AU Meme: Nash is your over-protective boyfriend - You have been dating Nash for a while and he invites you to join him on tour. When you meet the boys, they bond with you straight away but notice that Nash gets jealous really easily so they joke around just to piss him off, though it gets on his nerves eventually.


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AU Meme: Being Shawn’s summer love - You are sent away to live at your Aunt and Uncle’s house in Canada for the summer because of family problems. There you meet a boy when you are out in the town with your cousin and after you have bumped into him a couple more times, he decided that it was fate. You hae the time of your life with him and begin to form true, deep feelings for him but it all goes downhill when you have to leave. On the day before you leave, he comes to the house that you are staying in and stands outside with his guitar, by your bedroom window. You both try to make it work long distance but it gets too much for you and you decide to tell him to forget about you.

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