AU meme: Harry brings your dad onto the stage of the concert and keeps teasing him about marrying his daughter (y/n), even though he hasn’t said that Harry can marry his you yet.

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AU: You’re a celebrity and Harry likes you

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Another boy texts you a picture of them :: Text Message AU

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Phone numbers on walls :: Text Message AU

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Lock-in - Luke Hemmings [FLUFF]

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Summary~ Your Senior class stage one last hoorah before graduation in the form of a school lock-in and when your friends decide to escape moments before the doors are locked you’re left trying to find your own company.

Word Count - 1287

They were the one’s who were insistent on going, if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t even be here, in this situation. Fair enough 48 hours in school over Friday and Saturday night may not seem like a good time but it was Senior Lock-in, the last big hoo-ha before you all part ways and you all agreed to go. 

It was 2 minute before they locked the doors and everyone was in the front entrance of the school, sleeping bags and pajamas in hand, the entire senior class crammed into a small space.

“Guys this is going to suck so bad,” you sighed.

“Maybe you’re right, there’s still time to go,” your friends all agreed

The 5 of you all tried to squeeze your way through your classmates to make a break for the door, just as you saw the janitor with the keys. They squished out but you got caught behind some lanky blonde who you recognised was in your calculus class and had now conveniently fallen on the floor in front of you, probably from his spaghetti legs getting tangled. By the time you made it to the door it was locked and they were all on the other side waving awkwardly as the janitor and the keys to your exit left.

Now it’s 9pm, 2 hours in, the first thing you did was eat in the cafeteria, you sat alone, then you were given the times they’d open the cafeteria again during the day, and from there everyone split up. It took very little time for the popular girls to claim the assembly hall and the jock guys claimed the gym hall, the rest of the school seemed to be divided up departmentally, it was like a war for territory and from the water balloons, paintball guns, and water pistols brought in by various students, you’ve already guessed that’ll happen at some point. Now you’re simply roaming the halls looking for a group of people who would accept you for the weekend.

The school lights dim at around 11pm so the fact that you are still looking for a place to seek “shelter” - so to speak - worries you and when you hear the echo of teenage testosterone round one corner and the fire of a paintball gun, you run. Then round another corner you hear a higher shrill off some girls and the noise of a water pistol repowering. You have to find a way to outrun two rival forces coming from different sides without getting caught in the middle. The noise seems to continue after you as you run and then you take a turn up a corridor into a room you didn’t know existed and you’re met simply by stairs.

The noise is on the other side of the door but you hear hushed whispers from up the stairs;

“You locked the door behind you right?”
“I’m sure I did”
“No one else has a key you said”
“They don’t they let me use this for biology”

Knowing that there’s no way they can be worse than the neanderthals outside, you head up the stairs and find 4 boys laying in sleeping bags.

“S-sorry, there’s a paintball fight going on out there and I need to hide,” you mutter.

“It’s okay, you’re in my calculus class right?” the blonde from earlier looks up at you.

“And you fell over in front of me stopping me from escaping with my friends before the doors locked,” you reply with a short nod.

One of his friends throws an empty water bottle at his head.

“Well, this is basically the roof so if you want you can jump to freedom if you don’t mind a 30-foot drop,” the boy with mildly peroxide damaged hair turns to you.

They chuckle a little.

“Or you could hang out with us here for the weekend,” blondie quickly offers an alternative.

“That’d be.. actually great,” you look around the group testing the waters through they all seem pretty amenable. 

“Set up camp,” he smiles. “I’m Luke, this is Ashton, Calum, and Michael”

“No offence but, if you were planning on just camping out up here, wouldn’t you be better just camping out in a back garden without the constant fear of being paintballed,” you lay out your sleeping back and tuck your bag under a table

They all share a look before Calum speaks up, “You know the layout of the school right?”

You nod.

Then Ashton says, “So right now we’re above the…”

“Science wing?” you answer.

“Which is next to the…” Michael quizzes.

“Gym hall”

“And who is camped out in there?” Luke proceeds.

“The football guys,” you finish.

Luke smiles and stands, “Let me show you something”

You follow him through the garden, that you didn’t know existed until now, past rows of flowers and to the end where there’s a row of small windows for the next building over, the gym hall. lined up at the windows are buckets, one of water, one of feathers, one of some miscellaneous gloop and another with glitter.

