Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade movie but instead of indiana jones and his dad its john and sherlock

pls consider: adrenaline junkie archaeologist treasure hunter Dr Watson and bookish dorky medieval literature professor Holmes who gets begrudgingly roped into John’s adventures who save the holy grail from the nazis and fall in love

“What-,” John began, as he looked from the necklace, back at Sherlock. “I don’t understand.” Sherlock smiled softly as he scooted closer on the couch and took John’s hands into his.

“I love you, John,” he said, his blue-grey eyes shiny with emotion. “I have for quite some time and I couldn’t figure out how to tell you, until today.” Sherlock paused and took a deep breath before continuing.

[Love To Last An Eternity -Johnlock, read here]

Part Four of Fic/Art Collaboration with Ashley. we’re doing Freebatch pairings (Guixon, Kharthur, Johnlock, Juliver, StrangeRoss, WallaceLester) with DragonAU! hope you enjoy it.

commission for queersherlockian~! genderfluid-hipster sherlock and punk-john sharing smoochie smoochums uwu ze gave me free reign with the tattoo designs… actually ze gave me free reign with pretty much all of it ahaHAHAHAHAHAHAH

sherlock’s tattoos: wings, roses, skull, bees, lace, deer skull (other arm)
john’s tattoos: bullets, dog tags, gun, journal/diary, flame designs, …..cup of tea :|

thank you darling blossom for commissioning me, this was super fun to draw <3