All Night - Luke Hemmings [FLUFF]

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Summary~ After meeting in the cafe of your hotel in LA one day and hitting it off instantly you get an unexpected surprise in the middle of the night

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been posting as much, I’ve just gone back to school after the summer

Word Count - 1773

You’re rarely in one place for very long and you don’t exactly have a home, you’re a travel blogger so a company sends you across the world to review different places, sometimes for as little as a few days but usually for a couple of weeks, that also means that you simultaneously have very few friends while still having them all over the world. It’s a lonely job but you get to live the dream.

This time however your stay has been extended to a whole month, staying in a 4 star hotel in LA, land of palm trees and sunny skies. The only problem with LA is the fact that it happens to be the only place where you don’t actually know anyone so your month may be a little lonely.

Arriving at your hotel, fairly late at night,  you find that you’ve been put in one of the apartment suites on the top floors, the kind that people could actually live in, so naturally since you’re not paying the bill, you head straight for the mini fridge. You snack, or more binge, on some of the far from complimentary snacks and then unpack. Once unpacked you head back into the kitchen with the aim of getting a cup of coffee or at the very last resort tea but when you look around you can’t seem to locate it. When you give up you throw on a jacket and grab your room key before heading down to the reception.

“Excuse me,” you beam leaning against the counter.

“Yes? How can I help you ma’am?” the receptionist replies.

“Is there somewhere I can get coffee around here?” you ask.

“Oh we have the 24 hour cafe,” she gestures down a hallway.

You nod a thank you and start walking until you find the slight white glow of a cafe. Heading inside you order your coffee and turn around to take a seat seeing that all but one seat is free but for some reason you feel drawn to the one opposite this stranger. His laptop is set up and his earphones are secured over his head. You sit down and get out your phone only to see him lower his screen and glance over at you with a small smile before returning to work.

“C-could you pass the sugar?” he stammers slightly.

“Sure,” you grin sliding the tray of sugar packets across the table.

You think nothing of it but then a few moments later he looks over at you again, “I’m not going to lie, I don’t even have any drink to put this in, I just wanted an excuse to talk”

You glance away, “Why’d you think I sat here?”

With that he closes his laptop and starts conversing with you. His name’s Luke, he’s currently living in one of the other apartments while he’s on a break from touring, and he’s originally Australian.

“God it’s like 3am, don’t you have to sleep? Don’t you have work or something tomorrow?” Luke asks you, glancing at his phone to check the time.

“Kind of, but then again this s kind of working for me,” you tell him.

“Really what is it that you do? Maybe could get in on that action,” he chuckles.

“Travel writing, here for a month, I’ve got to capture the essence of LA in a way that no one else has,” you explain.

He closes up his laptop once and for all, “Maybe I could help you out with that, I know this place pretty well”

“I’d like that,” he stands up.

“Alright,” he grins, “I’ll see you around, maybe I’ll find your apartment, sing by”

“Sure,” you blush a little. “Just know that I tend to stay up most of the night and I sleep til midday at the earliest”

He chuckles giving you a wave as he exits the cafe.

Days pass and you’ve done very little exploring, and you’ve also not seen any more of Luke around, maybe he left for tour again, or maybe he never actually meant any of it.

One night you find yourself needing to get started on your piece, but when you sit down in the white lit and way too fancy apartment you become overwhelmed by the fear of the blank page. Looking out the window all you see is dotted lights on the horizons and the occasional silhouette of a palm tree, nothing actually inspirational. But then there was a knock on the door.

You spring up and pull open the door to see Luke on the other side in a hoodie and sweat pants, “Fancy a little midnight adventure”

“Dressed in my fuzzy slippers and pajamas?” you furrow your brow looking down at you questionable attire.

“It doesn’t matter, they’re cute, and we won’t be seeing people this late at night will we?”

Seeing no problem with taking a little risk you grab your coat and your keys.

He guides you down to the car park of the hotel and to a small black car, trendy but equally creepy.

“So is this where you murder me?” you ask getting in as he unlocks the door

“Aha, no. I’m taking you on the ultimate adventure,” he says.