“You see, this place has access to the windows that surround the top of the gym hall and this is the side where they’ve all put u their sleeping bags and stuff for the weekend, so tonight we’re going to wait til they’re asleep, dump this stuff over them, grab out stuff and high tail it over to the staff room and get in through the skylight which for some reason has the same lock as the lock for this garden,” he explains.

“I’m not going to ask how you know this, but why do you want to ruin their weekend?” you lean n a railing and turn to him.

“Because since day one they’ve made my life hell,” he shrugs. “And these other guys. I probably should have asked you first, you aren’t friends with or god forbid dating any of those assholes?”

“No, not dating, and all my friends ditched”

“So you want in on our plan,” he slides a little closer.

You smile, “sure”

“Hey Luke get over here and stop flirting, we’re about ready for it and you need to pack up your stuff,” Michael calls out and you both scurry over.

It takes a matter of 30 minutes for the guys in the gym to fall asleep, and that’s when they strike. In a series of short moments, you watch the 25 or so boys in the gym get covered in god knows what and jump up looking for answers. By the time they’ve put the pieces together and realized there must by someone on the roof you’re already running across it and making a break for the staff room.

“Come here,” Luke’s voice calls through the mess, grabbing your arm.

“What why?” you question but he pulls you round some corner of the roof and into an area hidden by a chimney thing.

You’re millimetres apart as you watch the boys burst onto the roof garden and look defeated seeing no one there.

You turn to Luke, silent laughing at the sigh and meet his eye and before you know it he’s kissing you.

“Why’d you-” you start to question when his lips leave yours.

“Sorry, I’ve had this maddening crush on you for a while, just seeing you in calculs,” he smiles. “Calum actually saw you leaving and wanted an icebreaker for us so he shoved me”

You can’t bring yourself to give him reply so you stare at the ground.

“Please hang out with us for the weekend, we’ll makesure you have fun,” he pleads.

You meet his eye again and kiss his cheek, nodding a little, “Let’s go join them”


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AU meme: You’re Harry’s girlfriend and you’re a famous singer/songwriter. Harry’s at 1DDay and he was promoting your new album.

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Right time

“Shawn, I’m stuck in the airport, the snow storm in Estonia has taken over the planes and I can’t leave. I’m sorry, baby, I truly am. I really wished to be there with you and your family,” You sighed standing in front of the display that shows depatures and arrivals of flights. “And I don’t know when they will let the planes to fly again.”

You managed to get time off from school to go to Canada to visit your boyfriend and his family.

“Please say sorry to your parents for being such a horrible girlfriend.”

Shawn frowned, “Baby, it’s not your fault. Please let me know if they’ll open the roads again.”

As he finished the sentence, a voice over the airport blasted from the speakers, saying important information.

“Shawn, I have to go now. I love you,” and you hung up as the information in your home language ends soon and you are too tired to listen to English.

The information said:

“As the snow plow machine are working on full power and the flight road is soon to be clear and open, the first flight to leave is an Air Baltic flight to Amsterdam. Please move to your gate, the number is 15. Boarding starts in 10 minutes. Please have your boarding pass and passport with you. Thank you and have a nice day!”

You felt a relief on your heart and shoulders. As you already were at the gate already, you had your ticket and passport ready with you. The ten minutes pass as an one minute, people starting to line up in the queue, you’re still sitting on the bench. You knew that you could choose a seat by yourself on the first flight so didn’t mind if you got the worse place to sit because the longest ride was still ahead and there you had an amazing and comfortable sitting place. The flight from Tallinn to Amsterdam takes about 2h 30mins, flight from Amsterdam to Toronto about 8h 25mins. You knew, most of the time you would be sleeping and before landing you would think about how you would surprise him and so on.

The flight to Amsterdam was very smooth and normal even tho it was told to be very windy above the clouds. The transfer from Amsterdam wasn’t very long so you didn’t have to worry about being late to your continuing flight. You only worried about the thing how would you go and greet your boyfriend and his family.

As you take your seat in the plane, you don’t fell asleep right away. You open the film folder where you can see Harry Potter films appearing on the screen. You choose Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire because it reminds you the nights you have had with Shawn when he came to see you in your home country. When you feel your eyes bear from the tiredness, you close the screen and set your head aside against the plane’s wall and get some sleep.

When somebody touches your shoulder, you give the seat neighbour a sleepy glance. He only smirks and says that it’s time to eat. You yawn and massage your eyes. When the flight attendant handles your meal, your nose detects a good smell from the package. As you open the meal pack, a delicious meat/fish/any food you like screams going into your hungry tummy.

After you finish your food, you fell back asleep because you still have 4 hours to fly.

