The Sacred “AUM”

This symbol is known as the “Omkara” or the “Aumkara” or simply “Om”. Although written in English with two letters it is a three syllable phrase. A  (Vaishvanara),U (Hiranyagarbha), and M (Ishvara), which in the Vedic tradition are symbolic of creation, preservation and destruction and associated gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva..  Known as the “three syllable Veda” it is a mantra and an invocation and name of god. Truth is that this sacred syllable is far older than Hinduism or the Vedic Traditions of India. It originates with the ancient invaders from the north i.e. the Indo European peoples about 7500 years ago,  In fact, interestingly enough it is translated in some traditions as “I am” the exact translation of the Hebrew word “Yahweh” also the “name” of God and which also means “I am”.

When pronouncing this sacred syllable remember that it is a actually THREE syllables.  The “A” starts deep in the abdomen, the tongue rolls on the “U” and the lips close on the “M”. It refers to the awakened, the dreamer and the sleeper.  It refers to past, present and future. It is all.  This ancient phrase is over 3000 years old. It became the sacred word “hum” of the Tibetans, “amin” of Islam, and “maat” of the Egyptians and “amen” Greeks, Romans, and Christians. It is part and parcel of the sacred name of that which from which we all spring. “Ama” means “love” in the ancient Indo European tongues. It is also at the root for the word “mother”. It is also at the root of the words for “eye” and “see”.It is the first word spoken by infants and the first word for which we have record. It is the last word uttered by the dying with the expiration of their final breath.

 It is nothing less than the sacred prehistoric name of God.  

There is no reason why any follower of any religion cannot chant “Om” it is quite simply the name of God.  It is used at the beginning of mantras and holy texts and, as in Islam, Judaism and Christianity at the close of prayers.

Use it with reverence. Use it with grace. It is a word of power

The sound of Om

☯ Samsaran ॐ