“You’re like a sculpture, carved from ivory.” John’s voice is aswarm and soft as the touch of his mouth, as his lips trace the vein inSherlock’s throat. “You’re like a siren, a mermaid, some sea-wracked god whostumbled out of the deep.” John’s fingers curl in Sherlock’s hair, pulling lightly, and Sherlock gasps with pleasure. “Your mouth is a rose, your eyes the sea. Oh, Sherlock, Sherlock, you beautiful, impossible creature.”  ♡

Commission for super lovely holmesianpose ! :) The commission is from a chapter of the 18th century nautical AU she’s currently in the middle of writing, called “Over Fathoms Deep”, which is available to read here. Long story short, John is a sailor and Sherlock is the son of an aristocrat who gets shipped off to sea because his family is fed up with his eccentricities. Of course as soon as they meet it’s love at first sight, as always :)

Sherlock, as a kid, had a cup with a string tied to it.  He’d talk into it all the time like a telephone when he was processing thoughts, or feeling something strongly.  He’d feel better afterwords, almost as if he could hear someone responding when he held the cup to his ear. 

As he grew older he stopped using the cup, he was already strange enough to other people and he didn’t need any more reasons to be hated or made fun of.  He displaced this habit onto Billy the skull when he started living on his own, but it never had the same feeling.

One day after John moved in, he was going through some boxes to tidy up the apartment, he found the cup- Sherlock was never strong enough to actually throw it away- John smiled to himself while turning it over in his hands. 

“You know, when I was a kid I used to have something like this, I,” he paused to laugh at himself.  “I used to have an imaginary friend who who would talk to me all the time through it, things like how he got pushed off of a looped slide for tattling on a boy in class, or when his brother locked his dog outside again."  

Sherlock’s eyes widened, but he said nothing- even when John said the imaginary friend called himself ‘William H’.

Parents bonding with their little one ~ ♡

Commission for welovethebeekeeper ! I took some artistic liberties with this piece, but it is inspired by her lovely story “A study in Reproductive Science”, which you guys can read here :)

Sherlock and John have a baby via stem cell reproduction. The baby turns out to be a little ginger-haired Sherlock, and they call him Benedict. It’s really cute and fluffy :)