Tales of Mathematics. Hella.

There are 765 days in a year on Auldrant.

Luke is 17 years old (officially) in the game.

Now, let’s see how old Luke would be in Earth years.


17 x 765 = 13005 days (that Luke/Asch has officially been alive).

13005 ÷ 365 = 35.6

In Earth years, Luke would be just over 35 years and a half.

This is what I do with my life.


Zelos arrived in Auldrant quite by accident, slipping through a dimensional rift left behind in the merging of Sylverant with Tethe’alla. He was flying on his rheaird at the time, but when it lost connection to Volt’s energy, it went down. He crash landed in Peony’s garden, knocking over a statue when he came down, but instead of throwing him in the dungeon or otherwise getting rid of him Peony allowed him to stay in the palace as a guest. 

Suddenly striped of his connections, Zelos turned to his swordsmanship and natural charm to earn money, hiring himself out as necessary. However, Peony didn’t mind him sticking around, so he’s often found in the palace anyway. He occasionally works with Jade and the military (having been granted an unofficial rank by Peony), and he’s relinquished his rheaird to Guy, who has been unable to get it working again (not that Zelos was surprised).

He hasn’t done much traveling, sticking primarily to Grand Chokmah unless a mercenary job takes him elsewhere. His magic is unreliable, since he is not equipped with a fon slot, though he can occasionally sense fonons. He still refers to them as ‘mana,’ despite people giving him odd looks. His spells either fizzle out or work much better than they ought to, often at his expense. He’s never tried to summon his wings, uneasy with the way ‘mana’ works in this world and unwilling to risk damaging himself with an unwanted side effect.

im yellin im taking this quiz on quotev by someone named psycho hellbent killer and the 1 picture they have for each question is this screenshot and the url says anime pictures of a psycho  

If you assume Twink is just a funny gay stereotype unfollow me right fucking now. I love his character so much and I see so many people just brush him to the side as some throw away gay. Twink is actually a Specio, meaning he is attracted to certain traits in people not just gender. For example, he is drawn to Firewater and Grit’s due to their deep voices and square shapes. Again, this is my thoughts on this but do yourselves a favor and actually THINK before you type.

some things you can do instead of sending hate to minors on tungle
  • going on a walk
  • reading a book
  • learning a new language
  • watching tv
  • drawing
  • doing your homework
  • playing with your pet
  • listen to music
  • donating money to charity
  • getting a job
  • buy some clothes
  • apologizing to your mother for growing up into the asshole you are