AU meme: Harry brings your dad onto the stage of the concert and keeps teasing him about marrying his daughter (y/n), even though he hasn’t said that Harry can marry his you yet.

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📎 *grins* Military Au? How about that?

I don’t know if it would be set in a modern setting or not, but I imagined Bene with short hair, and a bit more tomboyish. Taysir would be his usual self, but with more discipline, and more serious. I have lots of headcanons for this one!!
A++ for this AU!

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AU: You’re a celebrity and Harry likes you

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(pretty shit but this is the first au i’ve made in 3 months haha ily guys x


AU Sherlock Holmes

Eva Green as S. Holmes
Kelly Reilly as J. Watson
Natalie Dormer as J. Moriarty

1888, Jack the Ripper terrorizes the streets of London. Scotland Yard, desperate to catch the killer, reluctantly consults with the infamous detective, Sherlocke Holmes and her stalwart colleague, the pioneering doctor, Joanna Watson. Sherlocke delves into the underbelly of London, and her curiosity is ignited when she discovers that the Ripper may not be a serial killer at all, but merely the servant of a greater master. 

Everywhere Sherlocke turns, the name ’Moriarty’ whispers through the blood-soaked streets. She soon becomes embroiled in a cat-and-mouse game with the mysterious entity that is Moriarty, a game that may end up costing not only the soul of London itself, but also her own.    
[summary by Ari]


au meme: Jonghyun - the maniac     

"We'll fuck you up if we need to, my gang and I. It's funny, the boys call me ' crazed killer' because I don't hesitate. Never. Anything you need done, I'll be the first to do it. I'm a lunatic, I know, but I don't mind. I've killed probably around 500 people these recent years. It's fun."

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*paper clop* AU where Taysir and Bene are Nekos in a world where non-humans are not treated properly and they are trying to make a living by running a nice little cafe where Taysir is a waiter and Bene makes the drinks and some sandwiches. They could meet Niji and Ichiji when they come for a drink and a sandwich, because Ichiji likes the coffee and Niji likes the view, lol. I've been thinking about this for awhile... ^^;

In the end, I also drew Bene as a waitress I’m sorry xD

The Idea is really cute!

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If they’re a doodler or a writer

Favourite landscapes

Favourite holiday

Favourite seasons

MC can’t sleep due to back pain

MC being extremely flexible

MC insecure about tummy/freckles

Hiking date

MC makes/wears cosplay

Reuniting at the airport

Best friends/platonic

MC has pet birds

MC as a fencer

MC really into death metal

MC as a major snuggler

MC setting up Chanukkah decor

MC and the piano

MC as childhood friend

Engagement rings

MC as a tattoo parlor regular

MC spamming everyone with the Bee movie

MC loses focus easily

Tall MC

Favourite Studio Ghibli movies

Drunk MC/Love reveal

Favourite way to spend time with MC

Positive pregnancy test as holiday gift

MC inviting Unknown to Christmas event (Christmas DLC)

Kinda gross MC

MC being hit on by another person

MC with someone else during holidays (ANGST)

Having to get undercuts

Obese MC (insecure)

Insomniac MC

Extreme sports with MC

MC/Family sass battle

MC with acne scars

MC on period/heavy cramps

Classic rock obsessed MC

MC Randomly speaking Russian

MC afraid of people

MC from a cold country

MC insecure eating in front of others

MC addicted to dabbing

MC with an emo fashion

MC obsessed with Classic Rock

MC as an MMA fighter

MC holed up in their room because of mental health issues

Favourite Snapchat filters

Bilingual MC forgets names for things

MC doesn’t like people spending money on them

MC likes to say “I love you” platonically

MC works the nightshift

Wedding dresses/suits

MC being random at the wrong time

MC asking for a piggy back ride

Mute MC

MC who likes things meticulously clean and in order

6'6 MC

Slightly Telepathic MC

MC always wears heelies

MC with anorexia

MC does martial arts

Short MC has long legs

Hopeless Romantic MC

MC Sick on Christmas

MC as a politician

Reactions to Jaehee/MC friendship

MC picks at scabs and gets scars

MC is an irl princess

Misc. V headcanons

MC as Terry Crews (I hate this so mUCH)

RFA Playing Undertale

Bald MC

MC protecting RFA from being hit on

MC Constantly in hospital/afraid of hospital

RFA at a strip club

RFA as text messages from 404

MC oblivious to flirting

MC not wanting to give birth/okay with adoption

MC in musical having to kiss another actor

Teacher MC

Witchy MC

MBTI Personality Types

404’s Face Claims

MCXDanny DeVito because y'all hate me

Telepathic MC part 2

Winter Soldier/Black Widow MC

MC afraid of needles

RFA reacts to MC who trash talks Rika

Random Korean Culture HCS

RFA: Given blank piece of paper, what would they do?

