The spouse of Aule is Yavanna, the Giver of Fruits. She is the lover of all things that grow in the earth, and all their countless forms she holds in her mind, from the trees like towers in forests long ago to the moss upon stones or the small and secret things in the mould. In reverence Yavanna is next to Varda among the Queens of the Valar.

Aulë and Yavanna (cause they kind of perplex me like they’re that couple you know who have been married for decades but you d o n ‘ t k n o w w h y)

I picture Yavanna as taller/bigger than her husband  }:) 

Ring of Doom: The Silmarils

Manwë: So. We’re here. Let’s talk business Fëanor.
Yavanna: Alright soooo the light of my trees has died and the Silmarils are the only thing that can make them better soooo …
Fëanor: ok and.
Manwë: Well, are you going to help out or not.
Fëanor: Let me think - no.
Manwë: Dude wtf. The silmarils happened because of her.
Aulë: Alright Manwë, don’t exaggerate. Let the man think.
Fëanor: Look, I’ve locked them up. And I’m not making any more. So, if you want, kill me. Y’know. First of the Eldar and all that.
Mandos: You’re not the first. js.
Fëanor: Wow Melkor was right, you’re all dicks.
Mandos: Welp, he’s spoken. Douche.
Nienna: … *cries on the trees*
Fëanor: And you’re all just gonna … let her do that.
Noldor Messengers: URGENT NEWS.
Manwë: Oh boy.
Noldor Messengers: Fëanor, your dad is dead.
Fëanor: Fingolfin that asshole –
Noldor Messengers: Nah, Melkor.
Noldor Messengers: Oh yeah. And he took your Silmarils, too.
Aulë: Ouch.
Manwë: Ok Fëanor, let’s take this slow -
Fëanor: *seethes* MORGOTH.

Aulë, Yavanna & Trees - oh my
Manwë: what’s up yavann —
Yavanna: why does Aulë get living things. i want living things, make my trees alive.
Manwë: … yavanna, they’re just trees.
Manwë: omg. gimme a sec. *consults eru*
Manwë: ok. Eru says we can have some living trees.
Yavanna: WOO! My trees gonna BE ALIVE and HOUSE THE GR8 EAGLES —
Manwë: no.
Yavanna: But you said -
Manwë: your trees gonna be shepherds
Yavanna: oh.

Yavanna: suck it dork, my trees are gonna live.
Aulë: … ok but. dwarves still need wood. *blacksmithing*

I spoke with both @crackinthecup and @bitchofthevoid about the possibility that Yavanna was a vegan and always cooked vegan food to Aulë and of course his maiar (yay for silly headcanons). Aulë pretends that he loves her cooking because he doesn’t want to hurt her but sneaks out at night to fix himself a nice meal.They didn’t really like her carob cookies tbh, it was a complete catastrophe . That might be one of the reasons Mairon finally left and joined Melkor. He could no longer stand Yavanna’s awful cooking.

Okay but pls consider: Thorin being the one to follow Bilbo into his afterlife instead of vice versa. 

Imagine Thorin in Yavanna’s Pastures with the other hobbits. 

Imagine Thorin leaving his kin behind bc he feels he’s had so much time with them but barely a blink with Bilbo. 

Imagine Thorin knowing what Bilbo’s struggle would be to choose between his love for the dwarf and the love for his own kin. 

Imagine Thorin not allowing Bilbo to suffer it. Those pains are not for him. Not for his hobbit. Not for the burglar who was so faithful even when Thorin himself was not. 

Imagine Thorin fighting to have his place at Bilbo’s side.

Imagine Thorin guiding Bilbo gently to rest. 

Imagine Thorin kissing Bilbo awake and reveling in the look of happiness on Bilbo’s face when he realizes that none of this is a dream. 

Imagine Thorin finding that something from his weariness in life had carried over without him even realizing it and only the warm sun and Bilbo’s hands could heal it. 

Imagine Thorin and Bilbo living happily in wide open fields until the world is remade. 


Council of the Valar

Manwë: Ok, Yavanna and Tulkas wanted to talk.
Yavanna: So the children of Ilúvatar are on their way rite. but the world is evil right now so ……
Tulkas: War.
Yavanna: same.
Manwë: ok hold up -
Tulkas: But war.
Mandos: The firstborn are gonna be born into darkness.
Manwë: that doesn’t really help.
Tulkas: war pls.
Mandos: Yeah but they got Varda in the sky so
Varda: Yo. *makes stars bright as fuck*
Aulë: Ok but Melkor broke my lamps.
Manwë: Look -
Tulkas: War is sounding pretty good right about now amirite.
Oromë: I can help the firstborn.
Manwë: Okay, it’s decided.
Tulkas: So we’re going to war.
Manwë: omg Tulkas stop. Let the firstborn deal jfc.

Modern AU Info- Mairon

Name: Mairon 
Other names: Sauron, Annatar
Gender: Genderfluid 
Species: Unknown
Height: 5′6
Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (leans more towards men)
Current Occupations: Model, Serial Killer
Past Occupations: Doctor

-Mairon is the oldest child of three, with their siblings being Curumo and Aiwendil.

-The three were adopted by Aule and Yavanna, whom supported their varying interests and pursuits as best they can.

-In school, Mairon excelled in academics, especially biology and chemistry.

-They eventually went on to get a degree in medicine and became a doctor.

-During their time at medical school, Mairon met Melkor, who got them into the sex work business to help pay for Mairon’s tuition fees and living costs.

-Once Mairon graduated university, they became a doctor and tried their hardest to make sure to help their patients.

-Unfortunately, after about five years of working, Mairon lost a patient in what they saw as a preventable death.

-This caused a mental breakdown and they were forced to quit their job.

-Without their job, Mairon started to lose grip of right and wrong and gained a gruesome interest in how the human body works.

-They started hunting people they deemed “harmful to society” and killed them in rather creative ways.

-Along with this, they ended up using the flesh of their victims to consume.

-A few years after they quit being a doctor, Mairon needed to make money and got into modelling, where their delicate, androgynous features made them highly prized.

-Mairon soon became quite well-known, for both their modelling work as well as their extravagant dinner parties.

-Unknown to their guests, Mairon is still a killer, making sure to target those who wouldn’t be missed too much.

-They claim to use “rare” meat in their dishes, though they know the true origins of such things.

-Mairon loves temporary fashion, such as makeup, facepaints and glitters.

-Their only permanent modifications are their pierced ears, nipples and bellybutton.

-Mairon has two large German Shepherd Dogs, named Drauglin and Carcharoth.

-They are still in contact with Melkor, with Melkor being the only one who knows their secret.

-Melkor has a hold over Mairon still, and with this secret, Mairon would do anything for Melkor.

-Despite the threat of being handed over to the police, Mairon has genuine affections for Melkor.