Auldrant’s Calendar (ND 2009) from the 3DS TOA Perfect Guide

  • Some equivalents worth noting:
    • 1 hour = 60 minutes 60 seconds (I’m not sure if this is just some typographical error or this implies that one minute over there is not equivalent to 60 seconds)
    • 1 day = 24 hours
    • 1 week = 7 days
    • 1 year = 13 months
  • Days of the week:
    • Sunday = Remday
    • Monday = Lunaday
    • Tuesday = Ifritday
    • Wednesday = Undineday
    • Thursday = Sylphday
    • Friday = Loreleiday
    • Saturday = Gnomeday
Tales of Mathematics. Hella.

There are 765 days in a year on Auldrant.

Luke is 17 years old (officially) in the game.

Now, let’s see how old Luke would be in Earth years.


17 x 765 = 13005 days (that Luke/Asch has officially been alive).

13005 ÷ 365 = 35.6

In Earth years, Luke would be just over 35 years and a half.

This is what I do with my life.

Okay so I tried asking this on my blog but didn’t really get too far so I figured it was time to come to the tag with this question since it’s bothering me. Keep in mind I haven’t played ToA in a little while so I may be misremembering something but here we go:

How was Ion capable of reading the Planet Score in Mt. Zaleho without the Seventh Fonstone?

The Seventh Fonstone was still in the core of the planet, right? And it was necessary to have that for reading Auldrant’s future since the Sixth Fonstone ended with Malkuth’s downfall and Kimlasca’s prosperity (which was part of the closed score, which only Maestros and above knew about). If the Seventh Fonstone wasn’t needed to read the Planet Score then why did Mohs send Tear out to search for it in secret? Like, did Bamco actually think this through or did they rush this scene because they needed an excuse for Ion’s death?

open rp

“…I see, then. Thank you for your help.” Tear passed a smile as she walked away from the vendor, who, to his credit, tried his best to provide what information Tear asked for. She found them not very useful, though.

Unfortunately, everything around appeared to be foreign. Tear had traveled the entirety of Auldrant in her pursuits, but she’s never seen the place she was in nor heard of the concepts that the locals talk about. Once the realization finally set, Tear’s first approach to the situation was to ask around, but so far, no information has been proving to be of use. 

Still, she went on asking. The person she chose to ask next was dressed noticeably different from the others who seemed to blend into the environment. She thought it was an indication of being a traveler and the person might know more than the commoners.

“Excuse me,” Tear began, getting the attention of the stranger, “Are you a traveler?”

My memory is fuzzy because I haven’t played Abyss in so long but if I’m not mistaken, the Planetary Score that Ion read is a score that encompasses the entire story of Auldrant and thus, contains the score contained in the other seven fonstones as well. As such, the seventh fonstone wasn’t in fact needed since the Planetary Score could be used as a substitute. I think Mohs talks about giving up on the seventh fonstone since he found the Planetary Score? Ugh, I can’t remember.

I mean, there were all kinds of scores since they’re really just the manifestation of the seventh fonon, but Yulia’s score was the one said to be the most accurate since hers was never wrong. Desperate as he was, Mohs probably just didn’t care anymore how accurate the story of the world was, so long as he knew the ending, which is why he was led to give up on the search for the seventh fonstone and just go for the Planetary Score in its place (also it was easier to find).

hanapondesu replied to your post:I really need to replay ToA again since it has…

I thought all higher up clerics in the church knew of the hidden score/whats on the 7th fonstone?? or smthn. maybe he was reciting from memory? shit I don’t remember either memory why fail us

Grand Maestros and above knew the closed score, but the closed score (war, Luke’s death, Kimlasca’s prosperity and Malkuth’s downfal) did not entail Auldrant’s future; they did not know what was ON the Seventh fonstone, which was why Mohs had Tear looking for it.

So that’s why I was asking why Ion was reading the planet’s score when the seventh fon stone was still in the core of the planet???