbled furiously for a few moments, then bounded over to me. “Okay, I’m done. Here, I made you something.” She presented the paper very proudly to me. On it was a hurried sketch of what looked like me, and what looked like Simon, with a heart in the middle. “Do you like it?”

“Y-yes, I love it, Lucy. That’s me?” I pointed to the tall stick figure with black hair and a widow’s peak.

“Uh huh,” she responded eagerly.

“Is this your dad?”

“Mmhmm. You and Aunt Fiona and Aggie call him Simon.”

Realization dawned. She must’ve been listening to us chat. Laughing uncomfortably, I addressed the child. “That’s true. Do you know why?”

“It’s his name?”

“That’s right. Even though to you, he’s dad.” She nodded resolutely. Tucking the drawing in my jacket pocket, I took Lucy’s hand. “Now, come on. It’s dinner time.”

Simon glanced up when I entered the kitchen/den with Lucy, then grinned. A pang shot through me. This whole scene was oh-so domestic (minus casual touching), and it made my heart ache. He was just setting the table.

“Oh, Baz. Did you want to take off your coat?” He straightened.

“Yeah, sure, I guess.” I let go of Lucy’s tiny hand, shrugging out of my thin jacket. Simon took it from me and folded it over his arm like a waiter. “What’s this?”

Simon reached for the drawing now in my jacket pocket. My throat closed, and I cleared it uncomfortably. “Lucy drew it for me as a present.”

“Did you now?” Simon smiled at his daughter. That smile froze on his face when he unfolded the drawing. “Oh. Well, Lucy, it’s a lovely gift.” His cheeks flushed, and he avoided my eyes. “I’ll just go, uh, put your coat away.” He swallowed audibly.

Lucy looked up at me with wide eyes. “Why Daddy look sad?”

I cleared my throat again. “I don’t think he’s sad, love.” But I didn’t know why he looked like that. Was he ashamed that Lucy drew that? Was he humouring me?

Simon reappeared, lifting Lucy into her high chair, which was an attachment on a normal chair. “Here ya go, Lu.” He dropped a few dino-shaped breaded chicken blobs and some carrots on her plate. “We’ll be right back.” Simon beckoned for me to follow him out of the room. Lucy was gnawing dejectedly on a carrot.


Fuck. Out of everyone, I didn’t expect it to be Lucy to reveal my crush. I didn’t want to take Baz to my bedroom. He might get the wrong idea. But the kitchen, dining area, and den were all openly connected. I ran a hand through my hair, muttering under my breath. Bedroom it was. Or…the hall, I guess.

“So, um…” I started, then froze. Baz’s eye contact was so personal, like he could see right through me. “T-the drawing.”

“Yeah?” He swallowed. “What about it?”

“Well, um, it kind of looks like you and me.” Anxiety made my stomach gape and my hands shake. Lucy heard them teasing Baz about it being a date. Maybe he does like you.

Baz bit his lower lip. “Connected with a heart.”


Was this going where I thought it was? Please, God, let it be what I’m hoping, and not what I think. He forced a laugh. “Yeah. Um…”



Baz swallowed again. “Simon, for the love of God, please just say it. The tension is killing me.” He looked kind of…desperate?


If I wasn’t actively internally freaking out, I might kiss him to test my luck. Nerves looked good on him. After a pause, Simon nodded. “I think I—-”

Whatever he was going to say got swallowed up by Lucy’s impatient yell. “Daddy! Bazzy! Whewe awe you?”


I groaned. Leave it to Lucy. Running a hand down my face, I called back. “We’ll be right there!”


Simon looked…haggard. Tired. Shoving down my anxiety, and building up my courage, I decided to go for it. “T-tell me if this is kind of what you’re thinking.” I slowly took his hand, stepping closer. My stomach was going wild with butterflies—but not just butterflies, there was a whole aviary in there. Simon’s eyes drifted down to my lips. I realized, once more, that I was a lot taller than him.


Baz was holding my hand. Mine was clammy and sweaty, but I squeezed his hand tightly. He was mere inches away. Biting the inside of my cheek, I lifted my free hand, gently cupping his jaw. Stubble tickled my palm.


I was close, so close. His blue-blue eyes were on my lips still. Should I go for it? What if he slapped me?


Kiss me. Kiss me. Please. Now. Before Lucy calls for us again and ruins the moment.


I slowly tilted my head to the right, as if considering what to do. Okay. Here goes.


His eyes drifted shut. I could almost feel his eyelashes on my cheeks.

I dropped his hand.


Simon wrapped his now-free arm around my neck. He was on his toes, I realized.

And then he kissed me.


Baz. I was kissing Baz. He was kissing me. His hands cupped my hips as I tilted my head to deepen the kiss.

“Baz,” I breathed.


Simon just whispered my name. He was still kissing me. An arm wrapped around my neck, his free hand was still holding my jaw. He tugged lightly, and my mouth fell open. He liked me.

“Daddy! Bazzy! I’m lonely!” Lucy called. We jumped apart.

“Right, dinner.” I sighed, mouth hanging open.

“Y-yeah, of course.” Simon stared at me, starry-eyed. Even dazed as I was, I wanted to photograph him in that moment.

“Aunt Aggie Jones, a former slave, maintained a garden, famous between 1900 an 1918, with trellises, gateways and arches of animal bones."—

"Visitors are said to have loved the mixture of lush flora and sepulchral structures;

"they wrote their names and addresses on the bones; children gazed on the strange beauty of the place with awe and admiration. You could buy flowers and good things to eat, have your fortune told, and hear a good story or be reminded of Aggie’s favorite Bible verses”.

Auggie sold flowers and produce, and visitors left tips in exchange for floral bouquets created especially for each visitor by Aggie.“