Arriving to Toronto, you take your luggage and look for the train station. You try to avoid gathered crowd because it gives you anxiety and as you pass them, you feel a huge ease and make to the exit. You manage to find the train stop and go on a brown (UP) line. You drive 3 stops and then take another, red (Lakeshort East), line which takes to Pickering. It takes about 31 min to get there. As you reach your final destination, you try to look for the Mendes’ household. The orientating isn’t your best skill, so, you ask few people where’s that address. You walk some meters and sigh from tiredness and happiness. In the first thought, you didn’t understand it how did you make it to there. You drop your luggage down and knock on the door. Your eyes start to fill with water but you wipe them away. Those teardrops weren’t meant to come but you felt so happy being behind the door.

As you were about to squat down because of tiredness, somebody unlocks the door. Karen looks at you, being in a shock.

“Oh my gosh,” she whispered, “Y/N, how–”

“Yeah, same,” I chuckle. I hug her gently and smile. “I’m very happy to see you.”

Pulling out from the hug, Karen shouts everybody to come to the front hall. I drag my heavy luggage in and close the door behind me.

Aaliyah has an awe in her face and runs to hug me tightly. “Nice to see you, Y/N!”
Manny comes next to embrace me, he seems to be very surprised as well. “I thought you couldn’t come, haha.” He said that very happily.

But Shawn wasn’t in your sight.

“Where’s Shawn?” you ask sorrowfully.

“He’s in his room,” Aaliyah answered in a hush tone. You leave your luggage at the same place as they were and rush upstairs.

You open the door quietly and see Shawn laying down on his bed, sleeping. You slink next to him where’s a free room on the bed and set down yourself. You watch the handsome, flawless boyfriend sleeping peacefully, his hands under the pillow. Drawing smoothly some shapes on his cheek, he moves and jolts as he sees you.

“Y/N!” his raspy voice fondles your ears. “What are you doing here?”

You let a giggle, pecking his lips shortly. “I don’t know, maybe you know the answer?”

He palms his eyes to wake up more, “When did you arrive?”

“Just few minutes ago.”

He cups your cheek with his large, but soft hands and kisses you passionately. “Just said you couldn’t come.”

“I know, but they made the planes to fly again. I’m so happy to see you.”

He kisses you again, “Thank you for coming here! I was literally already about coming back to Estonia. Come on, baby, get done with the school already or just leave it.”

You play with his nose with yours on it and twinkle from happiness. “I’m graduating in one year. But then university comes. How the hell I am suppose to get out from that ‘dragging the hell out of me’ house? I mean, I love to get educated but I want to be with you all the time.”

Shawn places a hair strand behind your ear and says, “You’ll come and study in Toronto. It’s a demand. No more choices. And even if the student fee is a problem, we’ll work it out.”

He places his tattooed hand under my body, leaning it into a touch with my back.

“You mean so much to me,” you say calmly. “I love you to the moon and back.”

“You know, Y/N, I love you to the way out of Milky Way and back–it’s more longer route than to the Moon.”

“You silly,” you laugh and kiss him. “you should be glad that I made it here.”

“I’m very-very glad and so freaking happy,” Shawn said, the smile didn’t appear from his gorgeous face.


AU Meme: Rapunzel meets Jack for the very first time.

↳ Jack had watched over Rapunzel since the day he witnessed Mother Gothel steal the princess away from her castle. He didn’t even mean to be there; he just wanted to see what the commotion was about the baby. He felt powerless as he watched her carry Rapunzel to the tower, as he could make no effort to help. For years, he came to visit her, with guilt heavy in his heart, the little princess with the beautiful, ever-growing hair. When days became too boring, he would bring the snow a little earlier for her to admire. When Mother Gothel was gone for too long, and her stomach growled (to which she never complained) he always made sure he left behind treats that he stole from the Easter Bunny. For Christmas and birthdays, he always left her something under her bed, a little something to make up for the lanterns she never got to see up close. Soon, he saw the little girl had grown up to become a beautiful woman, almost eighteen. He realized he smiled when she did, laughed when she did, cried when she did. He ended up spending days at a time with her in the tower, helping her any way he could, just keeping her company. It never bothered him before how she couldn’t see him. He was used to it. But year after year as he attempted to cheer her up, he was tired. He wanted her to smile at him. One night, after letting the cool wind put her to sleep, he went to the window that she always longingly gazed out of. The moon was full and bright. “Just this once,” he pleaded. “Just this once.”