The Pictures - Michael Clifford [FLUFF]

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Summary~ “You see a conversation between Michael and his daughter while in the waiting room for one of your many tattoos”

A/N: This was for one of those ‘give me a number and a boy’ things but I liked this idea a lot nd it’s low key based on a tumblr post I saw a while ago and it’s probably stupid.

Word Count - 747

You arrived at the tattoo place a solid 15 minutes early after accidentally walking way to fast from the bus stop and since the place was pretty empty you opened the front door slowly, completely bypassing the bell hung above it.

“Sofia come here!” you hear a voice shout.

You decide to go against your original plan and move the door to make the bell ring.

“Now shut up, my 1 o’clock is here!” he adds.

A colourful haired boy pokes his head round the partition and smiles at you. You see the tattoos that creep up his neck and his hands that are remarkably appealing.

“I’ll call you through in a second just give me a minute,” he beams.

You nod. When he vanishes again you see a smaller head poke round, a little girl who looks shocked, green eyes piercing yours, little button nose making you almost audibly ‘aw’.

“Sofia!” the voice snaps.

“Daddy there’s a girl out there,” she replies.

“I know, that’s my customer, now honey go off to the office and do some colouring,” you hear him say.

“But I want to see you do colouring too,” she says.

He sighs and his face appears again, “Do you mind if my daughter sits in on your appointment?”

You shake your head, “Of course not”

“Come on through!”

Walking through you sit down at a table where he pulls up a chair allowing the little girl to climb up.

“Do you have design with you or am I designing it?” he grins.

“Well my old artist used to design all my tattoos and we were working on a sleeve,” you roll up your sleeve to show the designs that only cover a small section of your upper arm, “but then his wife divorced him and he started insisting on darker designs and then he made this,” you show him a dark skull design on your inner arm that was particularly painful, “So I wanted to compromise on designs and he didn’t like that so here I am”

“So you want me to design something,” he grins.

You nod. He pulls out a sketch book and pen before tearing out a page and handing it to the little girl with a crayon too.

“What are we thinking?” he asks.

“You do you and I’ll tell you if it’s cool,” you shrug.

“So free reign?” his eyes widen. 

“Yeah, and if I like it you can go for the whole arm over time,” you tell him.

“Okay, uh… so do you like music? Guitars are my go to with drawing,” he rambles a little clearly feeling the pressure, “I’m thinking some colourful stuff”

“Fire,” the little girl gets up and grabs another box of crayons.

“Fire! Nice one,” you tell her and she grins. “That sounds pretty good”

He grins and gets to work, his daughter scribbling next to him.

“Daddy when will the pictures start to show up on me?” she lisps slightly.

“The pictures won’t appear,” he answers giving you a smile as you listen in.

“But you’ve got them and so does this lady,” she adds.

“People have to draw them for you, that’s what daddy does,” he says.

She nods.

When he shows you his design the little girl shows her rainbow fire crazy masterpiece.

“Okay,” you say, “As much as I like this fire guitar is there a way to get the rainbow flames instead of these ones,” you point at the little girl’s drawing and her face lights up.

“Yeah of course,” he takes the paper. “You see Sofia I’m going to be drawing your drawing on her,” he moves over to the computer.

“Can I do it?” she asks.

“No, but I might let you watch if you really want to,” he looks to you.

“If you want her to,” you reply.

Once the template is made he takes you to the back room where he sorts out the position and the inks before readying you for the tattoo.

“Daddy she’s bleeding,” she exclaims when you start getting tattooed.

“That’s what happens Sofia,” he sighs.

“I meant to say,” you begin. “Sofia is a nice name”

“Thanks, I totally didn’t pick it because of Sofia Lamb from Bioshock..” he chuckles.

When the tattoo is done you show it to Sofia and she looks mesmerised.

“Daddy, can you draw the pictures on me?” she looks up at her dad.

“When you’re 16 maybe”

“So tomorrow?” she beams.

“Definitely not”


A/N: I have no idea what this was tbh

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in a world where it’s possible to cross dimensions, there are witches and magicians called wish-granters. they can send one across time and space, as well as fulfill wishes for a price. some wishes are plausible, such as receiving memories, wanting forget things, being freed, or gaining more power, but there are those who wish the impossible, such as bringing someone back from death. the impossible wishes being fulfilled is what throws the world out of balance and into turmoil, as logic and reason are bent. those who have the ability to create this effect are called the destroyers.



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I’m sick so I decided it would be nice to imagine how Cal would take care of you and share it with all of you :)

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