kpop au: the travelers

in a world where it’s possible to cross dimensions, there are witches and magicians called wish-granters. they can send one across time and space, as well as fulfill wishes for a price. some wishes are plausible, such as receiving memories, wanting forget things, being freed, or gaining more power, but there are those who wish the impossible, such as bringing someone back from death. the impossible wishes being fulfilled is what throws the world out of balance and into turmoil, as logic and reason are bent. those who have the ability to create this effect are called the destroyers.



AU: You’re sick and your boyfriend, Calum, takes care of you and keeks about it. You tease him about being a bad ‘nurse’, but he really is taking great care of you.

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I’m sick so I decided it would be nice to imagine how Cal would take care of you and share it with all of you :)

requests are always open here


au meme: Jonghyun - the maniac     

"We'll fuck you up if we need to, my gang and I. It's funny, the boys call me ' crazed killer' because I don't hesitate. Never. Anything you need done, I'll be the first to do it. I'm a lunatic, I know, but I don't mind. I've killed probably around 500 people these recent years. It's fun."

Phone numbers on walls :: Text Message AU

I have no idea what this is..

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