You must be driving for hours, or at east that’s what it feels like with a drowsy mind and a stranger in the drivers seat. He gradually turns up the radio playing the late night rock hits and you swear out of the corner of your eye you can see him mouthing the lyrics.

Your first stop is a seemingly normal street, it stretches on for a long while and it’s completely deserted, but you don’t see why he’d bring you here.

“Wow, a street,” you say with a puzzled tone as he parks in the center of the road

He breathes out a laugh closing the door and walking down the street a little and lying down on the concrete. You walk over to look down on him a little.

“What is so special?” you ask.

“I don’t know just it’s quiet, I can hear everything, the palm trees, it’s the ultimate LA experience didn’t you think?” he seems so enveloped in this.

“No, not really,” you giggle.

“Lie down,” you shake your head. “Now!” he insists.

You do as he says and lie down looking at the sky, a few feet away from him. You don’ feel any different until you feel him shuffle closer and take your hand in his. Like hypnotism you feel yourself relax and you focus on the moving of the palm trees.

Neither of you really know how long you lie there but all of a sudden you hear a car horn and see headlights, both of you spring up and see a car waiting to get past.

“That was adventurous,” you say getting into the car. “Back to the hotel?”

He starts up the engine and shakes his head, “No, I have another place to be”

You don’t drive for quite as long this time but eventually you pull up outside an all night arcade, with a very dodgy aesthetic around it. Instead of brick the walls are made of wood covered in a strange tin rusting and curling away at the edges. There’s a sign above the place that reads ‘Adrian and Eddie’s all night arcade and diner’ with a red neon sign that flickers between “pen” and “open”.

“This is what you think is the essence of LA?” you exit the car once more.

“Shut up,“ he laughs, “the way I look at it,” he wanders around the car, “LA’s soul is with the people and these are the best people I know”

“Adrian and Eddie?” you giggle.

“No they died years ago it’s their kids Jenny and Andrew,” Luke hooks onto your arm and drags you along.

He pulls you inside and you come face to face with a room full of classic arcade games and a sign that says “only $0.25 a pp” or at least it did, now the letters have faded.

“I’ve got no money,” you tell Luke.

“I know just what to do,” Luke grins before screaming, “Oi, oi!”

A head pops out from the white light that must be the diner, “Oi, oi, Hemmings”

“Andy,” Luke waves. “Mind if we give it a shake, we’re low on money”

“Sure dude, swing by later for a burger Jen will whip you two up something,” Andy disappears as fast as he showed up.

You stand back and watch as Luke hits the 25 cent machine and it spews out a bucket full of coins. You spend an hour or two going through the games, pacman, old cart racing games, claw machines, space invaders until you’ve covered the entire arcade and run out of quarters.

“Here you go, two house burgers, on the house,” Jenny places the platefuls down in front of you and you dig in.

“How long you around for Luke? It’s been a long time since you were last here,” Andy chuckles. “And where are the guys”

“I think they’re in NYC right now, I decided to stay here for the break, so I brought along [Y/N] instead,” Luke grins.

“Well it’s nice to meet you,” Jenny shakes your hand.

You must stay there until 4am or maybe even 4.30, listening to the eccentric stories that just make you laugh, big hand gestures and colourful language, it takes a lot for you two to actually decide to leave.

“You two have a good night now,” they bid you fairwell, “And you’re welcome back whenever you want!”

Once back in the car you yawn, “Now back to the hotel?”

“Well I’d say we have about a half an hour til sunrise, fancy trying to make it all night?” he grins.

“What do suggest we do?” you ask him.

He starts the car, “I know the perfect place to go”

By sunrise you find yourself sat on a rock on some dusty path overlooking the entirety of LA, the sun peaking over the hilltops. 

“So hows that writing piece going?” he turns to you.

“It wasn’t,” you reply. “But now I think I’ve got a little more inspiration”

“You’re welcome,” he chuckles.

There’s a small silence and he pulls your hand into his, intertwining your fingers. You glance at him only to see him staring back at you and in a moment of weakness your head turns into a whirlwind and your lips are on his. His lips are like caffeine waking you up immediately.

You part lips, “Maybe we could do this again”


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I’m sick so I decided it would be nice to imagine how Cal would take care of you and share it with all of you :)

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