I wish everyone a beautiful and merry winter time!

Quite some time has passed since i last drew Fawnlock - and I wanted to continue my small tradition in drawing Christmasfawnlock. It’s the third year since i started doing this and a bit longer since i started drawing fawnlock. Drawing Fawnlock has always made me happy and calm and i just want to thank Paula @eggcroft for creating and sharing Fawnlock with us.
Again, I want to wish everyone a restful and wonderful winter time and i can’t wait to have fun with you guys through season 4! ♥♥♥

Parents bonding with their little one ~ ♡

Commission for welovethebeekeeper ! I took some artistic liberties with this piece, but it is inspired by her lovely story “A study in Reproductive Science”, which you guys can read here :)

Sherlock and John have a baby via stem cell reproduction. The baby turns out to be a little ginger-haired Sherlock, and they call him Benedict. It’s really cute and fluffy :)

Sherlock yelped and let go the sill, and together they tumbled onto the floor, nearly taking the curtains down as well.

“Let me show you the sun."  ♡

Commission for super lovely otp221b ! :) The picture is inspired by a scene from a chapter of her story called “Clouds”, which is available to read here.

As usual, I took some artistic liberty with it, but I think it turned out neat in the end… well hopefully ;)