MC is a Kpop star

MC is into cars

RFA+V+SAERAN Falling hard for MC

MC always trash talking Rika

Sharing bed for the first time

Part two: Christmas Angst (HAPPY ENDINGS)

Celebrating MC’s birthday

RFA Break ups (ANGST?)

Finding out MC Knows Korean

Reactions to Jaehee x Zen

MC messes up their hair 

Reacting to MC being gay

MC pretends to be married to friend

MC as a Victoria Secret Model

RFA opinions on pineapple on pizza + other foods

RFA as Vampires: Feeding habits

RFA Falling for Male!MC

Going to Pride with MC

MC really loves cats

MC plays instrument fluently

MC randomly wanting to slow dance

MC having younger sibling(s)

MC Loving Stars and the Ocean

MC killing someone

MC with narcolepsy

Dominant (personality) MC

Being called senpai by MC

Ripping MC’s favourite underwear (I don’t consider this NSFW but be warned)

Adopted MC Feels Replaced by Family

Shy at first but comes out of her shell MC

MC pregnant with quadruplets

MC as professional cha-cha dancer

MC with an over-protective sister

MC having panic attack in public


Saeran being called Edgelord

Saeran singing “When Christmas Comes to Town”

Saeran/MC being intimate when Saeyoung walks in

RFA+V+SAERAN Reacting to seeing Saeyoung on mission/date

Saeyoung cutting off Zen’s ponytail


In the Right Direction {VxMC}

404′s Ridiculous AU’s:

Duck AU

Sock AU

Stock Image AU

Car AU

Meme AU

Lamp AU

Coat AU

Restaurant/Fast food AU

Fruit AU

Homestuck AU

Dog AU

Shrek AU












Jealousy (NSFW)

Pegging (NSFW)

Massages (NSFW)

MC making breakfast with nothing but a t-shirt on (NSFW)

7 mins in heaven/Spin the bottle (Possible NSFW?)

MC walks in on them masturbating (NSFW)

Masochist MC (NSFW)

Getting Caught Being Intimate by Child (NSFW?)

MC calling penises by weird names (NSFW-ISH?)

Saeran smut (NSFW)

MC loves keyhole sweaters (Light NSFW?)

Nymphomaniac MC

First Time Having Sex


404 Saeran Cosplay part 1

404 Saeran Cosplay part 2

404: Fouran+Saeyoung (Profile Pic)

404: Yoomaid Drawing

404: Zen drawing

Beautiful-mystic-mess/404: Fidget Spinner AU?

404: Saeran sketch

404: Saeran the Jolly Green Giant

404/626 admin comic

Nglitisjay Yoosung undercut

Imtryingtodoartstuff Saeyoung undercut

Imtryingtodoartstuff Admins

Coziershelf Admins

Kiirdonel Saeran/Saeyoung/Yoosung undercut

Kiirdonel RFA undercuts

Misspeggy-longleggy MC’s book

Misspeggy-longleggy Admin 626’s book

Rosiek5art Admin 404

Rosiek5art Admin 626

Haku-and-luna Saeran

Lord-of-the-firemelons Ice cream shop Saeran

Childhood Anon: V’s Barber shop

404 DJ Han

404 random

404 Legend of Yoosung

Kittymintchip Edited Rika

404/mellowpeanutbanana-91efa99e: Rika

404 “Sinka”

404 Rika Headstone

404 Rika

404: RFA+Eeveelutions

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Wait fuck 📎genderbent au? Sorry for the last ask 😢

Taysir’s genderbend: Tanya Astrée Dinty

Bene’s genderbend: Ben Alexander Laurel

I actually really love this AU and wish I could use it more~! I’d do it anytime wooooh!!

Tanya is pretty much the same as Taysir; bisexual, freaky as hell, queen of sass, and overprotective with her little Ben. She wants the right lady for her good boy~

She also has more tattoos than Taysir.

Ben is slightly taller than Bene, but he is shy just as much. Instead of wearing the headband, he has some sort of bandana around his wrist.


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Phone numbers on walls :: Text Message AU

I have no idea what this is..

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