Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade movie but instead of indiana jones and his dad its john and sherlock

pls consider: adrenaline junkie archaeologist treasure hunter Dr Watson and bookish dorky medieval literature professor Holmes who gets begrudgingly roped into John’s adventures who save the holy grail from the nazis and fall in love

This time it’s John dragging Sherlock back to the dance floor. Sherlock’s head is swimming pleasantly, the room buzzing a bit, the crush of bodies getting tighter as more and more people fill up the club. It’s one heaving thrum. The air smells like sweat and sex, damp clean hair, alcohol and cologne. Sherlock’s sweating like hell, rivulets running down his spine and the sides of his face, lost in the rhythm.

Commission for anigrrrl2 ! Based on her wonderful story “Kings Among Runaways”, which you guys can all read here :)

I don’t mind

I would be curious to see what would happen, if instead of setting the narrative for you, I ask the people of tumblr, to write, draw, and tell me what is happening in this half formed doodle. What is the story? where is it going?

feel free to add narrative, and context to this in fic, explanation or your own art, or don’t, its up to you.